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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 8, 2020 9:00pm-9:16pm CEST

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success. starts in terms. of. this is the w. news why but from berlin tonight uncle of miracles europe the german chancellor sets out her aims for the european union as germany takes over the presidency of the european council her main goal is to contain the pandemic and to overcome the consequences also coming up tonight serving as president calls for calm following violent clashes over plans for
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a return to the walk down the critics of the jump in new coronavirus infections on the president's political ambitions and the united nations warning of a possible half a 1000000 extra deaths from aids because of code 19 as the pandemic disrupts the pharmaceutical supply chain. i bring coffee it's good to have you with us we begin tonight with breaking news the prime minister of the ivory coast do gone. has died at the age of $61.00. was also the ruling party's candidate for the presidential election coming up in october and his death throws that race into disarray the cause of death has not yet been released but he had just returned from 2 months of medical treatment in france
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we'll bring you more details as they come in. here in europe german chancellor angela merkel has called on the european union. to emerge stronger from its greatest challenge the coronavirus. holds today to mark the beginning of germany's 6 month presidency of the european council with the european union in crisis. masks hand gestures and rather awkward head nodding have taken the place of handshakes german chancellor angela merkel's 1st trip abroad since the corona virus outbreak was marked by new pandemic etiquette as you have confronts an unprecedented threat are already over 100000 european lives have been lost to the virus and alongside growing debt and unemployment the continent to seeing a marked rise in populism. when this in for the pandemic can't be fought with lies
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and dissent from ation beneath even nor with hatred and agitation in fact denying populism is being shown its limits i've used up the top priority of the german presidency is to ensure that europe emerges from the crisis united by just short term stabilisation of europe will not be enough we also want to europe that offers hope in a while but us hope. america supports the e.u. commission's proposed joint recovery fund of 750000000000 euros to provide financial help especially to the southern european countries that have been hardest hit the commission president formally the longest serving member of merkel's cabinet feels that such radical steps are necessary we have entered the worst recession since almost 100 years but she faces opposition from the frugal for austria denmark the netherlands and sweden they are reluctant to give away money
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without strings attached merkel insisted that a compromise was necessary and sooner rather than later like the mines on a serious. it's our common goal is to find an agreement as soon as possible because it's depths of the canonic slump urges us to hurry there is no time to lose otherwise the weakest will suffer. i very much hope that we can reach an agreement this summer in the long and the negotiations beginning in the coming weeks will determine the economic future of europe. i would joining me now from brussels is our correspondent barbara vessel good evening to you barbara european leaders they have been calling for greater unity among member states for as long as you and i can remember can the german chancellor can she conjure up that marigold magic that we have seen in action before. at least she's given her about something we know
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referee know her style when she talks and when i'm glad america does passion and i believe in europe afterwards what we move to say is nice try however in this on this at this point in time what's on her side is necessity it is the absolute urgent necessity to do something everybody realizes that in the depths of the recession that the european union is sliding into at the moment they just have to come up with condom measures so the question is not if how money is going to distributed and this is what the big fight is going to be about america is the most experienced of all the heads of state and government in the european union she knows a lot of the people there personally and she knows how to deal with them and so it is europe's best chance that she just paxton is now heading the presidency and she
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will give her very best to sort of get to that compromise that we heard her asking for sometimes you need luck to have success what about this recovery for europe what do you see is the biggest impediments to that becoming a reality. the biggest obstacle is that this is some sort of cultural war because northern countries the so-called frugal forward in brussels. also called this stingy for. the south because the northern people say why are we supposed to give away our good money to those southerners who haven't really gotten their house in order when the time was good when the sun was shining they should have done reforms years ago they should have saved money they shouldn't have those huge mountains of debt that italy is sitting on for instance and so they because they they fear for their electoral basis they say basically ok we're ready to give the loans but we're
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not ready to give money away as grants that is more or less what the big fight turns around but it's much more complicated than that of course as usual because the next european budget is also sort of thrown into the mix and then this this battle about who gets what and how much of of which sort of pot of money and will there be grants and at all will there only be loans and so on and so forth that is such a mix of difficult difficult conditions that i'm going to mecca will really have to do her best to sort of sort this out how does she do this she sort of gives us a good reason sweetie's to some she threatens other she made the sword and she uses just the whole instrument area i'm off a political leader with a lot of experiences in long nights in brussels in order to get to the point where everybody will say yes exhausted and sort of going help what is on her side is that
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she can do this for longer than anybody else 3 o'clock in the morning 5 o'clock in the morning she's still up there everybody dead tired and then that's the point where they might finally give in that's part of the miracle magic i suppose. brosnan's barbour's always thank you. anti-government rallies have filled serbia's capital belgrade for the 2nd day with protesters angered over plans to reimpose a lockdown after a surge in 19 cases the marches had been largely peaceful in contrast to the violent clashes on tuesday a president alexander who appears to have valves the public pressure and back trying to on his decision to reintroduce a curfew this weekend and critics say the sharp spike in infections was caused by a series of politically motivated decisions by the church as one reason why people were so angry on tuesday. the rocks flares tear gas this is what the
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capital of serbia looks like on tuesday night. thousands of protesters took to the streets and the situation quickly got out of hand who was a group of them tried to enter the parliament building the police responded with tear gas and there but times of the scuffles finally ended as the sun was coming up . in the dozens of people were injured who was who said serbian president alexander had announced that a weekend curfew could be imposed in belgrade but after tuesday's protests he has now backtracked on those plans in the city with the. oh in recent weeks the corona virus has been spreading quickly in serbia of there are long lines of people outside testing centers hospitals are overcrowded the new wave of corona virus
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infections has put an additional strain on the already stretched healthcare system . you have noted to some of this is not just about belgrade and belgrade's patients it is also about patients being sent here from all over serbia one who took what you seriously be. in april serbia imposed one of the world's strictest lockdowns despite this the government pushed ahead with plans for june's parliamentary election. during the campaign officials declared victory over the coronavirus and normal life resumed without any restrictions. the opposition boycotted the poll and turnout was low. but his party won by a landslide. since the election frustration with the government has been growing as it became clear the coronavirus crisis is far from over deflected blame on to the public as to true. pseudonymity opposed to sure it was our
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decision to relax the measures but if i wanted to be mean i could remind you that it happened on your insistence. that the people were banging pots and pans saying it was time to end my dictatorship saying i was using restrictions on movement and curfews to make normal life impossible please excuse not to quit malls preaching one out of the city and not a moment serbia's initial success in controlling the virus has now gone up in smoke and the protesters say is responsible. the coronavirus crisis could become deadly for hiv patients who rely on life saving drugs it's estimated that nearly 40000000 people across the world are living with hiv although there is no cure for the disease that causes aids anti-retroviral medication helps to manage and control it but the code of 19 pandemic is interrupting pharmaceutical
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supply law and h.r.t. haitians are often scared to go to the hospital because of the pandemic he wus a dream creature reports tonight from south africa. tempi would have preferred not to come to the clinic today because of the corona virus and to avoid questions from neighbors to be is not her real name she prefers to remain anonymous i knew she is a child be positive and wants to make sure her one year old daughter does not become infected. in my family no you. know. because they like to call for a little bit build a job to own this is not right because you don't know your future husband to you after all. so you don't need to charge for. one in 5 mothers in khayelitsha township is age i be positive a few years ago 2 out of every 5 children also had the virus but now the chances of
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hiv being passed on the birth are less than 5 percent south africa has made significant progress of the fight against hiv the government pays for the medicines and aid agencies like doctors without borders spoke with education programs in normal times with a group of mothers with h i.v. meteo once a month of the crisis means the meetings have been cancelled. to gain from stations discussing with p. is it time to discuss the difference in the internet that the group says. it is really afraid to post natal clubs the medics know the mothers on a one to one basis hiv is still a serious problem here. the hospital is much emptier than usual because of many patients void hospitals and therefore don't have access to their medication experts believe this could have
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a strong negative impact on hiv aids but also tuberculosis patients and the future . to be knows her medication significantly increases her own life expectancy. in the future age i.v. in corona will no longer be a danger to a daughter. in sports now members of the england and west indies cricket teams have taken a need ahead of their 3 match series the 1st international cricket match since the start of the pandemic players also observed a minute's silence to remember the victims of the pandemic matches are being played with no spectators and the series will feature a number of rule variations including a ban on players spitting on the balls to polish them. this is g.w. news here's a reminder of that top story we're following for you germany's chancellor angela merkel has set out her goals for the european union as germany takes over the council president c.
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the main aim of adopting an economic recovery package after the panda. you're watching news i'll be back at the top of the hour with more world news followed by big day i hope to see you then. combating the corona pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information and news. hour carona updates.
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