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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  July 8, 2020 11:15pm-11:31pm CEST

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you're watching the w. news live from berlin w. business that's coming up next and stephen dear sleeping stick around so be right back. what secrets lie behind. discover new adventures in 360 degree. and explore fascinating world heritage sites. d.w. world heritage 316 get kidnapped now. we're all set. to go be on vs. the marine live.
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as we take on the world. we're all about the stories that matter to you country. what ever it takes money now from. d.c. w. made for mines. brussels gives a green light to germany's own 500000000000 euro pandemic rescue package but will that soften the blow of a serious recession in europe's largest economy and what about other even numbers that don't have such deep pockets. also on the show it survived wars and the great depression but not the coronavirus brooks brothers one of america's biggest men's wear stores files for insolvency. and the scooters are popular in big cities are often left lying on sidewalks. the start of the berlin has an idea to bring
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more order. and welcome to the show i'm stephen beardsley in berlin can europe's largest economy use its deep pockets to help domestic businesses without tilting the balance of competition in the e.u. all the top anti trust official in the bloc now says yes the 500000000000 euro german rescue package lies mostly on loan guarantees whether it can help pull germany out of a serious recession is now the question for. the tonsil was rescued last month from the brink of bankruptcy things to a 9000000000 euro bailout from the german government the airline is not the only one getting a lifeline from berlin germany's plan to deploy 500000000000 euros to hard hit businesses was approved on wednesday that's on top of 100000000000 euros in funds already ok. as i know it is skewed towards the good news is that brussels gave its green light to the economic stabilization fund that has been approved in decisions can now be taken on this basis and
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a highly simplified procedure. the fund is above all to sign for bigger and middle sized companies. the package is a mix of state guaranteed loans and so-called recapitalization and the government can use those funds to buy a company's sponsor stock like it's done in the live tons of bailout even with this spending spree the german economy is expected to shrink 6.3 percent this year but germany staring better than most of europe the economy is expected to contract 8.7 percent this year. meanwhile a separate e.u. fund that would give 750000000000 euro as in support to hard hit countries like italy and spain remains mired in controversy. coronavirus has devastated revenues a german vehicle maker dimler but the manufacturer of the luxury mercedes brand is cautiously optimistic due to an upturn in china the mercedes-benz brand saw its
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sales plunge 1000 percent the 1st 6 months but enjoyed record sales in china and that's what chief executive or luckily nias told a virtual shareholders meeting planning to step up its cost savings program because of the crisis. over to america now where after more than 200 years manhattan close maker brooks brothers is filing for bankruptcy protection as founded in 1918 in the company claims to have put 40 presidents in suits survived 2 world wars as well as casual fridays and a loosening of dress standards even on wall street but the company couldn't survive the coronavirus economic fallout from the pandemic has forced it to seek insolvency protection brooks brothers was one of the few national chains that still made its clothes in the u.s. and not in low cost asian countries. and for more on this let's go to our financial correspondent younes quarter in new york. he is not a huge company that we're talking about but clearly one that has a certain residence in the u.s. and definitely has
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a history what happens at brooks brothers. yeah and brooks brothers says 500 stores are world wide so they're not to small either and well depend on me clearly hasn't make things any easier but they already had some issues before there was this tendency that people are dressing up. in general. that we have more competition sky high rents so that also was a debt burden for the company and now depend demick where even less people buy business clothes so that clearly was too much for brooks brothers all right everyone in home office wearing sweatpants. yens what about other retailers how are they being affected by corona. yeah it's an overall trend specially those retailers that do not have a huge show online presence are really struggling brooks brothers by the way in the past year made about 20 percent of this sale online but we also just are at that
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bed bath and beyond for example is going to close to 100 stores over the next 2 years we had other really famous retailers like name in markets for example already filing for bankruptcy protection there is a little gift store right next to my office around the corner here actually it's not that little so they paid about $100000.00 in rent each month so that clearly has been too much that it's an overall tendency that a lot of retailers big and small. just concert the make and i'm pretty certain there will be more closures to come all right especially challenging as cases surge there in america of their force in new york thank you. our brief look now at some of the other business stories making headlines. united airlines has warned $36000.00 workers nearly half its u.s. staff they could be furloughed in october over $17000.00 flying staff and $15000.00
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ground staff could be affected the carrier can't lay off workers. before october due to their $5000000000.00 in federal aid which is meant to help cover payroll costs. their boss employees and home board protested the playmakers planned 5000 job cuts in germany installing into chairs and photos of threatened employees in front of their factory. disruptions of the aviation industry has hit airbus especially hard it's responding with a total of $15000.00 job cuts across the company there are also protests in france . british finance minister rishi sue knox seen here promoting the hospitality sector has unveiled a 33000000000 euro stimulus plan which is meant to offset an unexpected spike in unemployment due to the pandemic i think who's a bonus scheme aimed at getting firms to retain workers as well as tax cuts for hard pressed firms inter ism and hospitality. to unlink harvests and now coronavirus affected export markets or eating into pakistan's mango industry
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farmers in punjab and zen provinces say that a long winter and changing rain patterns have slashed production by half this year mango exports are 40 percent down and they're pulling in a record 80000000 dollars last year. opened images of course shed light on the lives of workers whose stories rarely get told and their next report brings us to northeast spain were concerns for the welfare of fruit pickers from abroad are growing. they come from belgariad to pick nectarines destined for germany. here in the china fraga in northeastern spain farmers have long relied on workers from abroad to help with harvest. this year the conditions are especially tough. it's a bit complicated. we're all wearing masks and have to maintain distance from one another while the work. was different last year this time it's more difficult.
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an estimated 400000 undocumented people work in spain on a seasonal basis they lose from one time to the next taking whatever work is available here sleeping arrangements also look like this. 30 kilometers north of fraga is laid a magnet for seasonal workers looking for summer fruit picking jobs authorities here are especially concerned that the movement of so many people could lead to a rapid spread of coburg 19. this and the notorious li poor living conditions many migrants are used to has prompted them to convert the city's trade center into a makeshift shelter it has space to accommodate about 250 people. generics are about 2.8 meters apart from each other to guarantee the distance
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required to prevent the spread of covert 19. despite the containment effort some 40 workers have a ready tested positive for the coronavirus. fruit pickers on the front line of a global pandemic last harvest it would have seemed unfathomable. it's part of a new and eerie reality. or grounded in major tourist destination these days and you'll see them electric scooters they're admired for their convenience but hated for littering sidewalks might be a solution a tiny berlin based startup has lots of solar powered charging. riding straight through city centers whizzing around traffic that's the attraction of renting an east ghouta but want to do when you run out of juice just drop it many people already feel aggravated by abandon scooters blocking streets and entrances
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to buildings. and start up in berlin has a solution the hard way east is can be parked safely while being charged by solar panels. we hope to integrate this into the micro mobility infrastructure of cities and provide an easy fast and cheap charging model one module post street corner where 2 or 3 scooters or electric bikes can stand getting charged for as long as the sun is shining it is unassigned. the harbor also includes electricity output for smartphones and tablets a u.v. light that can be used to disinfect the devices however the company stresses that it is not been proven that u.v. light can kill the coronavirus. shedden ability is by definition something that's shared different people touch it so it makes sense to disinfect now and then. due to the pandemic many people of void public transport and prefer
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rental bikes and easy scooters to avoid even more chaos by abandoned the scooters lying on pavements hubs like this one could bring order charge them sustainably and make them more popular. that's it for me and the business team here in berlin as always you can find out more about these and other business stories online at d w dot com slash business i'm stephen beardsley as always thanks for watching.
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the full. coming. down of virus summer 20 twentieth's following lock downs and working from home people surely want to get outside and travel. the tourist industry is waiting for them with bated breath but problem restrictions are still in place and many potential holiday makers are feeling uncertain the plan they made in germany. d.w. . been
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platforms we're all in this together and together make you. stay safe everybody. stay safe stay safe please stay safe. we all crave those few weeks every year the chance to get away from the home and relax far from the day. lest your somewhat of a half 1000000000 tourists descended on the world's most beautiful place 2020 looks very different planes have been grounded hotels are struggling.


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