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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 9, 2020 5:00am-5:16am CEST

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this is the day of the news live from berlin ivory coast prime minister dies suddenly american clearly believes unexpected death throws the west african countries upcoming presidential election into disarray company but he was the ruling party's candidate also coming up. fresh trashes game serbia with the country in turmoil over the pandemic public anger erupts over plans to reimpose a nationwide lockdown some say president bush is just political ambitions are to blame for a surge in new corona virus infections. and fire fighters in eastern ukraine
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battled to bring deadly force in the forest blazes under control only a short distance from the front lines in the country's war with russian backed separatists. i'm told me a lot of people welcome to the program the prime minister of ivory coast amadou gone could be but he has died unexpectedly at the age of 61 going clear but he was also the ruling party's candidate for the presidential election coming up in october and his passing raises questions about who will replace him in that race the cause of death has not yet been disclosed but clearly had a heart transplant 8 years ago and had just received medical treatment in france. a reporter girl in foma told us what could be belize death means for ivory coast.
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it's a big shock 5 rickles suddenly because he was only in march so i declared being the presidential candidate for the ruling party as you said earlier the election coming up this year in october. tomorrow and so all these. him as a kind of presidential candidate is because i was president since 2010 has only 2 to 5 years one term and there was a big movement and it's all over africa to restrict these long time no ever standing presidents so he said he couldn't go another time and. he is one of his closest allies so that was his decision that he be president and all these nice planning is now has exploded to serbia now where anti-government rallies have filled the capital belgrade for the 2nd day with protesters angered over what they see as the government's mishandling of the pandemic after a surge in covert 1000 cases after a peaceful march in the daytime protest of turned violent for
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a 2nd night with demonstrators throwing flares and bottles at police in riot gear president alexander which it appears to have bowed to public pressure and backtracked on his decision to reintroduce a curfew this weekend. critics say the shop spike in infections was caused by a series of politically motivated decisions by footage. pandemic frustrations bubble over on the streets of belgrade chaos erupted as thousands of protesters battles with police and try to storm the parliament they're angry over the president's handling of the coronavirus. the main reason we are here is to support the protesters during these abnormal times when the country is falling apart. cases have spiked across the balkan country in recent weeks serbia recorded its highest scope at 1000 death toll on tuesday it forced
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president alexander to take action announcing a weekend curfew to belgrade the protesters have pushed him to backtrack. i considered it but the crisis team thinks there's still hope to slow the spread so we may introduce harsher measures but without introducing a curfew. that hasn't been enough to keep the peace as police and demonstrators face off with flares fireworks and tear gas. demonstrators say they want to return to normal and for the president to resign. as take a brief look at some other stories making news around the world u.s. i think general antonio has warned that the war in libya is entering quote a new and dangerous phase of foreign interference at an all time high he said the military buildup this signaled a violation of the u.n.
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obs a bog. surgeons at a hospital in brom successfully separated twins who had been called conjoined at the back of their heads the 2 year old sister said to be recovering well the rest surgery was aided by a 3 d. augmented reality of their skulls and brains. u.s. universities harvard and massachusetts institute of technology are suing the u.s. government over a bar on international students remaining in the country trump administration has said foreign students must leave if they're attending institutions where classes have been moved online because of coronavirus because of the corona virus pandemic . a key witness in the impeachment trial of u.s. president donald trump has resigned from the military determined connell alexander van man said he had been bullied and refused promotion since testifying against trump he had alleged that trump asked ukraine to investigate his rival joe biden which when men called improper for a former u.s.
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national security adviser john bolton has given an interview to tim sebastian from conflict zone the republican strategists criticized u.s. president donald trump's foreign policy especially his dealings with china's xi jinping and north korea's kim jong un you were present at 2 out of 3 meetings between trump and kim you said there were times when we were very close to making concessions that i think even prior administrations like the clinton and obama administrations wouldn't have made was drunk willing to give away the shop what kinds of concessions do you mean. well i don't think he understood what he was doing i think he he he longed for a deal with north korea on the nuclear weapons program i don't think he studied the issue closely enough to know what the ramifications of different terms that were offered were i think ultimately and the case of the who noise summit the 2nd
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meeting where he did walk away from a proposal by north korea that i thought entirely inadequate he did so because he knew that if he were to accept that it would have produced a volcanic political reaction in america from the republican party and that he fundamentally couldn't do that and that really was the sort of reaction that troubled me the most that he didn't approach north korea or much else on the basis of philosophy or grand strategy or policy it approached it on the basis of what was politically beneficial to him. and. right after the show online. last. night and emerge stronger from its greatest ever challenge
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a coronavirus pandemic. brussels to mark the beginning of germany's 6 month presidency council. in crisis mode. masks hand gestures and rather awkward head nodding have taken the place of handshakes german chancellor angela merkel's 1st trip abroad since the corona virus outbreak was marked by new pandemic etiquette as europe confronts an unprecedented threat already over 100000 european lives have been lost to the virus and alongside growing debt and unemployment the continent to seeing a marked rise in populism. this in for the pandemic can't be fought with lies and dissent from ation nor with hatred and agitation fact denying populism is being shown its limits thank. you for the top priority of the german
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presidency is to ensure that europe emerges from the crisis united by just short term stabilisation of europe will not be enough we also want to europe that offers hope in a while but us have. no cause supports the e.u. commission's proposed joint recovery fund of 750000000000 euros to provide financial help especially to the southern european countries that have been hardest hit the commission president formally the longest serving member of merkel's cabinet feels that such radical steps are necessary we have entered the worst recession since almost 100 years but she faces opposition from the frugal for austria denmark the netherlands and sweden. they are reluctant to give away money without strings attached merkel insisted that a compromise was necessary and sooner rather than later in mind some see this is our common goal is to find an agreement as soon as possible because the depth of the konami slump urges us to hurry there is no time to lose otherwise the weakest
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will suffer. i very much hope that we can reach an agreement this summer long could the negotiations beginning in the coming weeks will determine the economic future of europe. let's bring you up to date now with some of the latest coronavirus developments the us reported more than 59000 new cases on wednesday the biggest daily increase to date while the 900 people died from the disease for a 2nd straight day the highest level since early june and over 130000 americans have not died from covert 19 mexico also saw a record number of people infected by the virus with almost 7000 cases the country also reported $782.00 additional fatalities nigeria now has more than $30000.00 confirmed coronavirus cases and almost $700.00 people there have died from covert 19. people living. in eastern ukraine are also battling
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deadly forest fire a blaze started. villages where separatists backed by russia are active many locals say they don't believe the fire started by accident. flames fute by high temperatures and fast winds have consumed most of this village in eastern ukraine rather nadia and he recalled langkow of everything they own. there were flakes of fire flying in the air like a compartment not just here fires seem to jump from place to place. hundreds of firefighters and rescue crews rushed to save villages and their homes at 1st they successfully battle to the places back but the flames returned resuscitated by gusts of wind. up having to quickly we saw fire and the distance jumping from one patch to another changing direction and then moving closer it
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became dark as night. grecian has been a risky place to go for years because it's particularly under the control of pro russian separatists this village is just kilometers from frontline fighting between the separatists and to ukrainian forces. the local governor says he believes arson is to blame with the fires out president flowed in me as a lengthy came to survey the damage and to lend his support. i want to express my condolences to all the families all those who have lost loved ones because of these fires. and investigation into what caused the fire is underway president selenski sest of victims will be compensated with the equivalent of $9700.00 euros each to buy new homes. and. that cup has been postponed due to the corona virus and demick the biennial
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tournament was due to be held in the u.s. this year and as provisionally been moved to 2021 other golf tournaments are said to be held behind closed doors with the ryder cup so organizers said they decided to postpone as facilities were yet to be built for the event in wisconsin the ryder cup sees teams from europe and the united states compete. members of the england and west indies cricket teams have taken a knee ahead of their 3 match series the 1st international cricket match since the start of the pandemic in addition to the gesture in support of the black lives matter movement players still tenuously observed a minute's silence to remember the victims of the coronavirus pandemic pandemic restrictions mean the matches are being played in empty grounds and the series will feature a number of rule variations including a ban on players spitting on the balls to punish them.
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finally if there's one place in the us that is intimately acquainted with history making tragedy it's new york city in our lifetime alone the big apple has been home to the dot com bubble bursting the global financial crisis and ground 0 on 911 many of us remember that fateful day in 2001 and probably recognize this photos were taken just moments after the collapse of the world trade center people fleeing in terror the gentleman you see on the far left wearing glasses and a black shirt his name was stephen cooper when i learned that mr cooper died earlier this year his family say he carried this picture in his wallet and showed people he met proud that he had survived the terror attack his family says the cause of death was covert 19 stephen cooper was 78. it watching is remember you can always keep up to date on our website. we're on
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twitter and instagram as well as. i'm told me a lot of all thanks for joining us. every day is for us and for our pleasure. the ideas is on its way to bring you more conservation. how do we make cities screener how can we protect animals and their habitats what to do with the lower east. we can make a difference by choosing reforestation over deforestation.


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