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tv   Corona Special  Deutsche Welle  July 9, 2020 7:15pm-7:31pm CEST

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a reminder of our top story the u.s. supreme focus this fall congress for its men president trumps financial records but the court has ruled that the president does not have absolute immunity from quick. criminal investigation and that he may have to hunt up the documents including tax returns to new york prosecutors. situ up today at the top of the hour i'm going to . come bearing the corona pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information and. our corona update. from the coded 19 special next on d w. in the eye of climate change. has to make a decision. based on. what
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ideas do they have for their future. g.w. dot com africa megacities the meeting to get. close to. the coronavirus endemic is expected to call the surge in deaths from another deadly virus h i.v. . there are fears that there could be an extra half a 1000000 aids deaths this year alone the bluecher is deeply concerned about the impact of corporate 19 on the global response to a charity. more than 70 countries there and risk of running out of the anti-retroviral drugs needed for the daily management of the condition. what's more
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patients who aren't on a.r.v.'s are thought to have an increased risk from covert 19. so how can we protect people with hiv during the coronavirus pandemic. this is your cover 19 special on d.w.i. . it is good to have you with us the corona virus outbreak is endangering the fight against h.p.v. and that's becoming a growing problem particularly in african countries where many lives depend on anti-retroviral drugs the very one is now becoming scarce because of the conduct a drink krishna reports from south africa. to be would have preferred not to come to the community today because of the virus and to avoid questions from neighbors to me is not her real name she prefers to remain anonymous. she is a charity causative and wants to make sure her one year old daughter does not become infected. my family knows and you. know.
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because they like to call for a little bit build they judge you with its own this is not pride because did don't know your future husband to you after all. so you don't need to charge for. one in 5 mothers in the township is age i be positive a few years ago 2 out of every 5 children also had the virus but now the chances of a chevy being passed on the earth than 5 percent south africa has made significant progress of the fight against hiv the government pays for the medicines and aid agencies like doctors without borders help with education programs in normal times a group of mothers with h. i.v. media once a month of the crisis means the meetings have been cancelled. from the group sessions discussing with p. is giving time to discuss it. if us and t.
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doesn't the internet that so now that the group. anymore it is really a fit to post natal clubs the medics and alcohol into the mothers on a one to one basis hiv is still a serious problem. the hospital is much emptier than usual because of covert 19 many patients avoid hospitals and therefore don't have access to their medication experts believe that this could have a strong negative impact on hiv aids but also with tuberculosis patients in the future. to be knows her medication significantly increases her own life expectancy the hope is that in the future age i.v. in corona will no longer be a danger to her daughter. earlier i spoke to dr shannon hader she's the deputy executive director of u.n. aids the joint united nations program on h i v and it's just this week her organization along with more than 70 other
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countries warned that the coronavirus pandemic could lead to a dangerous shortage in lifesaving anti-retroviral drugs i asked dr heater why. yeah you know we have sort of these colliding epidemics right now of hiv and coded and we have to make sure we are responsible and so number one on a really practical level we've started to see some really good and creative approaches to making sure services continue but on a larger scale we are absolutely seeing the risks for drug treatment shortage shortages there are barriers in some cases to raw materials getting into countries so that production can happen there are barriers to produce drugs getting out of countries and into the countries that need them because of restrictions and so it's it's a really important dance to be monitoring where shortages might beat and problem solving to make sure they don't interrupt treatment now what would these shortages
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mean for people living with hiv in many developing countries well you know we've made tremendous progress in the hiv fight since the beginning and we just put out new numbers that showed over 25400000 people worldwide are now in hiv treatment but we really are. decided to say well how bad could it get with what happens for example if there were a 6 month interruption in treatment services in sub-saharan africa now we don't plan on that happening but we have to look at that sort of bad case scenario and doing some modeling along with debbie h. o. and that the modeling consortium we found that a 6 month interruption in treatment services would lead to an additional an additional 500000 deaths from aids in this year alone that would double the number
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of deaths in sub-saharan africa and actually set us back to 2008 response levels so we'd lose a decade of progress in just one year channon our people with hiv more likely to suffer from a severe covert 19 infection you know we're learning as we go on that there is some new data and south africa which is one of the 1st countries affected by co that also has a very large hiv epidemic and they are seeing that there is some additional severity in people living with hiv who get cove it it's not as bad is for people who have diabetes or existing lung disease but of course people living with hiv are aging and have those things too so it is particularly important that people living with hiv. take their conscience to try to avoid getting infected to begin with and that we hope to learn more as you know treatments evolve vaccines evolve except
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tra now speaking of precautions there are hiv patients that are avoiding hospitals out of fear of contracting the coronavirus how big of a problem is that. well it's a big problem if we're not offering other solutions so one thing about hiv care is for a number of years now treatment guidelines have really promoted this idea of differentiated service delivery or community based deliberate so that someone living with hiv doesn't have to go to the clinic every month or every 3 months just for routine care the idea that someone living on stage i.v. has their h.m.p. under control could get 3 months of their medications in one visit and then not have to go back and forth but a lot of countries before posted were really slow in implementing those kind of practices fortunately we have seen a major scale up in
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a number of countries of putting those practices into place. dispensing community based delivery community based care long distance telephone consultations and those kind of engagements for questions so in countries that are moving to put those alternatives into place we're seeing a lot less interruption of people services in countries that are not moving to that community level community based models it's a problem shannon hader deputy executive director of u.n. aids thank you for speaking to w. . and now it is time for your questions about coven 9 team and our science correspondent very girly arms as usual doing his best to answer them. i've heard research is talk about trying to meet the immune response but also saying that a young stronger immune system is more successful in fighting off 19 it's not
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a contradiction. to understand the apparent contradiction here you have to understand that there are are different stages of covert 19 that patients can go through the 1st is usually an initial infection in the upper respiratory tract and that's usually where it stays with most people that's where having a strong fast acting immune system is really great it's able to keep the disease in check and eventually wipe it out in some cases it keeps it so effectively unchecked that you might not even notice that you had it but in more severe forms of the disease if the virus eventually makes it to the lungs or to other organs it can kick in a severe immune response and when that happens the immune system can start attacking not just diseased tissue but healthy tissue as well that's when doctors have to step in and try to mute the immune response with drugs because if it spirals out of
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control it can kill you but striking a balance between letting the immune system do its job and reining it in if it spins out of control this is pretty tricky. can you tell us more about ticks and methods. dexa methods zone is one of the drugs that doctors now prescribe at that critical stage of covert 19 that i just mentioned when the immune system has gone into overdrive and starts attacking healthy tissue and the body. a major study in britain that's still in peer review discovered that in critically ill patients who need respiratory support the compounds lowers mortality by between a 5th and and a 3rd which is actually pretty huge that's a meth is known as what's known as a corticosteroid and it's widely used to treat many different conditions that cause
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painful or dangerous inflammation it's also and immuno suppressant so it can help calm down the immune system when it's running a mock but that also makes doctors wary about about giving patients the drug too early when the immune system needs to be active it's not a new drug but one that's been approved for use for well over 50 years now so so it's cheap it's widely available and perhaps most importantly production of it can be can be ramped up quickly. and of course you can post your questions to derek on our you tube channel and if you'd like to keep up with the latest developments on the coronavirus and that make do subscribe to our newsletter just log on to d w dot com slash corona dash newsletter. and
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that wraps up our show if you want more go ahead and visit the coronavirus section of the b.w. website for now thanks for watching see you tomorrow stay safe in the meantime for . entering the conflict zone confronting the powerful 4 months to go to the presidential elections in america donald trump is sinking in the polls and those full of a national security adviser says he isn't fit to be president anyway jumbos a is my guest this week from washington how much damage trump was also done to america and the rest of the. conflict. next on news. and on breaking night dangers
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that would overshadow all other oil catastrophe. over $6000.00 breakfast some during the 2nd world war. some do it with highly toxic crude oil it's a race against time because it seems we forgot the me through legacy of 1. 145 minutes on d w. are they friends say wanted to be was used as human shields to try to steer toward you which it wasn't really a full of fun among the mission isn't unusual or are they and i mean he's going to do most of the missions if you see a live computer and real person you google with him but he's using the what he's going to go student in my demo board for i just don't know trump and sunday mirror
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puton our 2 part documentary analyzing. the difficult relationship between russia and the us and between their presidents how does their rivalry and their dangerous mutual admiration affect the rest of the world is on bullies trump and putin starts august 3rd on d w. i don't think he understood what he was doing and he why talking to the guy is you know the big guys get together and they do big guy things but you did accept it for 17 months didn't you why so little principle when you were removed and the president is by all actions not behind. 4 months to go till the presidential elections in america donald trump is sinking in the polls and now his former national security adviser says he isn't fit to be president anyway in a new book john bolton the long serving big beast of the republican party accuses mr trump of a litany.


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