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i am i am. this is the w. news live from berlin serbia's fury shows no sign of cooling clashes erupt on a 4th night of anti-government demonstrations in belgrade with protesters trying to enter parliament also coming up lifesaving aid to syria hits a un roadblock russia and china vetoed security council efforts to continue sending food and supplies to civilians in rebel held territory in syria i work as well and this will spell disaster for millions. and is that those iconic caius sophia is
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turned into a mosque the president everyone says full fights are still welcome international critics describe the mood as a provocation. also on the program venice tests out its much delayed flood defense system thus critics say the engineering model 90 doomed should play. a more welcome to the program clashes have broken out in the serbian capital belgrade on the 4th successive nights of protest demonstrators have attempted to storm the parliament and police force them back this week has seen the worst violence in the southern european country in 2 decades anger has been mounting over what the process has called stage repression the government has banned gatherings of more than 10 people. let's cross over to journalist
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ferry who is on the streets of the serbian capital belgrade bring us up to date what's the situation. the clashes have ended just some 10 minutes ago when luis arrested sometimes until fifo level they were running in the streets they spread up in 2 groups. the protestants have been for our city the stairs of the parliament trying to break in but the police were pushing them back some of struck the stairs refused them they were calling for peace but it's obviously different groups 'd in the spot and it was not so easy to control the situation so the violence spread out after monday peaceful protests that we had in the streets of belgrade. now we can catch you in the capital has been called off why did that no sense of peace the protesters because practice there
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say that this is not anymore about the curfew or anything similar they want to pass it and then it's governance. resigned in the future because they say serbia being under control. to crack that control office. that would just for last 8 years and they say that there is no freedom of media and they cannot choose what kind of life they want because the precedent is controlling everything in this country so they say that they will not stop the process even deny it's on the function the decision of the government for not gathering more than 10 people but they still went in the streets of belgrade and so as you say these protests have involved evolved into antigovernment protests how much of a stretch to president vicente and his posse is this. we don't know yet because
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president bush just lost the elections in june 21st he did win the election more than 60 percent but it. was worse than in the streets even though the broad broad mean taking place in belgrade the last 2 years but before they were organized but by the opposition leaders and now all these groups have a leader and they say. many different groups but what join. the idea again precedent which journalists interest the theory in belgrade thank you. let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world. hunting vote counting is underway in singapore where the long governing people's action party is some course to retain power. the sample of ballots showed the opposition workers'
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party gaining parliamentary seats in what could be their best ever performance final results are expected later today. ethiopian authorities have arrested 2 suspects in the killing of the popular political singer charlie condesa whose death sparked protests in which more than $160.00 people killed the arrested men are alleged to be the shooter and an accomplice as a suspect is still at large. for the 1st 2 years prosecutors have filed a new indictment against elaine maxwell the former girlfriend of longtime and longtime associate of the late financier jeffrey epstein at the end dykeman's in new york accused her of 6 criminal counts assigned maxwell has been charged with recruiting and grooming underage girls so epstein could sexually abuse them she is
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seeking bail citing the risk of contracting covert 19. russia and china have again vetoed an attempt by the un security council to continue humanitarian aid and deliveries to rebel held territory in syria friday is the last day that aid agency are allowed to bring food and vital supplies over the turkish border to rebel held areas of it live and aleppo provinces 13 countries voted in favor of extending the aid but permanent members russia and china opposed the resolution humanitarian groups say cutting off the aid could spell disaster for millions of civilians. deliveries a lifesaver for the footie families who found shelter here on the turkish border. they fled homes destroyed by as strikes very few of them have enough money for food they'd be lost without help from outside. their own it obama it's one thing to be
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bombarded by fighter jets or to be locked in without food is much worse it's a slow bloodless death. almost 3000000 people an off west syria depend on food aid like this. trucks bring it over the border between turkey and didn't the last rebel stronghold in syria. without approval from the syrian regime but protected by a un resolution. jimmy for families here the situation is virtually impossible that. they have nothing besides these aid deliveries that if they start it will be a catastrophe kataklysm i'm sure of that with us a little bit early since in the. famine looms a few deliveries are cut off and as the coronavirus pandemic spreads in the region medical supplies an aide a needed here in northwestern syria more than ever. turkey's president has
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announced that istanbul's highest a theo one of the architectural wonders of the world will be converted back into the mosque according on friday revoked the monument status as a museum clearing the way for the unesco world heritage sites to be reopened for muslim worship it's a decision that has drawn international condemnation. a meeting point of many faiths for almost a century now in less than a fortnight the iconic higher sophia will once more 1st only islamic prayers. i also feel on the issue of deciding the purpose of hyacinth is about the suffering rights of turkey opening fire sophia to prayers with a new regulation is just about turkey exercising its sovereign rights. that the announcement was met with celebrations outside the historic building
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especially among nationalist groups. we have very happy god bless those who opened it and it should have been opened before we were waiting for this. for your time shaking with excitement this is an incredible event i don't know what to say i just want to cry. these look you lot of them it's a dream we've had since we were kids there was an injustice our constitutional council has addressed that injustice i am deeply grateful to them higher saffir has found its true purpose again right now we have very excited proud and hopeful that the services here will be beautiful that your followers ya know immediately orders but for all the docs christians the decision has been met with dismay it's a move that is seen as dismissing thousands of years of history. built in the 6th century as a byzantine church the highest you feel was the world's largest christian cathedral
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for centuries almost a. and later it was converted into an islamic mosque during the ottoman empire and the 1930 s. it was turned into a museum a symbol of the new secular turkish state since then it has been held by no single religion a place where pipes and presidents have come to pay their respects and marvel at the architecture. the turkish president has insisted that the site will remain accessible to all ginger i mean like all other mosques the doors of higher sophia will be open to all locals foreigners muslims and non muslims being the common heritage of humankind hyas affair will continue to embrace everyone in a most and see unique way with its new status. talk to. the only district but the international community including greece russia and u.n.'s go have condemned the change saying the site should remain a museum as
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a symbol of christian and muslim solidarity. the 1st prayer service inside the building is planned for the end of the month but the local muslim community has already begun to gather for worship. so what happens now is correspondent dorian jones in istanbul speaking a little earlier. well that is the big question particularly is the concern about what will happen to the magnificent mosaics it the pic christ the virgin mary by santana kings consider some of the world's greatest because under islamic doctrine you cannot perform prayers in front of figurative representations now what will happen to them in the past when it was a mosque it was they were all covered over by plaster now it's unclear whether uncle would take such a step and in fact we have been hearing from state news sources that they can use some sort of mapping lighting technology but it hasn't been officially confirmed but this undoubtedly is a big concern going forward given the importance of these these images not only to
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christians but also to lovers of the eye of software so there will be a lot of attention on this and in fact when president obama speaking tonight he said that the conversion will be done very carefully and he warned against people seeking to make controversy out of it so he is aware of the challenges ahead of him all will be looking to july 24th when it finally opens on moscow. correspondent or in jones in istanbul speaking to us a little earlier there now for an update on the latest developments in the coronavirus pandemic france has become the 6th country to report a total coronavirus death toll above 30000 the world health organization reported a record increase in the number of cases on friday with the global total jumping 228000 in 24 hours and the colombian capital bogota will begin a 2 we quarantine in certain neighborhoods on monday as a sharp increase in infections threatens to overwhelm the city's health system.
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don't forget you can always get d.w. news on the go just download our app from google play or from the apple app store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news and if your part of the news story you can also use the d w f to send us photos and videos of what's happening. now after nearly a decade of delays venice has successfully tested a new flood areas system meant to save the sinking city italian prime minister just at the concert was on hand for the test run of the 6000000000 euro construction but the project may be doomed to fail despite friday's success. out of the water they rise like a hidden treasure from the bottom of the ocean but these 7 dave barry has another treasure they are made to protect it a multi-billion euro system designed to protect the lagoon city of venice from high tides
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a project most has seen delays unexpected costs and political corruption within ashraf we have promised the horrible scenes we've witnessed all the parts of the past. disastrous flooding in november showed how vulnerable than assists these floods were the worst in over 50 years global warming and rising sea levels as well as venice the sinking foundations i'm not likely to improve the situation a fortress of steel is not supposed to protect the lagoon city but despite the photogenic ceremony today it is not expected to be fully functional until next year . it is a project that was born from many controversies and designed to protect venice from high water a concrete objective not an imaginary one however visionary it might it seems when it was designed. $984.00 that's when it was designed and it has been under construction since 2003 now part of the underwater project has already
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corroding and experts fear depending on the pace of sea level rise these yellow berry s might soon be obsolete. you're watching live from remember you can always stay up to date on our website. and you can follow us on twitter and instagram at. thanks for watching. in the light of climate change. for. the for the future. we're going to go city. insight. into or are they friends she wanted to be with you if you chose to. would you wish it was the way you believe i'm not going to look for your new.


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