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seriously stay safe please stay safe. this is big news live from berlin a close vote is expected as poland chooses a president populist incumbent and jay duda is favored to win the runoff but he faces a tough challenge from. the u.n. security council agrees on a new life line for syria in a vote week stained humanitarian aid delivery system the rebel held north but russia and china insist it into the country for
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a single border crossing. and the us president dons a mask in public for the 1st time it previously mocked his political opponents for putting on face coverings so has donald trump had a change of heart with the now we're mask off the. anatomy howard welcome poles are heading to the ballot box in what is expected to be a close runoff vote to elect a president poland's prime minister has already cost his vote he's rolling nationalist government has relied on incumbent president n.j. duded to push through judicial reforms that have set poland on a collision course with the e.u. the election result will shape poland's future relationship with the block as polls choose between 2 competing visions for the country. conservative versus liberal big
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city versus country site poland is divided about challenges a community of 8000 people in central poland most people here work in agriculture the town is a bastion of support for incumbent president on jay duda people here say things have gotten better under his presidency if i'm up on it we can do to display it to children and i get child support during the drought we get 8000 euros that was a great help and there's also more money for the animals with us there's a. lot of those of years on the opposition candidate refound to scoff ski has also made extravagant campaign promises he's courting the youth vote. no on the proposer granted program for the 50000 best and most talented young people from towns and villages they can develop their abilities and get a shot at an education from the best schools and universities. just kosky appeals to people who are disappointed by the incumbent president. so in washington
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my son just went to holland because his apprenticeship from the point office you're only paid 240 euros a month what kind of salary is that for working 8 hours a day and president who talks about opportunities for young people they only chance is to go abroad that's it why didn't he just. hundreds of people come out to see and to meet was this mayor in towns like ah george but dude as an incumbent attracts crowds of thousands people who don't want things to change this says fight with the child support extra subsidies for pensions and tax cuts he's provided the ground stop that could happen no law that restricts or liquidate such benefits will be signed by me you can be assured of that. 7 due to is confident of victory but it looks to be a tight race just kosky has the lead in liberal cities victory in sunday's elections. he will be decided by
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a handful of votes. or monica from the w.'s polish this is in warsaw earlier we asked why president did his popularity has been slipping in recent months. well i. didn't expect this throng opposition candidate and he came very late late into this race 1st after the election which was settled for may originally was postponed because of the koran i respond then we . just put a lot of energy a lot of fresh air into this race and. this was something which incumbent president was not prepared for so he tried to radicalize his language he attacked foreign media for interfering in the polish election campaign he attacked the l g b t community for building what he called an ideology which would undermine the polish of the traditional values. so that this radicalization mobilized believe liberal
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voters who. started to hope that there must be and there tentative for polish politics and he is this alternative his victory and the power monopoly of the ruling and justice party and would be the 1st major change in polish politics in 5 years. was monica. in warsaw there ok u.n. security council has voted to extend humanitarian aid deliveries to millions of syrians who rely on it to survive the council back the proposal that would use only one authorized crossing point for eid supplies into the country that being on the turkey syria border agency warning that the decision to shut down all other access routes will intensify the suffering of thousands of displaced syrians and cost lives the result of voting is as follows. 12 votes in
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favor of. no votes against and 3 abstentions resolution submitted by britain and germany is adopted. a resolution from the united nations security council to resume aid deliveries towards iran syria one day after the program had expired but it gave way to russia's and healing demands. of the 2 functioning ones only one border crossing from turkey will remain open for the next 12 months a move that will cut a lifeline as western countries describe it for syrians in the country's north west western countries have even pushed to reopen a border crossing from iraq. to be clear today's resolution leaves bitterly disappointed at the law. and on our border crossings
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the syrians themselves if they had a voice will tell you that a lot of those crossings is unacceptable and rest the health and welfare of millions of their fellow syrians are those people who gave the instructions to give instructions to cut off the aid of 500000 children. to look into the mirror to mark . this experience he cancelled was in a deadlock the majority of members argued the 2 crossing points were essential especially during the coronavirus pandemic but the veto powers russia and china argued that the north west of syria can be reached from within the country. we could have the rights to these results much earlier and while most important to cross into evil that is what russia was because it's just the very beginning. initially the u.n. aid mission had included access to syria from jordan and iraq those crossing points were cuts in january also due to russia and china. all day doubly correspondent.
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in is in by britain has more on that story for us but so it's clearly the point of contention so why did russia and china only want this one border crossing. and it seems that the russians are pushing forward on the russian intentions in the future. these him getting 8 through the syrian government on the according to some sources close to the sea a russian position told me this morning that the russians prefer to move or to pass the 2nd carrying 83 at the turkish border rather than the iraqi or jenny and the borders used to be because these supplies these aid would bet through areas controlled by u.s. army wants a light at least right in turkey even if it's a nato ally a member but at least the it action and they don't teach they have a good position and good. a good conversation and good.
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relations between each other why. dissent at the same time according to the source of it that some of the previous experience yes that some of these ace in mainly in alipore do a controlled and stopped by some doctors and refused to deliver to the civilians for turkey and to send on the 2nd time and for this white. if it spent if it's in syria because it was keep turkey in control over the lip and all that sort of ends in that area parcel in the end the nations did in fact vote to extend aid to the syrian people so why is the german un ambassador and others so disappointed about this compromise. under new we can talk about 2 main reasons 1st of all germany and britain are seeking to have 2 border crossings what will you have to do what is of course one to live and the 2nd to look for a compromise with the international with the security council members due to the
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election vetoes reach for one border crossing to directly for 6th or one year instead of 6 months the 2nd reason germany and belgium fear that some of these supplies will not reach all the civilians in the clip which they are in need to. so what else will the decision mean for the people on the ground. this situation on the ground it so dramatic we can say according to opposition sources i'm talking about the syrian observatory for human rights told me this morning that one border crossing will not be sufficient not be enough to stop this to stop like 3000000 people in specially that the medical situation after the announcement of the 1st cabinet 19 case in the not just good logical.
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circumstances in that it's so dramatic. these stoplights 100 percent will not be sufficient to these 3000000 people and on the other hand the whole directory ask who will control the border is it turkey or under the un control bus of the road thank you very much thank you and let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world. hundreds of thousands of hong kong has turned up over the weekend to vote in a pro-democracy primary was hoped 2 weeks after beijing imposed a sweeping national security law on the semi autonomous territory the move is why they say now has chipping away at the one country 2 systems framework. thousands of beaucaire ians have protested for a 3rd day in a row demanding the resignation of the center right government and the country's chief prosecutor prime minister boyko has resisted the cole saying the opposition
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socialists would break the state a path if they she and. floods are continuing to battle large stretches of china affecting nearly 34000000 people more rain is expected in the coming days the chinese government has allocated nearly 40000000 euros for disaster relief to flood soaked regions in the country. u.s. president donald trump has won a mosque in public for the 1st time since the start of the coronavirus pandemic in the past he's poked fun at his political rivals for doing the same the united states meanwhile continues to be the country that is worst affected by covert 19 it has just reported another daily record high in new cases so has the president had a change of heart and will we see him wearing a mask more often. that. u.s. president donald trump has won a face mask on official visits during the pentagon make but this is the 1st time he
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has allowed himself to be pictured with a protective face covering he's not a whole heartedly embracing the public health measure yet though despite urgings from his medical advisers. instead trump signal to reporters before the visit that he was only going to wear a mask because he would be in a hospital. for all probably have a mask if you must know every now probably have a mask i think when you're in the hospital especially at that particular setting for yourself to do a lot of soldiers to see people that in some cases just got off the operating table i think it's a great thing where that god that is going to get bad but i do believe that by a so i'm going to play. trumps rival in the presidential election joe biden has long worn in mask in public and stated last month he would make them compulsory. in may trump even shared a treat from fox news political analyst brit hume that appeared to make fun of
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biden for wearing a mask. at trump's rallies it's not just the president who has refused to don the mask and site toso oklahoma rally in june only a few people covered their faces and practice social distancing despite and deceit . but with new daily cases in the u.s. reaching record highs and the official death toll. climbing to nearly 135000 people the president is under increasing pressure and criticism for his handling of the crisis. and here are some of the other developments in the corona virus pandemic india has registered a new record surge in deadly cases with over 28000 infections in the last day several states have been reimposed lockdowns to slow the spread of the virus at least 60000000 mexicans have been plunged into poverty by the virus that's according to a new study the number of mexicans in extreme poverty has nearly doubled since february i made widespread job losses and the wife of brazilian president jaya
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balsa nari says she has tested negative for the corona virus he had announced he tested positive to the virus on shoes day and his quarantining at home in a separate bedroom to his wife and you're up to date i'll be back with more headlines of the top of the hour in the meantime there's always the website think of the dot com way can get more news at any time you can also follow us on twitter and instagram as well to handle barry's at the news for now i'm anthony howard from the team here in berlin thanks what you. stand for. language courses. video. anytime anywhere. w. .


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