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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 12, 2020 10:00pm-10:16pm CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin early exit polls show a race that's too close to call in poland's presidential runoff. populus incumbent n.j. due to has a slight lead ahead of warsaw's pro european mayor. what it will help shake poland over the next 5 years. the u.n. security council agrees on a new lifeline for syria aid supplies will pass through a single border crossing into the rebel held north the u.s. warns that puts millions of syrians at risk.
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i'm nick spicer welcome to the program exit polls show a neck and neck finish in poland's presidential runoff a conservative incumbent and j. duda who is backed by the ruling lawn justice party has a slightly with 50.4 percent of the vote his rival the liberal warsaw mayor rough out called ski secured 49.6 percent due to is already claiming victory but the result is not yet official the final results are not expected until monday at the earliest. and with me now is. polish. voice. pardon me president declaring victory a bit premature isn't it well you know it's still not the find the official result it's only for. direction this projection has
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a margin of error or which may be of 2 percent and that means that in the upcoming hours the final result my be different and the result of the election may be different so indeed it may be a little bit too early to say. who's the winner we have to think about the fact that there are still many votes coming to poland back from abroad and these people of these tens of 1000 of polish citizens voting a groat they very often do support. rival of mr duda mr ski however there is also another important factor very often these projections mr do the incumbent he is under value he's under estimated sometimes people wouldn't say wouldn't admit that they were voting for him so this is also interesting and it indicates that the results may be different yet it is truly to get provide
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the results it's not too early to talk about the vision the 2 men have been putting forward in the campaign trail tell me about the polling 5 years time you know given the 2 candidates or country they want to create well the incumbent president he clearly stands for a very traditional and very conservative poland he opposes all these western progressive liberal streams coming to the country in his presidential campaign he's been fighting very hard to get to for example l g b t community. his party also and he half very controversial approach toward a rule of law which created big tensions with the european union so in 5 years if mr do that remains the president i guess that the relation between poland and the european union the may. it was just he will probably try to fix
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this relation to ease these tensions with the european union and he's the one who says i want poland which is open for everybody he wants this more liberal progressive country that's what he's fighting for. ok which action rescue from video views posters thank you for that insight thank you. aid agencies are warning that millions of civilians are at risk in northwest syria because of a decision by the u.n. the security council voted to extend relieve deliveries for another year but only through one authorized crossing point on the border with turkey millions rely on the aid and relief workers say the humanitarian situation will now worsen the result of the voting if this follows. 12 votes in favor of a. no vote against. and 3 abstentions
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resolution to buy in germany it's got it. a resolution from the united nations security council to resume aid deliveries towards iran syria one day after the program had expired but it gave way to russia and healing demands. of the 2 functioning ones only one border crossing from turkey will remain open for the next 12 months a move that will cut a lifeline as western countries describe it for syrians in the country's north west western countries even pushed to reopen the border crossing from iraq. to be clear today's resolution leaves bitterly disappointed at the law. and all our border crossings the syrian themselves i had a voice. we tell you that the loss of those crossings is unacceptable and risk the health and wealthier of millions of their fellow syrians are those
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people who gave the instructions instructions to cut out the april 500000 children . to look into the mirror. this experience he counseled was in a deadlock the majority of members argued to the 2 crossing points were essential especially during the coronavirus pandemic but the veto powers russia and china argued that the north west of syria can be reached from within the country. we each have the right to these results much earlier. ones most ludicrous is what russia was he says the very. innocently the u.n. aid mission had included access to syria from jordan and iraq those crossing points were cuts in january also due to russia and china. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world. in american
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city of san diego firefighters are responding to a large blaze aboard a military ship after an explosion several people have been reported injured video footage shows think smoke billowing hundreds of meters into the air the vessel is dr the san diego naval base. 4 people have been killed in protests in the mallee in capital bamako clashes erupted as demonstrators called for the resignation of president evo him about carcase out the opposition rejected concessions by kater he announced he was dissolving the constitutional court in an attempt to calm the unrest. in spain the cattle and the government has ordered residents in and around the town of later back into lockdown after a spike in corona virus infections residents are only allowed to leave their homes for work or necessary shopping. south african president cyril ramaphosa has reimposed the national curfew and suspended alcohol sales ram opposed
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the war that alcohol related injuries could overburden clinics and hospitals that are already under strain corona virus infections have spiked in recent weeks and. thousands of israelis marched through television to protest against the government's economic response to the coronavirus pandemic as a renewed lockdown looms they accuse per prime minister benjamin netanyahu of reneging on promises to provide financial aid as business is struggle and unemployment source but the israeli leader has unveiled a new package to help those most affected by the crisis. protesters packed tell of the famed robin square by the thousands somewhere in mass not all social distancing unemployed graduate or small business owners students all say they are being crushed financially by the kroon of virus and by the government's tales response to it. i can't describe this began writing government that gave us the money
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we needed more. far more on how we didn't gain any money i could always maybe raise i fired all my workers and we are all being told without any money and they need to thank him from the government to keep holding on the dime so i can open my business again up the go on up. the demonstrators are angry and desperate unemployment in israel has soared to nearly 21 percent since the country went into partial lockdown in march and aid packages promised by the government had been slow to materialize in fact all less than half of the nearly 25000000000 euros punched in france has been dispersed. prime minister benjamin netanyahu protesters say makes a lot of promises now it's time for him. to deliver. we will declare an immediate advance the self employed and controlling shareholders this
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support this grant is not dependent on legislation and we have instructed that it be put into effect today today already that budget will be pressed and the money will reach accounts in the coming days. demonstrators are not ready to trust the prime minister that's recent fire surges have forced him to tighten restrictions again this week shutting down a slew of businesses. over 1800000 people have tested positive for a crook over 19 in brazil as the 2nd highest number in the world after the united states more than 70000 have died and it's the poor who are most at risk among them residents of the slums and the country's indigenous people. it's one of the most remote parts of south america if not the world the enemy people live in the depths of the amazon in brazil's far north. this is one of the country's largest
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indigenous reserves. but even here the fear of the coronavirus is growing and almost shut down when we came to ask for help here to see if we're well . we walked for hours to reach. locals believe the virus was 1st brought to the reserve by prospect is searching for gold. in the remote nyssa this place increases the danger for the ghana mommy who lack access to health care services at the beginning of the month the brazilian defense ministry organized a fly in clinic it's not the constant on ground presence that indigenous rights groups have been calling for but the testing is much needed. well this will just shake my view arrived a little bit afraid to notice us from afar but then we can that chance to came
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closer it all went well and it's all been sort of rewarding. to make it. and there are hundreds of indigenous groups living in brazil and not all of found in the amazon. where ronnie and be a lived on the edge of the country's biggest cities sao paulo. he had to a community is threatened by the corona virus its residents have been learning how to be in theory. but not all of the government's advice applies in practice to those who live communally. lives but all. there is an appropriate space to recuperate or to isolate we don't have any of that and this is what worries us. the growing a virus is ravaging south america's largest country. and the fear is that it's peoples like days who will be hurt the most. disease added to poverty and palace
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notice a for the challenge in brazilian indigenous people struggle for survival. time for sports now in formula one the mercedes team roared to victory at the syrian grand prix in austria defending champion lewis hamilton won his 1st race of the season as teammate valtteri bottas finished 2nd. lewis hamilton used his pole position to the utmost to quickly take the lead and keeping meanwhile the nightmare season of would be champion for our driver sebastian federal continued when he and his teammate tyler clippard collided during the 1st lap of the race to force an early retirement for. red bull driver max 1st step that began in the front row on the starting grid with hamilton kept up the pressure on the brick . at least in past in the latter stage of the race by hamilton's team mate paul terry bought us. and that's how it ended with hamilton winning it followed by his
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teammate booked us for a mercedes 12 with her stop in a red bull taking 3rd. what a weird year it is but it's great to be back up here and to be driving in to be driving out there at that kind of for this kind of performance it's hamilton's 85th career win edging ever closer to me kyle schumacher is record of $91.00 grand prix victories but the biggest record hamilton is after is tying schumacher world champion 7 titles the bridge has won 6 so far and so far both are still leads this season but hamilton is right behind. and here's a reminder of our top story this hour. voting has closed in poland's presidential run off early exit polls show a populist incumbent president and a dude overseeing 50.4 percent of the vote is rival warsaw's pro european mayor rafael cesco ski guarded 49.6 percent. i'll be
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back at the top of the hour in the meantime there's always our website if you don't come for more news and feature reporting on express or myself the news in here thanks for watching. this news some dope story a stubborn rice farmer from thailand. is full bloom past. his credo no chemicals. his wife thought he was crazy. and. stood me. still.


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