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i'll be back at the top of the hour in the meantime there's always our website to give you to come for more news and feature reporting on express or myself the news in here for that thanks for watching. this is some dope story a stubborn rice farmer from thailand. is full bloom past. his credo no chemicals. his wife thought he was crazy. and. the step.
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parents don't stand a chance. to. talk academy. starts july 27th. manchester madrid rome good spin liverpool moscow milan it's temple london just about every major european city has at least a couple of world fame. soccer teams what about here in berlin. despite being
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capital of football crazed germany bruins are known as being a bit of a soccer black hole better known for thumping techno and fine are going for sports . are the cities. they usually play in the bundesliga but they struggle and they've been the only top team in town for a long time berlin hasn't had 2 teams in the bundesliga since the seventy's. with a lot of folks but i don't think it's a purple city here's her tell legend and current manager mikhail puts his response when i ask him if it's a football city. it could be better of course but that looks at the change of this season that's now the newly promoted you known berlin from the east and heritage in the west both represent berlin in the bundesliga something you can't say for anywhere else in germany. is this just season for linda finally becomes
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a football city. or has it always been one there is constantly a game on got the most teams playing at every level in the country side like people don't love soccer here but there are reasons it's not seen as a football city let's start with those. really has a historical feature that sets it apart from just about every city in the world even today all this is played out in the shadow of the berlin wall. it's not just the dark rooms that make for one special few places on earth have witnessed such a tumultuous past as the city and its this history that continues to define. the city was smack in the center of the cold war germany was split between east and west while the capital was divided as well roughly 40 years of division shape today's football landscape. passion for football is built on rivalries you can get out with david. neighbors not easy to do when there's literally
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a wall cutting your city and if. you don't phantom writer in gold it was all about this. cup in the west we're going to watch the clock in the east so they supported each other so it was like a friendship. and east and west they drank different beers they even had different lights at their crosswalks no surprise they had vastly different football. east and west germany had separate leaves meaning many of biggest clubs like heritage and you known have rarely played each other west berlin was surrounded by use germany cut off from regional competition. isolation meant most teams couldn't push each other or develop lasting rivalries. when the wall came down and stablished clubs in the west of germany had the cash to poach players from eastern sides and berlin has been a relatively poor city until recently. and it. has
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been a hair to fan for decades. she's proud of how much her club has gotten out of a limited budget. rich western clubs have dominated since the fall of the wall 30 years back former east german clubs are a rarity in the upper leagues which means her to entering your own don't have much competition nearby in the top tier not easy to be a football city with empty coffers and limited local competition but constant change is built into berlin's d.n.a. on paper heritage that the biggest club in the city should be a football in power in their own right. top side were founded before the turn of the century have plenty of history and are in a regional. this league
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a member heritage on average of 49000 fans a game more than chelsea you pay in p.s.g. unfortunately big crowds in a boisterous also heard of aren't enough to guarantee a good atmosphere at that massive the olympic stadium which is still half empty with $40000.00 people on it come on its heritage they just haven't captured the city's imagination salomon kalou is probably characters most recognizable players still he told us his favorite part of living in berlin is the peace and quiet. you go outside the city you know bored to the market finds. they did big difference. i am not sure if that screams football city characters ads from last season actually had the motto of in berlin you can be anything even a hare to feel inspired. despite their tradition and fan culture her to have a reputation for being a bit soulless it doesn't help that they're so middle of the road on the field just because then fairy covers berlin's lower league football for bloody hell magazine.
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nothing fusion against head but they had to find them very boring but some find boring means authenticity it's a long time spans the whole changes she believes it is not enough to have one g.'s i thought i might be screwing. that might change her to clearly have grander designs an investor pumped 125000000 euros into the club this offseason leading to some exciting new signings including breaking their transfer record and dodi luka bucky oh. we need some. success to get to build a big. football community as we're. conceiving dormant good . care to claim to represent the whole city don't have it straight from their local eastern alliance. on your own stand for the past of berlin soccer they have
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a storied history presenting themselves as an alternative to the state police back to normal for a win in the d.d.r. era and they have an intractable relationship to their neighborhood of corruption it plus the fans have literally given up blood sweat and tears for their own. it's not like 20089 that was like the last rebuilding off the stadium where a lot of. 2000 fans actually took part in terror really. spin actions have made global headlines perpetuating an oft oversimplified myth but now many fans roll their eyes when they hear the phrase cold club yes i'm tired of that really. improved play and the legendary status of their fan culture has caused some growing pains. this family feeling was being. challenged at the moment in the past 3 years to say that most almost every game sold all we have 30000 members you know we have like i think 5 years ago we had the
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wrong 12 followers and. in typical fashion when you didn't raise ticket prices for their 1st ever promotion to the bundeswehr guess it will be a tough slog at the top but selling out the stadium won't be a problem on your own inherits and they have had across well friendship in the old days and this is only their 3rd ever season in the same league still promotion could reset things. you don't inherit so far and in fact be fierce rivals but if to no one can manage to stay up long enough for the cue props to develop a history of playing against one another this therapy might just be what it takes to make a night the soccer scene in this. book does really need hair to anyone young to succeed to become a football city or has it been one all along. what's affordable city it's not when you look only like it to see it was successful like in professional football when you. look at the culture of culture is
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a very. powerful culture and but then we have like more than 400 football clubs really has just about as many soccer teams as journalists can't walk more than 5 minutes that stumbling i mean charming historic grounds the clubs dotting the city have proud histories and ties to their local community is so let's run through a dense and diverse footballing landscape little known to those outside of the german capital. money founded in berlin and 888 is the country's oldest active club ethnic clubs like to keep. community centers for in the green or minority groups for teams where we're even on the verge of promotion to the 2nd division in the ninety's but were falsely penalized for incorrectly registering a foreign player i guess that's just multicultural berlin for you battles very base just outside of berlin playing the same ground as women's powerhouse to being a part stem and sport a politically engaged ultra senior. former but in this league aside tennis or take
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a day have a different style support but equally progressive identity because it might be a. parking space and. i think we have found out by themself i'm stuck on that. because. what i've seen their history in west berlin and the regional leagues in the ninety's means that seen both in your own and character as rivals and t.v. how those who incite stock everybody but when you want this isn't it or do i just make movies. when i'm not trying to find out which wouldn't stop them from going off on how to friends of mine and also which not all berlin football history is glorious just look at his money overall in. his money have the crowd distinction of the pundits league has the worst ever record. 10 time d.d.r.
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champs formerly favored by the east german secret police today they play in the 4th division but are still probably union's biggest rivals known 10 ingo won't even say their names no i'm not going to say the name of god to. my mind just know this for a fair amount of bald heads heading into the stadium and i wish i could tell you that there was a now if you shout for you can you spare a win but unfortunately it has a reputation of being filled with right wing fans so in the off chance they can smell my ethnic background i think it's time we get out of there. for every cool team playing at the local or regional level berlin has about 15 nominees. it's nonstop football here in berlin and all of these lower division clubs have their own identities in stories to tell. the scene is fantastic but it seems like a waste with all these awesome teams whiling away in the 4th 5th and 6th divisions . berlin is nothing if not constantly changing soccer here is no different than you
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might expect more from the german city with 4000000 residents but the line is buzzing about having 2 teams in the bundesliga for the 1st time in over 40 years. it would be of course a lot of pressure to do so in the city like who will sit too cold among between. them and then you. know plenty of the city's football fans might not even be watching the derby. but if you're living in berlin and you're watching just these 2 clubs in your own head you're missing out on so much football and there is drama there is action that you're liable to get laughed at for suggesting berlin is a soccer city it's still a far cry from london or madrid but things finally seem set to change at the top thanks so when your own and character and as we've seen the basis is there for even more once you scratch the surface.
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