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this is the news live from berlin victory for poland see euro skeptic president wins a 2nd term scoring a narrow victory over his e.u. friendly challenger what does the conservative win mean for the country's next 5 years also coming up after a sharp spike in new coronavirus cases south africa bans alcohol sales again we look at why the government is returning to such drastic measures. the coronavirus is also ravaging crazes tourism industry the dramatic drop in for in the arrivals
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has left many in this peace sector fearing for their livelihoods. and the court of arbitration for sport has overturned mentions the city's 2 year ban from european football this means the english team can take part in next season's champions league boxing is to take her to a few fs financial fair play policy coming on but even more supporters. i'm going to have as welcome to the program polish president andre to the house narrowly secured the 2nd 5 year term in office following sunday's presidential elections with nearly all the votes counted the conservative incumbent has won with 51.2 percent over his rival the liberal mayor of the capital city of warsaw shas cost the result is a victory for poland's ruling national conservative law and justice party avoided
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a scenario in which in a position president would be able to veto legislation approved in parliament. for supplies for millions of people in northern syria could be at risk that according to international aid groups they say a decision by the u.n. security council to authorize only one crossing point for supplies for turkey is creating too high a level of dependency on uncorrupt the u.n. decision caps a week of negotiations with russia and china overriding warnings from aid organizations. showdown at the un security council syria's backer russia with the help of china forced through a compromise that none of the other members had wanted only the battle how a crossing point on the turkish syrian border will remain open aid organizations now fear that around half a 1000000 children will no longer have access to foreign aid while tensions run
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high at the security council the german foreign minister also criticized russia and china has got in mind when we have always agreed that humanitarian aid should be accessible regardless of political and military conflicts russia and china have now revoked this consensus this is very cynical sooners russia wants its ally bashar al assad to decide what happens inside his country and who receives the aid without any foreign interference these issues should not be politicized so what we have to do the discussions today it's not about humanitarian deliveries to syria we all support this oh discussion is about politics if you need serious concern about hypocrisy he probably should not use the words that he matters in a humanitarian a should not be politicized because that is exactly what russia has done throughout this process and shamefully continues to do a disappointing result for the u.n. and the people of syria. time now for
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a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world today floods are continuing to bassa large stretches of southern china affecting nearly 34000000 people more rain is expected in the coming days authorities have sent in thousands of troops to help contain record high levels of the. tesla has announced it's expecting to high up to 10 and a half 1000 employees to fill shifts at its 1st factory in europe which is being billed as near berlin the economy factual plans to have 3 shifts a day after opening next year. diana says it will needs to make further job cuts that's on top of the $15000.00 previously announced german automaker told news agency d.p.a. that it needs to increase cost cutting as demand for its cost slumps donda current employees nearly 300000 people around the world. south african presidents are on
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opposing reimposed a ban on alcohol sales and announced the return of a national curfew south africa is facing a rapid increase in corona virus cases after loosening what had been one of the world's strictest lockdowns health officials warning of impending shortages of beds and oxygen as case loads climbing poster said the restrictions on alcohol would free up beds and hospitals for covert 19 patients were now decided that the sale the dispensing and the distribution of alcohol would be suspended with immediate effect because it is now clear evidence that the resumption of of course savings as resulted in substation oppression being put on hospitals including trauma and i.c.u. units due to motor vehicle accidents violence. as well
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as related to top mother i'll call home in jews joining me now from capetown is w correspondent. what else is included in these measures. well the big talking point in south africa is of course the alcohol ban at the moment because it's the 2nd already south africa installed one already at the early stages of the lockdown then after every president from the industry they do supply and it's to relax and to reintroduce i go again and now the hospitals have been complaining about the massive increase of patients we have that $17000.00 patients read midgets through trauma hospital it's per week during the last weeks which is of course a massive number but then also an amendment on special room a place of quite softly introduced knights go if you enter not a very controversial thing also be allowed to text to the many pastors that i'm responsible for lonsdale public transport to operate locally and 100 percent something that has been heavily criticized already by if you develop just to see that as very very risky. south africa has become one of the world's hot spots for
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covert 900 a do you think these new measures are going to how. well i mean certainly they will help to clear the hospitals to some extent spots of course the health sector still trace this massive massive challenges we see a massive like office intensive care units like some feel there's a massive lack of test kept presidency at the moment it's almost impossible to get tested on lists you are older than 55 yes or you have co-morbidities otherwise public institutions will just not carry out a test for you so that means official numbers that we're seeing of cases are probably much much lower then the reality at the moment well be that as it may south africa at the moment accounts for 40 percent of all confined cases in africa the other african countries are getting right. well it's tough tough to say because we actually don't really know the numbers in the other african countries testing that in most countries and definitely ways to know is that it's difficult
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to say how bad the situation is there so why is there 'd and then people mainly attribute to the fact that south africa has these eye and numbers compared to other african countries number one is the climate here at the moment south africa is facing winter conditions you can see it behind me it's raining and signs suggest that this is the time when most of the people are getting sick and the riskiest time for the corona virus outbreak the 2nd father is that south africa is the only industrialized country in sub-saharan africa that means in the early stages of the outbreak you had a lot of foreigners tourists as well as business people carrying the virus into the country many more than in other african countries and that's that's the situation whereby the spread of the virus was much faster than in other countries on the continent. and tom thank you. time now for a look at some of the other developments in the coronavirus that make this and mexico from the corona virus have now exceeded 35001 of the u.s.
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position and the united kingdom have seen more british charity save the children as warning that as many as 10000000 children may never return to school due to lockdown measures around the world governments to do more to protect the education outcomes of the country's poor and in spain the leader of kut alone as colonias regional government has called on people living in the city of jeda to follow home confinement orders after a rise in corona virus cases have a judge bought the lock down measure after ruling council and government has exceeded its powers. a funeral service has been held for the mayor of south korea's capital seoul amid controversy more than half a 1000000 people signed an online petition opposing the publicly funded ceremony which was also streamed online and. was found dead on the mountainside on friday an apparent suicide that was days after his former secretary file the criminal
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complaint against him was reported to involve sexual harassment as mayor of seoul on a south korea's most powerful political figures. correspondent frank smith in seoul explain to us why this funeral has been so controversial there was debate whether it should be a 3 day sort of more family oriented mourning period in funeral or a 5 day city civil city sponsored funeral there was actually as well as a petition online there was a court injunction sought by a conservative group that was put down by a judge earlier today or were yesterday centered on that controversy are the allegations that you mention that reports and rumors suggest now involve some some in the appropriate touching as well as perhaps some graphic messages sent by the president to his former secretary there is also concern that that former secretary
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has been the subject of some abuse online if we go back just a year and a half or 2 years local governor was actually jailed for raping his secretary and for sexual assault he is currently behind bars serving 3 and a half years this is and he john of 2 interim province so this is not and then president and event and certainly south korean politicians and especially the leading group here in south korea are looking inward to see if they can't do more to address gender and balances in south korean society. foreign affairs ministers of the european union are meeting in person in brussels for the 1st time in months since march every meeting has been held by a video conference because of the coronavirus pandemic ministers have a full agenda focusing on tense relations with turkey migration policy and
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divisions over how to respond to china's increasing assertiveness. recently imposed a sweeping new security law in hong kong which critics say on the minds freedoms in the territory governments around the world have condemned the law and some have gone even further. and position thank you case boris johnson offered permanent residency visas to up to 3000000 hong kong citizens australian prime minister scott morrison suspended an extradition agreement with hong kong and plan to extend visas for the territory's residents. germany's government on the other hand is treading softly its response to hong kong's new security law is being criticized from different sides of the political spectrum while expressing concern for china's influence in hong kong chancellor angela merkel repeatedly called for an open dialogue with china and reinforce the country's role as an important partner but even members of america's government coalition said her stance towards china needs
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to change. you know we need to consider china for what it actually is it's a trade partner it's an economic and technological competitor but it is above all also a systemic competitor that has a completely different model of governance for the state and for society and merkel must incorporate these important factors into her china policy. the s.p.d. along with the opposition greens and free democrats is also calling for the government to make it easier for hong kong citizens to resettle in germany in 2802 hong kong activists were granted asylum the 2 young men grey wang and alan lee were facing charges of rioting at home it was the 1st apparent case of germany granting protection to hong kong pro-democracy campaigner as the free democratic party is pushing for the government to make it easier for hong kong or a sufficient refuge in germany after my comedy we have called upon the federal
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government to examine to what extent they can facilitate entry and possibly also residence permits and even asylum. myka said no specific measures are planned to facilitate the relocation of hong kong or suggest many the with the new security law in place a growing number of people may want to leave hong kong upping the pressure for the german government to take action now the phone for more on this let's cross over to political correspondent kate why is germany so reluctant to actually really come from china. well at the end of the day this really comes down to trade and economics of the search china is indeed germany's biggest trade partner and we've seen especially of the last 15 years that angle america's being in office those economic times growing closer and closer for a long time germany strategy like many other western democracies as well was this
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idea of how. vital bush handled here in germany at least which is the idea of trade change through trade this idea that through improving economic ties and bringing economic ties closer together that the germany would be able to help coaxed china's or for a tarion politics into a more free open democratic chinese state and simply that isn't the case right now am i seeing increasing calls here in germany as we saw that in the report as well to simply change that strategy and take a tough us stems towards beijing the german president from for that's done much as donna has also addressed this issue in an interview on public television yesterday let's have a quick listen. is what is important now is that we make clear to china this is no momentary state of indignation and if things stay as they are it will have a lasting negative effect on ties with european western states china has no
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interest in that so i still hope that there's a way to reverse china's thinking. well that's the tricky part isn't it how does one revise china's way of thinking. well that certainly is the big question on the plates of those e.u. foreign ministers today and heikal mosse the german foreign minister said that he wants to see some quick progress on a coordinated response from the a hugh house doubt even just in the meeting today so there are several options on the table and in efforts to perhaps reverse that way of thinking one popular option seems to be economic sanctions of course which comes with the risk of retaliator in measures from beijing as well another option for the e.u. could be to possibly take this issue even to the international court of justice in the hague or at the same time we could also see the e.u. perhaps adopting a so-called magnitsky 'd who waltz which would then enable the e.u.
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to actually target the implement targeted travel bans and an asset freezes on individuals who are involved in human rights abuses so we'll have to wait and see until that meeting is over to see exactly what progress those foreign ministers managed to make today well the e.u.'s reaction of course is one thing but are we likely to see a real change in the german position to this issue. at this point i think we certainly are but germany's also very aware that it can't change its position on its own which is why the the the relations between e.u. and china is such an important issue while germany currently holds the presidency of the european council so this is going to be a huge issue over the next 6 months that germany really wants to tackle while it holds on to that presidency political correspondent kate brady that thank you.
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millions of europeans will be going without a summer vacation abroad this year and instead will be staying closer to home in countries with large tourism sectors like crazy very hard in the popular coastal city of split for example a dramatic drop in foreign tourists is leaving many without any income even rakhal which would love to be able to set sail again but almost all of his charity yacht tours this summer have been cancelled some 100 captains and their crews here face the same fish that's left many of them wondering where their next paycheck will come from. and we're almost there. there are no anything. my financial situation is very bad. here and split it's only the ferries that are leaving this year visitor numbers have plummeted in
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a country where tourism accounts for a 5th of economic output it's a disaster people who do make it here have a very different experience from usual. things have gotten cheap i can stay in hotels that i otherwise couldn't afford. personally i enjoy the peace and quiet but i feel sorry for the croatians who don't make money. when things are tough some turn to their 5th further martens church services now draw the same numbers as they did before the coronavirus in a place like split or so many livelihoods have been affected by the pandemic many are seeking solace in religion solidarity it seems is on the rise. doesn't amount of people appreciate your thoughts and words. it makes them feel less scared. when you boy. it's not all doom and gloom this year croatians have their pristine beaches to themselves free of the usual
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crowds of tourists but beneath the idyllic scenes there is real concern about the economic turmoil to come captain even doesn't have a single booking for this summer despite offering a huge reduction. the corona doesn't. get over a problem. in croatia the travel industry is bracing itself for 2 unpleasant eventualities the tourists may not return but that the virus will. come back to our top story the narrow window of polish president in the parliamentary elections that now let's go straight. from the obvious polish brewery monica. near final results showed. what does that mean for the country what does it mean for poland. this result of the victory of the incumbent president. means that the national conservative government of the law and justice
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party will be allowed to continue its reforms which have been heavily criticised by the european union. president used to. put his signature under every bill passed by the parliamentary majority and that's something he will probably. continue coming 5 years so there are critics on the judicial reform of the justice party on the it's strong grip on the public media and all the situations in the country so probably what we will see probably in the coming 55 years in the continuity of this course some critics say is that poland is moving towards an auto retiree on state. it was a rather narrow result as far as we know now it was 51.2 percent what about his
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opponent. is he likely to challenge this result. now it's clear that he has been officially. confirmed by the election commission and it's very it's very. it's almost impossible not to imagine the. opposition candidate. challenge or protest against this that there are legal serious legal concerns about the legality of. elections because this election was. originally for may and it was postponed because of i respond to me and this postponing was not quite in accordance with the polish constitution and that's why there might be many. only the
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fact that the polish people abroad some polish people. didn't get necessary. documents on time it's already. it's already a reason for this and. so there are talking that they had no pussy be needed to vote. thank you very much. terms of football now mentions the city's 2 year european ban has been overturned following an appeal that according to the court of arbitration for sport the premier league club was sanctioned in february for serious breaches of you with 1st fine financial regulations the club stood accused of overstating sponsorship revenue in order to offset heavy transfers spending an initial 30000000 euro fine has been reduced to 10 the 2 year ban from u.f.o. competitions has been overturned entirely. and joining us
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now for more on the stories ed mccambridge from our sports big news for 4 months the city what were the accusations and how did we get to this stage where stories like this can get very confusing they get hard so i try to make it nice and clear for our viewers back in february announced that manchester city had full of serious breaches to financial regulations between 2012 and 26 they now chief among their accusations was at man city had disguised equity funds as sponsorship contributions essentially they were cooking the books. now following that 2 year ban and the initial $30000000.00 euro fine manchester city manchester city naturally said they would appeal the decision they said it was pretty judicial it was a flawed investigation process and they also said that some of the key evidence was obtained illegally by hackers now we obviously saw the results of that appeal today
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and we've obviously seen everything but 10000000 euros has been wiped from the record but the result that we've seen today i were you surprised by this what in the world of sports what are the general reaction i don't think anybody will be surprised by this whatsoever this is the latest in a very damning line of punishments that your wife has sanction against clubs just to be wiped away from the court of arbitration for sport this happens in manchester city quite in the past already p.s.g. and. he recently as well and a lot of people thought that this particular ban would be reduced from 2 years to one you know start of high and maybe they can come down a little bit lower so to have it completely wiped from the record is really damning indeed and we've seen a lot of key figures in the game gary lineker for example a very key figure in the english game is said he doesn't know if financial fair play regulations can exist in future and even if you wife it can survive the ramifications of this it's very bad indeed for you a for so highly controversial decision that what does this mean in sports and so much is it what this means quite
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a lot in sporting terms for one thing this is no deterrent for other clubs now you know if they if suddenly they think well we can do the same thing with sponsorship money and buy bigger and better place that we can actually afford so it's you know certainly all ripples of around the game but for manchester city it's hugely positive you know over the last few years they've built this incredibly talented highly paid scored and they're motivated to win in europe as well as domestically so suddenly for your way for to you know have this ban taken away and they can keep playing in the champions they none of those players are going to leave no one's really been affected too much the 10000000 euro fine isn't going to affect a club like manchester city anyway and of course it affects european qualification in the premier league as well as mccambridge sports thank you thank you. and the u.s. meanwhile the n.f.l. franchise the washington redskins will officially announce a change to its nickname on monday following renewed protests over the redskins monica which is considered offensive to native american communities the new name
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will replace the one that has been in the news for the past 87 years the team's owner had previously stated he would never change it but appears to have bowed to pressure from sponsors some of whom publicly questioned the change in the wake of the black live smelter protests. and that's all from me for now i'll update for you at the top of the often supposed. to.
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be. coming. in 20 refugee crisis was given. a 3 year old syrian boy drowned while. his father survived the tragedy. years later he's trying to make a new start in iraq. how is he called. global 3000. and 60 minutes on d w. 20
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. or not too well. what about a sharing economy instead. of a change in thinking is changing the economy to create something that. the economics magazine in germany. on t.w. . are they friends so long to be with you thank you for us here good for you which it wasn't really a full freedom of the free news new mission or are they enemies when you finished you with a bullet through which you would go with me because usually what he's going to give me that my dad worked for raja donald trump flooding your were to part company
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entry analyzes the difficult relationship between russia and the us and between their presidents how does their rivalry and their dangerous mutual admiration affect the rest of the world to some bullies trump and putin starts august 3rd on d w. as kobe 900 forces people to work from home but many realize they can't for lack of technology digital infrastructure turns out to be a last weekend than expected but take a look at the digitalisation in europe also on the show war job cuts at a time as demand for costs plummets. and mongo pharmacy made it through a tough winter and the locust plague can they also get through coke 90.


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