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this is the dog uni used live from berlin a victory for poland's euro skeptic president and say due to wins a 2nd term scoring a narrow victory over is e.u. friendly challenger what does the conservative win mean for the country's next 5 years also coming up a scolding for tourists flouting pandemic rules on spain's party island my aka the german health minister wants there reveling could lead to a 2nd wave of coronavirus. and the court of arbitration for sport has overturned
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mentions the city's 2 year ban from european football this means the english team now can take part in next season's champions league but is the integrity of your 1st financial fair play policy coming under even more scrutiny. i'm going to office while coming to the programme polish president is headed for a 2nd 5 year term following sunday's election with nearly all the votes counted the conservative incumbent has won with 51 percent point 2 percent over his rival the liberal warsaw mayor rough off scoff ski boat is widely seen as a battle for the country's future including over its strained relations with the european union. they come to announce a win a narrow one for incumbent president andre duda it's also a victory for his allies the conservative law and justice party and
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a sign of how deeply divided poland is. sebastian angie sebastian duda 51.21 percent of the votes. on that photograph our clocks to me are just cough skill 48.79 percent of the vote. said they brought on sunday night studio was already claiming victory even before a clear winner could be projected. we've got to vote if it is winning presidential elections with nearly 70 percent voter turnout this is fabulous i'm very touched thank you very much i know that i don't have. voter turnout had indeed been higher than in the previous election during this runoff between duda and the current mayor of worse rafa has koskie who was unwilling to admit defeat on sunday night and there are a loss for his election campaign focused on changing course just costing had
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promised to make improvements to the health care system and strengthen ties with the european union. dude on the other hand vowed to continue the course of the ruling law and justice party he promised to preserve a strong economy and maintain social benefits such as child allowances and early retirement. during the campaign due to accused the l.g.b. to rights movement of promoting an ideology that was more harmful than communism he also accused german owned newspapers of trying to influence the election in this contest of a cultural issues and poland's place in europe and the world national conservatism won by a razor thin margin. as a quick look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world floods are continuing to batter large stretches of southern china affecting nearly 34000000 people more rain is expected in the coming days authorities have sent in thousands of troops to help contain record high water levels. if you're also as has
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been held for so mayor. who was found dead on friday amid sexual harassment allegations more than half a. in people signed a petition opposing the city run ceremony $20000.00 mourners turned out to pay their respects despite the controversy. the gunman in last year's terror attacks on mosques in new zealand sacked his lawyers ahead of his sentencing in march and the assailant admitted he killed 51 worshipers he faces being jailed for life his hearing next month. hundreds of international tourists have been partying on the spanish island of new york without masks and ignoring the social distancing rules in force due to the global pandemic germany's health minister yes srun has said the situation is concerning he wanted the tourists behaviorist undoing the
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progress made to contain the spread of the virus and he urged german holidaymakers to stay vigilant about the eric islands and asked hefty fines for those court organizing illegal parties or flouting rules on social distancing and face offs. of a more this let's bring in kate brady kate it sounds like the german health minister and senior public health officials around him are quite concerned about the wrist some tourism. they certainly are concerned the school holidays are in full swing here in germany now and as we know thousands of people have headed abroad especially to that popular holiday destination the island of may orca and so one of the biggest concerns is not only for the health of the people who have been seen as you say flouting those there's recommended distances social distancing rules and the wearing of masks while they're still on holiday not only their health risk but also on their return both the risk put to other people on their return flights and
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also when they get back here to germany and as a german health minister again sponsored himself the last thing they want is for the island of new york or to become the next issue which of course is that ski resort in austria which became a hot spot for clothing 19 and help free to spread the pandemic across the virus sorry across europe what did and his experts say about the wider grown a situation right now here in germany. well germany still certainly has a strong grip on the pandemic the has certainly been flattened there are just over well just under $6000.00 active cases of quoted 19 at the moment bringing the total of cases so far to just under 200000 just over 1000 people have sadly lost their lives as well to covert 19 but relatively speaking as
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german authorities and public health institute have said time and time again germany has had a relative success when it comes to handling the pandemic which is even more so they could the reason why the health minister now is calling on vacation as holiday makers to be extra vigilant to make sure that this so excess is not. be the. studios here in berlin thank you. so how far can the president will run a. post a ban on alcohol sales and announced the return of a national curfew south africa's facing a rapid increase in coronavirus cases after loosening what had been one of the world's strictest lockdowns health officials warning off impending shortages of beds and oxygen as case loads are climbing. the restrictions on a cold would free up beds and hospitals for covert 900 patients. we've now decided to sail the dispensing and the distribution of uncle ho will be suspended with
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immediate effect. that is. now clear evidence that the resumption of uncle. has resulted in some pressure being put on hospitals. including trauma and i.c.u. units due to motor vehicle accidents violence. as well as related to. jews joining me now from capetown is due to be a correspondent. what else is included in these measures well the big talking point in south africa is of course the all global brand that's the moment because it's the 2nd already south africa installed one already at the early stages of the lockdown then after every president from the industry they decided to relax it's to reintroduce aco again and now the hospitals have been complaining about the massive increase of patients we have that 17000 patients read midgets through
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trauma hospital it's per week during the last weeks which is of course a massive number but then also i lament is when i was by through i'm up was up quite softly and produced a nice good if you enter another very controversial thing it's also yellow it's sexy it's the minibus of the guy responsible for lobster tail probably transport here to operate locally and 100 percent something that has been heavily criticised already by every developed just to see that as a very very risky. south africa has become one of the world's hot spots for cold 19th do you think these new measures are going to how. well i mean certainly they will help to clear the hospitals to some extent spots of course the health sector still trace this massive massive challenges we see a massive like of tents of care units like some feel there's a massive lack of tests kept presidency at the moment it's almost impossible to get tested on lists you are older than 55 yes or you have co-morbidities otherwise
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public institutions will just not carry out a test for you so that means official numbers that we're seeing of cases are probably much much lower then the reality at the moment well be that as it may south africa at the moment accounts for 40 percent of all confront cases in africa and what the other african countries are getting right well it's tough tough to say because we actually don't really know the numbers in the other african countries testing them 'd in most countries and definitely ways to know so it's difficult to say how bad the situation is there so why is there 'd and then people mainly attribute tribute to the fact that south africa has these i mean numbers compared to other african countries number one is the climate here at the moment south africa is facing conditions you can see behind me it's raining and science suggests that this is the time when most of the people are getting sick and the riskiest time for the corona virus outbreak the 2nd father is that south africa is the only industrialized country in sub-saharan africa that means in the early
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stages of the outbreak you had a lot of foreign tourists as well as businesspeople carrying the virus into the country many more than in other african countries and that's the situation whereby the spread of the virus was much faster than in other countries on the continent i would entries and i have to thank you. in football news manchester city's 2 year european ban has been overturned following an appeal that's according to the court of arbitration for sport the premier league club was sanctioned in february for serious breaches of you with 1st financial regulations the club stood accused of overstating sponsorship revenue in order to offset heavy transfer spending an initial 30000000 euro fine has been reduced to 10 while the 2 year ban from you or for competitions has been overturned entirely. and joining us now for more on the story is ed mccambridge from our sports big news for 4 manchester city what were the accusations and how do we get to this stage 4 stories
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like this can get very confusing the heart or try and make it nice and clear for our viewers back in february announced that manchester city had full valve serious breaches to financial regulations between 2012 and 26 they know chief among their accusations was that man city had disguised equity funds as sponsorship contributions essentially they were cooking the books. now following that 2 year ban and the initial $30000000.00 euro fine manchester city city naturally said they would appeal the decision they said that it was pretty judicial it was a flawed investigation process and they also said that some of the key evidence was obtained illegally by hackers now we obviously saw the results of that appeal today and we've obviously seen everything but 10000000 euros has been wiped from the record but the result that we've seen today i were you surprised by this what in the world of sports what are the general reaction i don't think anybody will be
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surprised by this whatsoever this is the latest in a very damning line of punishments that your wife has sanctioned against clubs just to be wiped away from the court of arbitration for sport and to manchester city quite in the past already piers g. and chelsea recently as well and a lot of people thought that this particular ban. would be reduced from 2 years to one you know the start of high and maybe even come down a little bit lower so to have it completely wiped from the record is really damning indeed and we've seen a lot of key figures in the game gary lineker for example a very key figure in the english game is said he doesn't know financial fair play regulations can exist in future and even if you wife it can survive the ramifications of this it's very bad indeed for you a for so highly controversial decision the what does this mean in sports and so much is it what this means quite a lot in sporting terms for one thing this is no deterrent for other clubs now you know if they if suddenly they think well we can do the same thing with sponsorship money and buy bigger and better place that we can actually afford so it's you know
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certainly all recalls are around the game but for manchester city it's hugely positive you know over the last few years they've built this incredibly talented highly paid scored and they're motivated to win in europe as well as domestically so suddenly for your way for to you know have this ban taken away and they can keep playing in the champions they none of those players are going to leave no one's really been affected too much the 10000000 euro fine isn't going to affect a club like manchester city anyway and of course it affects european qualification in the premier league as well as mccambridge sports thank you thank you. when u.s. sports the n.f.l. franchise the washington's washington redskins will officially announce a change to its nickname on monday following renewed protests over the redskins monica which is considered offensive to native american communities the team's owner previously stated he would never change it appears to have reconsidered after pressure from sponsors some of whom publicly requested a change in the wake of the black lives matters protests. he watching the
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