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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  July 13, 2020 11:15pm-11:31pm CEST

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you're watching the w. news g w business is up next with rob wants he'll be back right after this. how does a virus spread. why do we panic and when we'll all understand. just 3 of the topics covered and a weekly radio show is called spectrum if you would like any information on the chrono marash or any other science topic you should really check out our podcast so you can get it wherever you get your podcast you can also find us and dot com slash science. it's you know i mean in your minutes you're going yes.
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what i'm focused on in this you know what i'm what in organize you know i'm not going to sit there and. point 0 point one see it gets us into say yes it can only save but are going on what they're being funded. job cuts a dime set to run deeper than ever previously fayad the most eighty's make assess the $15000.00 it had earlier warned off to a no longer be enough. coronaviruses it exposed what's been called modern slavery in british textile factories the workers making well below the minimum wage . and keeping connected to look at the stocks about how to be able to stay in touch . with their loved ones during the coronavirus pandemic. this is due to be business
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on robots in berlin it's great to have you with us so diner says it will need to make further job cuts on top of the 15000 it was already planning the maker of missed sadie's benz cars and says it needs to increase cost cutting its demands for its vehicles slums time the current employs nearly 300000 people white. when i speak to christian start he's an automotive expert at warrick business school in the u.k. thanks a lot for joining us so what is behind these deafening job cuts at diamond. well dime that was already a year under pressure prior to the coronavirus crisis and its other common effects for us as well they felt crises morse more so it would trouble already to some extent now this is a 2nd aspect is that what fundamental shift in the industry towards it will be live
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t.v. which will probably see more cuts not just you but across the more traditional manufacturers yes on the other hand to diamond we've heard that tesla is planning to take on more than 10000 workers for its new gig a factory in germany so why is tesla able to be hiring one of the car makers a firing. 1st of all a small note of course from the place at the moment applying for the various permits and they probably going to put forward an optimistic number in the number of people as they can hire but having said that they also fundamentally in a different position they don't have a legacy business the entirely towards these new growing business and 'd you know in that space you can high up not imo good probably as other manufacturers also high in that space but at the same time the more traditional business which tends to employ more people is probably going to become smaller so they'll have
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a reduction overall at conde but does this difference that we see in fortune so the you know electric car maker hiring and the others having to shed people reflect a change in the direction of the global car industry. i was inclined to say yes not necessarily get tested it's going to wind at a particular game yet it's too early to say. this is 2nd movement on the sometimes of companies that seem a bit slow to start with but then can also learn from the mistakes that i just made it more to forefront initially but there is a shift more towards cause i think that is true yes and it's webcast is benefiting at the moment well thank you very much for your time christian from warrick business school next to the u.k. where the coronavirus lockdown has exposed shocking conditions in some of england's
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textile factories as thought as many as 10000 people could be working and what's been described as slave like conditions cliff it can and has the story. in leicester reimposing the coronavirus lockdown has exposed an evil many believed long banished from britain slavery unscrupulous garment factories in the u.k. stand accused of employing thousands of workers for slave wages. it's around about 10000 individuals who are effective in modern slavery providing garments for internet retailers a new report based on police records has found out across britain 3rd least 100000 slaves to our earlier innings are far below the minimum wage. machinists pay being paid 3 cards in the pack is being paid. well this seems to be. leicester city council reckons there are around 1500
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textile factories throughout the city many are small businesses housed in buildings in bad condition. home office immigration enforcement vans are patrolling the streets of the city there are concerns that some of the exploited workers are in the u.k. illegally. i'm not pretending to this doesn't exist we're not shutting our eyes to it we are working with everybody who wants to come forward to help expose this abuse. lester re entered lockdown in early july after rising coronavirus numbers were detected in the city the covert 19 pandemic looks like you to make the problem of slavery even worse out of the u.s. where it's been something of a roller coaster day for markets in new york optimism over a potential coronavirus vaccine drive the nasdaq to a record high in early trading but that was wiped out by the end of the day so let's speak to our financial correspondent in new york jose luis to haro jose
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what's behind this bumpy ride we're seeing. i would say a couple of things rob we have to to have in mind early optimism and came especially from from the f.d.a. granted and to fast track designation to 2 of their debt like scenic candidates from pfizer and a biotech also we sold some m. and a activity picking up with analog devices offering it to buy integrated and on top of that we can say that pepsi earnings were bad but not as terrible as where respected let's see what happens now with the big banks for the rest of the week but the consensus is already bracing for itself or for a 44 percent drop in aran in seeing the s. and p. 500 in debt 2nd quarter but then we have to have in mind also that california
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announced closing obama ours an indoor restaurant because of the increase in cases of covered 19 and tech stocks especially that the usual suspects such as aapl or amazon or we have been basically the main drivers have for their current rally started to fall and. demanding dick says that with them that said we have to keep in mind that the s. and p. $500.00 replete turned positive for the year and as you mention and. up nearly 16 percent so far in 2020 as a lisa thanks for keeping on top of that for us us a financial correspondent in new york. now to some of the other global business stories making the news the middle east oil producers are expected to make $270000000000.00 less in revenue this year than last year the international monetary fund is predicting the overall regional economy will shrink by more than 7
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percent during 2020 because of the double hit of the corona virus outbreak and turmoil on energy markets. a coronavirus crisis has seen many of us turning to digital communications where we might have preferred to have met someone face to face leaders in the industry such as zoom and skype names that we've come to know now well from the pandemic but so have smaller companies who've seized the opportunity to develop new ways of keeping in touch. and. it's time in the nursing home garden stuff will send this picture of the base to her relatives via digital platform called meal. i'm happy i hope it turns out well. the photographs videos and text messages clips talk to the base to keep track of how his mother who suffers from dementia is doing and how
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she's spending her days. this is of on the wall for your kind of message she is consciously sending me it's taken by the care workers so for me it's just a little highlight trying to highlight. stuff at the nursing home are glad to be able to share information and invents over me. many residents aren't in a position to communicate on their own via social networks what's more i also want to show the one big difference concerns data security by water what is up for example is a little bit ambiguous when it comes to this issue information and for me as a manager it's great to be able to have an overview of a few things done quickly i don't want to call it controlled but i can see who might need to be sent a couple more pictures. so founders of the berlin startup were primarily interested in easing the job of care workers who then felix coonass spent 6 months as volunteers caring for the elderly. the funds were good but we were really struck by
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how hard they worked at how little of that is recognized by society or even the residents relatives we wanted to change fast on and on. some $100.00 clinics now use the platform for which they pay up to $500.00 euros a month the market for the service has been growing during the coronavirus pandemic the company now employs 16 people. that's where you know tripe another berlin star snowboard one day like to be. their online service allows users to mingle and hop between different conversational circles much like you would at a real event like a work gathering you can switch groups at any time all while keeping an overview of where everyone else is some $1000.00 companies and event organizers are already using the platform. my good self and the reason you go to events is to get to know people to exchange ideas and to have random encounters and
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i think the moment you offer a platform like this you create a new market for events which before this point wouldn't have been possible damage was given in vienna the coronavirus has triggered a boom in digital communication tools startups like yo tribe and meal hope the trend will continue post pandemic. and that's all from me on the business team here in berlin if you want more from us to check out our website go to. slash business you can also seek us out on facebook and twitter thanks for joining us.
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these assault rifles should not be a. german arms manufacturers clone cars sold them illegally to mexico. bosses always seem to find ways to get around the german government that supports bombs. lifo else wants bombs industry leaders in the dog comes up. in 60 minutes on d w. n 2015 the refugee crisis was given
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a phase a lot including the 3 year old syrian boy drowned while fleeing to. his father survived the tragedy. years later he's trying to make a new start in the. global 3000. next on d w. 4. i'm not laughing at the germans because sometimes i am but less than nothing with a couple of anything i think into jamma culture shock. new to take this drama day out even if it's all out there no time rachel join me to meet the gem of a course. what secrets lie behind things was.
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discover new adventures in 360 degree. attics. more fascinating world heritage sites. world heritage 316 get kidnapped now. welcome to global 3000 coming up. biking through paris why the coronavirus is encouraging more people to trade 4 wheels for 2. summer 2020 in thailand no tourists in sight. for locals times are tough. and a devastating.


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