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0. this is g.w. new to live from berlin and california to come to latest us state to rollback its reopening outburst the governor ordering all bars restaurants and movie theaters to shot again i made an ongoing search in new coronavirus cases hospitals in several california counties are already under strain. and are reminders that going on vacation is no vacation no from social distancing on the spanish party island majorca hundreds are again the packing the bars and teacher ignoring tipline
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germany's health minister warns reckless party you could trigger a 2nd wave of the coronavirus. and encourage out of work and out of options to the virus leave the poorest struggling to stay afloat. i'm kyra phillips and welcome to the show i'm in an ongoing surge in corona virus cases across several u.s. states california has announced it has once again shutting down state authorities have ordered closures of restaurants and bars of gyms shopping malls and churches across america the most populous state. several rural counties are experiencing strains to their hospitals that stuns while cases are also mounting in large metropolitan areas including los angeles and san francisco. well for more on this
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we go to correspondent jeff and simons in our washington studio 7 california rolling back on reopening shutting down bars again and banning rest indoor restaurant dining why has the state decided to take these measures now. to step one as your rightfully say so and that is because i want to share a number with you the hospitalization rate increased to about 30 percent in just 2 weeks in california 30 percent more hospitalizations due to corona virus infections just in 2 weeks and this gives you a picture an idea of how bad things are in california 8400 cases infection cases today alone and counting and 329000 cases in the state alone 7000 dead so the numbers are staggering the numbers are scary the numbers are making officials very very nervous and this is where you have this measure taken no place to be a rollback to step one start from scratch everything is closed everybody should
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stay home if you have to go all wear masks if you don't do this this is never going to stop for california or for anybody else in the united states not the numbers they wanted to see but how is the reimposition of these restrictions being received are people complying. well that's about to we have to see about this as we know in california as well as in other states there were a lot of people on happy with the lockdown with shelter in place orders with the country actually not functioning and then using their jobs and having no income being at home trying to figure out childcare and being with their with their children they were not going to school however this is for everybody a stark reminder this is not going to get oh it's not over yet and stuff to follow i mean america has. been those well known and. the authority infectious disease already said we're just in the middle of it this is not the end so there
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will be reactions there will be harsh reactions on one side and the other probably from washington there won't be any good reactions coming to this and what does the situation in california tell us about the progress of the coronavirus pandemic in the us as a whole. well as a whole it's really bad for the united states the curve the infection rate is still upwards is the wrong trajectory europe in comparison it is going downwards and significantly compared to what we have here in the united states florida 202-7000 cases just in 2 days. arizona it is really bad there texas the euston mayor is suggesting a 2 week at least a 2 week shutdown lockdown for you some because the medical system the health care system is getting overwhelmed they're running out of beds to take care of people who are coming to the hospital so it's not going to look good and overwhelmingly states are no rolling even out mandatory mask orders that means everybody has to
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wear a mask now in about 30 plus they buy now when you're outside so the numbers are not good and the situation for the united states is even worse all right our correspondent stephanie simon thank you. well amid that resurgence of the corona virus in the united states the world health organization gave another stark warning saying the pandemic will intensify unless more countries adopt comprehensive plans to combat it if the basics aren't followed there is only one way despondent is going to go it's going to get worse and worse and worse there will be no return to the old normal for the foreseeable future but there is a roadmap to a situation where we can control the disease and get on with our lives in german health ministry on warning there could be
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a renewed outbreak of coronavirus if tourists let down their guard on vacation he said he was alarmed by images of german flouting social distancing guidelines while partying on the beaches of majorca sponsors the danger of a 2nd wave is real and is urging tourists to follow the rules. on my yorkers beaches holiday makers enjoy the sun and the fresh breeze but at night all the coronavirus related rules seem forgotten on the party's trip the so-called tourists drinking and dancing but few face masks and little social distancing to be seen. german health minister spawn has expressed concern. reasons of course and those that we have to be very careful the become a 2nd ready. what i mean by that is the risk of infection is particularly high when people don't stick to the rules. if skilled the austrian ski resort was one of the
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1st coronavirus hot spots from our praise ski parties the virus started to spread all over europe. the health minister urged holiday makers to save vigilant in order to prevent new infections if you build up. when i see pictures from the baltic sea resorts and there is a breeze and everyone's looking out for one another bit i don't get nervous. when i see people partying and drinking out of the same bottles when people are hugging that of course increases the risk as musical. said he understood that tourists are impatient after months of lockdown but that their behavior would increase the risk of spreading coronavirus and potentially trigger a 2nd wave of infections. while south african presidents are all around opposer has
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reimposed a ban on alcohol sales and it's bringing back and national curfew the government had loosened one of the world's a strict as lockdowns setting off a sharp spike in cases of covert 19. south africa is going through stormy times not only in terms of the weather covered $1000.00 cases despite hundreds of thousands of south african lost jobs because of the lockdown the economy is shrinking and then on sunday the president's made an announcement that shocked those who like to draw on their frustration with a glass of wine or beer and now decided that the sale the dispensing and the distribution of alcohol will be suspended with immediate effect. now clear evidence that the resumption of alcohol. has used in substantial pressure being put on hospitals. including trauma and i.c.u.
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in south africa already banned the sales of alcohol in the early stages of the lock down but the industry pushed for reopening warning of massive job losses what happened after wards the hospital admissions went up significantly about 17000 alcohol related trauma admissions in hospitals were recorded every week that's why for now the liquor stores throughout the country remain close to get as much now seems to me i mean going to be straightforward i'm not going to be rude i think it's terrible i think is the realistically because in the leaking industry is not only the people working in the bottle store there's about a 1000000 people now have to be at home i'll call it is the most dangerous thing that is where people are always fighting people like the ladies who are a woman to a violet every time just because a phone call so i support the president to put in there was very good he's done perfect the president also announced tonight curfew and stricter controls to enforce the airing of face masks but many here fear that this might not be enough
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to weather the storm off corona virus they're still a massive leg off intensive care units testing kits and a shortage of about $12000.00 health care workers. well with over 320000 confirmed coronavirus infections is 2nd only to brazil and confirmed cases in south america as well as placing a huge burden on fragile health care system the pandemic is making it hard for the poorest to turn a living we now bring you this report from the capital lima. arturo is afraid of infection but he has no choice he was laid off from his job in retail now he sells plastic face shields his commission is $0.50 per sealed and i have 3 kids i have. to go out and earn money to feed my family. corona has hit hard 70 percent of peruvians live day to day working as street sellers or in construction
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block the measures here were initially strict and almost impossible to follow some rules have been relaxed since then the rules took the poor hardest in some areas outside the capital lima mayors have set up soup kitchens. i mean which is going about a boy are there lots of children and old people in need most of the people here live hand to mouth killing me with you know them in the. intensive care beds are a luxury here the whole country has just over 1000 beds for 32000000 inhabitants doctors warn that's well below international standards it was. our health system has been broken for years now we're paying the price for having no real health policy for 4 decades. oxygen tanks for sick relatives do it yourself medicine where the state has fallen short. well let's go now to some other stories making news around the world in you foreign
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ministers have met in person for the 1st time in months they discussed taking measures against china over the controversial new security law imposed on hong kong human rights concerns in turkey were also on the agenda in brussels. gale force winds have lashed cape town in south africa whipping up ocean swells and pixie phone it's the latest in a succession of cold fronts and heavy downpours forecasters are warning of large waves storm surges and even snow fall. police in southern california have said a body found in a lake has been identified as the missing actress ny rivera the 33 year old is believed to have drowned after renting a boat with her young son who was found alive 5 days ago rivera starred in 6 seasons of the musical comedy. 5 days after rivera went
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missing search crews recovered a body in the north east area of lake piru and drive from los angeles the body was flown to the city of ventura for identification as a rivera's based on where the body was found. physical characteristics of the body. found on the body and the physical condition of the body. since other persons reported missing in the area we are confident. the find was at the site where dozens of divers searched the lake supported by helicopters and drones. on wednesday afternoon the vendor of the boat the actress had rented the vessel drifting on the lake rivera's 4 year old son was alone on board and told investigators that he and his mother had been swimming he said he returned to the boat but she did not authorities believe
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naya rivera drowned in what they're describing as a tragic accident. play is suspected well let's go to american sports now and n.f.l. football team of the washington redskins has confirmed it will change its name following renewed protests over the team calling itself the redskins name has long been offensive to many native americans but the team's owner had previously stated that he would never change it now he has reconsidered after pressure from sponsors . pro tennis now and here in berlin a moment you don't often see in a game a double tweener as 2 shots between the legs. 1st of germany's tommy haas in the white manages it without hurting himself. and then yannick center of italy gets it done as well cos when the point and a small socially distance crowd it shared them on. center one the 1st round match
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of a mid pandemic exhibition in china and. you're watching news i'm claire richardson in berlin remember you can stay up to date with all the latest on our website at e.w. dot com and you can follow us on instagram and twitter too at state of the union thanks so much for joining us. every day. for us and for our. good morning to you is on its way to bring you more conservation. how do we make cities streamer how can we protect animals and their habitats with. the waste. we can make a difference for choosing green for station producer structure.


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