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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  July 15, 2020 5:15am-5:31am CEST

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food connoisseurs may turn their noses up at robotic chefs but some believe they could become a necessity. you're watching t w news don't forget you can stay up to date with all the latest on our web site d w dot com and you can follow * us on twitter and instagram too at. i'm character then in berlin from me and the entire team thanks for joining us. how does a virus spread. why do we panic and when we'll. just 3 of the topics covered and weekly radio show is called spectrum if you would like any information on the ground a virus or any other science topic you should really check out our podcast so you
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can get it wherever you can get your podcast you can also find us at. slash science . i'm david and this is climate change. happiness concrete books. this is the book for your. children smarter birth free books on you tube. the u.k. you swallow way how dramatic turnaround from the british government sees the chinese for the frozen out of its 5 chain network. and as parts of spain along down over rising covered cases attention turns to the conditions on its farms.
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this is the doing business on robots in berlin it's great to have you with us the u.k. is banning quitman from china's huawei from its 5 g. network. the u.k. says it's made the decision because of security concerns and it follows major pressure from the us back in january prime minister barak's johnson said that is equipment could be used on a limited basis the company says the about turn is bad news for every brit who has a phone. speeding up british broadband is a work in progress that prime minister barak johnson wants to boost the network while facing u.s. pressure to ditch while away tensions between britain and china have escalated over beijing's crackdown in hong kong washington says china could use 5 g. for espionage. so it came as a surprise when digital secretary oliver dowden said huawei would be purged from the 5 g. network by 2027. the best way to secure our networks is
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for operators to stop using new $52.00 while with quick meant to build the u.k.'s future 5 networks so to be clear from the end of this year telecoms operators must not buy any 5 g. equipment from while away and once the telecom security bill is passed it will be illegal for them to do so. donald trump at long pushed johnson to reverse a decision he made in january giving while away a limited role in 5 g. the british will raise china's hackles by signalling that the world's biggest telecoms equipment maker is no longer welcome in the west. china of use while way is a national champion and is certain to retaliate. but since leaving the e.u. johnson needs to boost trade ties of both the us and china. 5 g. will become the nervous system of the future economy it will speed up everything from the flow of information on energy defense and transport to downloading movies
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and playing games to accessing global financial data. the focus now turns to europe german chancellor angela merkel has ruled out a ban on while away she is trying to keep china onside without antagonizing washington d.c. the u.k. decision anwar way makes the balancing act much more challenging. and as you heard there that decision came after a great deal of pressure from the united states so let's bring in our financial correspondent jose luis de haro he's in new york. what's the reaction been there to britain's radical change in approach it's been a good one rob and actually it's a win for us that we has to be in a treasury worldwide due to bond it was of what weight equipment in their 5 g. networks and a push has been even more significant for big countries that are members of the day 5 intelligence alliance actually up there do you case that decision canada remains
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a day long country right now into the lines that has yet to decide whether to keep using who weigh equipment or not but the u.k. decision and to sanctions coming from washington will would keep it weakening who weighs a case in front of governments in favor of all the companies are such as a nokia and ericsson stocks of both companies actually were as they are becoming right now the clearest alternative when it comes to 5 g. equipment. so should we expect to see the white house using this to pile pressure on more countries to follow in the u.k. footsteps definitely rob and that pressure will keep coming in different shapes and forms demain one gets a form of those sanctions imposed by the trumpet ministration it to a stop for semiconductor manufacturers whose operations using u.s.
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of word and technology from actually delivering chips to our weight now the pressure increases of balder for canada and europe. us to threaten not to to keep sharing intelligence information with. using you always a quick men but but there are all the spears of pressure as surely on trade and the diplomatic side but for now the u.s. national security adviser robert o'brien and it's a counterpart from each really germany france and the u.k. are really i mean paris does week we're do will probably discuss this matter in much more depth jose luis de haro our financial correspondent in new york thanks for bringing us up to date now to some of the other global stories making the business news 3 u.s. banking majors have posted big drops in profits for the 2nd quarter taking morgan's
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earnings harmed citigroup's were down almost 3 quarters and wells fargo posted its 1st loss for over a decade the trio of revealed also that they set aside a combined $28000000000.00 to cover bad loans during q 2. a companies in developed nations have often been accused of turning a blind eye to conditions at the factories and farms where they source their products but now the german government is planning to make them accountable for their overseas supply chains spawning a new law that would impact a wide range of sectors from textiles to take. these pictures show the tea harvest in the northern indian state of assam many german wholesalers buy their tea here produced under working conditions that would not be allowed in germany says development minister gareth miller. these are conditions like an early colonial times and are some women working 12 hour days in the heat on steep slopes and
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earning $1.00 a day i mean top. up to now german companies can commit themselves voluntarily to uphold acceptable social and ecological standards along their supply chains but few actually do and there's been no consequences for abuses we are to this means we're accepting and cementing exploitation of people in the environment in developing countries and we're tolerating child labor on a massive scale but new legislation could stop that the so-called supply chain in law would make larger companies responsible for maintaining ethical standards with regard to subsidiaries and contractors abroad and make them liable for violations but businesses are protesting saying it would be impossible to monitor all foreign suppliers and that by going it alone germany would put its companies at a competitive disadvantage instead they're calling for a europe wide solution. to spain now where many spaniards had hoped that countries
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seen the worst of the coronavirus crisis but over the past couple of weeks a series of localized outbreaks have been emerging people in the catalonian town have been barred from leaving because of a surge in cases that. this rule of dil has become spain's new corbet 1000 hot spot thousands of people have contracted the virus here and they gave our region many of them harvest workers go go go viral came to spain from senegal more than 10 years ago since then he has worked on these orchards every summer but he has never seen a season like this bookable. first i was afraid there was a lot of fear but our boss quickly introduced rules among other things everyone must wear gloves and masks we just have to follow them now. the local hospital has set up a dedicated coronavirus ward it is nearing capacity local governments and courts
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a current of debating the introduction of a curfew many residents blame mostly african migrant workers for the outbreak thousands came to aid in early summer at the beginning of the harvest season. and whatever it is clearly seasonal workers who are to blame they come here to make money they don't care about anything else only work they always move from place to place and some violate quarantine rules many also do not adhere to the applicable hygiene measures and. other mood understands the concern of the locals the seasonal workers spends almost every lunch break here in his regular cafe for him the problem is mainly due to the miserable conditions in which he and his colleagues have to live often there are up to 10 of them sleeping in one room and the guinea and says something many elsewhere are underling to say that many work without a contract and are defenseless. he might be not the only persona imagine
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a person who is completely on his own feet what can the other still want and that is certainly 30 or 40 percent who have to work under these conditions. the most. the local government and gay guy has for a long time promised to deal with the problem however nobody has time for interview . one of the main groups affected by the corona virus outbreak. people that officially don't exist it's been an open secret for many years that many farms in the region rely on irregular migrants to cut salary costs in times of the coronavirus this strategy seems to backfire. for horse worker global give our working with a mask and gloves in the midday sun it's becoming increasingly hard but the boss who comes to check insists nobody works in his speech fields without a contract he insists that's possibly a reason why there hasn't been a single case of covert 19 here. and finally
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a lot of people have taken coronavirus lockdowns as an opportunity to begin a new project at home and queen elizabeth the 2nd seems to be no exception the british royal family has begun selling dry gin infused with flavors from her majesty's garden of buckingham palace it cost around $50.00 a bottle and contains essences of mowbray hall for beano which i'd never heard of but apparently is a purple flower served with a slice of lemon and topped up tonic it's supposedly the queen's favorite summer to . delicious and so for me in the business here in berlin if you do want more from this do check out our website that's called slash business you can also find us on facebook and twitter thanks for joining us.
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go after a. digitalization in the pandemic. and online payment system has got rwanda motorcycle back on the road after a month long drive. now the customers pay for.
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rides without cash. for. constant. dreaming of a future planning a career a thing of the cost of young people in the age of $19.00 faced unprecedented uncertainty. what can they look forward to when everything is changing so fast. generation move knocked down. made in germany. in 60 minutes on t w. are they friends so i'm honored to be with you mention discourse here or would you wish it wasn't really a full phantom of the finished union or are they enemies going to an issue of
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social issues feeling a bit surreal pushed you the goal is to misuse it what he's going against given to my demo boards for i just donald trump running your putin if i were to tar johnson entry analyzes the difficult relationship between russia and the us into between the presidents count as there was only and their dangerous mutual admiration effect the rest of the most gruesome bullies driven putin starts august 3rd on d w. of the. dumb. 12 animal conservation groups ditto payment systems and the gunmen artists have in common well believe it or not they all can help to protect their environment more on that coming up on the show i mean lagos could mean 1000 maybe done the 18 months
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of our life right now but we still need to care for the environment right sandra.


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