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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 16, 2020 10:00am-10:31am CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin spain pauses to remember the lives lost to the coronavirus at a solemn ceremony in madrid relatives and family members paying homage to the victims of covert 19 but the government is facing fierce criticism from a grieving public as new outbreaks threaten a 2nd play also coming up. breaking news affecting facebook the
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social media network can continue to transfer european user data to the united states but there are provisions wafa studio talk about that. and india's migrant workers who left their jobs in the cities to flee the coronavirus now back at home they risk slipping into crushing debt just so they can feed their families . our brian thomas good to have you with us for the program today spain is paying homage to those who died during the coronavirus it has been one of the hardest hit countries worldwide with at least 28000 people dying of covert 1000 during this pandemic. prime minister and other guests including relatives family. members of
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those who died laying flowers around a central memorial place the royal palace in madrid the ceremonies being shown live on television and online. along with the grief there's anger at the way the government's been handling the pandemic d.w. john philip shoals met one woman who lost her mother and is determined to bring to account those she thinks are responsible for her death alone rose unlike a studio always found peace of mind in caring for houseplants but not anymore her thoughts keep circling around the 7th of march the day she learned of a corona virus outbreak in her mother's retirement home her mother had a loss for life even in old age even if dementia had weakened her in recent years on march 22nd rosanna got the phone call her mother had died in the retirement home . and the little saw the most painful
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thing was that i couldn't visit her not even for 5 minutes i couldn't be there for her in her final days this baby and she lived quite close by yet but all contact was forbidden. i couldn't hold her handlers. i couldn't say goodbye nothing. in madrid nearly one in 6 nursing home residents have died since the coronavirus crisis began leaked e-mails from the local government caused outrage they suggested that overwhelmed hospitals word files to only admit certain patients people in a very serious condition were not to be treated the ice rink off my dreads a place that is deeply and grazed in spain's collective memory at the peak of the crisis this center became a makeshift morgue for hundreds of dead bodies the mark has been closed but for many spaniards the traumatic memories remain. frozen anika studio has joined a whatsapp group with other victims' relatives. they trade stories and experiences
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and offer advice about possible legal steps on a plane let's get going if we don't want to simply accept that our relatives all have to die alone and without help that has to be addressed yet or else we have no closure and that those responsible have to be named and if i had only one. rosana is determined to pursue legal avenues but the something else that's just as important she says spain's nursing home system has to fundamentally change its focus from making savings wherever possible to respecting the dignity of their elderly clients. earlier i talked with our correspondent john philip schultz in madrid and asked him how anger and frustration with the official response is undermining public faith in the authorities and their ability to cope with a pandemic i think what he is seeing at the moment is that spain is very polarized . conflict hasn't brought people together it's actually the contrary it has
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polarized people and it has opened old conflict lines for example to the train left wing and right wing politics but also between regional and central government politics. those ones that say that the left wing central government has done a good job is specially regarding the extent of the crisis in spain then there's the hard line opposition that says that the government is to blame that spain is one of the hardest hit countries in the world so we're actually witnessing a strong polarization of the society here at the moment. done full of show there in madrid talking to me earlier let's get you briefed on some of the other stories making the news today china's economy is back on track returning to growth in the 2nd quarter than commie they're expanding 3.2 percent year on the year higher than experts had predicted it raises hopes of a rapid potential recovery elsewhere in the world. new satellite images show
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that ethiopia's controversial grand renaissance dam on the river nile has started flowing with waters likely to spark protests from both egypt and sudan which depend on water from the nile talks between those countries on the issue ended in a deadlock earlier this week. u.s. president trump has replaced his campaign manager brad parr scale less than 4 months before the election meant taking over his part scales former deputy bill stepien the reshuffle comes as trump trails his democratic opponent joe biden by as much as 15 points in the polls. we have some breaking news now on one of facebook's main tools for transferring data between europe and the u.s. has been declared invalid now that's according to a court ruling out in the last few minutes europe's highest court says the social media network is failing to protect you user data by transferring it to the united
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states the social network can still continue to process data in the u.s. for now but the ruling represents a clear victory for the austrian citizen who brought the case against the internet giant. a classic case of david versus goliath. for more than 6 years austrian privacy campaigner max friends has fought facebook over its transfer of european user data to the u.s. he had one big win in 2015. european facebook user data has routinely been passed on to the u.s. over the years with american authorities able to access the data without much scrutiny depending on how this case is ultimately decided higher data protection guidelines may apply in the e.u. and mass data transfers to the u.s. in their current form could become a thing of the past schrans complaint only refers to facebook but other u.s. tech giants such as google amazon and netflix which have millions of european users
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have watched this case closely given the possible ramifications for their own transfer of data. ok what does it mean let's talk about this breaking news story now with arthur sullivan from the business daily you nice to see you again arthur. run maximums rather won this case back in 2015 what's different this time around that's right brian so this is going on for a year or so back in 2015 max ramsey is a privacy companion from austria won a very very similar case against facebook which required the arrangement between the e.u. and america over how it changed exchanges data to be changed the old sort of gentleman's agreement it's loosely described as was called safe harbor the case he wanted 2015 meant he had to be changed to a new agreement called privacy should what has happened today is the court has said that this privacy shield agreement also needs to be changed so that it's inadequate and that there are some protections and there's a lack of protections as to how european users data will be treated once it gets to
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america however the key to this ruling is that it does not mean the sort of armageddon scenario that a lot of businesses feared so there's another mechanism by which data is transferred called standard contractual clauses the vast majority of dot of the companies like facebook transfer from europe to the u.s. is done by this way and the court today said that is valid so it means that data can still be transferred however one of the man agreements must be changed ok privacy shield is over we have this new agreement this new arrangement this informant what does this all mean for facebook well what it means for facebook is that it will search and any data that it currently transfers under this privacy shield agreement that can't happen anymore now i'm actually not aware at the moment of exactly how much of its data facebook transferred via the much of the those go through the stand the f.c.c. that i mentioned on a lot of friends case was a bag of the s.c.c.s. and he hasn't won on that aspect so in that respect any doubt of the facebook currently shares with the us servers and so on through the f.c.c.
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that can continue and if in through the privacy shield agreement that can't continue and the e.u. commission and the american authorities will need to sit down and thrash out a new agreement because previously when trams in this other case it took them a year to do that so there will be a lot of talks going on let's bring this. home for the user what does this mean for privacy for european users of facebook it doesn't mean a great deal really because if you sign up to facebook and you give your data over to facebook you are giving your dot of something that ultimately you don't really have control of given that you know it crosses borders and this ruling means that it will continue to cross borders and that may change given how many cases like this are going before the courts and there are more cases coming over the next few years but i wouldn't describe it as a dramatic ruling it certainly increases the pressure on companies as to how to share data but if you share your data with these companies it's out of your hands over to and that's an important message for people isn't arthur solvent thanks so much for the perspective today into we have another big story from the tech industry and for data today in the words of the twitter chief jack dorsey well it
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has been a tough day that's an understatement the platform was hit by a massive hack that do people into making bitcoin donations that affected some of the network's most high profile councils but in some of those u.s. president barack obama democratic presidential candidate joe biden microsoft founder bill gates firms including apple and hoover twitter is investigating what it has called a major security breach it says the hackers targeted some of its employees who had access to its internal systems and tools let's bring in spend her big now he's director for international cyber security policy at the stefano if on fall from here in berlin thanks so much for joining us sven is my twitter account safe i think for knol it is safe again. but as you will reveal in the next few days we know that the attackers had access to every twitter column that they wanted to have access to every twitter account
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that means potentially everyone who has a twitter or uses twitter is tweeting today could be affected by this. could have been affected the breaches contained according to twitter what happened there was a tech of 1000 we know right now basically social engineer or bribed workers employees of twitter and have them give them access to these accounts and then use them to make money should we shut down our accounts what should we do how do we protect ourselves right now. i think i think we're fine right now especially if you're not a high profile account but even if your profile account as it looks right now twitter has contained that they blocked some features so that it can't happen again right now but what we should note and what we should take away from that is if you use it for example direct messages on twitter they are not secure communications to then not for sensitive communications employees or twitter kind of access to it and they can have access to your account we knew that before but it's very obvious now
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again was a heck ok those are really. very important message so and who could have been behind this criminal organization state actors was europe and the i think it was a criminal organization organized crime cyber crime because if you look at it i mean you have the power at your hands to send treats and read direct messages from every twitter account that you want and you doing it to try to scam people over sending you because and i checked it right now that made roughly $118000.00 so that is no relation and no nation state would abuse that because that would be such a waste to use that power for making 114th or $120.00 cell mutely dollars ok you can can twitter get back on this in term of sterns of the technology can it protect our data does it have the tools to do that. well technically that could. it is of course you give your employees the options and the technical tools to reset
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passwords to reset a deceptive bait to talk with education to an additional security feature because people tend to forget the passwords they tend to lose the security tokens and so on and so far so but you can set up monitoring and you can do a much better job than 2 of us don't obviously spend thanks so much for that for bringing us up to date on what we can do and the kind of risks we're looking at we're talking about a lot of issues there was facebook and twitter thanks very much so herbert thank you also russia now an anti putin protest in russian capital moscow have ended with more than $140.00 arrests demonstrators had gathered to collect signatures against changes to the constitution passed earlier this month but police moved in quickly and put an end to that gathering. dozens of arrests follow anti-government protests in the russian capital where officers in riot gear forcefully rounded up protesters people took to the streets to protest the outcome of a recent referendum on constitutional reforms that will lead president putin to
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govern for another 16 years. we look we do not accept the results of the constitutional reforms vote we believe it was all raked we are against the crackdown on independent journalists we are for a rotation in government and we want our country to have an opportunity to live well she tried to show. the controversial vote that amended the constitution earlier this month also included populist measures such as an effective ban on gay marriage as part of their campaign protesters also collected signatures against britain's new measures $5000.00 signatures were collected according to moscow city councilor mina. i am not afraid of anything don't believe it don't hope and don't ask but do what you think is necessary if i am arrested so be it if they give me a fine so be it we will handle it somehow. well protesters here remain
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defiant the kremlin's crackdown on dissenting voices seems to have become even harsher after putin's recent victory. the latest now with to their views if joining us from moscow good danger of on a walk you tell us about the police arrests. i was quite interesting yesterday being on the square for the 1st 2 hours or so police sort of just stood by and watched and let the protesters gather it was quite quiet signatures were collected and then at the end few young teenagers started flying a gay pride parade gay pride flag against the ban on gay marriage and the crowd started getting rowdy here in about 2 hours into the protests a group of the teenagers group off the square and they started marching through the city center they collected something like 20300 people along with them and as i was following them along overheard one of the cops say we're going over you know detain them on bats and that's essentially what we saw we saw about 150 people detained
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and out of around the 300 and so that was you know quickly cleared out of the streets and the by the arrests as they are usually most of these protests are quite violent you see people ripped off into the police wagons and taken away most of these people were held overnight released within the past few hours some are immediately being taken to court for fines and for potential extended time in. prison it wouldn't be longer than a week or 2 at the most how much support are these protests getting in moscow. it's quite small to be to be perfectly clear one of the main things one the main stories of yesterday to be aware of is that in moscow about a 1000 people gathered in st petersburg russia 2nd city another about a 1000 people gathered in the main thing that these protesters are missing or russia's ostensible defacto opposition leader in the scene of on without him we
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don't really see that many people take to the streets and in moscow at all last summer we saw thousands of people take take to the streets in protest over fair over fair elections local elections in moscow saw a bunch of opposition candidates barred i think cinnabar and he was spearheading those movements he has said that the constitutional reforms are farcical he called for a boycott of the vote and he has said that he doesn't see the purpose of protesting so unless we see him get involved these protests will likely not gain that much momentum even thanks so much for that from moscow. millions of migrant workers have fled from india's cities insta coronavirus lockdown back in march after all public transportation walk was stopped people had to walk long distances to their home villages many feared being left without food and clean water if they stayed and being kept from their families so how are these workers fairing since
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they've hit home deliveries in their correspondent mr joyce wall traveled to russia stunned to find out. for nearly 2 weeks so need the job of husband working on this water reservoir it is 7 hours of hard labor every day in da just can't buy missing fun especially for someone who was doing it for the 1st time so meat was one of more than 30000 migrants who fled home to dodge's tom's good audi district when india long down in late march her husband had been making good money working 2 jobs and jackie she focused on breezing their 5 children they didn't need a 2nd income then the shutdown hit. her husband lost his work. virus can come here too we aren't afraid of that we just came here because there was no work there until now we were making do with our savings but no there is nothing left so my husband has gone back. her husband is now back in jeopardy
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but with just one job at half the money with much less income she now needs to walk to the need that and the others will only need a $150.00 rupees a day 23 year old with for 2 weeks off work. yet she is lucky only 3 of the workers here that are determined migrants dogfights like this one are caught in the the mean way for the government to offer paid work to locals however one must have a government issued job card to be employed here no proof. the last of the process to get a new job god can take months but the regions i did landscape leaves little scope put agriculture and other work is hard to find as well pushing over 70000 residents to migrate most of these workers have simply not bothered to get a government job card. after all they can make $5.00 to $10.00 times more
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a day in the city but now the government's cash for work scheme sporadically deployed to short don't labor intensive projects is all they have. and even these jobs are scarse. gummo singh was desperate to get home he spent a week speed to convince 2 truck drivers to allow him to cram into their vehicles with 70 other men without food and water to get to could only. for the last decade both carmel and his brother have both as one masons in the southern city of hyderabad. to support their family of 9. his brother returned there this week to look for work and to pay off their overdue rent. damo has been borrowing money at high interest rates to make ends meet at a level that everything has been shot what are we supposed to do there's never any work here anyway the one government work project i heard of paid only
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a pittance for 13 days of work what use is that. says his brother has warned him against going back. this is our on the rise and another lockdown could be looming. but migrants like him nor that for the 2nd time they have to make a choice between facing the wireless and starvation. it just time to pack their bags again. very difficult choice joining us now from dollars to correspond we should just all who filed a report for us gave you the misha faced with the poverty at home like we just saw in your report or our market workers starting to return to the cities of crime some definitely are in one of the villages began to get to a 100 migrants have to try and at the beginning of the lockdown and almost 50 had already headed back this in the circumstance led me to open sentences like dead and . massive and india have 91000000 cases the migrants in these
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villages to what i asked them did you only have the option to josh mckelvin the knock on him because they were afraid to be elite from beckham decent outlook but once again in these religious one the last few months they have almost had no income at all so they have no option but to join to the city or the pen democratic it was pointed out that margaret workers in india are the backbone of the urban economy what kind of impact is their absence having on the big cities. well definitely brian that is true because at the beginning of this locked on a never only about a few 100 cases and what country was locked up with 2 months in one of the strictest lockdowns in the willard now in since the beginning of june india has gone into what it's on the needs i'm not fazed this and real think restaurants soft actually and all of these are the things the brunt of the absence of many of these migrants because like i said while some haven't done too many are actually
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continuing to choose to stay back and believe that this is joining bringing to the whole are something that has hung in the back of one point just missed just how dependent these cities often do you are on these younger mike the government has announced significant really just one amounting just 6000000000 your role as skills to 6000000 euros you had migrants find what in them will exist on your other villagers but many business owners and fact you are not being to the government for head actually to get these migrants back into the cities because their businesses cannot run without these nimish of the spend on the go focusing our attention on so much that we have taken for granted the mission just well for us and in delhi thanks very much well one sector that's booming in spite of covert 19 all forms of online commerce and online learning especially at the retail giant in the song 25 years ago today jeff bezos launched that as
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a book store since then love it or hate it it has shaped how we shop. this is how it looked in 1905 and this is where it's led millions of products that go well beyond books a logistics operation of unprecedented scale. cutting edge consumer technology for help and impact and the world's richest man. how to quantify amazon it's the largest online retailer in the u.s. by a long shot easily eclipsing competitors like walmart and e-bay it's estimated that 6 out of 10 u.s. households have a prime account it also overshadows china's biggest players amazon raked in $280000000000.00 in revenue and 2019 almost 4 times what ali baba and j.d. dot com did. but it's not just sales that separates amazon it's early embrace of technology put it well ahead of its competitors. they are the most advanced
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sophisticated corporation we have ever seen in terms of taking big data. artificial intelligence and machine learning and integrating. tools into our own lives and they are just starting that's what a lot of people do not realize amazon's relentlessness has a darker side to it's tough corporate culture it's low tax payments and its dominance over smaller retailers have all sparked criticism. the future is bright however the coronavirus pandemic has boosted the company's outlook. the expectation is that amazon will benefit from this in the long term because even after the pandemic is over people will gain new habits of buying groceries and other items online will the next 25 years also belong to amazon. stager
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reminder now of our top story spain is holding a memorial service to honor the victims of the coronavirus pandemic and the workers who helped them. at least 20000 people died of coke at 19 in spain at the service train fleet day. some of the families of the dead. this is deja vu news live from berlin i'm brian thomas for the entire team thanks for being here.
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to. ensure the conflict zone for seroquel and my guest this week is zimbabwe's minister of foreign affairs and international trade seen both you saw more. as a former army chief he was also the face of the military coup that propelled amnon babatz of power. ever be able to see. political and economic
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reform. plus a. political. dialogue education understanding among nations that's what the islamic you lead movement stands for. one's an ally ok the other one regime in turkey now the enemy. claimed by the president will be contented kuwait 2016 wasn't masterminded by exiled clerics are to love to learn more to these friendly islamists actually norms . in 45 minutes on t.w. . nico because in germany to learn german polish binnacle why not learn with him d w z learning course nikos vague. in the army of
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climate change. or suzy. wants to soon people. want to do years do they have their future. g.w. dot com african-americans serving the melting. cutter. the we believe that we are a team on corruption protocol that even fears of the reality about highest levels of government why not just investigate. further. we have what the ted painful decisions to decide the economy more than 2 years ago zimbabwe and its long time rulings and p.f. party appear to be turning a corner when emerson and mangala black took office and promised
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a break from nearly 4 decades of robert mugabe's brutal authoritarian rule and economic mismanagement.


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