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this is d.w. news live from berlin european leaders try to bridge deep divisions over of corunna recovery plan they maintain in brussels where there is disagreement over a 750000000000 euro package to help economies hard hit by the pandemic also coming up allegations of russian side but espionage involving corona vaccine research the us britain and canada are accused russian based tackles of targeting labs working to find a vaccine. and president asset of syria marks 20 years in power in spite
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of a civil war and a shattered economy is likely to stay at the helm of many years to come. i'm rebecca riches welcome to the program european union late is holding a summit in brussels to try to reach agreement on how to share out a 750000000000 euro fund to help members recover from the pandemic there are deep divisions over whether grants or loans should be given to help the hardest hit member nations germany's chancellor angela merkel is presiding over the summit and she admitted that finding a compromise will be difficult. masks on and gloves off european leaders are back in brussels for the 1st time since the beginning of the current crisis with the blocks finances at the top of the agenda council presidential michelle expects
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negotiations to be exceptionally tough a lot is at stake to secure the decision to diffuse the i know it will be very difficult because it's not only about money it's a question of the future of europe please if you want a stronger more stable euro hope for certainly you hold bush to michelle has put a financial package on the table to help the e.u. economy get back on its feet in addition to the 7 year e.u. budget of more than a trillion euros michelle has proposed a recovery fund of 750000000000 euros in loans and grants. money for this fund will be bored by the e.u. on financial markets and directed toward countries hit hardest by the crisis such as spain italy and greece what's driving a wedge between leaders is whether the money should be handed out as grants the so-called frugal for austria the netherlands finland and sweden insisted should be mostly loans and paid back he is considered one of the biggest obstacles to a deal austrian chancellor is a bustin coots good things and agreement can be reached but that necessarily this
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weekend. there is still a lot of questions to be answered 1st of all to where should the funds flow kids who will be the main recipients what is the suitable criteria for this. bill clearly delighted to be meeting up again in person the jovial atmosphere is not expected to last long german chancellor angela merkel's cautious optimism in the days leading up to the summit seems to have subsided. this put off it will take a lot of willingness to compromise from all in order to agree on something that is good for europe that will be good for the people of europe with regard to the pandemic and that would be a suitable response to the economic difficulties we're experiencing so therefore i expect a very tough negotiation about the if the as if we have a $401.00 for now leaders positions like their seats are still far apart. and bob availed joins us live now from
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brussels a clear statement from the chancellor there in a very crucial summit for the e.u. outline for us they competing views on this massive fund that's dividing the union . as we've already seen just now they're assuming the national interest it's the austrians who are against the distribution for this money countries are coming up like poland who don't want the climate goals hungary says they absolutely would not agree to a tie between the money and the rule of law obligations of member states and on and on it goes some want more money for agriculture and others won something else so this is really the sort of run up of national interest that we are seeing here and then above all we have the southern european countries who say italy spain and portugal will say that they have been hardest hit which is objectively true by the
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crew in a crisis and they really need help now they need financial help they need money they need it fast and they wanted as grounds they said makes no sense to add more dead on to our already overburdened national economies so that is the one side and then on the other side we have the northern countries in different configurations with the hard core of them the netherlands was their frugal temper and say this is not to what we want we want to give loans at best we don't like the idea of communal debt anyway but we want to give loans at best and if we have to give grants at all we want strict and total control over that money we want to tell you in this house how are you going to spend it and so it is very hard to build bridges from one side to the other yeah this division runs so deep in fact so deep that the italian prime minister thinks this summit could decide the future of the e.u.
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and the stakes really that high. the stakes seem pretty high because what could happen if help is not coming is that the south gets really disenchanted was europe that's one aspect you know what is you're a good for if they don't help us in our deepest crisis that is one side or also new on the other side what is going to happen if they really fall off the economic cliff if it goes really badly in spain and italy for instance that will hurt the single market and that again with then who are the northern countries to which all rely on the functioning of the single market anglo-american the german chancellor knows that and that's why she changed her tune. during the last months and said no we can't carry on like in the past we really have to step up here and give help to the stars so it is proof if they don't manage to get to some sort of agreement maybe not today but at least within the next few weeks then the consequences could indeed be dire while just touching on that briefly if you could what do you expect
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to happen from the summit. it might go well it might go wrong they might not be able to bridge these deep divides it might move too slowly at the moment they seem to be still in mode over there in the summit building they might move it forward a bit and come back again towards the end of the month but everybody says every responsible adult in the room says we have to get this right. in brussels thanks very much. turning now to some other stories making news around the world vast areas of china have been inundated by severe flooding along the yangtze river since june heavy rains have forced nearly 15000000 people to be evacuated from their homes officials saying this is the highest average rainfall levels across the x.e. basin for 50 years. protesters have taken to the streets of don't care is capitals of fear for the 8th consecutive day they calling for the resignation of the current
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government headed by prime minister boyko bora self and for the chief prosecutor to stand down. a joint space mission mission by european and u.s. scientists have taken the closest photos of the sun scientists say the new images reveal countless small solar flames dotted across the sun's surface the solar orbiter was about 77000000 kilometers from the sun when it took these high resolution images. the u.s. the u.k. and canada are accusing russian agents of carrying out cyber attacks to steal information on potential covert 19 vaccines the 3 nations have warned scientists and pharmaceutical companies to be on alert they say the cyber attacks use custom malware to target coronavirus research centers russia denies the accusation. as the pandemic surges across the globe the search for
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a covert 1000 vaccine has been an international effort to protect global health this common goal has been undercut by allegations accusing russia of trying to steal information from vaccine research as in the u.k. the u.s. and canada believe this is economic espionage or they're trying to promote 2 games private information intellectual property from news from his organized lucian's that are engaged in coronavirus research and presumably use it to advance their own research efforts the alleged culprit is a familiar photo a.t.p. 29 or a cozy pair a group associated with russian intelligence also blamed for interference in the u.s. election 4 years ago the intelligence community believes that cozy barer is an agency of the russian. and they've been around for a long time there are talks to 2014 they really believed me behind the 2016 attacks against the democratic national committee as well as other attacks against countries around the world the coordinated warning across continents seems designed
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to add weight to the announcement and prompt other potential targets to protect themselves a global bid to come back to not only across continental security breach but a virus that poses a major threat to humanity across the globe. and now to syria where president bashar al assad is marking 20 years in power alimentary elections take place on sunday like all previous elections no real opposition is permitted so despite a civil war that's lasted 9 years asaad looks set to staying power. well well if you like you. july the 17th 2008 just 34 years old basher al assad is sworn in as president following the sudden death of his father. he quickly finds his feet meeting the great and the good earth to syria this is all the stuff. often accompanied by his british born wife
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asma. from the start of his presidency assets built close ties with both russia and iran strategic relations that will prove crucial to retaining power. in march 20th levon anti-government protests across much of the arab world known as the arab spring spread to syria. in the southern city of deraa demonstrators began taking to the streets after the arrest and torture of a group of teenagers protests grew while as sounds military responded with greater force. as fallon's escalated the country descended into a brutal civil war. we will win without a downtick and this conspiracy they have now reached the final stages of their conspiracy. attempts by the international community to force asaad to
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step down failed. and so 2 moves to broker a peace deal. by 2030 in the un said the number of refugees fleeing syria had reached a 1000000 this was a humanitarian crisis then the regime was accused of carrying out a chemical attack near the capital damascus it took another such attack in 2017 for the u. s. to take action blaming a sense military. tonight i ordered a call you know. only if you. will you can recall. but despite the reprisal asset has continued his war with the help of russian air
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power and iranian forces the syrian government now controls most of the country. a country that lies in tatters. led by a man who looks like he will never surrender power. earlier i spoke to kristen helberg an expert on syria now after how stable assets hold on power is after 9 years of civil war have left more than 400000 syrians dead and a country in ruins well actually what right at the beginning of his power everybody was hoping for reforms and i think this was the 1st misunderstanding that bashar al assad never came to power to reform the country to make it a democracy but to modernize the country so why is it still there i mean this question is very important because you have to look at the inner structure of this regime this regime has replaced the state which means that all the institutions the parliament the judiciary the administration the military all of these state
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institutions serve the preservation of power of us and there is not a target of power center in the country with for example of military like in egypt so this is nothing can get dangerous for us out in self and until now as has power is built on loyalty so he in forces loyalty by means of fear so this is why he needs the intelligence operators which is very important to us power and he creates loyalty by means of client a list which is why he needs these wealthy businessmen the capitalists cronies that are close to him so these are the 2 pillars inside the country the businessman and the private company is that loyal to him and the intelligence apparatus that makes it very stable plus obviously he had the foreign support to win the war militarily with the help of russia and iran. that was syria analyst kristen helberg speaking to us a little earlier this is day to view news he is a reminder of the top story we're following for you this hour germany's chancellor
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angela merkel is chairing and e.u. summit in brussels aimed at bridging differences over of corunna recovery plan member states are deeply divided over the conditions for handouts from 750000000000 euro folks. will have more headlines at the top of the out until then check out our website data dot com thanks very much for watching. combating the corona pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information and. our corona. from the covert 19 special next on d w. a meal call complete 2nd season on the.


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