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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 18, 2020 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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from the 1st glimpse of the law to their final resting place the russians are g.w. documentary. this is data but the news line from berlin deal or no deal in brussels a new vegas thanks a 2nd day of talks on a coronavirus recovery funds 715000000000 euros are at stake there are deep divisions on how it should be spent also coming up a french cathedral in flames dozens of firefighters battle a major blaze at the sump yeah some old girl think because they told him not. to
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and it's known as the greatest show on earth they see is south africa's side same ground is providing an essential lifeline ensuring the pandemic. i'm rebecca races welcome to the program european union leaders are holding a 2nd day of talks in brussels to try to bridge their differences over a 750000000000 euro recovery fund it aims to help the bloc deal with the economic impact of the coronavirus german chancellor angela merkel has been chairing the talks since yesterday as germany currently holds the hughes rotating presidency chines admitted that finding a compromise on a compromise will not be easy be a you is divided on how to assist those hot. it's hit by the pandemic
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a major sticking point continues to be what degree member states should share the debt burden the idea that the e.u. could mature lies debt ritualized debt allowing the block to borrow money instead of individual nations has some members digging in their heels and before we cross to brussels to to speak to our correspondent let's take a look at what's at stake. mosque's on gloves off european leaders are back in brussels for the 1st time since the beginning of the corona crisis with the blocks finances at the top of the agenda cancel presidential in the shell expects negotiations to be exceptionally tough a lot is at stake the security system could you see i know it will be very difficult because it's not only about money it's a question of the future of europe please if you want a stronger more stable euro hold producer lead to michelle has put a financial package on the table to help the e.u. economy get back on its feet in addition to the 7 year budget of more than
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a trillion euros michelle has proposed a recovery fund of $750000000000.00 euros in loans and grants money for this fund would be barred by the e.u. on financial markets and directed towards countries hit hardest by the crisis such as spain italy and greece what's driving a wedge between leaders is whether the money should be handed out as grants the so-called frugal for austria the netherlands denmark and sweden insist it should be mostly loans and paid back he is considered one of the biggest obstacles to a deal austrian chanceless a bust in could could thinks an agreement can be reached but not necessarily this weekend. is used. there is still a lot of questions to be answered 1st of all to where should the funds school who will be the main recipients what is this suitable critical year for this. year though clearly delighted to be meeting up again in person the jovial atmosphere is not expected to last long german chancellor i'm going to macros cautious optimism
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in the days leading up to the summit seems to have subsided. this put off we will take a lot of willingness to compromise from all in order to agree on something that is good for europe that will be good for the people of europe with regard to the pandemic that would be a suitable response to the economic difficulties we're experiencing so therefore i expect a very tough negotiation about the. 100. positions like their seats are still far apart as close to brussels now and speak to date of your correspondent marina strauss we know this is a crucial moment for the e.u. as a whole now there are reports this morning of a new proposals being table today what more can you tell us or back out what we know so far is that the leaders of germany or france so i'm going to america emmanuel back rob but also of the netherlands of spain and italy arrived early here
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at the european summit building before a summit even started and they're talking with the commission president and with the president of the european council and what we can say for sure is that these are the key players at this e.u. summit but the thing is that when they arrived they remain tight lipped they didn't say anything about new proposals but would be hearing from you diplomats is that there might be a new proposal on the table that might shift the grants and loans to the potions but we don't have any clear details yet right so there have been sticking points could this signal possibly good news. well there are still those basic divisions so we have the countries from the cells like is really in spain that have been worst hit by the by the coronavirus crisis and that have been facing economical difficulties even before the crisis started and they say we need your
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solidarity we need grants supported by germany and france who are taking the lead they're the 2 most powerful countries in the e.u. and on the other hand there are the so-called frugal countries including the netherlands and austria for example or other wealthy countries and they want to hand out money they say yes ok where we are pro solidarity but we want to have that money as loans it has to be paid back and we also want to attach reforms to the money how likely is it then do you think that these leaders from various countries on opposing sides of the table will be able to reach an agreement at this summit what is interesting is that the bulgarian prime minister bars off was a 1st year leader arriving here in brussels this morning saying actually something and he said we're close to a compromise so he's quite optimistic there because all of that you leaders of most
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of that you leaders yesterday after the summit said that their course still quite far away from a compromise so we have to see what the next couple of hours will bring here shall be speaking about it shortly thank you marina strength in brussels. we have an update on developments in the corona virus pandemic around the globe more than 14000000 people have been infected worldwide and nearly 600000 have died from covert 9 tain that's according to figures from johns hopkins university in the u.s. and the united states has a game same record daily number of new infections with more than 77000 people testing positive for the virus on friday texas and florida currently the worst affected states 4000000 residents of barcelona have to stay at home amid a new spike in cases in the spanish city wolf already as have warned of a potential return to lockdown if the number of new infections keeps rising. not
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some other stories making news this hour after a 5 day manhunt german police have arrested a heavily armed fugitive in the country's black forest thora has launched a search for the 31 year old off the he decides for offices at gun point and fled into the woods near the town of open last sunday. u.s. government has put to death an iowa drug kingpin convicted of killing 5 people it's the 3rd federal execution carried out in the u.s. in just 4 days the same number as conducted over the previous 3 decades last week the trumpet ministration restored federal executions after a 17 year hiatus. chinese authorities have issued more flood warnings as the heavy rains of forecast in provinces in the country south since june massive downpours have left more than 100 people dead or missing and forced nearly 50000000 people to be evacuated and caused millions of dollars in economic losses.
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queen elizabeth has 9 said captain tom wald britain's 100 year old war veteran veteran and fund raising hero sir tom became a national icon when he raised more than 33000000 pounds for health workers by walking 100 laps of his garden it was one of the queen's 1st official g.-d's since the coronavirus lockdown. mount to the developing story we're following for you a major fire has broken out at the cathedral in the western french city of nome more than 10500 his were deployed to tackle the blaze at the same p.a.'s and paul cafe drill footage shows flames leaping inside the gulf a monument to the large cloud of black smoke escaped from the building no information has yet been given on possible damage inside the cathedral becomes a year after the devastating fire at the cathedral of notre dame in paris one of
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france's greatest architectural treasures is. its go to france now and bring in d.w. correspondent lisa lewis who's standing by monitoring the situation for us in paris lisa how bad is this place. well it looks quite bad the area is still cordoned off and as you said lots of firefighters were there were sent there at this morning however they are now saying that they have come tying the fire they will stay all day there to make sure no new fires break out it looks like the big organ is completely destroyed and at the beginning they were thinking that might have caused the fire and that organ might actually fall down and collapse and cause more damage so the firefighters are not trying to bring out all valuables statues and and works that are inside the cathedral to make sure they're safe so you mentioned the organ may have been a cause it is there any indication of other possible causes of this place
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well absolutely as i said 1st of all they thought it was a fire that just broke up because the organ is an electrical load and organ and made out of wood and that might have been a short circuit but now it's clear that there are 3 spots where the fire started more or less at the same time so there isn't any gauge investigation that has been opened for arson everybody is looking into who actually might have caused that fire well it certainly sounds as though something positive that they might have got this far under control but for many this fire will begin bringing back memories of the shocking fire in not turned on last year. absolutely every day is the ink ing of not to damn the firefighters today said it's not really comparable to that fire also because there was another fire at the north cathedral in 1972 and after that they fortified the roof with concrete now when you look at the not
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saddam fire lots of the roof was actually destroyed and the upper parts of the wall in the spire collapse so the damage there was was much larger but obviously everybody is thinking of that fire not a dam and people are now saying you know maybe we need to protect our cathedrals and our historical estate more and the much the government needs to put more money into maintaining into taking care of these buildings here in france i'm sure be following this story all day listen to this thanks very much for getting us up to speed. every year there's a feeding frenzy in south africa as large shells of sardines migrate up the eastern coast followed by millions of birds seals and sharks the annual saadi run also provides an opportunity for locals to face down the riches the waters have to offer it's a particularly popular pastime this year because of the economic hardship brought
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by the coronavirus crisis our correspondent adrian creation reports. this swarm of thousands of sardines the paradise for sharks and fishermen they pulled the catch ashore with the huge difference. to our troops during the cold 19 years made things even worse the i don't promenade as it isn't message only so fishing is a way of mending an extra income get titan's of sardines being emitted by scene that does. it forwards them the opportunity of taking the catches and bring warmth to put food on the table. every year between june and or goes to sardines migrate along south africa as east coast following the cold current that's heading into the you know shit. dodger reef fish all of them they in turn are in the sights of
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thousands of fishermen. fishing brings the country closer together young and old regardless of their skin color what part of society. for saudi iran is almost over but there are still a lot of fish in the water that's why in the round when you still see a lot of people out with their fishing rods hoping for some more successful weeks to come. and us democratic congressman and icon of the civil rights movement john lewis has. died at the age of 18 that was began his nearly 6 decades public service career fighting against segregation in the south he was the last survivor of the big 6 civil rights activists a group led by the reverend martin luther king jr there was died after a battle with pancreatic cancer. this is dated news has
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a reminder around top story at this hour a major fire has broken out of the gothic cathedral in the french city of gnomes dozens of firefighters have been deployed to tackle the blaze at the st pierre a simple cathedral. you know if you need any news we'll have more headlines for you at the top of the hour until then don't forget to check out our website at the dot com i'm rebecca written in burden for me in the entire chain thanks for watching. the children of ours throughout. the debris of. india.
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how can a country's economy grow harmony because people find it.


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