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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 18, 2020 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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this is d w news live from berlin deadlock and brussels as a 2nd full day of intense negotiations nears the end of brussels e.u. leaders keep haggling over a new proposals on how to divvy up the 750000000000 euro coronavirus recovery but do you agree your belief is needed but some countries don't believe it should be handed out to no strings attached is also coming out. of 15th century cathedral and slaying french authorities launch an arson inquiry after a major blaze at the gothic st peter and seen talk of the drill in the city of. the
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u.s. pays tribute to the man known as the conscience of the nation john lewis the civil rights icon marched alongside dr martin luther king jr and went on to serve 17 terms in congress has died. on the welcome to the program. leaders are gathered and brussels for a 2nd day to thrash out the terms of a contentious corona recovery plan the summit was supposed to end tonight but even after european council president michel offered a revised proposal for the stimulus package no consensus could be reached while a deal still seems far off several leaders said negotiations were heading in the right direction the talks are hung up over the packages makes of. loans and grants
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and who controls how countries spend the money after a long day if negotiations and bilateral talks e.u. leaders have met for dinner but even after breaking bread does agreements remain which becomes clear when listening to some of the e.u. leaders comments on the state of the talks so someone gets lost in summary one can say it is going quite well things are going in the right direction of course as you'd expect it's a tough struggle a tough negotiation with the movement in the right direction and that's the most important thing is 56 to 7 of us if we're going through a series of stalemate there are many issues we are discussing. i'm inviting all leaders to converge towards a common aim 'd to approve the next generation e.u. which is a plan for european recovery not just for the countries most affected by coronavirus but for all of europe. let's bring in our correspondent bob about visa who is
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closely following the situation and brussels for us barbara we just heard 2 very different opinions on the state of negotiations there it's almost hard to believe they were at the same meetings. that's quite funny isn't it it's like he should he said she said and whom to believe i mean the perspective here completely changes depending on who ever you listen to and that is of course the perception of the leaders who are talking there. austrian chancellor belongs to the group of the so-called frugal it's the northern countries mostly northern who don't want to give free money out to the south of the say it should be loans it should be strings attached it should be much less money $500000000000.00 is too much for 50 is still too much let's go down to 3 maybe only to 50 i mean we're we're sort of in this haggling period and on the other hand the italian prime minister who belongs to the
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southern countries who say we really do need this help we just have to sort of have an economic stimulus otherwise we can't get back up on our feet and and he even appeals to the european common good and that's an argument that in the heat of the argument over 2 days mostly gets trampled when the night gets later now germany currently holds the chair of the e.u. council presidency what's aguilar michael's role at this summit how is she trying to soften these hard fronts you are talking about. what i call america usually does is that she just out negotiates everyone she can keep going when everybody else is really fed up and very tired and she just keeps at it really then flosi and that is her strength something as she has held talks with was largely a putin for instance after the crimea create crisis and she came back with some sort of agreement so of course it's her on
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a here really to to get these people to move but they're really like a friend just family and it seems to be particularly difficult this time and on the other hand we have to consider that they are all playing for the whom audience they all want to be seen as having far to the last meters for their own interests not for what's in the european interest but for what's in the national interests and that is the big problem here it's been a long day indeed for everyone in brussels yourself included of course what do you think our leader is going to rise to the occasion and come to an agreement to night . no it seems what we hear now that there will be breaking up relatively soon they will get a couple of hours sleep and they supposed to come back tomorrow and research in the proposal will be put on the table and they can start afresh on a lovely sunday morning i don't know who's mood wouldn't. that idea in mind
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however at the moment i would bet on all this being resolved if it can be resolved at all of round the late afternoon tomorrow because after 3 days together everyone will really be ready to go home then however long the summit goes he'll be there following it for us in brussels thank you very much. let's now get you up to speed with some of the latest global developments in the coronavirus crisis more than 14000000 people have been infected worldwide and almost 600000 have died according to the latest figures from johns hopkins university the u.s. has again registered a record number of daily infections with over 70000 people testing positive for the virus on friday alone brazil crossed the 2000000 mark this week doubling its cases in less than a month with around $40000.00 new cases each day and iran's president hassan rouhani says some $25000000.00 iranians could be infected with the virus he also
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warned that an additional $30.00 to $35000000.00 people could become infected in the coming months and france investigators have launched an arson inquiry after a fire broke out at one of the country's famous gothic cathedrals the blaze began on saturday morning in the western city of not no one was injured but it took firefighters several hours to bring the situation under control. the flames blew out stained glass windows and destroyed the cathedral to ground being. processed by the emergency services shortly after 8 o'clock in the morning schools the firefighters beat back the blaze that threatened to in go to the 15th century building. french prime minister john kass sticks arrived in normed saying he was there to show solidarity with the city. 1st i would like to pay tribute to the commitment and the great professionalism of the
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more than $100.00 firefighters who were mobilized from the beginning of the tragedy and who handled it with remarkable efficiency. i also saw the perfect coordination among all departments the departments firefighters the government and the city. really dark. investigators say the fire started at several locations fueling suspicions of arson. we had served this morning that the fire started in 3 places this has led us to open an investigation for arson and investigation run by the regional judicial police here is another pretty easy to hear the smoke pouring from the building has brought back memories of the not fire in paris last year but this is not the 1st time the cathedral unarmed has gone up in flames fire crews stressed the situation this time was not as severe. i want to clarify that we are not in a not sure dom style scenario even the cathedral fire which took place in 1972
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following that incident the roof was redone with concrete reinforcement it was completed to a high standard officials pinpointing the start of the fire so it began at 2 sites either side of the nave with the 3rd point at the cathedral organ which was obliterated by the place. it looks like the building who did significant structural damage before china to escape from one of france's great cultural treasures. and now let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world protesters in the suburbs of paris took to the streets today to mark the 4th anniversary of the death of a black man in police custody. died on his 24th birthday in 2016 after being arrested in circumstances that still today remain unclear since his death trial rain has become an important symbol for france's anti-racism movement. beachfront home owners north of sydney australia have been ordered to evacuate with their houses in
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danger of collapsing into the sea severe storms have whipped up waves that have washed away parts of the coast some residents are hoping to save their homes by propping them up with concrete pylons. the us government has put a drug kingpin to death in iowa 52 year old dustin honkin have been convicted of killing 5 people it's the 3rd federal execution carried out in the us in just 4 days the same number as conducted over the previous 3 decades. every year there's a feeding frenzy in south africa as large shoals of sardines migrate up the eastern coast followed by millions of birds seals and sharks the annual sardine run also provides an opportunity for locals to feast on the riches the waters have to offer it's a particularly popular pastime this year because of the economic hardship caused by the coronavirus crisis our correspondent i've been increased reports. this war i
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was in so if sardines a paradise for sharks and fishermen they pulled the catches shore with the huge difference. to our troops during the cold 19 years made things even was the unemployment rate is a mess to me so. fishing is a way of mending an extra income we get tons of sardines being emitted by scene does. it forwards them the opportunity of taking the catches and going to put food on the table. every year between june and august the sardines migrate along south africa's east coast or the ring the cold current that's heading into the indian ocean. dodger reef fish all of them they in turn are in the sights of thousands of fishermen. fishing brings the country closer together young and old regardless of their skin color what part of society.
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they saw being run is almost over but there's still a lot of fish in the water that's why in and around durban you still see a lot of people out with their fishing rods hoping for some more successful weeks to come. to. reporting their u.s. civil rights icon and democratic congressman john lewis has died after a battle with pancreatic cancer he was 80 years old lewis was the last survivor of the prominent group of 960 civil rights activists led by martin luther king jr who fought to end segregation in the country south former u.s. presidents firaaq obama and bill clinton called lewis a role model for generations and the conscience of the nation. john lewis's last public appearance of black lives matter plaza in washington not far from the
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white house lewis spent his entire life struggling for equal rights for black americans he said the new movement gave him hope. people used to be in the nation to send a mighty. powerful and strong message. to the rest of the world. that we would get. louis' fight against racial segregation started early he organized student protests alongside martin luther king jr at the historic 1963 march on washington lewis was the youngest speaker we do not want freedom gradually but we want to be free now. 2 years later he helped lead a march over a bridge in selma alabama demanding the right to vote. police brutally beat the demonstrators cracking louis's skull within months the voting rights act became law . i'm john lewis running for congress in
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congress he was a tireless campaigner and a moral watchdog when you see something that is not right not just not fair you have a maverick a centrist sense do something louis was an inspiration to many including former president barack obama the current white house has ordered flags to be flown at half mast but has been reserved in its comments lewis was a harsh critic of president donald trump. but across the country people are mourning a man who had till the end of his life fought strongly but peacefully against injustice. some sports now and then formula one where say these world champion lewis hamilton has secured pole position for sunday's and burying ground preet the british driver is going for a record something if the way and hungary as he looks to build on his victory last time out in austria it was a good day all round for mercedes with hamilton's team mate well terry bought us
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securing 2nd place on the grid and is looking to dislodge the finn from top spot in the drivers' championship. or watching d w news will have more headlines for you at the top of the hour in the meantime remember you can always stay up to date on our website that steam dot com on the for this for me and the entire team here and our land thanks for watching. every day. for us and for our planet. lead lawyers is on its way to review more conservation. how do we make seduced greener how can we protect animals and their 100 times what to do with the least. we can make a difference are choosing to reinforce station 3 g. force to.


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