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this is news live from for they did last in brussels and still haggling about how to process a 750000000000 euros coronavirus recovery fund can they reach a deal as talks drag on we'll report from brussels. as syria prepares for its policy on sunday we speak to the syrian refugees in berlin who give us their perspective on the country's leadership. and the u.s. pays tribute to the man known as the conscience of the nation from los the civil
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rights icon who marched alongside dr martin luther king jr and went home to serve 17 terms in congress as. a matthew how book i'm. trying to reach agreement on a 750000000000 euro coronavirus recovery plan have extended the summit into sunday despite making into light on saturday night in brussels latest filed to finalize the deal member countries of the voted on how much of the money should be distributed as grants and how much as london's the so-called. of northern countries led by the netherlands want strict controls on spending its sovereign states including italy and spain a seeking substantial aid payments. on let's bring in our correspondent barbara faisal who is watching but mostly whiting and brussels barbara good to have you
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with us what is the main sticking point. there's still so many sticking points that we couldn't pick out the one that was the stickiest because all the big questions here have been on resolve as you mentioned the question what governance that is what control there will be over the koran of funds the know the northern states be able to sort of tell the southerners what to do with their money that is one big point the other is the absolute volume off the recovery front even that hasn't been finally fixed yet then there is the totally and resolved question off the rule of law making as many member states germany 2 belongs to them one to tie the front payment of funds to some eastern european states namely poland and hungary to certain obligations with regard to democracy and rule of law and of course hungry and poland says no way veto from our side so that will be very difficult to
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move along so after 2 full days of fighting and beckley and bitching and all sorts of nastiness acrimony as many observers say here there is no real progress yeah as you say disagreement certainly reminded becomes all too clear when you're listening to some of the e.u. leaders comments on the state of talks as they stand. so someone gets lost in summary one can say it is going quite well things are going in the right direction of course as you'd expect it's a tough struggle a tough negotiation with the movement in the right direction and that's the most important thing. several of us if we're going through a series of stalemate there are many issues we are discussing. i'm inviting all leaders to converge towards a common name 'd to approve the next generation e.u.
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which is a plan for european recovery not just for the country's most affected by coronavirus but for all of europe. the same for us and we just heard 2 very different opinions on the state of negotiations there why are they saying these talks so differently you wonder whether they were in the same at the same event really truly maybe in different movie theaters. this is quite typical because the national leaders are here really emphasizing their national standpoint listening to the austrian he says it's been going in my direction because there is a strong push towards spending less money putting more controls generous sort of making the whole thing much tighter and listening to the italian of course he watches that and says this isn't going nowhere at all because we're not getting what we need and what we want is so as long as they sort of turn around their own
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interests as long as some sort of europeans doesn't take hold there and the summit building and everybody says ok we don't like it but we just have to swallow it and sort of see how we get on with it it's hopeless so we'll be having another day off this going round and round in circles so the big question then are we going to get a deal. haha i wouldn't put money on that and even the german delegation i'm going to chairing this meeting doesn't put money on it because they they did some expectation management management the c evening after things broke up and said yeah we are in a good way but we cannot promise we will have we're not quite sure we will have an agreement tomorrow but many people are willing unless all 27 aren't willing it's a no go because the seat needs to be unanimous so give it a try another day this signs on not over the hopeful. of
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a so in brussels thanks so much ok here now are some of the latest developments in the global health emergency the more than 14000000 people have been infected worldwide now and nearly 600000 have died. has again registered a record number of days the infections 70000 people tested positive in the u.s. on friday cases in brazil meanwhile the top 2000000 doubling in less than a month and president has rouhani says 25000000 people in iran could be infected well syria is preparing to hold a polish entry vote this sunday as president bashar al assad mounts 20 years in power but many syrians outside of the country including millions of refugees won't be able to take part in the in the polls we caught up with 2 syrian refugees in berlin who reflect on what assad's grip on power has meant for them.
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but one mahmoud has been living in germany for 5 years after fleeing from syria and the regime that detained and tortured her. she believes president bashar assad should not have been allowed to take over from his father following a controversial constitutional change. in concussion absolute people of syria made a mistake we should never of let it happen the presidency is not something that should be inherited. the b a n. the 1st one a sad seemed at 1st like a breath of fresh air she looks back on it as a brief period of optimism in. south and they asked and. suddenly it was possible to debate issues. that you could go on the internet for the 1st time. you got the feeling this man could do something positive for syria.
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white unlike his father. hafez assad the more relaxed political atmosphere only lasted a few months but the internet opened up a different world for young people like karim sulaiman he was 18 when the arab spring reached syria and people started demanding democracy assad responded with force 6 years ago karim was blown up by a bomb while recording the civil war a user of our cities are on the phone and. bears witness to assad's crimes. i was not a militant i just use my voice and my camera that i had to watch as the cameraman was killed right beside me while i was reporting that i almost lost my leg. on a sort of prison. karim fled from his homeland in syria to the german capital.
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for him the elections that take place in syria have no credibility. it's all just a circus a made up drama. drama. that was husband and son have been missing in syria for the last 8 years she blames the regime. the last one who are damaged when assad is celebrating 20 years in power i can only hope that one day he will answer for his crimes in courts and in syria not in europe. but why is not giving up hope. for the sake of her family and for other victims of the assad regime. ok time now to take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world. u.n.
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secretary general antonio test has called for urgent action to tackle world wide inequality speaking at a memorial lecture for nelson mandela 10 ish outlined his vision of a ferret world wide distribution of power wealth and opportunity. thousands of israelis have gathered in tel aviv to protest the government's handling of the economic fallout from the pandemic critics say businesses have not been given enough help demonstrators also balad in jerusalem where police fired 4 to 10. french officials have launched an arson inquiry after a fire broke out of a cathedral in the western city of non's dozens of firefighters tackled the blaze at the 15th century church the incident comes a year after the disastrous fire and water down to 3 people in pairs. parts of china in parts of china rather it's been running almost continuously since the end of june along the 6000 kilometer yangtze river under water and dozens
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of people have been killed and businesses left completely devastated. chinese social media footage offers an unfiltered look at the devastating floods and tire cities along the young sea are practically drowning heavy rains have caused china's longest river to overflow nearly $20000000.00 people are believed to be affected in danger of losing their livelihoods like this man who fears his tea harvest has been destroyed you know. we're trying to drive some of the harvest in order to save it but we have to throw away most of it. meanwhile china's state broadcaster c.c.t.v. is mainly showing images of heroic rescue efforts. we're gathering material preparing in case another dam breaks and. the. water levels at the world's largest power station the 3 gorges dam have risen by 12
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meters in the last 10 days the pressure is steadily rising more and more water is less out which worsens the flooding not a good sign for rescue efforts. why even if we're trying to protect ourselves from the flood we're constructing additional dams to reduce the number of victims of the genesis of. more rain is forecast china's great river is now a threat to millions of people the u.s. civil rights icon junk has died at the age of 80 he was suffering from cancer though this was the last survivor of the 960 s. movement against segregation led by martin luther king former president barack obama and the bill clinton cold a role model and the conscience of the nation. john lewis's last
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public appearance of black lives matter plaza in washington not far from the white house lewis spent his entire life struggling for equal rights for black americans he said the new movement gave him hope. people in d.c. the nation will send a mighty. powerful and strong for. the rest of the world. so we would get. louis' fight against racial segregation started early he organized student protests alongside martin luther king jr at the historic 1963 march on washington lewis was the youngest speaker we do not want our freedom gradually but we want to be free now. 2 years later he helped lead a march over a bridge in selma alabama demanding the right to vote police brutally beat the demonstrators cracking louis's skull within months the voting rights act became law
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. i'm john lewis running for congress in congress he was a tireless campaigner and a moral watchdog when you see something that is not right not just not fair never magritte geisha interests. do something louis was an inspiration to many including former president barack obama the current white house has ordered flags to be flown at half mast but has been reserved in its comments louis was a harsh critic of president donald trump but across the country people are mourning a man who until the end of his life fought strongly but peacefully against injustice. down in formula one messiah he's world champion lewis hamilton has secured pole position for sunday's hungary and gary in rome for a british drive it is going for a record extending its win in hungary as he looks to build on his victory last time out austria it was a good day all round from the sidelines with the milton's team might report
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a securing 2nd place on the grid hamilton is looking to dislodge the finn from top spot in the driver's championship. more headlines coming up for you at the top of the hour if you need more before they anything or staff that a website that stink up the dot com now that i'm anthony held on behalf of me and the team here in berlin thanks watch. are they friends say wanted to be with you machine efficiency year or do you wish it wasn't really a belief among the publishing you stimulation or are they enemies in the midst of the mission of the huge huge computer screen which you can use usually what he's going to go get most of my demo work for roger.


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