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mandate when crossing the canadian u.s. border but they struck out the bluejays home opener is on july 29th giving them 10 days to find a temporary home in the u.s. . rushing to w. news live from berlin i'll be back with more news of the top of the hour in the meantime you can keep up to date on our web site that's com you can follow us on twitter and instagram d w news thanks for watching. how does a virus spread. why do we panic and when we'll. just through the topics covered in the weekly radio show is called spectrum if you would like to me the information on the cross or any other science topic you should really check out our podcast you can get it wherever you can get your podcast you can also find
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us at. science. what secrets lie behind. discover new adventures in 360 degree. and explore fascinating world heritage sites. d.w. world heritage 360 getting up now. hashtags online petitions and social media campaigns these days more and more protest takes place online especially on social media but can a simple click really make a difference i want topic today on shit. back in the day raising awareness on an issue and reaching society more broadly required making the headlines with the spectacular media stunts today thanks to the internet
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anyone can express their opinion and share it with the world just one single post can reach a massive audience michael specter died founder of the german web portal net's politic dog sees this as a huge opportunity or it's a tiger balm and i get nowadays you really only need 3 people at most to get a protest started on social media feeds as it's needed something to people hold up a banner one person and you're all set on doug. is it really that simple finding the right moment to target the right social media platform with the right hashtag is that all you need to start a worldwide can pain how and when does a singular event spark an entire process movement online and how does it spread across the globe let's take a look at the black lives made of movement that's currently receiving overwhelming global support it was sparked by a video that showed the violent arrest of george floyd that led to his death the
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video went viral and the hash tag matter was used about 3700000 times a day the following weeks but the movement had started 8 years ago. this is the facebook post that started the song it was a reaction to the cinnamon 2012 security guard thank you shot trayvon martin and on a black teenager the killing inspired be activist gossip to an emotional response to fellow campaign up. commented with the hash tag matter and the movement was born . we developed. both love for black people but also rage for the ways in which our system has treated black people for centuries. activists ople to make joined and together they started a twitter and tumblr account here they encouraged others to share their experiences
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of racism and police violence on facebook twitter and instagram they used images rife with symbolic meaning the hash tag black lives matter was often combined with other hashtags to reach more people and the following it was used about 17000 times a day. by the hash tag always helps because many people can rally around it but it improves visibility and most importantly it sends out a message like a slogan life black lives matter is a great hash tag and it's also a great slogan they can be chanted on the streets. in may 2020 george florence black and was killed in a violent terrorist video documenting the brutality went viral and sparked outrage since then protests have been taking place on and off line the demands put forth by black lives matter even reached from platforms like i believe we all that are right
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now blacks have a much bigger matter celebrities are also supporting the cause online under the hash tag share the mike now selena gomez and hillary clinton amongst others have lent their social media profiles to black lives to get their message reach we need more than black people to show up for black back when we when we free black people when we really deal with the issues that plague black communities we set the ground for everybody else to get a little bit more free. even if they're still a long way to go but. draw attention to the issue of racism around the world and has led to some changes in several areas in the tech industry for example i t corporations are fine tuning their vocabulary to be rid of such terms of blacklist for the white list but let's back up a little if there's an issue i'm really passionate about how can a spring into action to start my own campaign here 3 expert tips.
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if any protest needs a certain momentum when you're lacking momentum if carnahan's or social inequalities haven't led enough people to believe that this kind of protest is useful in this particular situation then you're pretty much on your own. and shipments in july die. or no he wants another without a moving story and without communication skills in general it's hard to bring a message across and even harder to start a large movement by. a long atlas year any motional tale encapsulates a message in a totally different way than just the facts and can capture an audience of us from the factitious wonder. if
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you buy for treatment don't you know i have to be visible on all outlets and use all the opportunities they offer made. i need to be on instagram with visual elements and on twitter with hash tags in short statement someone needs you have a deep water cooler. the tricky part is finding the best strategy for each platform to reach more people mobilize them and just get my message across and will be easier for many teams at once but here but even if you've got all the necessary ingredients for a successful online campaign that doesn't guarantee it will work on the campaigns also require an engaged audience there are different levels to this step one noticing or reading a post on social media that catches your eye step to liking then sharing the post with france which basically makes you part of the movement already the next steps are posting something about the issue itself starting
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a group of platform and finally taking to the streets on the issue successful campaigns often have interlinking online and offline nativities that mess together smoothly as the need to have movement showed it can also take some time to catch on the around the world how many aims to run a bird and i'm the founder of the me too movement. we founded me to over a decade ago to support young women of color in the community we live who are survivors of sexual violence. in the me too movement started in 2006 and was originally a local outreach project in the u.s. only in 2017 did main chute also become a hash tag as charges of sexual abuse were leveled against hollywood producer harvey weinstein actress alyssa milano had called upon others on twitter to share the hash tag me too if they too had experienced sexual violence then alyssa milano and to run a burger joint forces and
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a new global movement was born. since the expansion are explosion of me to 2017 we have a unique opportunity to expand our platform and continue a national conversation around sexual violence in this country and countries around the world to start a trend in more than 85 countries it helped uncover many other cases of sexual abuse and sparked debates around the world harvey weinstein was sentenced to 23 years in prison for grace and the criminal sexual act. but it's quite rare for an online movement to bring about such change in such a short amount of time symbolic awareness campaigns in the real world can improve their reach where the mass demonstrations of climate change. posters about racism. or projecting images onto the statue of christ in rio de janeiro to want others about the coronavirus. protesting on the streets remains important online you're
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subject to the constraints of each specific social media platform and their interests profit driven. and we are all for facebook when we use a bank to create a page for our campaign in a completely dependent on facebook big bad any time and we don't know to what extent our issue is perhaps being repressed only to. to the streets then we are protected by the right to protest and to freedom of expression. a minus. that might be true for a nation like germany that is governed by the rule of law but in other parts of the world it's a different story there the internet can become an important safe space. we're in an arms race for surveillance technology 10 tools for digital self-defense him on the move with fond visit if you put in the effort and know how to you can still cover your digital footprints and make it hard to track you online enough. many
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people rely on and in order to her voice their opinion or raise an issue. take hong kong for instance the chinese special administrative region has seen a shop lies in protest of offending democratic rights it's a risky undertaking as the number of protests committed has been steadily decreasing activists could be in prison for life interested they use social media to share plans and information and use encrypted messages such as telegram to cover their digital tracks but the new security law has put activists even more in harm's way. i think very almost be the purpose of the law is to change the rule of law to rule of fear so every day when people go. wake up they have to think what should i say today should i come out
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tomorrow. in other countries protesting on the streets is hottest you know this social media can offer a safe space for activism. only mission and a rainy living exxon launched the campaign my still feeling freedom in protest against iran's law obliging women to wear hijab she posted a photo of herself on facebook without one soon many iranian women followed her lead. there is a day in the war in iraq about my lifestyle. they have guns and bullets we have facebook to church instagram and our social media they cannot keep silent that's something that i never. testing on social media can also help people facing completely different struggles the campaign immy action raises awareness to people with the chronic fatigue syndrome and many who suffer from pains and sudden feelings of exhaustion and me is still quite unknown so patients are often wrongly
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diagnosed in some cases even as having a psychological condition bedridden patients are turning to social media to raise attention to their plight with the hashtags immediate action and not enough for me they're demanding more funding through research on the disease. posting a video photo of yourself holding a piece of paper with a message on it as plain as that may sound it can still make a difference even if that difference simply means raising awareness for a certain issue but can online protests also lead to real change or does the movement then need to shift into the real world with demonstrations for example what do you think what issues have you fought for online or out on the street that is now on facebook you tube or d w dot com that's it for me today see you out there soon.
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read. a race against time with eco friendly pasha. me electric take on for as easy google. challenge. 7. while champion is. harder on arms also be john powers and i'm willing to crane in berlin france 24 and d w discuss a brain and a better recovery. many countries are struggling with the economic consequences of the pandemic the only industrial world support the developing world in post pandemic recovery best. word in the
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one. in 45 minutes on d w. w's crime fighters are back. because most successful radio drama series continues to end up only because those are available online course you can share and discuss song w. africa's facebook and other social media platforms. to me now. who said i knew that if you read it you can figure that he's made it out in space and is now working so hopefully we can actually start charging the cars here. we are living during the most extraordinary. history. of france for the
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cocoa for the electric. light of day.


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