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thank you. this is good news live from berlin tensions run high in brussels as negotiations over a coronavirus stimulus package remain deadlocked e.u. leaders haggle over how to parse out a 750000000000 euro recovery from some that goes into overtime and on the 3rd day of talks things get personal between the opposing camps also coming up. elections in syria government controlled areas go to the polls with strict measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus the vote comes amid new international sanctions and rare protests against the assad regime within his own strongholds.
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and britain's lewis hamilton takes the checkered flag for a record 8th time in hungary and grand prix the reigning world champion is in ominous form as he goes top of the driver standings it was just 7 races like. a mommy and use of welcome to the show e.u. leaders remain at odds over a proposed 750000000000 euro coronavirus recovery plan they are due to continue negotiations for a 3rd evening after having dinner together member countries are divided on how much of the money should be distributed as free grants and how much as loans that need to be repaid hard hit southern states including italy and spain are seeking substantial aid payments but a group of so-called frugal northern nations favor. loans more and more control
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over how the money is spent. the mood at the talks has been described as tense french president emanuel like holes that a deal was still possible but that it could not come at the cost of betraying you principles if you don't complete the willingness to compromise should not deter us from the legitimate ambition that we need to have the we will see in the coming hours if the 2 are compatible this will put human did you know there are still several topics we need to finalize the 1st one is the rule of law that is at the heart of the conditions attached to the budget decision and it it's of e.g. yesterday we had a large consensus to say we should not give in and that this is at the heart of the european principles and values. that help in let's bring in our correspondent barbara bizzle who has been following the developments in brussels over the weekend so barbara marcos says yes to compromise but not at all costs so what does michael think is at stake here. i mean he knows what's at stake that is one hand the
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principle of solidarity within the european union that is about the money home much money is the wealthier nors willing to give to the poor and hard so after the current crisis that is the one thing and the other thing that he referred to the rule of law there has been since years have been heated debate within the european union that it is not possible in a true stop that the e.u. funds the increasing the autocratic regimes in hungary with off viktor orban and the government in poland that goes the same way they don't stick to democratic principles anymore that is the free judiciary the free press free opinion and so on it's a force and they want to sort of tie that together a country that doesn't stick to democratic rules can be punished in the way that money is withdrawn now of course or biden and the polish prime minister they're up
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in arms against that and says no way will veto this and there has not been a chance yet in the form of fun to sort of consoles to console the 2 sides and to bring this together so we're talking about values you were talking about lots of money what you tell us about the mood at the bargaining table right there. the mood has been fractious throughout the days and when what we've seen all day was just people going around and around in circles to getting together in small groups that's the so-called confessionals that can be like 2 people can be 6 or 8 people and we've seen like the southerners together was the chairpersons was on the america will and the belgium strong michelle we've seen the eastern europeans together with them talking about the rule of law and some of the problems and of course them we've seen several in several runs for the so-called frugal the chair people were trying to make them to compromise tell them that this is necessary that
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money is to be paid to the science and things got stuck i mean after 67 hours of that exactly 7 hours of that in the end they didn't really get anywhere and so they're talking now over dinner whether they should continue are not and it doesn't really look good at the moment and it does not look good what is actually going to happen if there is no compromise. they have break up at some later point tonight and then they will have to come back from german sources we hear the next summit would then have more than 2 weeks cite that the 2 weeks' time that is the 1st weekend in august and everybody will not be very happy to be assembled assembled forcefully here again and again being pushed to compromise and figure out a solution. visible in brussels thank you and let's bring you up to date with the latest developments in the coronavirus and demick. the world health organization has reported the largest single day increase
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of coronavirus cases since the crisis began with almost 260000 new infections globally in 24 hours on kong is warning that the virus is spreading quote out of control after a record $100.00 new cases on sunday in a densely populated territory astray a 2nd most populous city melbourne has made face masks mandatory amid a spike in infections and in amsterdam parts of the city's red light district have been closed off due to overcrowding sex workers in the netherlands were allowed to resume work on july 1st but authorities have been monitored monitoring visitor flows to ensure social distancing. syrians are voting in parliamentary elections today in areas controlled by the regime of bashar al assad the president and his wife have already cast their votes damascus analysts say there are few real choices for the voters as the ballots are dominated by the ruling party and its allies. assad's government is dealing with
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a devastated economy after 9 years of civil war as well as new international sanctions. the aftermath of an asteroid in the l'ecole province president bashar al assad is reaching at the last pockets of opposition to his regime 8. he has won the war with great force controls most of the country. but it is a country in ruins not just its tanks and cities but its economy too with inflation rampant the world food program says food prices and that 20 times higher than pre-war levels millions of syrians are going hungry some a pinning hopes on sunday's parliamentary elections. we hope the candidates will be deserving of the faith replacing in them syria has to return to what it was before that we hope we can overcome the sanctions so that syria can become better than it
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was. an opposition groups up boycotting the poll candidates must be government approved ensuring a parliament dominated by assad spots party and its allies yet as to 20 years in power assad is facing rising discontent even among loyal supporters. these are anti-government demonstrations in the opposition held city of us as in march by june anti regime protests that also fled in the loyalist area of psuedo though under regime control the protests went unchallenged a sign of public anger the. it's growing but it will not be reflected in the election results. let's bring in journalist judge a team he's following the syrian elections from beirut lebanon job president assad's baath party is disliked in much of the country but it's trying to retain power at all costs it seems so is there a chance that things won't go assad's way and these elections. hello
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i mean there is no chance it goes the other way because when syrians tried to will to do it the other way since 2011 they have been killed or sent to jail so just take the subpoena from her and i would prefer people to like as i work for the syrian border to mock the elections like the national wedding it's just like the media i didn't know ways to do with the other way why this election is going without any a position and we are not talking about a position that is outside syria or to people who are even in the north or even under the kurdish controlled areas we are talking about it didn't seem cannot tolerate even its own people like what one of these are as the businessman how much functional it was like the faithful ally of said and israel and his wife because he just formed a least chairman of the mosque and that is called independent least they made him
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they forced him to withdraw from the election because he is not on the ba'ath party lists so this tradition cannot tell you there's even deposition from inside it otherwise or moreover i mean you can't even vote even if you are not in syria they have yours and national numbers. can send anyone to just vote by your name and you will vote for her for baath party i mean this election can no way go the other way unless there is you and is there and doing supervision for this election as like there is no limit as to people in some way the likes the book last month they voted against us and nobody not see any opposition in any and by the way that 8 of the people who participated in this election will be will be high people that can manipulate any numbers or anywhere.
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that was journalist judd yet team in beirut and now to some of the other stories making news around the world judges in iran have suspended the plan executions of 3 men linked to n.t. government protests last year the move was announced on a rainy and state television follows a widespread online campaign against the executions lawyers for the men say they hope the death sentences will be overturned entirely following a review french prosecutors say they are questioning a man in connection with saturday's fire at the nons cathedral which authorities are investigating as possible arson dozens of firefighters were needed to put out the blaze at the 15th century gothic building. in italy engineers have begun testing the new highway bridge in genoa that was built to replace the one that collapsed 2 years ago dozens of trucks are crossing the span to test the bridges ability to withstand large waits 43 people were killed when the former bridge
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collapsed in severe weather. in frankfurt germany police say that they were attacked by hundreds of youths who had been partying at the city's historic opera square when police moved in to stop a brawl they say the revelers threw bottles and projectiles at them smashed shop windows and plundered stores 5 officers were injured police detained 39 people. turkish president. has paid a surprise visit to the highest sophia and it's then comes a week before the 1st muslim prayers at the site in nearly a century last week ruled the byzantine landmark can be reconverted into a mosque in a decision that's been widely condemned by christian churches and by unesco. to formula one now and defending world champion lewis hamilton has won the hungary and grand prix the british driver claimed a record extending 8 win and hungry to give to go top of the driver standings leapfrogging mercedes teammate valtteri bottas who finished 3rd and there was the
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day got off to a bizarre start as much for stop and managed to crash on his way to the starting grid but his red bull team played a blinder to get the car ready and the dutch youngster rewarded their endeavor with the drive of the day taking 2nd place after starting 7th pushed up the pit bull terry bought us in doing so with the finn recovering from a poor start to finish a close 3rd. but us had started the day top of the driver standings as he looks for his 1st world championship but his mercedes teammate reigning champ lewis hamilton looks in a hurry to claim a 7th title at equal michael schumacher as record kitchenette. actually passed the cross in a forest on a. little wonder he was jubilant afterwards on as he was one of my favorites is to race. my own for the race it was just a different kind of challenge to britain sounds ominous lee confident with just 7
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races left the christian key to the season. north america's major league baseball starts on july 23rd but canada's pro team the toronto blue jays will not be able to host their games at their own stadium the canadian government has denied them permission to play in toronto amid the pandemic the team had hoped to receive an exemption from the 14 day quarantine mandate when crossing the canada us board. but none was forthcoming the bluejays home opener is on july 29th giving them just over a week to find a temporary home in the u.s. . a small audience of music lovers were treated to an open air offer experience in the greek capital athens this weekend national opera staged its 1st performance since the coronavirus lockdown at the foot of the ancient acropolis on saturday evening. georgian mezzo soprano anita roger roger relished billie said she was happy to be singing in public again and that music was especially important to help
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people through difficult times. watching t.v. news live from berlin i'll be back with more news of the top of the hour in the meantime you can keep up to date on our web site that's t w dot com thanks for watching. thank. god i'm neal i'm good welcome to the 2nd season of only to change the planet on the brink of disaster leave just long in-depth interviews with experts about one question how to change the ticket the only reason.


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