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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 20, 2020 7:00am-7:15am CEST

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this is the news live from building europe's leaders take a break from marathon talks on a virus rescue package. go into the field the al is over a proposed 750000000000 euros the country to deal appears to be imminent and the round table negotiations are said to reconvene in brussels coming up. until it begins lifting restrictions in the capital for the series offering a welcome boost to businesses passage by a 4 month national lockdown. and the u.a.e.
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launches the arab world's 1st mission tomasky aims to provide the 1st complete picture of the bridge planets and it's. a math anyhow and welcome to europe's leaders a taking a break from my marathon summit in brussels heads of state are trying to finalize a deal on an economic stimulus package to help the country's worst affected bob and demi. after 4 days of often bad tempered negotiations it appears the latest could be on the verge of a breakthrough the main sticking point is how the money should be distributed. in states including italy as fine a sinking substantial i guess a group of so called a frugal know the nation's led by the netherlands once launched more so. on how the
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money is being spent. obama faisal is in brussels and has been witness to the summit that promised so little which may yet end in the extremely hard fought breakthrough barbara what do you see from this picture that has emerged at such glazier states it was really geishas i mean snails could move more quickly if they wanted i suppose and it's been also extra monia it's been venomous by between president mike wrong the french president completely lost his cool last night and started thumping the table something that we would have loved to witness so we just heard about it that he did it from his own delegation by the way and it was simply not going really going forward and then in the morning these 4 it was for about an hour or 2 we got a hopes up and said ok it's moving and they will get an agreement and it will come
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to the point and then all of a sudden they sort of. stood up and just left all without saying a single word we saw very tired i'm going to. walk into a car and everybody was just sort of looking grumpy and ready for bed and so it will continue this afternoon at 4 o'clock only they're taking a lengthy break and what is even longer than a marathon i think it's like 4 runners it would be like $100.00 kate more or less this summit is shaping up to be something like that. seemed like the frugal 5 day profile in brussels do we think they also one of the when this. that depends on how you're regarded they might be winners because the last figure we heard were 390000000000 so they have apps bit finally over those morning hours but still that means it's
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a good 200 less than had originally been put on the table in grants for the southern countries so that is a victory in a way and they will they already sort of walking around and saying oh yeah we've done great on the other hand we know that the southern countries will really look at them scans and will really say are they've really our enemies and what have they got against us and also every bill is presented in the european union this is not forgiven and forgotten it will come back and the next time mike rich or the dutch prime minister need something in europe he will run up against a wall that's the big question that looms over if this deal happens do we get all the yanks that's happened in the last 24 hours or will some of these battles leave visible scars in the block there will be scars between because the whole question of the rule of law that's that was supposed to be tied to this money towards
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eastern european countries namely hungary in poland that will end in a very mushy very very a compromise so that will not be resolved and that will lead to more anger and more fury in the future and the southern states will not forget that the northerners look at them as if they were slightly retarded children and they couldn't be wouldn't be able to deal was their own business and sort of reorganize their own economies there has been a lot of bad blood and it will poison the atmosphere for quite a while pervasive in brussels thanks so much for your reporting. lodge tina has begun lifting coronavirus restrictions in the capital one a series more than 2000 people have died and president now but if an end is warning that the battle against the virus is not one but equally businesses need
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a boost the already fragile argentine economy has been battered by the 4 month lockdown for months this plan osiris restaurant has seen only staff no guests inside they offer their food to go the owners have been fighting to keep the restaurant in business with its 90 year history wholly n.d.s. as part of the landscape of the argentine capital but now it's struggling emotionally so we have thought about closing the place down but so far we've been able to make ends meet. slowly the city is starting to reopen families are allowed to venture outside more often joggers can hit the road again and from wednesday small businesses can reopen assuming they have survived a ghost town after 4 months of strict lockdown i mean it was definitely a challenge for the body for the mind and financially. before the pandemic argentina was already struggling on the heavy burden of debt to pay it off the
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economy needs to grow the coronavirus put a stop to that the government is trying to negotiate debt relief with its credit the deadline is and of august if the contrary argentina will default not for the 1st time. to pull out from businesses this would be a catastrophe they would have serious trouble getting loans on the capital markets that would affect their ability to invest or to your companies would go bankrupt setting off mass job losses millions already depend on soup kitchens and this part of by a series they hand out 6000 meals every day. since some of the people who come here a middle class they used to have their own businesses so. clearly n.d.s. refuses to give up on his restaurant it has already survived national bankruptcy and other crises he's betting it can outlive the pandemic or ought to take
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a look at some of the other stories making news around the world. judges in iran has have suspended the executions of 3 men linked to anti-government protests the decision follows a public campaign against deaths and says men's lawyers are hoping the planned executions will be overturned. thousands of anti-government protesters have rallied in bella bruce turned out in the capital minsk to support the one challenger to longtime leader alexander lukashenko in next month's presidential 2 other opposition candidates have been stand. up or kanye west has made a chaotic stuck to his campaign to oust president on the front in november u.s. elections in a rambling appearance before fans in south carolina the musicians spoke out against abortion it's not clear yet whether he's running seriously. well syrians have gone to the polls to elect a new parliament the election comes against
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a backdrop of civil war and ongoing economic crisis and the coronavirus pandemic it's the 3rd such vote since the conflict began in 2011 the pub was postponed twice because of the virus and syrians could on the cost of ballots in government held regions of the war torn country. syrian president bashar al assad cost his vote in his country's parliamentary elections $167.00 of the parliament's $250.00 seats are already allocated to his ruling baath party critics say the vote will create a parliament that will just be a rubber stamp for the president's decisions so why hold it at all as it wants to say i'm still there all i'm still controlling and just parliament in particular is important for 2 things it will be the parliament would have to fight anyone constitution for syria and it will be the parliament was to just going through the
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presidential candidates in $1.00 to $21.00 at the polling booths voters were more focused on the aftereffects of the civil war and stringent u.s. sanctions imposed in june was not at all at least we hope the candidates will be deserving of the faith with placing in the man at the helm of syria has to return to what it was before i am we hope we can overcome the sanctions so that syria can become better than it was you know with the vasily eyes on my. happiness while this election is a constitutional right and a national duty we all have to participate one of our most important to months from the parliament is to raise salaries and improve the living and economic conditions of citizens in iceland with an arrow at some polling stations were busy but opposition groups are boycotting the election. income usually province close to kurdish controlled territory turnout was low and some voters claimed they didn't
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even know the vote was happening. this doesn't represent the whole of syria because there were no announcements to inform people that there would be an election like a week earlier to specify the date and so on people have no idea about the election who to vote for and what the election is for. only government approved candidates were allowed to run for parliament the successful ones will face some monumental challenges once the results are announced. the united arab emirates has launched the arab world's 1st interplanetary mission the u.a.e. hope and approach amal in arabic aims to orbit mars and provide the 1st complete picture of the red planet at the. launch had twice being postponed by bad weather. you know but a blasted off successfully from a small island in southern japan. hope is the 1st
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research probe sent by the united arab emirates to investigate other planets. after a roughly 7 month trip popa set to reach mars and settle into orbit. the hope mission in particular is going to study the martian atmosphere so it's going to study the lower middle and upper atmosphere on mars and it's going to try and understand how the gas escape from mars. pope will be the 1st weather satellite to orbit mons researching phenomena like the planets massive sun storms it will study weather in climate as the seasons change over a change here period. the data is meant to help develop models of mars atmosphere and on some of the. and a mental question why did mas change from a planet that would have supported life to an icy desert.
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space flight engineers from the emirates and the u.s. developed the satellite it was built in colorado it's meant to send a message of hope from the mission's founder the prime minister to buy to arab youth. and to reestablish the arabian peninsula's tradition of scientific leadership. the emirates want to launch their own economy into the future with innovation and reduce the dependence on oil. china on the other hand is setting its sights on a moslem ending say fall the u.s. is the only country to have pulled it off china's satellite channel when one is expected to set of robots and wrote them want you all down on the red planet surface. this rolling recession of oratory will explore its
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environment on a 3 month journey it will also use radar to look underneath the surface to a depth of 100 meters. when knots down the satellite will lead densify and much mars mineral makeup and businesses including mineral deposits it's also supposed to search for frozen water. and china does not plan on sharing that collects with international research as as others have done and much criticized move. the formula one down and defending world champion lewis hamilton has won the how gary and growing free if this drive atlanta record is standing win in hungry to go top the driving standings late for a game decides to night after re bought us the finished 3rd. meanwhile red bulls. did well to finish 2nd after crashing into a barrier before the race. to come. you're
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watching news live from. will be back with more news at the top of the al in the meantime you can get up to date with our web site called you can also follow us on twitter and instagram as well. is the handle. thanks. i'm a. second season of only. the planet on the brink of disaster there's a long in-depth interview experts about one question has he changed. the only reason.


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