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state. attorney says. this is. from. talks on a massive recovery package. over how to pay out the $750000000000.00 euro fund. but there's no sign of a breakthrough yet coming up. in 11 and the price of bread and other essentials
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while the value of the currency plummets. to avoid the complete collapse of the economy. could be very. cautious about. exile in london. against china. and argentina easing. bringing a welcome boost to businesses. welcome to the program european union leaders have taken a brick after the tense summit over a proposed 750000000000 euro recovery package went into
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a 4th day they'll be back later today but they remain split over how much of the fund should be distributed as handouts and how much is no ones that will have to be repaid. european leaders seem delighted to see each other in a flash germany's angela merkel and france's emmanuel mccraw had already agreed an offer that's enough for most you problems friday seem to phase with optimism and good humor. but by monday morning mcconnell sounded very different listen but i mean it's not finished but it's difficult. here machall will be calling on all the different skills to bridge some significant splits within the block. a group has formed calling themselves the frugal so austria finland denmark the netherlands and sweden
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they want loans more than subsidies because if guy goes on when we set a limit on itself then we also need better for mr but it is also to wish on a number of countries so most countries deal for the new 10 charges relating to subsidies your and you guys i want a little girl you need to know what it is a b. or c. or they have a hunch the little girl's name procedures are created maybe. they're now whirling around that putting conditions on the money hungary's leader viktor orban is at the center of a fight over linking subsidies to rule of law in his country and other issues i'll swear it's getting cussed no. i don't know what is the person lol reason for the dutch prime minister to hate me or hungary but he's attacking so harshly and making very clear that because hungary in his opinion does not respect the rule of law must be punished financially that's his position which is not acceptable those in the middle and i greece say they simply need to see the money
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the big picture is that we're faced with the biggest economic depression since the 2nd world war maybe some compromises will be necessary but we need to be sure too that we achieve an ambitious solution because our citizens expect nothing less from us it's a standoff and the most powerful voices have so far remained silent. i'm joined now by our correspondent mary not strauss in brussels are there any signs of a compromise or does the deadlock continue. all stressed courts was one of the few leaders to come in this morning after the leaders came out of some of the building to take their break and he seemed quite satisfied with the developments so far so we know we saw in the report he's part of the self declared food frugal for country of 5 countries now shall michel that you council president
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apparently proposed to hand out 390000000000 euros in grants in comparison to the 500000000000 euros in grants he proposed earlier so this is actually a sign that the frou will gain some ground here course also said he's very happy to have this frugal 5 co-op now because now it's not only the 2 big countries now france and germany who are saying which direction that you has to go it's also the smaller ones who can join forces and also decide themselves but we're still far away from from a deal here we don't know if there will be one found today is this big question of norms versus grants but you know why is the condition of any financial assistance such a sticking point negotiations. it would be the 1st time in history
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that the e.u. utilizes that so this is a big thing and there are 2 very different perspectives on this topic so we have the south and stays we have is that they and spain that have been badly hit by the covered 19 crisis they say we need your solidarity we want to be and that this money to be handed out as grounds and we don't want to pay it back or we can't pay it back and then we have the northern countries to say ok yes so derek it's a good thing we want to help you but we want to hand out loans and we want to tie that money to reforms in your countries and the reason for that is also that they have their own taxpayers in mind and that they don't want to centralize further centralised money. you already mentioned this sort of well you do to add money not countries like italy and spain they're already servicing huge debts how realistic is it then to expect them to pay back any financial assistance that they receive as part of any e.u. recovery fund cornered by this recovery. it's not only italy and spain it's also
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agrees and partial girl for example that are already highly indebted and many experts say it's support more burden on them is just or would just be too much and there are also these countries are not only hit by the covert 19 crisis more than other countries for example in the north or in the east of europe but they're also highly dependent on tourism and with travel bans in place and maybe people don't want to travel so much this summer they will even face more difficulties but i must close in brussels thank you very much for that. now to some of the other stories making news around the world the german daily hundreds of the former head of payments giant. has fled to russia yon marsala has been on the run since collapse collapsed after $2000000000.00 was found in its balance sheets the
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austrian national has also been linked to russia's. intelligence service in the reports. saudi arabia seen here in file pictures has been taken to the hospital the official press agency says he's undergoing medical tests after developing an inflammation of his gallbladder. health has been the subject of speculation for you as his son the crown prince mom. is now effectively in charge of the kingdom judges in iran have suspended the executor sions of 3 men linked to antigovernment protests the decision follows a public campaign against death sentences the men's lawyers are hoping the planned execution will be overturned in the midst of the spend more than $500.00 stocks of the largest hospital in the lebanese capital beirut have been laid off it's just one of the many diet consequences of the country's worst economic crisis since the civil war 3 decades ago. lebanon's economy
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is on the verge of complete collapse. the local currency has lost more than 80 percent of its value on the black market food prices have skyrocketed leaving lebanese from all walks of life unable to put food on the table if the trend continues the government warns that 60 percent of the population could fall into poverty by the end of 2020. but this dire situation is anything but a surprise. lebanon is the 3rd most indebted country in the world by g.d.p. its economy has been in freefall for years. recently the government failed to make a $1200000000.00 payment for foreign bonds the 1st such default in lebanon's history. government mismanagement and corruption are rampant.
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over the years various lebanese governments have used the banking system to finance unsustainable spending critics say this put the money of ordinary lebanese citizens in jeopardy and that they are now bearing the brunt of the country's financial meltdown. so what now everyone agrees lebanon needs help fast. the government is negotiating in multibillion dollar bailout from the international monetary fund but concerns over stalled reforms are making it difficult. with hundreds of thousands of lebanese having lost their jobs since october help cannot come fast enough. and. filed that report and joins me in the studio for more i don't welcome your group or a pretty grim picture of the lebanese economy and of reform the school badly needed happening well lebanon is
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a country that suffers from endemic tech aid song corruption suffers from an over bloated public sector that has for years despite massive spending and despite you know relying on the banking system at the expense of depositors failed to provide basic public services like garbage collection and electricity just to give you an example in lebanon people normally get to electricity bills they have to pay $2.00 separate electricity bills one is you know the electricity provided by the government and another one is a private generator generator that they have to subscribe to because the government provided electricity just doesn't last 24 hours a day and even middle income households or even high income households have to ration electricity use and this is a this is because the government has just been so inefficient for many years this is often. blamed on lebanon uniquely sectarian politics it's a very diverse country where different religious groups have to have
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a role in government and they've been accused by the people themselves of looking after their own interests over since this since the end of the civil war rather than that of the whole country and that has been often described as a diagnosis of why the country is so corrupt and how badly has the cut and. make him back to the situation there was sort of the you know the the stray the broke the camel's back but we should not. blame the current crisis on the current crisis i mean it has made things worse we've seen massive layoffs in the american university of beirut medic. hospital as you've mentioned this has been the hospital at the forefront of the country's response to the coronavirus but lebanon's economic problems far predate this crisis as our viewers will remember there was a you know the pot big popular uprising of october 2019 that was actually triggered by proposed taxation by the government in an attempt to scramble for more funds
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they wanted to tax actually what's up something a service that was free in order to finance their spending and so this is this is certainly made things worse but the government the country the economy was collapsing way before that it is quite clear that lebanon requires a norm that requires it potentially could come from the international monetary fund but if that were not to what options lebanon very little because the country is broke since october banks have also imposed kind of like de facto capital controls on people's on people's funding but i mean the government really needs to step up its act in these negotiations and there's also the other big elephant in the room which is that the current government is a hezbollah backed government and there are many many question marks from western countries but also from gulf donors about whether or not they're willing to really back a government that they considered in many parts of the world a terror group leave it there for the time being but thanks so much for coming in.
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britain is set to suspend its extradition treaty with hong kong amid growing international condemnation of china's new national security lol in the territory the controversial law punishes a broad range of offenses that are considered subversion terrorism pollution with foreign elements that didn't stop pro-democracy activists from holding an unofficial i would be election hoping to come up with enough candidates to win a majority in the legislature need to use yeah on monday from pro-democracy activists joshua one submitted his application to run in the polls. i don't know that of hong kong's most prominent young activist. recently fled hong kong from london where. it's not all new in london the left hand traffic he says reminds him of hong kong his home which he flips 2 weeks ago the new security law made it impossible for the activists to stay
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. under the law. so a lot of. fear of being prosecuted i'm meeting law in central london the 27 year old brought this banner all the way from hong kong a banner that could now get him arrested at home and a reminder of what he is fighting for freedom access and chinese the activist does not want to disclose his exact location and plants because he's concerned for his safety we all know that childless rich could be very extensive. on the movie being extremely careful and cautious about saying so i could protect myself. it was an umbrella that once made famous one alongside thousands of other hong kong as he protested for democracy in 2014 together with one he founded the
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pro-democracy opposition party. and got elected to the city's defacto parliament now and has had to leave his life in hong kong behind. very painful decision but for me i think. is more than personalization is a strategy for the movement because we need someone to speak on the international level freely. people cannot speak up on the ground so for me i would love to bear the responsibility even though i need to have some personal. came to london on a visit with one clear purpose he wants to be the strong voice for those still fighting the fight back in hong kong but who are now being silenced under the new security law yes the historical time for u.k. regarding the china policy. change in the past 6 months. i
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think is. a strong consensus in the u.k. politics that we have to be more assertive to china and i hope that my presence and my engagement in the u.k. could facilitate that change that we could hold china accountable in the future we have no wants to end power the movement and his fellow activists from abroad but the reality of not knowing if and when he can return to hong kong in the future leave some set. is awaiting that you don't know when it will end. a lot of responsibility on my shoulder. and i have to remind myself. i don't leave for myself but for the whole movement. it's a lonely path that mason law has chosen but one where he believes he can be the
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most useful to the cause. joining me from hong kong now is our correspondent phoebe kong. moore is in london and now britain looks set to suspend its extradition treaty with hong kong is the pro-democracy movement in hong kong encouraged by britain's support. well this is what some of the activists in hong * kong happened lobbying and seeking from the international community that's what they call checks and balances against the hot air for them to take on despite an ounce of business what they have accounted for right now. let. me ask you. to be some kind of distrust who was on to this story and the end of the british government also laid out 9 the so-called life of you to
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accommodate hong kong this will hold british nationals this is possible that certainly u.k. and offer them a pop up like this but on the other hand it's not that they will ask the lady china's position relations which half and i'll grant you. this week and while this is going on you have another. joshua. the just in the city but. luckily this is not the 1st time i want to run back to the same model for the actual last time. but that he was disqualified by the authorities saying that he supports self-determination so this remains that this will make a pass just like he will be allowed to run for election this time. it has been
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closely watched out that's how the government implemented national security not specially. clearly stated that anyone with anyone wants to run for public office and that he or she must sign or document or take oath to such a letters to the specialist these special ministries of vision on this is a unique situation. just how long did. you feel that what a government that. is widely expected. that . we have this debate. that will. be coming. in. lifting destructions in the capital as around 2200 have died
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from the virus and the president has warned of the battle is not one but businesses need a boost the economy was already fragile before the pandemic and genocide has has been hit especially hard by the 4 month. for months this planet cyrus restaurant has seen only staff no guests inside they offer their food to go the owners have been fighting to keep the restaurant in business with its 90 year history wholly n.d.s. as part of the landscape of the argentine capital but now it's struggling emotionally so we have thought about closing the place down but so far we've been able to make ends meet. then added. slowly the city is starting to reopen families are allowed to venture outside more often joggers can hit the road again and from wednesday small businesses can reopen assuming they have survived a ghost town after 4 months of strict lockdown i mean it was definitely
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a challenge for the body for the mind and financially. before the pandemic argentina was already struggling on the heavy burden of debt to pay it off the economy needs to grow the coronavirus put a stop to that the government is trying to negotiate debt relief with its creditors the deadlines and of august if the contrary argentina will default not for the 1st time. to pull out from businesses this would be a catastrophe they would have serious trouble getting loans on the capital markets that would affect their ability to invest or to your companies would go bankrupt setting off mass job losses millions already depend on soup kitchens and this part of bio sirees they hand out 6000 meals every day. so. some of the people who come here a middle class they used to have their own businesses so. clearly n.d.s. refuses to give up on his restaurant it has already survived national bankruptcy
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and other crises he's betting it can outlive the pandemic. and let's not bring you up to date with the latest developments in the coronavirus pandemic the wild wide death toll has now risen above 600000 with the u.s. recording the most fatalities followed by brazil and the united kingdom the number of daily cases in india has hit another high the country has already long lost the $1000000.00 mark experts say the low testing rate in the country the true scale of the outbreak is likely much larger and australian authorities say a 2nd wave of the virus will take weeks to contain the epicenter of the new outbreak melba has now reported a 3rd successive day of low infection rates of cases in the country's largest city sydney are on the rise some sports news now in north america's major league baseball's thoughts on the 23rd of july but canada's pro team the toronto blue jays will not be able to host the games of their own stadium the canadian government has
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denied them permission to play in toronto amid the pandemic the team had hoped to receive an exemption from the 14 day according to an mandated when crossing the canada u.s. border but none was forthcoming the bluejays home is on the 29th of july giving them just over a week to find a temporary home in the united states. football now and a coaching job in the german forts wouldn't normally big waves but this one is we went to meet the only female court in german professional football 3 months into her new role and she says attitudes in the game are changing. the horse is in her element the 31 year old is head coach of german 4th tier club and a lot of it's her 2nd such job in men's football and it's all part of her plan. when i was there i know that i can play my whole life so i start just in the beginning to know ok i want to be a coach because i want
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a relationship for my whole life with a soccer last year she began to study coaching at the german football federation a move that allowed her to coach in the professional game and one that saw her learn from another trailblazing german manager when i make my internship like this with you and that it's meant it was. a very good experience he is such a good coach. so it was very interesting to see how how he teach principles the way to the top is hard enough for men and even more complicated for women men's clubs have next to no culture of female coaches old fashioned attitudes linger in the boardrooms and on the terraces wooden horse is the only female head coach in the top 4 men's divisions but she sees a change in attitudes among the younger generation. the boys i coach they have a different thinking about woman and i think when i am on the pitch with them and
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i show them how i want to play soccer with them and how i act with them it's perfect to talk to clap and say ok i am the right coach for your team that is the hardest step of being a soccer woman coach in the men's. football the cliche goes as a result business didn't host will notice a few big wins with her new club will go a long way to changing perceptions. after being appointed head coach of french league club monaco the 48 year old has been out of the job since the last monaco what a disappointing 9 when the french usable stopped because of the pandemic. in his 1st season with a left by mutual consent after the team had a bad run. you're watching news still to come.
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we look at some of europe's economy is like italy and spain. the show. you can follow. and i'll see you in 30 minutes.
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the fusion fuel in the building through which you believe him but his use of the words he's going to give money to buy them work for raja domo trumpet and flooding your pollutant were to part complementary analyzes the difficult relationship between russia and the west and between their presidents how does their rivalry and their dangerous mutual admiration affect the rest of the world to some bullies trump and putin starts august 3rd on d w and. the marathon talks continue even lead us into a full stay off tough negotiations for a 750000000000 euro coronavirus aid package can europe afford to those talks to fail. syria grapples with high inflation and soaring food crisis syrian fall must return to the fields facing a difficult new beginning.


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