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training successful. starts july 27th. this is the news live from signs of optimism from a new leaders negotiating a massive coronavirus recovery plan you council president shall michelle says an agreement worth hundreds of billions of euros is now within reach after a new proposal and of breaking 4 days of deadlock also on the program's drug maker astra zeneca appears to be leading the race to discover
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a coronavirus vaccine after announcing promising results from its 1st round of human trials. mexicans are forced to stay indoors as the pandemic takes a heavy toll people fearing for their livelihoods and struggling to make ends meet . i'm feel gail welcome to the program you council president shall michelle says he's confident a deal on a 750000000000 euro coronavirus recovery package will be reached leaders are in their 4th day of talks tensions have been running high with the core disagreement concerning how the funds will be distributed the latest proposal includes $390000000000.00 euros of grants and $360000000000.00 of loans that will have to be repaid and hit southern states such as italy and spain have been pushing for.
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bigger grounds a group of so-called frugal northern european countries where the bulk of the money distributed is loans but more checks on how the money spent. it's on his prime minister he said become tay says he's cautiously optimistic that the rift can be overcome and acknowledged that negotiations have been tough to leave there was there is a limit that must not be exceeded for the dignity of italy and for the dignity of all the other countries which are going through the acute phase of the crisis under living the most serious consequences we are not joking here it is no time for national navel gazing we are proposing a european solution here and there is no time left for jokes in the script so. let's have a look at this proposals and with our economic with a philip behind berger who is an economist from the vienna institute for international economic studies joins us from the austrian capital welcome to d.w. so the new proposal sees a proportion of grants rather than loans reduced to 390000000000 rather than
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500000000000 does that make sense from an economic point of view. well those of so-called frugal still pretend that 400000000000 grants are basically too much because i think if you understand that the real danger at the moment is rather that we will spend too little then that we will spend too much because i mean the real danger is that we will not manage to reduce unemployment in the countries hard and then it does leave long term scars and then economic polarisation will fuel political disintegration that is the real danger so you think then that there should be more of this 750000000000 should be in ground should be just given to the countries. well i think it would have been better if the countries would have stuck to the 500000000000 rands which was the initial proposal by the european commission there is no water down compromise most probably the amount of parental below
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400000000000 but this is a substantial reduction and i think that's still a problem because if you want to how the maximum macroeconomic firepower to help the country started and then it would be better to have more grants because loans to really help these countries why don't loans were if you are if you have to borrow money and you have to control your economy in order to pay them back why is that a bad idea well the main problem is that countries such as italy and spain already have pretty high public debt to g.d.p. ratios and elect the fiscal space to do something against the crisis or to do as much as countries such as truman the austria and the thing is that if you have more repayable loans this will further increase public debt and keep you riches and this will also cause problems on the eurozone countries because if interest rates increase there will be ripple effects in financial markets and this will have effects on all euro zone countries that's why it's not a good idea to stick with repay your loans right because because the way you see it
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if this becomes a problem for a few countries it will eventually become a problem for the block but i suppose on the other hand you have this idea that that you you mentioned that these are countries italy spain greece that don't have that much in the way of economic leeway if you like so lending countries are obviously going to be quite concerned about that. yes and we already saw their spending in terms of responding to coronavirus was less in countries such as italy compared to germany and i think this will not get better if we do not come up with a stronger european response and that's what do you recovery fund is basically about i see that's very clear thank you for outlining that for us dr phillip baca on the vienna institute for international economic studies a scientist at oxford university sector out of virus vaccine being developed with
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the pharmaceutical giant astra zeneca is showing promise after its 1st human trials but they're not the only contenders working on a vaccine dozens of big and start up pharma firms are in the race astra zeneca seems to be pulling ahead of the competition its vaccine was given to more than a 1000 volunteers they are produce an immune response the potential vaccine is one of at least $100.00 being developed across the world for covert 19 at least $23.00 of them are already in human trials according to the world health organisation. these are just some of the companies participating in the race against the coronavirus among them global players like pfizer sun orphy and johnson and johnson but there are so many unfamiliar names on that list start ups that are at the forefront against kobe bryant teen britain is snapping up 30000000 doses from
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german company by on tech a business founded just 12 years ago. from a suit of clothes giants like glaxo smith kline won a piece of the action to the companies buying a 10 percent stake in the german firm cure vax. heavyweight astra zeneca may be in the lead now but not so well known biotechs of also touted promising early results for their vaccines the race is on. well take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world britain's foreign secretary has announced a suspension of the country's extradition agreements on coal as well as an arms embargo was followed similar actions by the us australia and canada in response to china's new security role for the territory and the whole. media in germany reporting the former head of payments giant wire cutters fled to russia. has been on since wild card collapsed after 2000000000 hole was found in its balance sheet
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the austrian nationals reportedly staying at in the state of west of moscow in the supervision of russia's g.r.u. military intelligence. and $76.00 on a version of an attempt to assassinate out of hitler has been commemorated with the swearing in of new armed services of the crips in berlin germany france minister on it but about tend to be better to pay tribute to the conspirators behind the 1944 brief briefcase bomb plot. saudi arabia's king solomon seen here in file pictures has been taken to hospital the kingdoms official press agency says he'll undergo medical tests after developing an infiltration of his gallbladder king solomon's health has been a subject of speculation for years his son crown prince muhammad bin salomon is now effectively in charge. now for more than 50 days people have been taking to the streets of portland in the united states to protest against racism and the police brutality demonstrations were sparked by the killing of george florida an unarmed
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black man with the hands of media on his police in may as protests in portland increased over the last a few weeks the trumpet ministration deployed federal law enforcement officers to the city on sunday the president tweeted that he'd intervened because portland had lost control of the ana case and i just take says these were not merely protesters he wrote these are the real deal. i mean i see that's been following events in portland welcome i mean how much truth is that in the president's assertion that protest as a case and i just say says well it is true that there are an archivist in portland it's a pretty radical city by american city standards and the left wing is very active there but these are mass protests involving large loss of society there and a group of mothers actually set out to show that by organizing what they called
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a wall of moms it was about 30 women and they surrounded protesters to protect them they said from federal agents now the background to this is that there was a video last week of a woman confronting protest confronting federal agents and riot police about her son who was injured by a projectile by federal police and why they particularly concerned about federal ages well there's a distinction here between the state and city police and the federal agents and there has been an outcry in the u.s. over the use of federal agents which trump has said in to quote unquote quell the protests to an artist and agitators there and people see that as trump sending in into his own guys as if the federal agents are acting as his troops and you can see a video here of federal agents grabbing a protester off the street and putting him in an unmarked vehicle and taking him away now this is done kind of in secrecy there's not much transparency here usually
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city police deal with this and they have to put somebody under arrest usually and read them their rights before taking them away so this is definitely concerned people in the u.s. and so why all these protests important continuing and escalating when they have subsided elsewhere well there again i think there is truth to the fact that these protests have moved slightly away from the original black lives matter of movement and become more about a reaction to the reaction in other words the way that the federal age. stepped in the way that police have used very brutal means sometimes to stop protestors has brought out a lot more people that were involved in the beginning because they see the federal reaction trumps reaction to these protests as very problematic and want to get involved just to protect people's rights to protest i mean thank you
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now mexico is one of the countries hit hardest by the coronavirus pandemic latin america's 2nd largest economy is facing its worst recession in more than 80 years many mexicans are struggling to make ends meet with much of the population forced to stand. in the stories to liven up a boring day here in mexico city architect parks about garcia every 2 children who are stuck at home all day because of the coronavirus. for them it's a chance to get lost in their imaginations. i imagine what the characters say. the animals are like. the stories alive the kids to escape the tough times they're in but for many adults in mexico that's nearly impossible the pandemic has taken a heavy toll in the country some 345000 people have been infected with covert 19 almost $40000.00 have died nearly everything is closed to prevent the spread of
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the virus including this dance club in the mexican capital with tourists no longer coming to visit the city tour guides are struggling to make ends meet. 65 year old pays is worried about where his next paycheck will come from. when you're left out on the streets it's a radical change. tens of thousands face the same problem of hey suzy a pays they've lost their jobs their income. pawn shops though are benefiting from the crisis many people are selling off their valuables this woman has bought her family's jewelry. so i have some jewelry from my parents because they're not working so they gave it to me so we could cover our expenses one way or another. so. that's. mexican president andres manual lopez obrador has pledged to
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improve the health care system but the country's economic woes are likely to continue for some time. take a quick look at some sports star send germany's abundance laid dormant have put a big money down on the 17 year old hailed as one of england's the best new footballing talents now young jude bellingham will play for one of germany's top clubs betting on was up playing for his boy would take birmingham city england's 2nd division if you deals with the 26000000 who are the 5 names. european powerhouse clubs like manchester city chelsea and buy a new ticket to sign. a form of byron munich coach and nico kovacs is back in football after being appointed the head coach of french league club monaco the 48 year old croatians been out of a job since leaving bottom last november monaco a lot of disappointed 9th when the french season stopped because of an demick
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kovacs won the pundits league cup and he said 1st season with bias but left by mutual consent after the team had a bad run. in situ up today this is deemed to be news live from inventors only and is up next we have covered 19 a special i'll be back with more world news at the top of the of the day. combating the corona pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information and news. hour carona update. 19 special next on d w.


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