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this is deja vu news live from for lead european union leaders striking a hard fought deal on a multi-billion euro coronavirus recovery package they agree on the details of loans and grants to be given to countries hardest hit by the pandemic the deal which was reached after marathon talks in brussels that stretched over 4 days and nights will also involve the european commission undertaking mass borrowing for the 1st time. also coming up a man goes on trial in germany for attacking a synagogue 2 people were shot dead after he tried to storm the house of worship we
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find out of life is life for jewish people living in the town of hala and we still face anti semitic provocations plus the deserted beaches of miami rain is keeping them empty but the city's hospitals are full trying to cope with coping 19 cases as the pandemic surges across the u.s. . i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program european leaders have sealed a deal on an unprecedented 750000000000 euro coronavirus recovery fund after 4 days of heated talks which almost broke the record for the longest e.u. summit in history leaders finally agreed on the details of loans and grabs to be given to countries hit hardest by the pandemic the loans will include rule of law compliance measures meeting member states will have to show that they are upholding
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e.u. loss to receive the relief funds the european commission will also undertake mass mutual borrowing for the 1st time. well as the current president of the council of the e.u. germany's chancellor angela merkel worked closely with france's president to forge this deal merkel said that she was very relieved and described the deal as quote a good signal she talked about how the leaders work their way toward an agreement. after a very long session we have reached a good conclusion and i'm very happy about that emmanuel mccrone the french president and i are sitting with you here today and we can say that between 18th of may our joint initiative on the 21st of july we have covered an important distance in which europe has shown that it is prepared to go in new ways in a very special situation. i believe that is necessary
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extraordinary events and in this case that's the pandemic that has reached a school demands extraordinary new methods. and this was in. the german chancellor speaking earlier let's go straight to correspondent maria strauss who is standing by in brussels marina walk us through the details. leaders agreed to hand out 390000000000 euro grants that is a less than the 500000000000 yours that were originally proposed by you council president sharma shell instead but the overall funds will remain 750000000000 euro so there's also a certain amount of loans included here so it is the 1st time in history that the e.u. takes up mutual ised that there was a huge taboo before that so this is really a big thing for the e.u.
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they also agreed an overall budget for the next 7 years it will be the biggest bad should ever 1.8 trillion yours so some some big. milestones for the e.u. there but it certainly didn't come easily in fact they were days of negotiations many late nights what took them so long south there's a basic conflict we have been talking about it in the last couple of days there to solve and countries italy spain very hard hit by the covert 19 crisis they off also been facing economic difficulties even before covered 900 hit them and they said we need grants because we can't pay back loans we don't have the money for it and on the other hand there are the northern countries the so-called self declared frugal countries for example the netherlands and austria and they said yes ok we want to help you want to show solidarity but we want to only give out loans and so both
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have to compromise the reason is the fed to sell some core sort of victory to their own voters back home also. the netherlands prime minister has to let's listen with he had to say earlier this morning. what i was aiming for and i think we have achieved emerged in the lurch is you break at the local council to be able to enforce the reforms in member states if they are not against the broker of that particular member states. have to agree with european commission so divisions on full display there marie and i mean how big of a wedge are we seeing between e.u. members sara it's not unusual that a summit leaders talk money the budget takes a bit longer than usual so i miss it so even if this one took very long but yes
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there are clear divisions between south and north and also between east and west and there's one point where there's the showed very clearly and that's a rule of law mechanism that was one of the sticking points during the 3rd day on the 4th day of the summit that the question if money that is handed out with the budget of the recovery fund will be tied to true of law rules and the rule of law mechanism hungary and poland are 2 countries from the east of you the e.u. that have been strongly opposed to this idea because they have been facing accusations of violating the rule of law now this mechanism was introduced but many fear it will remain toothless marina just briefly what comes next. now the e.u. budget will have to be discussed at the u. parliament and i'm going to merkel said this morning it's this could be very difficult discussions so we'll see if it will get through marina strauss but the view from brussels thank you. let's get more now we are joined by younis
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emmanuel letus he is the director of studies at the european policy center think tank thank you so much for joining us this morning how groundbreaking is this deal for the e.u. . i think this is a very important deal it was a hard fought deal comes one of the worst crisis which the european union asparagus dates have ever seen were still the beginning of the covert 19 crisis you needed to have an agreement on the multi-channel financial framework you needed to have an agreement on the recovery fund in order to showcase that you are collectively able to deal with all of the multiple consequences of this crisis just imagine for a minute if we would not have this deal this would have made the situation much worse it would have created a lot of uncertainty and we know that uncertainty in times of crisis is the boys it is the poison for economic recovery is the poison for potential political
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developments so having this agreement is very important it is an unprecedented agreement in terms of what's the u. 27 have agreed to you know yes that needs to be an agreement also with the problem of it are competent that at the end of the day this will be implement so then talk with us about where this fits into the big picture because i mean one interest in an interesting aspect of the recovery font is the way that the e.u. is going to start to issue debt the commission itself is going to start issuing debt on its own one year ago this was a major major red line for some countries given that do you see this as a turning point now for the project. well it is an important step at all this is something which at the scale of least has never been done before the european commission will take up to 750000000000 of money on the financial markets so this is something i'm president did but having said that i think we should also be
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aware that this is a one off it is a crisis related response so it's directly related to the coordinating prices and this is not something which systemically from now onwards will be done at european level it is this crisis crisis specific and it is something which will be important it's something which is never been done before but at the same time i would not say that this is what some have called the hamiltonian moment meaning that this is the moment which resembles in the history of the united states of america the moment where you had this huge federal push i would not go that far so yes it is unprecedented it is in its magnitude its nature but at the same time it is something which is very much related to this crisis and it is necessary a sponsor of the challenges were not facing the causes of this crisis it is not something which was systemically changed the nature of the union from one day to
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the other ok so you're saying that the further integration could indeed be short lived it's not the speak hamiltonian moment but you know when we look at the different philosophies that sort of emerged during these negotiations also the fault lines on there were some pretty deep ones but in the end now everyone is saying that they got what they want ted who did get what they want want what they wanted and who's just faking at. no i think it's a typically european compromise as you correspondent was saying when you now have negotiation on this amount of money and this is far bigger than what we've had ever had at the european level and it includes not only the multi n.l. financial frank but also the recovery funds that we're talking about a huge amount of money so the fact that you had a marathon discussions marathon talks also difficult talks between member states is something which is normal and at the end of the day everyone is profiting from this
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because without a compromise the perspectives for what might happen in a future order being very sour would be negative so everyone's getting something out of that those who consider themselves to be the frugal for have made sure that there are that there are midges he breaks that the number of loans is higher than originally envisaged and those including germany and france were to come forward with this huge initiative in the way they got in principle what they want and we have to leave it there yanis manually test joining us from brussels from the european policy center thank you thank you for having me. well investors have also been following this marathon summit as you might imagine for some market reaction let's bring in financial correspondent standing by at the frankfurt stock exchange e.u. leaders talk chelsey of a historic deal to the markets agree. there's certainly
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relief in markets maybe not quite as much exuberance among among investors we did see the dax just open up a little over one percent. the euro is essentially flat today but one of the things sort of constraining the market reaction is that people sort of knew this was coming yesterday a lot of investors believe no matter what you readers would strike a deal so we had sort of seen the markets preparing for a deal over the past several hours we also have some questions about what the immediate impact of this will be when these discussions started the numbers that were being thrown around were more like 2 trillion 1.5 trillion for this recovery find it ended up being closer to 750000000000 euros so a lot smaller than a lot of investors had and initially expected and at the same time these funds won't start going out and will next year so they won't be an immediate response on the market we will still see the e.u.
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economy contract about 8 percent this year according to estimates so there's really not an immediate economic response that can be expected when we're talking about the money the how the money is going to be distributed what are investors preferences what's the talk down there. so the e.u. is calling this the next generation the. recovery fund so they really are hoping that this money will be spent on for $1.00 climate change efforts about 30 percent of this money is going to be earmarked for for climate related spending so that could be things like investments in electric vehicle charging points energy is but also just go with patient is a really big point so 5 g. things like that so investors are really hoping to see this money spent on projects that will really lay the groundwork for a more climate friendly and. you chelsea delaney in frankfurt thank you
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let's get a quick check now some other stories making news around the world u.s. secretary of state my pump aoe has arrived in the u.k. the 1st stop of his 2 day trip to europe is due to meet with u.k. prime minister boris johnson to discuss u.s. and u.k. trade and political developments in hong kong china's space agency is carrying out final checks on a rocket ahead of the scheduled launch of its mars mission later this week it will carry an orbiter a probe and a ground vehicle to the red planet it is china's 1st interplanetary mission and one of 3 international mars missions taking place this month a face masks are now compulsory in all of france's enclosed public spaces following a series of new coronavirus outbreaks face coverings were already required on public transport and in some stablish minutes france brought down infection numbers
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after a 2 month lockdown but authorities fear a resurgence scientists at oxford university say that a coronavirus vaccine being developed with pharmaceutical giant astra zeneca is showing promise after its 1st human trials but they're not the only contenders working on a vaccine dozens of big and start up farm us firms are in the race. astra zeneca seems to be pulling ahead of the competition its vaccine was given to more than a 1000 volunteers they all produce an immune response the potential vaccine is one of at least $100.00 being developed across the world for covert 19 at least $23.00 of them are already in human trials according to the world health organization. these are just some of the companies participating in the race against the corona virus among them global players like pfizer sun
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a fee and johnson and johnson but there are also many unfamiliar names on that list startups that are at the forefront against kobe dying teen britain is snapping up 30000000 doses from german company by on tech a business founded just 12 years ago from a suit of clothes giants like glaxo smith kline won a piece of the action to the companies buying a 10 percent stake in the german firm cure vax heavyweight astra zeneca may be in the lead now but not so well known biotechs of also touted promising early results for their vaccines the race is on. a corona virus cases are surging across the united states california reported a record increase of nearly 12000 new covert 19 infections on monday while florida reported more than 10000 are u.s. correspondents sent us this report on how the city of miami is dealing with the worsening outbreak. the beaches of miami's south beach are largely deserted
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these days rain here to stay for at least a week according to the u.s. national weather service will probably keep floridians from gathering in large crowds at the beaches and that's a good thing because miami is the new epicenter of the coronavirus crisis in the u.s. breaking records of new covert 1000 infections on an almost daily basis. we meet up with dr gary daniel poost a trauma surgeon at jackson memorial hospital in miami he is treating more and more coronavirus patients every day is practically begging people to change their behavior the most important thing is everybody has to wear a mask after we're masters no way around it. so it's a distancing is very important 6 feet apart. frequent hand washing hand hygiene is very important we cannot have right now large gatherings of people the miami jackson memorial health system 4 hospitals in total had 167 covert positive
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patients and the 1st infections peak back in april now doctors and nurses here are dealing with 400 covering patients and every day that number grows most difficult problem is that you know the patients or get them into the hospital very sick then you know a lot of support and create a care. there's not an infant. nurses and physicians. hospital missions increases the number of ice your requirements increases and the number of deaths will go up as the largest county hospital in all of the united states and the biggest provider of health care in miami other parts of the hospital have to be converted into covert i.c.u. units as quickly as possible that's a major challenge as it severely impacts other medical fields and services the hospital provides the core of what i do is that you have to see the patient 20 times a day to make sure that everything is working out well now you see. where the patient
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have to be isolated you cannot go in and out 20 times go to different places that's really stressful situation just change the way you'll practice medicine. and to. still be comfortable that you're doing the right thing and provide the services that patients deserve despite many pleads from a majority of health care professional and medical scientists the republican governor of florida ron dissenters has so far resisted calls for a mandate on wearing masks and he's trying to be opposed to suggestions for the need of another shutdown she's in the city of miami however is reportedly come to play to a new shelter in place or shut down order however for now and effective immediately the mayor ordered miami residents and visitors to be fined $50.00 without a warning if they are caught not wearing a mask anywhere in public. in germany the trial is set to begin of
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a man charged with attacking a synagogue in the eastern town of hala last october the suspect is accused of shooting 2 people dead as he tried to storm the synagogue the attack sent shock waves across germany and sparked renewed debate about the security of its jewish citizens. ego matvey x. is jewish and lives in the eastern german city of halla he shows us round the market square where most days a well known neo nazi organizes a rally as soon as he spots igor threats come over the loudspeaker. the but. when it does it's safe it's telling that even after the attack this kind of thing can still take place in the middle of. i'm sad to say it's quite normal for him to insult ordinary
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citizens things like this just fuel conspiracy theories and help to radicalize the holler attacker. the incitement stops just short of criminal activity but it helps to foster a climate of fear the extremists also targets the media accusing journalists of lying. the police are keeping a low profile we ask officers off camera whether it's right that jewish citizens should have to listen to this far right extremist they tell us the right winger also hears things a reference to civil rights campaigners. hell as jewish people tend to keep to themselves and that saved lives during the attack the solid wood synagogue door protected people inside from the gunshots.
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on october the 9th last year on yom kippur who are the most important jewish holiday the heavily armed near nazi tried to storm the synagogue. the attacker fired repeatedly at the door and threw hand grenades. failing to gain entry the attacker then shot dead a woman passer by to challenge him. he then opened fire to a nearby takeaway food shop killing one tying or. both of the victims are commemorated at the place where it happened. the leader of hal is jewish community was among the 50 worshippers who escaped the attack on the synagogue with their lives the effects however are still being felt when philip opening the new fuse on the sound of a helicopter makes me uneasy which it never did before. in this i am way i never
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had any problem with the fireworks on new year's eve the. problem this year i felt not exactly nervous but a bit uncomfortable and. that's because of the attack he's been the death of me does the months look. brava russkie recently found 2 swastikas in front of his office building. he was further unsettled when he witnessed a police officer covertly clearing a swastika away. feel so insecure or feel that you can't entirely rely on the police and other authorities that's really bad to. most of colors
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jewish community are reluctant to go out in public vs does venture out but remains cautious. and i think most jewish people would not be happy to walk around hollow wearing a kippah you to mention. it's no great surprise the tallis jewish community does not feel safe so why are neo nazis and out to spread racial hatred on a daily basis in the market square since the attack last year the man has prioritized countering anti semitism we wanted to ask him about this but his office said he was too busy to talk to us. and change of pace now we are heading to some sports. in football but think inside dortmund doesn't only have a reputation as a world class football team they are also at the heart of the sports youth movement the clubs a magnet for bright young guns to hit the pitch one of them is just bellingham who
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has just signed a long term contract with dortmund at the age of 17. it was a bit overboard to welcome by his new club and teammates. for 17 year old sudden millionaire jude bellingham it might even be called cheesy. but hey jude that club dortmund seems to always be good enough to make the champions league tournaments and always challenges for 2nd in the bundesliga came out and saw the size of the stadium and the quotes in the pictures and. get a real realize how big the club is so real on a to b. who else founded in honor at a very young age superstar in the making jaden san show join dortmund at 17. you know the funny thing is now associated with this youth movement in football 19 year
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old erling holland has joined the club just this year and has scored 16 goals already have a phenomenal track record in terms of. what they would pay for play is and what they're getting and you know the most striking example of course is monday at age 19 before he helped france win the world cup. signed with dortmund. at age 17 american christian polish it debuted for dortmund he's now at london's chelsea and don't forget robert leaven at age 21 the striker left poland for dortmund it became one of europe's best before moving to a buyer for male think it's a perfect club right now in this point my development there's not a back club in the world up producing young talent and developing them for the next level the thing is that next level for young stars is often somewhere other than dortmund maybe rivals like biron or clubs in england or spain holding on to the stars requires trophies and dortmund fans know they get close but don't often win
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those trophies. reminder of our top story leaders have struck a deal to implement a multi-billion euro coronavirus recovery plan after 4 days of heated talks they finally agreed on the details of loans and grants to a given country is hardest hit. with that you're up to date i'm sorry. and swatches.
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kickoff. this season was certainly a difference and yes like many out there it was a story of highs and lows in 10 and most of. them times when victory and defeat were just a moment apart. the 2nd part of our remaining steve. w. . provides for transplantation but what about the
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prince's. scientific advances could help the brutal black mafia to human organs. patients can wait for years for often invent or look for an illegal alternative. for good shortages. close up. in 60 minutes on d w. we know this is a scary time for the coronavirus is changing the world changing. so queenie's take care of yourself good systems wash your hands if you can date at how we're d.w.b. for here for you we are working tirelessly to keep you informed on all of our
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platforms we're all in this to get on together to make it free. do you see everybody stacey stay safe stay safe the priest stay safe. welcome to part 2 of our bundesliga season review aside from the coronavirus interruption it's been another fascinating.


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