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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  July 21, 2020 9:30pm-10:01pm CEST

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so please take care of yourself good distance and wash your hands if you can stay at how we're doing with you here we are working tirelessly to keep you informed don't overwhelm. we're all in this together run together and when they can. stay safe everybody stays in stay safe stay safe please stay safe. if you get a bit. by .
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welcome to part 2 of our bundesliga season review aside from the coronavirus interruption it's been another fascinating campaign in germany's top flight thrilling games with remarkable goals. time served superstars and young guns out to emulate them moments to stir the emotions or simply astounds one way or the other. but whether or not the clubs could reach their goals went right down to the wire. who's dropping out of the pond this late got to celebrating promotion and which clubs have claimed a place in europe next season here's how it all pans out in our season review on kick off. the place next season's chances rosia mention gladbach book their champions league return on match day 34. home victory over here to berlin seals 4th place in the
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final standings as he says he thinks he's going 65 points that's plenty we won a lot of games and played a lot of good football. there were very few matches where we didn't play well so our final place in the table is well merited. it's been a fine 1st season as bowls coach for marco jose at 59 percent win rate that's better than either of the club's legendary coaches happiness and tech managed back in the golden $71.00 highlight of the season without a doubt december's home victory over byron. that i didn't see but i thought that she could suck the. blood off even spend 8 match days setting the pace in the title race but mark was to homs variation on
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a corner flag celebration to mark every home win and there was plenty of winning whether home or away 20 times in the b. that's a 36 year high for the club and efforts spearheaded by french frontline duo allison player and of course to have. a training we thought about what we want to do in the works. for now there are also in safe hands at the back switzerland number one yan sama repelled a division best 76 percent of all efforts on his goal. save to basically the ones i defend as conklin that's what i meant for those stats like that do you have a good ring to the social system. but even young samba couldn't stave off the home loss to buyer labor couzin on match day $27.00. going all gods love. that. feature. about points leverkusen were wrong. course for the champions league
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themselves with kaya how parents really kicking into gear as the season progressed 2 goals before the winter break and 10 after it for the young man often compared to later who's a legend to me. what's his take on having outs. as opposed to box player is a good right to believe he can school with a head over to those old school enough and speed into the box useful information in his young age comes from one of the biggest to display is maybe the future of labor who's an earnest $63.00 points their best total in 7 years they finished 5th and secure themselves a europa league spot. next season hoffenheim will be joining them they secured their spot at dortmund on the final match day courtesy of the andre crime and show . stuff and stuff i probably should restrict guns in civilian areas it's going to. say. oh so trite crime rates have fabulous
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forecast for the croatian sharpshooter the kind of striker you need to compete at the top level both sports have one too in fact they cost $16.00 goals for the season including 3 at hoffenheim. and someone always getting a lot of conifers and i think that's for a return as it's really good biggest old boys just. and i don't know what the limit is. worthwhile ensure the qualifying phase of next season's europa league meanwhile the glovebox aim to appoint the champions league with their new corner flag celebration. but let's check out what was going down at the other read. at the bottom it's all about ups and downs on the one hand heartbreak to tell you they have the chance to do a good one. on the other jubilation direction for most. and for 2 teams.
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demotion for 2 others. no great surprise in the end but they were good for a few long the way categories passion for attacking football remained intact to the finished 2 goals at frankfurt but they still lost a year after promotion they're heading straight back down and the coach is going with them. in the style of football was fun the implementation sometimes less so we need to ask ourselves some questions and draw the right conclusions. by contrast dusseldorf spell occasion was a real hammer blow later on. a 3 nil defeat at oneone berlin saw them finish the season in 17 after having spent 13 match days in the play off place. bad timing and. right now it feels very unfair but that's life
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sometimes. they'll be trying to bounce straight back also with the same man in charge. of all empty. but. somehow trying to give somebody. the sun's already shining on stuttgart after some unsettled weather along the way the swabian suppressed at the finish a 6 nil goal fest at norm back on the penultimate match day effectively boomerang them back into the bundesliga a steady hand at the helm pelligrino much about so previously you only are novels man's assistant at hoffenheim much of the mind the team studied on a system focused throughout with everyone pulling together i'm very very proud of the guys the youngs and immediate return was always the mandate for the 3 time but this league it champions and the relief was immense. we won promotion that's what mass is. but it was armenia billa fell to. go up
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a 2nd division champions it's the club's 8 time promoting to the top flight this time they were 10 points clear of the pack with the divisions best often and top score. here and really looking forward to it already the closer we get to the start the more that's all going to ramp up. myself and the whole team is desperate to get going in the bundesliga just. at age 61 house is set for his 1st stint as a bonus league coach welcome to the big league and get ready for the motes more attention. fame can be fun like in interviews with reporter patrick over morning hello my name's you dance layman sense can embry play it like that was beautiful so should president i know my meeting. upfront i get my best ideas on the toilet with some like any. fans who. call the whole 7 so what's going to go on for long it's
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interview of the month. here at the interview highlights of the season. before. i know what happens using. t.v. autoload the inspirational toilet tell me more this moment i want to do your alone in peace and quiet it's good for focus thinking and i get some quite creative ideas only when you have nothing to write with you have to remember the. paper there is also good writing on. this for people. there's one story you have to explain to me . about a fish fillets that you put in union got in his car. it's a spiral slightly out of control but a good laugh once we get on grace. the chef if you could spare a bit of fish and he gave me this place phyllis on a place with the club. if you deny he said to the driver seemed to please god it
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was there for 3 days in fairly hot weather. but with this it was his wife's. muslim groups the greatest sporting moment at 17 playing passenger man with him of a choking over me 2 months earlier i was still of the whole spoke out to me and now i'm facing him last 16 of the champions league and he schools how tricky it was brutal so let's beat things up i want to ask you some really quick questions and ok best strike on all primes. which were my 1st when i was little was going on but the brazilian curry was a hamburger cambered actual lumpy chocolate treats. look at the tele pizza if you haven't tried it yet you should this is the one that kind of pulled i would always be a singer my grandma stroking your favorite out of the probably take over play these pieces because the playing piano is a real challenge for me i've absolutely no talent for music.
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but who is that one goalkeeper that could be the next monoid i like kevin tough a lot next week thanks very much it's nice to hear from someone like in. colorado lame and i just haven't started playing very young it's actually all of a story and really nothing personal absolutely and it's now you plan to bring this he can tell you what it's like the player seems crazy. first. everywhere the president present perfect looking back to when we were 16 we would have fought that for us and we'll end up at the same team and specially on team led by munich it feels like we're always says the same kids you know you must be in love with your team mates and the club because i have a little video i want to show you.
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well you don't know i'm not down them so important and you know me and so we have a good connection off the field as well so let's head into the 1st. all right let's go. thanks for doing the toy you want to be a league top scorer sometime now you've lost every challenge so thought a lot and she said the ball 3 shots each. that wasn't burgess was willing to budge you can shoot him i will allege in unions on a. yeah i told you. i look at this rate. with a 10. 70 protests is he going to do is to win the special fish to. me. the picture you kidding.
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that was close so were the 4. i think it's fair enough to say you beat me 1st of all let me say stay healthy is to miss my structure. every season produces those particular moments that vividly stick in your memory this time around bases both fresh and familiar were also busy writing their own page in the bundesliga record books. come closer personified vs the league's youngest ever score. itself but this league goal of floating out a strike for the record books aged 17 years and 34 days against one of the best in the business man among the oil we know his quality isa big big talent you can see when he scored a goal when he got. his laver cousens youngest bundesliga debutant as well the
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future looks bright. thomas malone still good for a surprise in munich. and new bundesliga benchmark of 21 assists for the season. in my 1st 67 years in my career i was more the there receiving striker in my. very good shape at the moment i assist many goals more often than not for all bad leventhal skee watson. sometimes 6. shots but he's suddenly very valuable again for biron. makoto has said to his friend for its laid back linchpin with 311 bundesliga appearances he also holds a record. breaking just shows that i'm proud to be the league's asian record holder . in germany since 2008 league champion with both sporks german cup winner with
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frankfurt and still going strong at 36. alfonzo davies rodgers alfonso davies byron's turbocharged teen sensation $36.00 of a half kilometers an hour no one's club higher in the bundesliga. be back in the record. he got no bottom when you think boys time of time and then me me me me the road runner there to buy the road runner comes ahead and i mean the steel ball davies is fired selectric the left back of choice. the obligatory head gears not the main reason klaus does with us stood out the season starter bourne's midfield and force are picked up 17 yellow cards over the course of the campaign that's also a record. just got a reputation as a beautiful yellow. well at least he never saw. his no meeting just
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a bit rougher than some. and now for the campaigns most memorable moments the fall of the berlin wall made headline news world. white on november 9th 1989 the 30 year anniversary of the historic event was marked with a spectacular show at the city's olympic stadium. as i believe for the full weight of the other people just get joins a time in 6 of the 4 days of the country is off today as a trumpet drive should visit the capital which makes it to november $29000.00 was also a special month for football and berlin the 1st ever bundesliga darby and germany's undivided capital with long established heritage making the short trip east across the city to top flight new boys when you're on. in your life.
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and in iraq and maybe you have to be a reality. show playing the huge arena stuff we're more wild but rock. and hip let's rock n roll for whom your own and their fans after a one will when they'll be talking about for years to come. to. the. dentist deacon meyer had to wait a long time for this moment 263 games in germany's top 2 divisions and a goal to show for it at last. but it's amazing and use my phone almost exploded with all the messages i was getting it's incredible i think i'm still going through them but i was just delighted if the boy dick meyer even struck again on the final match day in the 2nd division against hamburg of all clubs where he spent 8 years in the top flight
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without scoring once. then there was that time with the innovative here today redefining the scope of a defensive wall. called this extraordinary can get a mind of the ground. just in case they decide to go low and they will jumps but if he were ever seen anything like. that so much trouble got off the dock or when god basilan saw made the save of the season against fire and just in the nick of time with his finger tips. i didn't saw the ball but i think to make sure i didn't saw him and that flowing through my body my body but i think the last moment captured from the land so happy that i wasn't there. but it's not only the keepers who can shine on the line as frankfurt's martin him to echo
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athletically demonstrated. take courage by the book to make sure they go to the same job as good as they can play buddy or straight there are those occasions where the goal seems to styria sliotar frege just ask outsports marcos i stopped when i was age will be leaving. i think we're all sensational unforgettable moments. i but let's not analyze why some attempts in the bundesliga make it into the nats and some just don't i think. there were 982 goals this season that's the highest tally since 992 but just how likely is it in a given situation that a scoring attempt will succeed i do not judging or not ok that's not going to. here's our analysis of the expected goals or as we call it the
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x. calls factor that we use parameters such as authorization pressure distance out and shooting angle let's start with the easiest goal of the season tapped in by heritage as dodi looking back you know against later consent. from 80 centimeters out there's a 95 percent chance of this one going in x. goals factors 0.95 similar situation showed that 95 players out of 100 would succeed. at the other end of the spectrum also against laver couzin and with a chance astounding effort was least likely to succeed $29.00 metres out and accused 14 degree angle to the post with 4 opponents in the way that makes for an x. goals value of 0.01 meaning john's goal was one in a 100. adding together a team's tone of scoring opportunities gives their overall x. goals value and no one took their chances better than dortmund the grey bar here
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shows goal scored to the reds are indicates the number statistically expected and as we see dortmund exceeded those expectations by almost 30 goals. neither champs buyer nor 3rd place lives they could keep pace in this category though 11 above average is also not bad. individual dortmund have 3 particular overachievers this season for starters rafael get it though the euro 2016 champ here on a typical search down the left before cutting inside the tight angle contributes to an x. goal value of just 0.11 for the situation but get out of scores were others don't only around half of his 8 goals for the campaign could be statistically expected and that's acception all. next up teen wonder alan holland netting from a seemingly impossible position against cologne virtually parallel to the goal line shooting angle just 4 degrees is
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a 5 percent chance of those going in and he takes it. every bit as impressive was his last gasp headed winner at 2 silver or 10 metres out with 4 opponents around him again it's a point 05 probability and again no problem for holland. 13 goals of the finish of which only around $54.00 statistically expectable. and so to the player most likely to define the scoring on its jaded son show not least thanks to his propensity for taking on multiple opponents even facing 3 or 4 combo defenders with his skill set and x. goals factor of 0.060 most doesn't look so bad. at caterpillar in some shows top drawer technique engineers a finish a 5 percent probability despite all the defenders he needs just 1.2 seconds here from reception to dispatch to quick for his multiple markers. 17 goals in total
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only 8 of which could have been reasonably anticipated. with dortmund so diligent at the sharp and what they're missing to close the gap on biron is not quality but quantity join a place in the table for attempts on goal alongside minds dortmund need to create more chances for any title bid next season but enough statistics it's the goals we all really like to see. so here's our pick of the season 7. sometimes. 0 7 i suspect the super structure. i. could. see very. much. stop.
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doing it like if you did it surprise you. sophistry is going to. experience a. ring with a stunning. moment of magic. that comes marco fritos looking for you you'll see. 6 me finishing the job. so wonderful for me the peels away and then the technique is outstanding.
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maybe dusty takes a good story was an early play absolutely doing just so much more than just a touch a piece to spook kinds of clothes and is it the way things are very finest. soffits the storks who's done it for it keeps the last season because it takes time. to cook a. couple like 6 leave the basis to be on. a plane seafood he'll be. roasted i suppose with the book. good luck sucks.
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just. finished images go a little. that is sick sick sick place. they serve time except life by also education.
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get. all we can be the generation that ends it good malaria must start so
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millions can live. the european union leaders reach agreement on the recovery package worth hundreds of billions of euros. europe east europe. so. the government for
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