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tv   Eco Africa  Deutsche Welle  July 22, 2020 2:30pm-3:01pm CEST

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are they enemies going to do is to finish the feast seal it seal pushed you know go with him but he's usually a little he's going to go give a shit i never worked for rochester almost trump and flooding there were 2 part trucking entry analyzes the difficult relationship between russia and the us and between their presidents how does their rivalry and their dangerous mutual admiration affect the rest of the world to some bullies putin starts august 3rd on d w. come. the next 2 or 3 decades could be make or break for the future of our planet dirty fuels and plastics are 2 big challenges but in fact they are useful so simply getting rid of them isn't the solution we need to replace them with environmentally friendly
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alternatives are lucky for us there are a lot of clever innovations and inventions out there that could help make the world a better place and not just for us humans welcomes eco africa. in lagos nigeria and here's a look at what we have lined up on the show today. parties are fun but cleaning up is another man's clever complex he spends you the trouble. in my lease all of our use helping people to realize their dreams without having to be home. and then gonna have is making waste management more efficient a lucrative for people whose livelihoods depend on. after a strip or chill cases one of the world's greatest waste disposal services i'm talking about one are provided by vultures these coverages are not only willing they are eager to do the dirty work of cleaning up carcasses found in the wild there are about 23 different species of the bird across the world but sadly far too
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many of them are under threat and that is a problem because vultures the vital role in keeping ecosystems healthy which makes them well worth protecting let's stick a little. oh the health of africa's 11 vulture species artists hearing on the brink of extinction the environmental and nature kenya has been observing the developments in east africa it's distressing because without these scavengers dead animals would rot wherever they dropped and that could upset. what is a very much important in. cleaning the environment we call them the. undertaker the clean the environment all the dead carcasses and by doing this they stop the spread of diseases diseases like. and all that nature
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kenya introduced a vulture conservation program and them aside mara nature reserves in 2014 it's a mystery spread awareness of the crucial role vultures play. this group of must i work is nature kenya's vulture ambassadors they explain to villagers when a dead cow all going to spoil i grew chemicals in order to kill predators that threaten their livestock all of the animals that feed on the cack grass poisons and that includes a lot to vultures so as i want to volunteer i usually go into my region for example in my location i usually go to court on one of the conflict when there is a conflict. but it should be for its place and we actually sometimes think that carcasses of both. kill animals and we've put them aside and you can. actually talk to the owner of the animal no 2 ways when. support from villages and
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their leaders is key to the n.g.'s campaign the assistant chief of one village tells us that battles between humans and animals are an ongoing issue and it's. like area like and there is a lot of conflict all animals are being killed by live hyenas or leopards people outside getting killed by elephants before lives and livelihoods trapped in the present a serious challenge for us here to have a complete incident have awareness of i mean to be to a few. but you often the main victims of these conflicts are vultures and that's the environmentalists message to put an end to the agonizing jets nature kenya also cooperates with the mara reserves ranges. i think the biggest challenge is the issue of reporting. cases of poisoning we normally don't get a lot of reports from the community because they know that it's a crime and so
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a lot of this go unreported. but reporting the cases would get becomes evasion is the chance to save the birds that's why keeping communication channels open is important and. the effort is. basically talking now we discuss because we don't assume that they don't know they know something so what we do is to add to the dividing line and basically to create awareness also supported by bird live international the program is focused mainly on east africa because that's where vulture death rates are especially high the campaigns push to improve the exchange of information is now starting to yield results we are getting reports on not human to live conflict and also responses to. what voice is poisoning and by these some voters have been saved because there is.
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a poison in response protocol that is being followed. case off any. poisoning incident. this year and international initiative was launched with the goal of reducing vulture mossad to see in africa by 50 percent within the next decade. but for it to work it's vital that the local communities are also on board. and now from the birds to be like vultures being is also in danger as toxic pesticides used in agriculture are causing them to die off i don't president at rates one startup has come up with a neat idea to help these important pollinators companies 3 founders develop an insect friendly glossy admixture that you don't need to plant they've created a combustible confetti that can simply be thrown into the way it's not only easy it's fun to just take
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a look at this week's do you know but. when humans gather to celebrate they often threatened confetti to liven up the party. but for many bees and other insects the party is over. due to industrial agriculture many of the plants they need to survive being lost. philip via wants to give bees a helping hand. so he and some friends have created by integrated bill confetti made from staunch. and they add to the mix seeds of $26.00 local flower species.
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the entrepreneurs hope that happy humans will toss the eco friendly confetti and urban areas there by creating additional foraging options for beings and other insects. during a celebration. and that means that 1st the human celebrate and then the nature. of fun am delightful way to preserve biodiversity. and how about you if you're also doing your bit tell us about it visit our website or send us a tweet. hash tag doing your bit. we share your stories. wow what a wonderful idea. for the environment that's
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a good one but let's move on to another great green idea eco friendly construction projects that are also designs to cope with the threat posed by climate change rising sea levels are making headlines everywhere but particularly in places like the netherlands where a quarter of the country already lives below sea level some architects in amsterdam thought it would make sense to build a floating house this the results are pretty impressive that's it. living on was in a city center one day more than a 100 people live on this site can now in amsterdam. and michael schmidt and his wife yvonne find stock among the 1st residence. to the slaves confusion of it's a different way of life here least not the slightest. the water sparkles and reflects everywhere. and now exactly it actually seems more extreme.
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you're closer to nature when the wind blows and you open the door a gust of wind will come rushing into your face so everything arrives pretty directly here. this is one of a total of 30 buildings which are part of the projects from strip amsterdam each building has its own design. they all have one thing in common they float on special concrete rafts fastened on to pillows this swimming foundation needs to be able to carry several 100 tons and must therefore be balanced precisely by architects like howard up front you have to go every thing that you put on the boat how heavy it will be because if you put in too much. weight it will be too low and then the water starts to come in so that's why we make a lot of calculations but front how heavy the boat will be 20 different architects
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were involved in the project the houses were built on land and then brought to the dock. sustainability is particularly important to the inhabitants short trip translates into clean she. wanted to achieve is to show that you can live on water with very sustainable houses and in a sustainable way in the sense that we as a community so we had very high levels of what we wanted to show. to the world actually. like all the buildings pitted rocks houses supplied with produce solar power are sustainable and eco friendly materials we used for the houses the facade of the rocks is made from cork. you have to know some discussions with a whole group and we have to help from different. pfizer's materials so we ended
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up with a list of green orange less than a red list wreckless was a no go orange was ok if you really have to because of course reasons or technical reasons but prefer to use only materials from the greenest so corcos on the green list and we like this very much showed it was our choice to do so. living on water has a long tradition in amsterdam houseboats can be seen on almost every canal. one of the 1st splashing districts was built a couple of years ago in the district of 50 houses on artificial arms now the trend is arriving in the european cities in london for example where british architects back up planning floating homes in the royal blocks copenhagen has responded to a lack of affordable student housing with the so-called. 12 floating houses designed by star architect. b. archangels doesn't shy away from even greater visions of floating city for 10000
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people in regions threatened by climate change. in amsterdam demand is on the rise too i think there's a really big potential building on the water we see we have some requests for all over the world from new yorkers looking to live on the water belgium or in the netherlands there are several areas where they are building houses in communities over 520-2200 houses even. for yvonne van stock market this vision has become a reality 150 square meters to floor with a roof garden almost like a house in the countryside. but there is one difference their home. yes it was a little weird the 1st one you still haven't felt sick yet but i did have
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a day where i sure i need to set foot on some solid ground for the festival. but it's a small price to pay for their dream of living on water. if you are a regular viewer of our show you know that lots of people in africa do not have access to electricity it's not just that they can't turn on the lights on the flip of a switch electricity also drives business and without it people are deprived of valuable opportunities many results vying diesel generators but of course they aren't environmentally friendly how much better if the electricity comes from a renewable source one startup from germany is bringing solar power into remote areas of need and badly it's. residents in the village of syrah kaoru in southwestern mali are getting ready to welcome visitors the village has never heard electricity now that's about to change
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thanks to thorsten scheiber and his wife aida. they're the founders of a company called africa green tech they arrived to great fanfare. thank them to neighboring solar power plants to remote villages in the sahara region. but everyone here has been looking forward to this day for a long time. this is also. so it's such a relief to finally achieve this and make it possible for the people here. this is taken nearly 9 months of preparation when the moment finally comes where you know now it's happening tomorrow they'll be light it's a great relief. while the village is celebrate the my. early in technicians from africa green tech set to work right now go rock. that
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there's lots to do before the lights can go on one after the long journey every component needs checking the container spent 6 months at the customs office followed by a long drive lasting many days over sunday roads the solar system costs 150000 euros the hope is it will strengthen the local economy. to make a solar plant like this worthwhile you need a village with at least 4 to 5000 residents we also look very closely at whether there's potential for a productive use of electricity unlike home solar power providers our focus is on strengthening small and medium sized businesses so we want to know are there carpenters and welders and tailors here and we look for 40 or 50 small and medium sized businesses. their leader shriver was born in mali. she's particularly keen to help the women here many of them sell
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goods she wants them to benefit from the new supply of electricity to. them and i'm not going to give them an example and i have no problem of the state most of the problems that the women here have stem from the fact that they have no access to education. as a result they're much more focused on having children and the birth rates go up and up here on africa green africa greentech does this offer them an opportunity to receive training and improve their chances of earning money it's a decent if the economy in the village improves the residents will also have more money to invest in their children's education so beyond providing electricity it's also about improving the villages prospects. in the village if their leader 5. either way that's already evident here a solar plant from africa green tech has been operating for 2 years now and the
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local economy is flourishing. whom i cater runs a restaurant on the main road that leads to molly's capital bamako he also has a workshop and a chicken farm. that i was already on my way to spain but when i heard that electricity was coming to julie were i came back and opened this restaurant and thank god i'm now earning enough. to locate a has also created jobs providing a secure income for many other families in the village. that haider and tossed and keep contact with customers like my cater to learn from their experiences his successes confirmation that they're on the right path. back in syria coral the work is nearing completion the last few streetlights are being cut up some who were previously undecided now want to sign
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a contract with the company as they see things are really happening. so leave wife sells vegetables and poultry so he wants electricity in his house. signed the contract because i want to buy a fridge and then my wife will be able to keep her produce fresh for longer to get a better price for it. my children will be able to study better and life here will be safer. customers do have to pay for the extra city but it costs a lot less than power from the diesel generators that are so widespread in africa. it takes about 15 years for the company to get the money back on its investment $18.00 solar containers are already up and running including one in neighboring new shares for more are on their way to africa. one of. what motivates us
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as founders is wanting to make a mark bring change and inspire others to follow suit for me personally helping the environment is key i want my children to know that i had least tried to change things and didn't just watch everything got worse. towards evening everything is finally setter. the control systems for the batteries are tested once more to ensure there will also be power when it gets dark . in the region a shot of the stuff that was an important moment if the storage systems weren't working that would have been it but now we can produce a light. at the bottom of the another topic frequently featured on eco africa is waste
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management which in several countries on the continent is either out badly organized or non-existent in west africa one stock has developed an apt to help improve the efficiency of collecting on recycling waste could the idea catch on elsewhere too many people got already using oh. just a quick leak and their waste collected on the road and based company is always on call to pick up its clients plastic waste and not only does their recycling phone collect their waste it also pays for eat the beds await the amount entered into the app and the money transferred drive to the clients more by an account up of the time a good been in the mornin than mine mark on a plate make a request longer then place my request then one of the i ready to pick from and
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they pick up this and that the plastic. 20 by small collection trucks have been zipping around across streets for 3 years every month they collect of the 12 tons of lastic waste from regular customers around $2500.00 pounds so it's back to teamed up with a friend for the project. by the mobile platform recycling some of the people's fingertips they can drop off center they can weave course where pick up and then they come. and i will just pick them up bring them to this salted imposes and possibilities where do i recycled into new products. at the company's processing sites the plastic is 1st sorted and shredded. then there is such in place and pallets assault on 2 companies in ghana and your old. asia 80 percent of the stuff is female their women say they are able to
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and leave the wage from their work here. 3 or 4 starts in a day that. it is a lot of money and we have a company. health health insurance and health and life and for us to and they found . when we called a company. in bluegrass medication that company buys them medical and medicine for us. clearly about also buys plastic waste from women who collect it in the streets and believe in themselves it has become an important source of income for 68 year old rosalynn to take and her family. and friends it's helped me plan my critiques for my needs i have my own need. for greed
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and varying reasons for my grand children who would be asked me to give them some food that my move to i would just go for the money i want anybody to boral me it's why i walk out to get them to put down for them several times a week rosen into tape decks watch is collected and prepared to acorn about jumps into one is just a kilometer from her home she delivers 80 to 100 kilos in month to the company with no smartphone she prefers to be paid in cash payments. it can be a conscious common belief we fight against which have i done a bad thing most of them going by the money but damn you this is pedialyte you know it's what. you feel in that place and then we have a package for kids with cars and the. business is also supporting their recycling
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more doing their assassinate your station has signed up for the services and has installed collection bins on its premises which can use. we're hoping to do even bigger. things together. we will follow them into when they need to do the outreach isn't like that's how soon radio will be there to give the support so that more and more people are educated and so the practice becomes a habit then recycling said this also gets weights from down to accommodate the growing volume of plastic the company recently f.y.r. a match piece of land on the outskirts of the city. well i hope that if you don't already recycle your rubbish that this will pressure a teacher start to be sure to join us again next week for more inspiring green ideas i remember you can always this is our website all show thoughts on comments
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we doesn't treat on facebook i hope you enjoyed the show thanks for watching and now it's like we're signing off from lagos nigeria but i. don't. lose. lose. lose.
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lose lose lose lose. lose lose lose. in a globalized world. where everything is connected. all it takes is a scholarship to set things in motion the. local hero show how their ideas can change the world.
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3000. and 30 minutes on d w d q you know that 77 percent topic are younger than 6 o'clock. that's me. and you. think you know what time it all forces 100. 77 percent to talk about the issue. from the point of the flash from housing boom boom time this is where they are. welcome to the 77 percent. this weekend off t w. imagine being bored. you're a liar come prove it since. you want to look for no school. you
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want to be put on a love to. see the doctor's note when you fall in love they want. you don't have children for fear. they'll be invisible to. have knows. when you've gone there's no. every 10 to. 10000000 people in the world the stakes they have no nationality and made up along and. that everyone has the right . everyone has the right to say.
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this is. from. payola tons up the pressure the u.s. secretary of state is trying to get the 10 baht to stop watch of the ball stream to pipeline possible through its water as it were delivered russian gas to germany also coming up. and all of tristen the rising tension between the us and china firefighters are as opposed to a chinese consulate off.


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