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the as. i am. this is the interview news live from berlin new charges against top executives at germany's wire card state prosecutors arrest 3 former board members including c.e.o. marcus browne for a 2nd time investigators now say the one time blue chip company they did turn into the past 5 years. also coming up tensions between the u.s. and china are heating up once again firefighters are called to the chinese consulate in houston texas that's as a trumpet ministration orders it to close it citing concerns over u.s. intellectual hard work the diplomats burning the sensitive documents. plus hong kong's publishers mark up the risky writing don't have the clout out of their books
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beijing's new security laws for any time it appears in the industry. and food for the souls of underprivileged kids in the form of dance we need a ballet teacher in nigeria who offers lessons for free and some of the students who say dancing has changed a lot. to answer. i'm sumi so it's going to it's great to have you with us we start with some breaking news german prosecutors say they have arrested the former chief executive and 2 board members of the payments processor wire card as part of fraud investigations marcus brown and the board members were detained in munich investigators say the 3 are suspected of faking income to inflate the company's balance sheet wire card went bankrupt after we're dealing a nearly 2000000000 euro hole in its accounts last month the scandal has triggered criticism of germany's financial oversight and let the calls for the government to
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explain how much it knew about wire cards dubious accounting practices. let's bring indeed up use financial correspondent shall see delaney she's following the story for us i shall see prosecutors here alleging that wire cards sake to its profits since to 2015 how could that have happened. so on the surface the wire card was a payment processor so they would process payments for businesses they have these licenses but master card with fees that are processed payments but what it lacked looks like they were getting most of their money from was. sort of networks of sham companies overseas so and in overseas areas a lot of times they couldn't get licenses to process payments so they would set up these agreements with 3rd party companies and that's where they ended up over the past 5 years that's where they were saying the majority of their money was coming from now what prosecutors are saying is that it looks like that money was and it didn't really exist those partnerships that were counting for almost all of their
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revenue were actually fake so this is really. sort of at the heart of these allegations and what these documents appear to be showing is a widespread network of fraudulent transactions that they used to make it look like they were actually making money from these partnerships and they weren't and prosecutors have no rest of the former chief executive to board members could more arrests although. it's definitely a possibility they've also got in custody the head of one of these subsidiaries overseas from their middle east subsidiary of that appears to be where they're getting this information from the middle east subsidiary had turned himself in and has been cooperated with prosecutors but one of the biggest mysteries remaining is where is the chief operating officer marsala he was really seen as the mastermind behind setting up these overseas partnerships he's been missing since the last
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month since these allegations came out he he fled the country he was supposed to be in the philippines that looked like it was fake documents the latest reports are that he was located in russia but he is clearly crucial to understanding the scale and the details of this fraud but the it's quite a big question where he actually is right now and if german prosecutors were able to get him back our financial correspondent chelsea dillon you following the very latest for us thank you so much. now to another escalation between the world's 2 biggest economies the united states has ordered china to close its consulate in houston texas the u.s. state department said it was a necessary measures to protect american intellectual property beijing has called the move a political provocation and a violation of international norms just hours after the order was issued firefighters were called to the consulate's bins on fire inside the courtyard of
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the chinese consulate in houston witnesses said they could smell paper being burned the 1st wafer of a bigger story because this firefighters arrived chinese state media started reporting the u.s. had ordered the consulate to be closed. it's a political provocation you know that free launched by the u.s. side which seriously violates international law basic norms governing international relations and the bilateral consular agreements between china and the u.s. china strongly condemn such an outrageous move. beat you to it or you what would you be speaking in denmark the u.s. secretary of state said china had stolen intellectual property. we're setting a clear expertise as for how the chinese communist party is going to behave and when they don't who are going to take actions that protect the american people protect our security our national security and also protect our economy and jobs
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that's the actions that you're seeing taken by present trump will continue to engage in those the u.s. directive comes a day off to 2 chinese nationals were charged with hacking said to be working as spies they're accused among other things of trying to steal coronavirus vaccine research. campaign targeted intellectual property and confidential business information held by the private sector including covert 19 related treatment testing and back scenes. back in houston this was his closest firefighters could get to the consulate they weren't allowed in chinese officials have 72 hours to get out with china threatening to close u.s. consulates in response. to fine have been pushed out of the u.s. china relationship is smoldering as much as ever. and we've got our correspondents
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on the story for us much less printing on standby in beijing and the month is in washington good to see you both let's start with you can you tell us more about the u.s. explanation for why this move was necessary in houston and why now. or you summed it up pretty well in the piece we just saw these folks person or a state department spokesperson morgan said exactly as we quoted already in the piece that in order to protect american intellectual property and the privacy of americans and the information that was necessary and taken by the trumpet ministration as you know mike pompei also in the piece traveling at the moment in europe for that very reason to actually drum up support for a harder line of the united states against china against beijing in copenhagen right now he's meeting there with chinese dissidents of course in london and other places in europe too but that is one purpose and top pipe on the agenda of mr
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pompei of secretary of state pump able to drum up this support this more combative their stance against china against beijing from washington and from donald trump well let's get the perspective from beijing now mathias china's already condemned this move saying it's outrageous and it is a big escalation so what are we going to see from beijing in response. beijing has cited would retaliate that it's clear they have to do this for several reasons diplomatic reasons but also for the nationalistic audience in china it is not clear how they would retaliate the u.s. has 5 consulates in the chinese mainland and one in hong kong and of course one of them is going to be closed there are several options the mildest response would be to close the consulate in one hand the u.s. has shut it down when the pen demick started in general and it has not yet reopened the nuclear option would probably to shut down at the consulate in hong kong that
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would leave tens of thousands of american citizens who live in the city without conscious support because they could not travel to another consulate in the mainland that would be off course the worst case scenario it's not very likely that this is going to be the option for now china and is in its retaliatory measures to any escalation has always did try to do something that would not break the last bridge that china is somehow trying to not to go directly on donald trump they have for example been insulting pompei o a very in in state media various times but never trump directly so we will see now china has a very nationalist government china has a very nationalist audience they are under pressure to respond and the guess is as good as the other right now well the stakes are pretty high right now stefan what reactions have you seen to this in the u.s. and how much support does the trump administration have for this hour ratcheting up
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of tensions with china again. well i think he has a large amount the administration has a large amount of support least in the g.o.p. that means in the republican party because there's a lot of senators and representatives file and rank and file in the republican party who are actually pressuring or have pressured the president and the trump are going straight in the last few weeks to actually take a harder stance against china specifically in context of coronavirus the coronavirus pandemic here and alleged spying and stealing off trade secrets or research secrets when it comes to therapy or vaccines against the covert 19 virus however the president has a little bit of an image problem they are has head image problem because he was fairly seen as fairly soft. again in dealing with china and now all of this has changed and of course there is a political background for this and an agenda. behind all of this targeted
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towards of course the november presidential elections you're right of course we have to keep that in mind mathias said just coming back to you quickly the relationship between these 2 countries as you were he said it's extremely strained where do you think this leaves diplomatic ties if you had asked me 2 days ago i would have told you that the diplomatic relations between the u.s. and china other would that are they are at historically low the worst since the 2 countries have diplomatic ties. for 2 years now i'm looking forward to say we'll stand worst it's pretty bad and it's probably not going to change until the u.s. elections we will see what happens then our correspondents mightiest building out there in beijing it's definitely months in washington thank you both so much for sharing your insights with us. now to some other stories making headlines around the world greek firefighters are battling to control a large forest fire near
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a seaside village in the eastern peloponnese authorities say they had to evacuate a residential settlement and catch trees because the blaze was moving towards a military camp where explosives were stored. south african anti-apartheid campaigner andrew gagne has died at the age of 95 mangini stood trial with nelson mandela and was imprisoned in the tourist robben island prison for more than a quarter of a century. and hungary's largest independent news site index h u has fired its editor in chief the sacking of has increased concerns about the curbing of media freedoms just a month ago doulas who warned that the portals independence was at risk after a pro-government businessman gained significant control over its funding. and the trumpet ministration is under growing pressure to backtrack on plans to withdraw thousands of u.s. troops from europe the u.s. house of representatives has passed the defense bill that attempts to halt the
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pullout the senate is debating its own version of the bill today which will eventually go to the president for approval and berlin is also signaling its opposition to the trumpet ministrations plan in an interview chief political editor michelle asked german defense minister ana could come cullen bauer if the plan has damaged relations with washington. so far there has been no damage to nato but you are right as if the issue of a troop withdrawal from germany is 1st and foremost a question for the alliance and one key factor if the u.s. congress agrees to the troop withdrawal is where they will go that's still completely unclear this is if they stay in europe then this remains a commitment towards nato says but if they were to be restated to the indo pacific region that would indicate a change of u.s. strategy which then would spark a debate within. nato and the definition stockmen will this be the only used under
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the discussion and then. you also said that it was dangerous if european states had a very different outlook on the process what exactly does that mean. in the e.u. we've said that we need a strategic compass here the 1st step is a joint in the alice is a threat and it is important that these analyses include all perspectives we must take into account that the northern european states the baltics but also central and eastern europe have different perceptions of russia which must be taken into account. but in the end we must find a common base that leads us to develop a joint ability to act that would be the big task of a common strategic compass which our east states must help push forward over the next 2 years and let's come to an issue that you say you didn't pick yourself which is right wing extremism particularly in the special forces of the born despair that . tens of thousands of rounds of ammunition were missing how concerned are you that
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those extremists will also eventually not. taking any indication this could happen very seriously as we saw with the murder of the politician voter luka and the attack on a synagogue in holland that there was a common chain of events people believe things and some made those beliefs public they were also people who moved from word to deed we must prevent that at all cost that is a special task especially in the military where we conduct military training where we have weapons and ammunition that's why we are mystique illicitly investigating the disappearance of ammunition we must consider all of the possibilities and we are currently investigating all of these options thoroughly and with diligence minister thank you very much for the interview with your welcome. now books have not been
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a safe trade in hong kong for several years now some booksellers mysteriously disappeared 5 years ago and turned up a few months later saying that they've been held in mainland china now with the tough new security law imposed by beijing last month a growing number of hong kong authors publishers and bookstores are moving their businesses abroad or censoring their products publishing books in home call hasn't been easy for a while especially when the bubble last year's protests for publisher raimundo the new chinese security law has changed everything about his current project a collection of articles written by thousands of people who took part in the demonstrations rain man and his team have been taking a worse and pictures that could. they have even changed the book cover these attacks on patients mock some of the so-called to boost. because if i can we don't know if you got most of the political slogans were removed such as the popular
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protest slogan liberate hong kong revolution of our times which has recently been declared illegal the whole point here that we also deleted the paragraphs which we advocate or imply secession but no one can tell us how you exactly that red line is drawn not even lawyers it's the most painful project i've done for years i've also been a. bloke was to have been published 2 months ago but that still hasn't happened as 5 printers have rejected it because of the sensitivity some ask raymond to change part of the content that rarely happened in the past this trip it has bookstores also turned it down. beijing sweeping law is not only deterring new publications but it's also affecting older ones. a federal publisher who has worked in the industry for over 3 the case has also felt is it that he has suspended further publication author burke police last year to mark 30 of any of those 3 of the 10
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most. the remaining copies won't be put on display at book fairs anymore. i think this is the biggest crisis facing the whole industry everyone is anxious we don't want to be revolutionaries but free speech and promote knowledge what equality do are citizens of this diversity and enlightening ideologies vanish and that's hard to restore once there. i can make to see. what's going on in hong kong it's more than self-censorship at least my boss written by oppositions bankers have been moved from public libraries in order to review what are they breached a new law schools have also been ordered to do the same if any it had possibly illegal. a growing number of home of those publishers and bookstores are moving their business abroad neither to me paying the rayman yo are ready to quit right now this book is told to freedom that's what he wants to practice this fight the
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challenges we face only tell you it's frustrating but i will try to publish it in hong kong this book itself is a form of resistance and the only way to keep the freedom of publication in life is to actually say that here and not to abandon the rights we do sound. walton and voice and i hope. that he's in a minority many more people in hong kong observing the situation from the time to fear for now of beijing's clout to speak up. for in south africa the number of corona infections is growing rapidly with an average of more than 10000. a day since the end of march the country has implemented one of the world's strictest lockdowns to to the pandemic but it's having severe economic consequences not least for the food and restaurant industry many of the sector now fear that hundreds of thousands of jobs could be lost our correspondent chris reports from cape town. a 1000000 seats on the streets this is how restaurants call the biggest
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ever united protests in the history of south africa's restaurant industry when the center of cape town on green street normally it's really was crossed but at the moment you can see it's business move tables and chairs on the streets to protest against the current blocked on regulations and to highlight the plight of the industry many here are disappointed and angry. that they haven't had an income for about 4 months now and things are just getting worse we just need some sort of support from the government some sort of sign that concerns that you know we will be operating for some time i mean the industry is taking such a big hit today it's taking such a big hit one of the best places the closing places the federal making money are not really taking such a big hit and it's just sad because there's just no support from anybody at this point we don't have much long left i mean we're on the only one so you walk up and
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down british rate which used to be the. capital of cape town. and you see how many to let signs are. where we were in dire straits now we're breaking point we do know that. he. questions will be taken. at the beginning of the lock down restaurants have to stop their operation completely since june allowed to operate again at limited capacity and many here say this is not enough to survive the sale of alcohol is banned and many are rely on. the bigger margins that they have when they sell brings compared to foods also there's a night curfew in place starting at 9 pm essentially killing the dinner business the restaurant association of south africa says already 70 percent of jobs have been lost which means 800000 people out of school and prison jobs could follow the
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tourist season here starts in september but there's no indication whether tourism will be allowed by them or not. now over half of nigerians live in poverty for many of the most basic things in life like food and running water are a priority but one ballet teacher and lego says children also need food for their souls in order to prosper he teaches them to dance for free one of his students is 18 year old our correspondent funny fish are when to meet or to find out how dancing is changing her life. not much light no ventilators little space 8 families live in this housing complex today starts early for a day without breakfast but with a new choice the 18 year old shares 10 square meters with her mother and her younger sister she's trying to help her family by putting her own needs on hold life for a now is very difficult. because sometimes i need something because if you don't
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have enough money i just keep it simple tell me stuff like that's. its. schools are closed due to the pandemic when i meet a small is an elementary teacher she has to stay at home without a salary and is struggling to provide for her 2 daughters i'm about to be taking good care of the 2 and this is the one for me given the with i don't want to look. outside means. one of the poorer neighborhoods of lagos some girls slide into prostitution to make money and some boys become criminals media grew up here she's looking for a different path. this is the same neighborhood but it feels like a different world i guess ready so will be doing. a very simple conditions in.
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a class of 12 students trains in this makeshift dance room twice a week one of the. some are as young as 6 danielle a self-taught professional dancer is teaching them for free to keep them off the streets. some of them are not going to be compression or dance as we know that's because. the training that gets you know it can be applied to many if you're like. me that was one of his 1st students in 27 team she says it's never too late to start the ballet not even for me in my thirty's like this. you go to be. just smiling day dancing she says how to cope with her daily struggles. when it comes and downs and forget about everything behind this dance makes me feel happy and make this express my
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feelings she eats how i feel i dance. just forget about that now to change their stage improvised the streets of. the contrast couldn't be big for some it's a welcome distraction others are skeptical. because of the religious people may enjoy to do that it is going to send for you ladies are stupid selig's op. you know what the screen where it's not like that. well let me does day doesn't end here after broadway she learns to saw at these shores norming a trade that may finance for studies one day she keeps practicing ballet while she's sewing. reactions because then my thing me forget about everybody behind me i just focus on my fit this i know what i want to
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a massive. may never dance on the big international stage is a dancing give some strength something she needs to overcome the difficulties she faces. and we have a just one sports item for you a group of high profile names have invested in the funding of a new los angeles football team for the 2022 national women's soccer league investors include tennis star serena williams and her husband alex or hani and a hollywood actress natalie portman and it doesn't former u.s. women's national team players are also in the next the team has no name but the ownership group is called angel city there's currently no women's soccer league team in california. let's get a recap now of our top story here indeed of you german prosecutors have arrested former wire card c.e.o. marcus brown along with 2 board members as part of fraud investigations investigators say that the 3 are suspected of faking the now bankrupt companies
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earnings over the past 5 years. thank you for watching t.v. news.
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