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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 26, 2020 9:00am-9:16am CEST

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he's only going up against. global concentration the world on fire starts aug 12th on g.w. . this is the w. news live from berlin the coronavirus hits north korea leader kim jong un calls an emergency meeting after a person shows covert 19 symptoms the isolated country has so far claims to have avoided the coronavirus yet also coming up britain imposes a 14 day coroutine on travelers arriving from spain where there's been
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a recent spike in corona virus cases that says spanish authorities reintroduce measures to prevent the spread of the pandemic. and cope with 19 means berlin's temple of techno can't pack party goers so the notorious back kind club clears the dance floor to make room for something less sports troops. as welcome to the program we start in north korea which has placed the city of k. song near the border with south korea under total lockdown after a person was found suspected of covert $900.00 symptoms leader kim jong un called an emergency meeting on saturday if confirmed it would be the country's 1st official case north korean state media say the person suspected of having the virus . legally from south korea. for more on that story i'm not joined
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by just smithies a reuters correspondent in seoul in south korea if can fund this will be the 1st case officially acknowledged by north korean authorities how credible is that there has been a lot of suspicion cast on north korea's claims to have no confirmed cases so far not least because information is so difficult to get out of north korea in any kind of independent fashion obviously there's a lot of control on any kind of media access and even international institutions like the w. h. o. have only had relied on numbers given to them by the north korean government and so while it's been a lot of suspicions that there is some kind of outbreak there we also have no confirmation that there has been any kind of outbreak and in recent weeks north korea had actually sums shown signs of lifting some of the restrictions that it
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imposed there and so at this point it's really unclear and as you said this would be the 1st confirmation and so that's something that's going to get a lot of attention if confirmed this case has been linked to a person whom the authorities in north korea claimed defected to south korea 3 years ago and just now returned to north korea what are we to make of that. it is somewhat interesting scenario on several levels south korean authorities here say that they're still. figuring out whether that story is credible but they have said there's actually a good chance that someone didn't turn to north korea recently at the same time it's unclear whether that person actually had cohered of any type and so it's something that we'll never know the actual eco's of that in the past north korea has sometimes mixed a bit of facts and. facts and fiction together and that may be the case that we're
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looking at here. just in so thank you fortune has imposed a 2 week orenstein on travelers arriving from spain after a surgeon covert 19 cases that europe has only recently reopened most of its borders to travel nightlife in the spanish region of catalonia is shutting down once more while national authorities are introducing new measures against the recent spike in infections. holidaymaker is seeking relief from the global pandemic have contributed to a spike in covert 19 infections sending these cattle and beaches into a 2nd shutdown. nightlife in barcelona is scaling back once more with clubs forced to close and to reimpose curfew on restaurants and bars there are concerns that young people could transmit the virus to the elderly.
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this of course i support the new restrictions for the economy for health for everything things are bad and will only get worse if people are not conscious of what they have to do. britain has reimposed a 2 week quarantine for travelers arriving from spain to operator to be canceled all flights to the country following the announcement the french government is a devising its citizens against travelling across the border into catalonia prompting concerns over terrorism in the region. everything is going so badly maybe this year there has been a 30 or 40 percent drop in the french compared to. if 10 or even 50 percent fewer french people come it will make a difference but. spanish authorities insist the country is safe with local isolated and controlled breaks. fears of a 2nd wave across europe leave nations grappling between staving off fresh breaks
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and reopening their economies. to the u.s. now where record number numbers of jobless workers are facing uncertainty as they wait for congress to decide on whether to extend a boost so unemployment benefits the current coronavirus relief program expires at the end of july thought republicans in the senate are divided over how much financial aid they are willing to provide for she won the fight against coronavirus but asia brown has lost her job and now bills are piling up that's why she's hoping to get the government's financial support through it would help out like with my car note in re and food rule ever we need we need it for and i think they. test and we'll get the checks out there to people who really need it congress is still debating the coronavirus aid package but time is running out the weekly
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complementary allocation of $600.00 for the unemployed will stop this week republicans one payments linked to previous earnings but with an eye on the elections democrats are pushing for a quick agreement this is deadly serious the house is burning down in terms of the economic security of america's families and these people are settling wherever they may be this weekend some $30000000.00 people would be affected if the payments stop many say they will not be able to pay the rent without the extra state allowance and as the deadline looms neither party wants to see a wave of evictions. spawn and all of us well it has been following efforts to pass the new coronavirus relief in washington. time is running out for millions of americans who are receiving unemployment benefits the current relief
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package is running out and congress republicans and the white tells can't agree on a new deal the white holes wants to cut those benefits from $600.00 to $100.00 per week president trump believe that at the current level there are a disincentive for returning to work republicans of congress disagree and support higher unemployment benefits and promised a new proposal as soon as monday it's a dramatic situation however because what's at stake is that many americans might not be able to pay the rent of no deal is reached they could run into default which in the end my trigger a full blown financial crisis and that's a scenario that president trump has to avoid at all costs as he's trying to turn the tide politically as he is losing support of course among his voter base but democrats don't want to be held accountable for such developments either they are fully we can't therefore we can be carefully optimistic that a deal will be reached sooner or later but the white house republicans and democrats have to hurry up if they don't want to cause more chaos and suffering.
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all of us other than reporting from washington it's time to have a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world this hour in the u.s. hurricane hanna has made landfall in the on the gulf coast of texas lashing the shoreline with wind speeds reaching 145 kilometers per hour the 1st atlantic hurricane this year is also threatening to bring storms to a part of the country currently facing a spike in covert 19 cases. black activists and white militia groups are facing off against each other in louisville kentucky hundreds of black activists have occupied the steps of the local courthouse demanding justice for briana taylor an african-american woman killed by louisville police in march. french daily limone says rwandan refugee has admitted setting fire to the north cathedral the paper says he is now under formal investigation the july 18th fire
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destroyed artifacts in the 15th century church including its organ it came in here after a blaze gutted known should in paris. a small research lab in southwestern nigeria is working hard to develop new solutions to tackle the corona virus and prepare to battle future epidemics it could soon turn into one of africa's largest genomics research centers its founder supports young african scientists and wants to strengthen local research. for. every loss of fever and now the coronavirus this research lap and that this stuff western nigeria has been at the forefront in the fight against killer diseases these scientists were the 1st to establish the genetic profile of the new coronavirus in africa when the 1st case showed up in lagos the force behind this place is professor christian happy raced in come the room he started molecular biology at harvard then he
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returned to africa to set up a lap. this year every mind a bit african center of excellence for ginormous of infectious diseases has been focused on covered 19. of what it was in one of the 1st cause it mentioned virus in africa and this lab in 48 hours that wasn't possible before night in china nor in the europe nor laboratory has he had this record before but still has a lot of hope. this center was opened in 2016 around 1000 scientists mostly from nigeria and west africa have passed through its doors professor happy trains them as top researchers in biochemistry engine omics his aim to cut up all young african scientists to the top of scientific research he wants to develop affordable solutions for tackling infectious diseases in africa and in the rest of the world i was 30 years in the gulf war was
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a traitor is that what he was and if you understand that the guy moved very quickly and that's that was the of the happy steam has already said down and other marker in the battle against the corona virus they've devised a fast track test that cost less than $3.00 euros by the end of the year the lump will have moved into a larger building it is said to become the biggest generic research center in africa and with an ongoing pandemic the world is counting on it. ellen is famous for. it's not life a city where people can party in clubs all through the night the back is one of the best known clubs in the world the dress code and very tolerant but all night love has come to a grinding halt with the crown of artist pandemic but the venue has now opened its dance floors again for slightly different clientele for.
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their time for lindsay legendary techno club is venturing into new territory the. boiler room is hosting its sound installation. it was created by austrian arsonists. and some. with this place is full of energy this place is part of a city's cultural history and we're trying to communicate with our cultural history community and. the clothes has to in a former power plant since 2004 electronic music fans from across the world have been flocking here to party around the clock. i think. space to be completely free. it's almost like. a prayers but a modern prayer space because you're listening to music as a group and you're experiencing it together and it's
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a place that you don't find anywhere else in the world because you have a mix of gay people straight people you know people of any kind of you know sexual preference or partying together you know so i think it's very interesting you would find this anywhere else in the world did a song. every song features a different way to spice interact with the sound in the acute sense of. this is going to go to show that it was and that's the beauty of this installation is trying to reveal that listening by itself tells a different history of the world than seeing does. it's for listening know for dancing and you experience for barack hines patrons. at a time when the future of music clubs is less than certain back on is finding new ways to draw in the crowd it's. this is the news here's
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a reminder off the top story we're following for you spain is seeing a surge in corona virus cases prompting the government to warn there could be a 2nd wave in britain has imposed a 14 day quarantine on passengers arriving from space. and that's it for now from me and the early teen aaron bell and i'll have an update for you asked the top of the hour i've got off as a berlin thanks for watching. the 1st. in the height of climate change. africa's most of. what's in store please. list for the future. e.w. dot com for the major cities to the multimedia insight click culture.
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