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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 27, 2020 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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the bill it's the food supply we have at the moment. this is deja vu news live from berlin a u.s. consulate closes in china as tensions between washington and beijing escalated brienza lowering the american flag of the chengdu diplomatic mission this comes just days after the shutdown of the chinese consulate news from texas to miss us allegations of espionage also coming out. spanish beaches open to song
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hungry turks again but for how much longer there is concern after the u.k. reimpose was a 2 week quarantine on travelers returning from spain. and the rules governing a huge damage across not only main unclear for the 3 nations who depend on those waters they have agreed though to resume talks. i'm brian thomas great to have you with us today u.s. marines have lowered the flag and u.s. diplomatic staff have left their consulate in the southwestern chinese city of chengdu beijing ordering the closure in retaliation for washington's shutting down of the chinese consulate use in texas u.s. secretary of state mike pompei oh called that facility a center for spying. hundreds of onlookers gathered to watch the evacuation of the
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u.s. consulate in chengdu china though many took selfies and waved chinese flags large numbers of police officers put a quick stop to any provokers of gestures. so . the closure has stoked nationalist sentiment in china. but it acquire i improve the us close star consulate i think we should shut theirs too it has been said many times if we are to have a trade war something should have been done long time ago china rarely got aggressive i support china closing all of the u.s. consulates and embassy. have the foresight fear most is that the us won't just stop
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now and might get uglier here. with just hours to go before the departure deadline shipping containers were loaded up while signs were stripped from the building. the departure follows the closure of china's consulate in houston texas last week and made allegations of espionage and intellectual property theft. the tit for tat diplomatic route marks an escalation in the tensions between the 2 superpowers over a range of issues including trade the coronavirus. let's get the very latest now did amuse me here's berlinger standing by horace in chain do good day to day is how's this closure being received by the people where you are. consulate that's just behind me you can see this this gray area there that's where
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the sign consulate of the united states of america was and workers are just dismantling it's people are allowed to pass on the positive way on the other side of the road and many people are taking the opportunity to take a look to take a selfie some with victorious poses overall 'd people have been around the here too to witness this event for the whole week and some are happy and have told me that they're happy to see the americans go others are a bit sad about the deterioration of the relationship and many come here because they say it's historic event and it's happening in their town and they want to witness it they want to take a picture and to see what's happening in here the u.s. personnel has already left and the chinese side has talk taken over the building materials you touched on the relationship where does this closure leave the
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relationship between china and the u.s. . the relationship has been in a downward spiral for the last few months already and this is of course another low point the closure of the euston consulate came quite as a surprise to the chinese side and to also observers and this retaliation measure of course is what the chinese side had announced it is quite reciprocal the. consulate in 2 has about the same meaning for the u.s. as the consulate and used for china it. it is also a political message because this consulate was covering bet and other minority regions as part of their consulate district and this of course is an intended message i think until the elections in the u.s. we are either going to see a further deterioration or some kind of stable relationship there are lots of
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issues the south china sea where china is expanding its operations and taiwan and as the conflict with neighboring countries like india. and all this is it is making the situation extremely difficult and in some points also dangerous there certainly are a number of last points out there between the 2 countries right now it is barreling in chengdu thanks very much although spanish government says the country is safe to visit that despite a surge in corona virus cases the statement coming after the u.k. reimpose the quarantine on travelers returning from spain with a cluster of new outbreaks and barcelona residents there fear tighter restrictions are on the way. it's not much of a lockdown barcelona's regional government recommends that people only leave their homes if it's urgent but few people are paying heed. is having
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a drink an urgent enough reason to go out. alex works at one of partial on as many beach parts he sympathizes with the young people of the city who are tired of staying home after weeks of lockdown. you are losing your life the friends the community it's very important for every people young people and old people here in europe and the specially in barcelona life is very open it's very active and the people who get our house just across the road from the beach is one of barcelona's biggest hospitals dozens of coronavirus patients have been admitted the past few days dr when the flores is worried when she looks at the crowded beach just a few meters away medical authorities have plans in place should the situation worsen . the scenario goes from just not change in the regular day of the
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hospital and to the worst case scenario which would be when we have to stop all the activity that is not urgent in order to for all the professionals to assist patients which is what happened at the end of march another area of concern is staffing public health facilities around 1000 extra staff are needed in the region to accurately track chains of infection. right now dubie fernand these and his 20 colleagues are responsible for more than a 1000000 residents. we are not enough people to do the contact tracing properly not only the contact tracing that more or less we can test you know the contents of the person that in that case that it's on firm but also to the proper money touring of the cases and to see if these outbreak even though it's a small defeat expanding despite repeated promises from the cut the lawn regional
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government that more people will be hired to work in public health not much has happened yet experts agree that tracing contacts is crucial for slowing the spread of the virus especially with young people who may have no symptoms just a few weeks ago both alone us regional authorities heavily criticized the poor crisis management and the cup it's a moderate now they find themselves in this sense off attention and more and more critics say that the crisis management here it's anything but idea. barkeeper alex and others in the industry have one major worry that infection rates will rise so much that the region will have to be placed under total lockdown again that could mean not just the end of this year's summer season but the closure of their business for good. also in the news today flooding in china as again caused extensive damage in central who bay problems water submerged roads washed away vehicles in southwestern sean quoting heavy rains causing multiple landslides. on
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is a protesters of march in the philippine capital against a new anti-terrorism law head of president the territories and he will speech state of the nation as these public gatherings of more than 10 people are banned under pandemic restrictions protesters say the government is using the health crisis to meet criticism. as small as far as his ouster the country's prime minister a no confidence vote in internet blackout followed legislators accuse him of failing to move the country towards elections uses move undermines the country's constitutional foundations. egypt ethiopia and sudan have agreed to resume talks over a disputed hydroelectric dam that ethiopia's filling on the river nile because nations of the grand renaissance down have been going on for about a decade so why is it so difficult to settle this dispute over the waters of the nile here's more. this is the ethiopian grande renee sounds damn good for short.
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erected on the river niall's mean tributary the blue nile it took almost a decade to build and cement to be part of ethiopia's transformation. roughly 65 percent of the country is not connected to the power grid energy from the dam could more than double ethiopia's current output fulfilling its needs and making it an exporter. but the dems also highly controversial due to its location denial its main source the blue nile starts in ethiopia it licked. the river flows toward sudan and joins the rivers other tributary that's a dense capital to him before heading downstream to egypt. is being built here on the border with sudan near the blue nile source the
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demo catch water in its massive reservoir whose surface area is larger than that of greater london. this will inevitably have an effect on how much water flows to downstream countries egypt and sudan. egypt is home to almost 100000000 people who depend on the nile for 90 percent of their fresh water supply some fear that ethiopia will leave too much water in its reservoirs during periods of drought in danger and the flow downstream. that could leave egypt's farmers unable to irrigate their lands causing major food losses. and all this as the effects of a workman climate have already strained egyptian agriculture. the effects for sudan seem mixed one fear here is that the gerd could jeopardize the operations of sudan's own dams on the nile however sudan also sees an opportunity to get cheap energy from ethiopia thanks to gird and it could regulate
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water flows that it sometimes cost flooding these competing interests are among the reasons why negotiations over the dems operations have been difficult no comprehensive final deal has been reached but even with an agreement cooperation between egypt and sudan will be needed for the years to come. there are more projects planned along the nile and the effects of climate change and growing populations mean water could be an increasingly scarce resource. the sports are now in baseball fans in south korea have finally been allowed back into stadiums after almost 3 months since the season officially began one stadium in the capital seoul only allowed in about 10 percent of usual that numbers. back in the stadium but not nearly back to normal rather than just waltzing through the turnstiles fans were treated to temperature checks and thermal detectors and not even the cheerleaders
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were exempt from the compulsory musk's. but it couldn't dampen the excitement of the lucky few who had snapped up the 2400 tickets. be with 2 of the 5 show jewel games being played behind closed doors because they were held in areas with stricter distancing guidelines fans of the dusun bears and l.g. twins here in seoul were counting their blessings but not everyone was entirely happy . she made of them but it's sad that we can't enjoy be here and fried chicken but that's understandable. and we just hope they'll wrap up the season safely it. was going to be a month. despite a win for the twins the bears players were appreciative that the fans were finally but. the fans who came here to sit apart from each other.
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it means they can't cheer like you did before. the boy but there are source of strength. for you and hopefully soon there will be more of them. junk and his fellow bears at least don't have to worry about fans up or take to watch them play tickets for the game here sold out in just 25 minutes. the. time for i'm brian thomas with the entire team thanks for being here. on a male dominated welcome to the 2nd season of on the fence of the planet on the brink of disaster we did long interview experts about one question how to be change the type of player a sense of.


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