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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 28, 2020 6:00pm-6:30pm CEST

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this is didn't reduce life from berlin from poster child to growing fears of a 2nd wave of the corona virus in germany health authorities bracing for a spike of covert cases express concerns over sharply rising infection numbers they say people are becoming complacent possibly with disastrous consequences also coming up the search for madeleine mccann leads police to a garden in germany the 3 year old vanished from a holiday apartment in portugal back in 2007 a german man currently in prison has been named as a prime suspect. and the world takes a new jersey said 2 words a new source of energy its nuclear fusion and
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a huge new experimental plant is being initiated in france. thank you so much for your company everyone germany is bracing itself for a 2nd wave of the coronavirus the country's leading public health institute says new infections have risen sharply in recent days and it's largely blaming the negligence among the population for driving the uptick in covert 1900. 6 months after germany saw its 1st krona case many germans feel relatively at ease. but germany's leading research institute warns that the worse may be yet to come when going to ladies and gentlemen this latest rise in covert 1000 cases here in germany is leaving all of us here. very concerned. after we had managed to keep
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the number of cases stable for several weeks we have again seen a significant rise in cases for several days. the government warns that didn't you cope with 1000 clusters must be contained to prevent a 2nd wave. if now in the summer through leisure travel behavior we cause a rise in the rate of infections overall infections and it will become all the harder to keep the situation under control this autumn. so far germany's health system has not been overstretched by the virus over the last 6 months more done 200000 people in germany were confirmed to have coronavirus and more done 9000 lost their lives. paul showed germans continue to support the cautious approach of
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government and i believe that the government has controlled the crisis well. members compared to other countries germany has managed. in face of new outbreaks germany has announced it will introduce mandatory tests for travellers 3 turning from high risk countries. all right let's get you more on those health authorities are raising the alarm here in germany did it where you correspondent kate brady is standing by for you can you are in this area in the town of manning where there has been a significant a corner virus outbreak at a farm how have authorities reacted to that flare up. well what happened here was a quarantine of the fall weather was that outbreak had more than 170. tested positive for 1000 and almost 500 people are still currently behind
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a fence in quarantine with 24 hour security and in the meantime to test sentence have popped up now for locals here more than 3000 people here eligible to go have a free test so that does give you an indication of what we might see down the line in terms of a localized response and just within the last hour the local council here behind me has announced that they over 80 in fact have some results from yesterday and of the 318 tests that would taken yesterday by locals they already have 308 back and all of them proved to be negative so it seems that at least according to the local council there saying that it paid off to put those almost $500.00 people on that farm in quarantine so do you do you foresee that the same similar measures could be replicated elsewhere wherever there is a flare up in the country i certainly do think that we could see many localized response is of course there are certain issues that can only be dealt
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with at a federal level and not something that the the health ministry for example is looking into now at the moment in terms of making tests 1000 test mandatory for people returning from high risk areas so because of germany's federal system that all lots of intricacies we've seen how complicated that can be already earlier on in the pandemic in terms of what lockdown measures were and was in place but it seems that we certainly will expect a very localized response moving forward now obviously authorities are very worried that people have become complacent in germany and initially this country was lauded widely for its handling of the pandemic what are they planning on doing to prevent a 2nd wave from taking place. well one of the big steps that's upcoming as i mentioned was these mandatory over the possibility of having mandatory tests and that would be for travelers returning from high risk areas but in the meantime single states are over he's taking measures into their own hands right down here in
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the very aware i am they decided today the local cabinet the regional cabinet decided that as of august 7th there will be a voluntary tax available for people traveling back over the border from austria into germany which of course a lengthy back in bavaria as well there's also several stations at train stations and also airports around germany that are already offering voluntary tests as well so but as i say a lot of this comes down to little mix of local and federal response but in the meantime it seems at least for now that here in manning the locals have avoided the possibility of a lockdown something that a lot of locals were fearing when i spoke to them earlier today but certainly going forward to that are still measures ready to be pulled triggers to be pulled to put social distancing small stringent measures back in place compared to similar to what we might have seen a few weeks ago here in germany corresponding to brady
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a reporting from manning of various thank you and the police here in germany are digging up a garden in their investigation into the disappearance of madeleine mccann well they are searching a plot of land near the city of hanover which has been linked to a man who german authorities suspect was involved in her abduction and murder the british toddler was 3 years old when she vanished on a family holiday in portugal 13 years ago the case has never been solved despite attracting global attention let's get you more on this developing story g w political correspondent simon young is tracking simon what can you tell us about this search currently now under way as we speak. well a police haven't really said what they are searching for but as you said they have been at this site allotment in the city of hanover. white clad white overall crime scene investigators searching the sites are they cleared away some
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bushes implants and they've been using a mechanical adiga now what prosecutors have said is this is part of an ongoing murder investigation relating to a 43 year old suspect now 43 year old christian be is a convicted rapist and child abuser who is currently in jail in kiel in the north of germany after he was handed a 7 year prison sentence for raping a 72 year old woman in portugal in 2005 but police say that they believe he is the man who's responsible for the abduction of madeline mccann they've been building a case against him for some years but only recently they've really put together more evidence and one of the key things linking christian bay to madeleine mccann who german police say they believe is dead. is
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a telephone call these alleged to have made around the time that she disappeared in 2007 so as i say there are reports that this police could be close to a breakthrough but we really don't know so far what it is that they're below been looking for and what they might have found some in your reporting thank you. americans have been lining up to say their farewells to congressman john lewis coffin lies in state also i think capitol building in washington d.c. oh earlier u.s. lawmakers from both parties praise their veteran colleague in a solemn ceremony representative lewis a civil rights leader and protege of dr martin luther king jr died of cancer earlier this month at the age of 80. bidding farewell to a political giant long lines of people formed outside the capitol building in washington d.c. as members of the public paid their respects to john lewis the 17 term congressman
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from georgia was a pioneer of the civil rights movement remembered for is unwavering pursuit of equality for all who. is to be a great man. who is the draw for a. person with a mission who is more or less or so many of our generation nowadays needs to look back and learn. how he helped to realize the ideals that this country was founded on that all men are created equal hopefully we as younger people will come together and continue to walk in his footsteps and carry on that mantle. those who worked side by side with john lewis paid tribute to his life and legacy on monday in the capitol rotunda. house speaker nancy pelosi remembered louis as a man revered and beloved by both sides of the political aisle. they would all john was a person of greatness he also was a person of great humility always giving credit to others in the movement. john
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committed his life to advancing justice and understood that to build a better future we had to acknowledge the past. arriving in washington on monday representative lewis took a final tour of the u.s. capitol escorted by police. least his motorcade made a symbolic drive down black lives matter boulevard at a time of heightened racial tensions in the u.s. mourners lined the street to honor the late congressman. a recording of the civil rights icon was played one less time for his fellow lawmakers. you know what hate. you bring peace. there was. one people i want to thank you very much. the words he wanted the world to live by. spring have to spin our some of the other stories
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making news around the world spanish prime minister pether sanchez has reacted with dismay to travel warnings from other european countries after a spike in coronavirus cases there while brits for work have been to spain will have to spend 2 weeks in pointing all germans and belgians are being advised to avoid certain regions. new zealand's foreign minister says his country has suspended its extradition treaty with hong kong and will treat the city like mainland china on a number of matters it's a response to china's sweeping security law which significantly limits civil liberties in the territory. should be. in pakistan heavy floods inundated karachi have killed at least 5 people experts blame urban flooding on coralie design development clogged drainage systems and climate change which is
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affecting monsoon patterns. yakked are known by the acronym either or it's already taken 10 years and a global scientific effort to get this far and now the main construction at the huge complex is southern france will begin in earnest with components sent from all over the world where the idea is to create energy not by splitting atoms like nuclear power stations do right now but by using them together. for decades scientists have been trying to tap into the power of the tribes the sun
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nuclear fusion the hope is that it can be used to meet tomorrow's energy demands the basic science a 1000 conditions like those found in the sun such as very high temperatures hydrogen atoms will fuse creates helium and release a lot of energy. the hydrogen could be extracted from seawater making it a practically unlimited resource. it's basically the opposite of conventional nuclear. power you're splitting a heavy element and it releases energy where you end up with the product afterwards which can be quite hard to handle as. a chain reaction so there's no possibility for a church to run away which is what causes. scientists at this start up in the u.k. are working on nuclear fusion one of the biggest hurdles they face is how to get more energy out of the process than they have put in. researchers in southern
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france are also working on fusion the international project easer is building a giant experimental reactor it seeks to use he's to cause hydrogen to fuse. the reactor design is what's called a took a mock a huge hollow down us filled with super haas hydrogen plasma that flows through us like a ring of lightning held in place by powerful magnets. this is proved to be a major technical challenge and it still hard to predict how fuge an energy can be fed into the power grid many think it could take at least 2 more decades before this problem can be solved. and we're joined now by heart more to it so man one of the german scientists involved in the project's earth so good to have you here on the program professor of the a reactor in france is a giant experiment involving scientists from all over the world what are they
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hoping to achieve what are you hoping to achieve well what we are hoping to achieve with each other is for the 1st time the proof of principle to show what we can create on earth net energy gain from nuclear fusion reactions as was said already nuclear fusion is our source of the stars and of our sun so you have to create conditions like in the sent off the sun so fast this means a 100000000 degrees hydrogen gas at 100000000 degrees we can do this already in our present day experiment but we have to invest more energy in heating up the gas took his temperature then we will get out and ito is big enough such that the energy plan should be positive so we should get out 10 times to power or that we deposit in the gas in terms of fusion power so our net energy gain that is their game for you well that all sounds really really promising there professor nuclear fusion of course has been called the holy grail of clean energy but is it really as safe and green as it is for trade while there's
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a lot of advantages saw one thing it's certainly sustainable in the same steps. nuclei. material which you take as a fuel is due to room and lithium from which you get the cretonne which is another isotope of hydrogen so in principle this is in sea water tar in the crust it's also distributed well geographically solid that will not be monaco and saw saw and then on the other hand it's clean in the sense that there is no emission of greenhouse gases not c o 2 and it's also safe in the sense that there is no chain reaction no meltdown not to react to component also all it does produce like any nuclear energy the structural material will be activated so there is some radioactive waste from this but then again compared to fission this is easier to handle in the sense that times the decay times are much smaller so we think that after about
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a 100 years you can take the radioactive material and you can actually put hands on and recycle it use in the next react are so there is no long term storage needed for the wastes and in conclusion when can we expect to receive our energy and howard by nuclear fears that. ok that depends a bit on how badly you need it i would say so if you go like europe would say we will have each other now which is the last resort start approaching 2025 and may be reached is 10 fold energy amplification in 20 or $35.00 we would blend start building a follow up machine which will generate electricity an interesting experiment will not generate electricity just net energy gain and saw that would mean by 2050 you could start heating electricity into the net into the grid and then deploy the u.s. if you're willing to take more risk in some sense and do parallel development like for example our chinese colleagues are planning
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a president you would actually go in parallel to each other with a demonstration reactor and you could actually feed electricity by 2040 for example but that's sort of the times thank you so very much a heart would song from the max planck institute thank you there were come the former prime minister of malaysia there's a bit rezai has been sentenced to 12 years in jail after being found guilty of corruption but he won't be spending any time behind bars yet the judge granted a late to that sentence well it was the 1st of several trials as he faces over the looting of billions of dollars from a state development fund the case is being seen as a test for malaysia's efforts to stamp out corruption. former prime minister not to preside heading into court to be found guilty for his part to one of the biggest financial fraud in history. during his time in government billions of ringgit
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disappeared from state investment fund one in deed be prosecutors allege some $700000000.00 landed in his private account and were used to buy luxury watches and diamond necklaces. in 2015 evidence of money laundering and theft the marriage day in 2018 not yet results government was ousted and the judicial proceedings against him began. goldman sachs is also deeply embroiled in the vast financial scandal having helped set up the fund last week the investment bank agreed to a $3900000000.00 settlement with the malaysian government regarding allegations of wrongdoing against its employees but it's not over for not he faces 4 more cryo
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linked to the scandal throughout the former leader has maintained his innocence and has said he will appeal today's verdict. west african leaders have called for a new unity government in mali to get the country out of its political crisis opposition leaders though were ject the proposal and insists president abraham keita must resign the regional bloc known as ecowas has proposed a 4 point plan to resolve mollies political crisis newly appointed ministers are to implement it within 10 days president ibrahim go back or cato was 1st elected in 2013 but slumping economy and allegations of corruption have triggered mass protests the un security council has warned that the political crisis could to real efforts to battle islamist militants who have destabilized that country's northern
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and central regions. these images bring back painful memories taken on the day their son 1st son died. he had washed himself before prayers he was on his way to the grand mosque when he was hit by the bullet and he died on the spot no one can do anything against the will of god. on friday morning as he was about to leave the house i told him he should stay here because the situation in the city is not good but he insisted that the. scenes from the capital bamako repeated demonstrations by the opposition tens of thousands regularly demand the resignation of the government of president the brighton boubacar kato the president is blamed by many for mali's poor economic situation for corruption and for the failings in the fight against islamist and irregularities in recent elections so far the international community has avoided
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joining calls for him to step down he's seen as a reliable partner by neighboring countries unlike his rival the mom would decode the saudi trained religious leader is a hardline salafist his critics call him the ayatollah. but to many molly and the mom is considered more credible than the government. and we're a strong people we won't submit or give in i would rather die a martyr than a traitor the young people who have died have not lost their lives in vain. the deaths occurred on july 10th demonstrators marched through the city barricades were erected and the windows of parliament was smashed at least 14 people were shot dead by security forces among them was his son for son she says a. stray bullet hit him it was fired by the antiterrorism force that it was
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from foresight and he had done nothing. force that is a squad of some 200 police officers trained by the european union so too with these units of the mali an army the e.u. says the training is supposed to prepare for set to fight against terrorists not conduct operations against crowds but critics like amnesty international say the e.u. and foreign partners must take responsibility and stop supporting mother's government if human rights violations like 1st son's death continue. when the coronavirus pandemic hit the world of opera the singing stopped abruptly the stars of the samba lost their live audiences that's about to change world famous soprano and under threat go is due for a special debut on july 30th when she stars in a production of pretty nice tosca outdoors in the biggest square in naples.
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the notes or performance of the opera tosca with the backdrop of the sea in naples some by the greatest diva of our time. it's a heady mixture. it's the beat life seeking it is bringing us more even more in the future. it's the 1st such performance worldwide since opera houses shut down during the pandemic to bring us giacomo classic the complete ensemble left some carlo in favor of the fresh air it's a logistical challenge the musicians must stay socially distanced and there's no stage set without the normal grand jury or singers like on a trip and her husband use of a vase of cut to perform with added intensity. it's
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the really forced opera we're doing q. to hear that after quite empty and. hoping that this times will never be back. written in 1900 tosca is one of the telly and composer pretty nice most popular works it's a major role not just for the trip but also for living as the villain. it's a pure joy to have her killed. it's a no door concert that leaves us hungry for more. because exactly what's probably oprah's missing today to be in the center of the life to be in the center of the city or parar somehow is born one scene so from the street from not view street. we are back into history. but it's not just neapolitans you can enjoy
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tosca a life stream on the 30th of july brings the performance of the world's. attention
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remains high in the middle east. israel wants to develop more settlements in the occupied territories. grow expansionist like qatar increasing jewish presence in the west bank is a. land of broken promises israel and the west bank close up. next on d w. we're
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all set. to go beyond obvious. that we're on live. as we take on the world. we're all about the stories that matter to your country like what ever it takes. money not. made for minds like. oh i'd like a mug or just some us. food for the russians so. it runs deeper. than so many different walks of life. some are pumping and oddly tried but all of them come straight from the heart just want to see it even when there's no more delicious the mushroom inches.
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from the 1st glimpse of the last to their final resting place the russians on g.w. documentary. her. ancient city of hebron which is now the occupied west bank and just outside and the jewish settlement of kids are among the masses inhabitants is this. german no maybe my name is pete haas autopsy i also have a french name of course rooms. i could.


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