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to have intercultural my name and i mean you and i way to tell. you that. this is the w. news live from berlin europe sees an increase in coronavirus cases just as many head off for their summer vacations as europeans travel abroad the infection rate is rising and restrictions are being reimposed to go to brussels to get an assessment of what could lie ahead also coming up a. german police state for a 2nd day as they investigate the disappearance of british toddler madeleine mccann
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. go to our reporter at this garden which has been linked to a man a dent defined as a suspect. i'm brian thomas great to have you with us as dr ayers cases rise in parts of europe governments are imposing restrictions just as many people take their summer holidays europe is looking for a more coordinated response as national governments act alone to contain the virus will get some analysis after this report. it's high season for tourism in europe the region terraces are glowing museums are open again vacationers have returned to the beaches. but with the recent rise in corona virus cases in several european hotspots governments are putting the brakes on holiday
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making the u.k. reimposed a quarantine on travelers from spain after a reported cases there rose by almost 1000 on monday tourists in barcelona were not happy with the news i think stupidity of the. place of that on the beach and see people so frightened you also know it's. not often i don't think it's been said that i find them very excessive i'm enjoying myself and i feel safe but they've taken every precaution. to get the outbreak under control madrid imposed a new rule minatory masks in public. and catalonia nightclubs have been forced to close once again. belgium is also struggling with a new spike in cases the city of ants were reinstated a curfew no one allowed outside the tween 11 30 pm and 6 am except for essential workers. germany fearing imported infections is requiring travelers from high
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risk areas to take a coronavirus test upon arrival german authorities are not ruling out the possibility of border closures if outbreaks cannot be contained. dozens of that's the job of politicians and the media to make it clear that the danger is not over when we don't get things right then we'll find ourselves in a 2nd wave which will also have economic consequences if you that's why we have to be vigilant most of your philosophy. it's clear that despite the heat of the summer the virus has not melted away but many are hoping europe has learned enough from the 1st wave to keep the virus at bay. so what lies ahead for more let's bring in deede abused bad riegert in brussels bad good day to you can you can you fill us in some more on the travel situation in europe at the moment are all of the e.u.'s borders open for movement. no the borders are not actually all open every country has
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a different regime on its border in principle travel is possible but you have to fulfill some requirements but they are also bans in place for example people from luxembourg are not allowed to go to germany was out quarantine also the baltic states have been to travel from romania and you heard the germans are considering mandatory checks at the border has been people come back from the hotspot areas in europe but i have to say that if you look at the numbers from the european center of disease control this morning actually the numbers are not that high there's a tendency of a spike of infections but far away from the spikes we had in the 1st of even a pro may but nevertheless people are varied and the experts here in brussels say it's not the travel as such but how people behave in the distant nation and also at home that causes the problem so there's no appetite to close borders again it's
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very important to bring in that type of perspective right now what about preparedness is the e.u. better prepared today than it was back in march to contain any possible 2nd wave i agree with you we need to be very cautious about how we describe this right now. but the european commission in brussels is trying its best to coordinate the efforts of the member states make this a very helpful vet site called reopen dot edu that shows you all the restrictions that are in place and all the forms you have to fill out to travel from bulgaria to sweden and things like that but the member states are still the sole responsibility and to tease for imposing any bans or lifting or doing restrictions has and also the borders of the sole responsibility of the member states of the you cannot do much but coordinate but there's also
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a sort of dodgy going on financial advice the e.u. is. taking up loans to boost the economy in europe this is the kind of things the europe can do but the rest lies at the number states where you are belgium has been seeing a spike in cases there's so threatening actually that authorities are considering imposing another complete lockdown could belgium cope with that. but the government here in belgium is threatening a lockdown but they don't really want to have a lockdown because of what's be detrimental for the economy and belgium also for tourism so they try to bring in measures that would keep this in thing no easy and people are not allowed to see as many people only 5 per week now and budget is hoping that this really do the trick numbers up in better but they also not as high in absolute numbers at they were in april and may but it is very some
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it is a reminder that the pandemic is not over and still more ahead when we come to fall and winter dan thanks so much for that from brussels today. now to some of the other stories making in the news this hour hong kong authorities are warning that city is on the verge of a large scale outbreak post-race new social distancing measures including limiting gatherings to 2 people there are reports the government could also postpone legislative council elections there dunes tembe are low to pro-democracy campaigners. italian media reporting that authorities have arrested more than 20 tunisian fishermen on suspicion of smuggling migrants to the island of lampedusa the men make up the group a fishing boat that brought migrants who allegedly paid for the passage to the island. after rescuing some $94.00 migrants in the mediterranean malta is reporting that at least $65.00 of them have tested positive
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for the crow virus that's single largest cluster of positive cases detected on malta since the 1st case in march. senior german government ministers are facing a grilling later today over what they knew about the longstanding allegations of fraud at wire cart in june a high flying payment service provider crashed and burned after its executives admitted that there was a 1900000000 euro hole in its balance sheets. here in germany police are digging up a garden for a 2nd day as part of their investigation into the disappearance of madeleine mccann the british toddler was 3 when she vanished on holiday in portugal 13 years ago police have identified a 43 year old german citizen as a suspect on are investigating him on suspicion of murder. a 13 year trail has brought them here
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a garden in hanover germany. investigators may be breaking ground after over a decade of dead ends as they search for madeleine mccann. the prime suspect in her case a 43 year old german nun he's already in prison serving time for a separate crime. the search for mccann began in 2007 at this holiday resort in the algarve in portugal the 3 year old girl disappeared from her bed while her parents were eating dinner at a nearby restaurant the mccann's spent 2 years publicizing the case urging authorities to keep looking hoping to find their daughter alive finally in june a glimmer of hope investigators in times to suspect a german man who was in the algarve when the con disappeared german authorities however said they were no longer investigating madeleine mccann's disappearance as a missing person case but as a murder the persistence of her parents has kept this case in the headlines so have
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the resources both private and public investigators hope they're finally writing the last chapter of this unhappy story did i ever use our parts so see is standing by for us after garden in hanover where the police excavation continues our day to you what's happening right now where you are and what led police to discard. well right now the investigation is continuing there was an excavator small excavator here yesterday they were digging up and there were was a forensics team at least here yesterday they might be coming back today and many police officers and about 8 police were agonise here and right now and investigations are going on last night i arrived i came here to the site and i could hear a machine going on i went to the police and i said are you excavating now and they said no they said there was no excavation going on during the night although i saw lights all around the place the place has been sealed off of course for the
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investigation and right now it continues people going in and out and apparently according to one of the newspapers here one of the local newspapers the suspect in question did have a plot here he had a heart here that had been taken down a long time ago but he had also allegedly had built a foundation under the foundation it was or is a tunnel and apparently that's what they're especially interested in so that's what they're also supposedly digging up and right now is everything is continuing the police are being very rather tight lipped ok now how could this excavation move the investigation is that's how the forward could provide some some important clues. well of course there is the the suspect in question who's serving time in prison right now is a suspect in the disappearance not just of maddie mccann but also of a of a of a dutch boy 25 years ago and so they're hoping that there's going to be some kind
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of a clue these 2 people have never these 2 missing people have never shown up again there's no sign of there's no more concrete proof but they're hoping for concrete proof here this is not your regular plot i was able to talk to a manager of a of a of another plot here in this region and he told me what we have behind us not the regular kind where you go out and you lease a piece of property it's very popular among germans to do that it's their way of getting out of the big city but this is one that is owned by one owner i talked to them today they wouldn't talk to me they hung up the phone on me and what they do is that they lease it out to people that you don't have to follow strict rules you don't have to keep it very camped you know grass can go wild things like that and that's what this other manager told me he said this place was not very well kept and because they have very few rules that it could be an ideal place for someone if they have something to hide the height are but thanks much for that from outside hanover outside the garden plot that's at the center of police investigations here in germany in that in mccann case thanks very much for your work
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the galapagos archipelago is a protected nature preserve which is rare but there is growing concern about its survival every year dozens of chinese fishing trawlers cast their sea bottom dragnets in the waters around the archipelago china's this year while it's the biggest ever raising fears that the damage they inflict on sea life could be irreparable. the hammerhead shark is one of many endangered species here in the galapagos islands is lives might now be even more at risk. a fleet of nearly 260 fishing vessels mostly chinese has been spotted close to the island's protected zone their presence sparked a debate about how to protect these waters and international maritime law. there is
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an urgent need to move forward in strengthening the international agreement known as the high seas treaty that will allow us to reach clear agreements on the responsible management of fisheries and international waters. fears of overfishing are not to fight good reason in 2017 authorities seized a chinese vessel in the case marine reserve carrying 300 tons of fish. the delicate ecosystem of the collapse i guess which was an inspiration for charles darwin's theory of evolution is also a unesco world heritage sites. now more than ever the plethora of wildlife that roams these seas is dependent on international protection . it's to mecca now where muslim pilgrims have begun the annual harsh pilgrimage in neck in saudi arabia. was going to have
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had it was because of the coronavirus this year's gathering is being limited strictly limited to just 10000 people that's a tiny fraction of the more than 2000000 usually travels around the world to attend what's considered islams most important. our brian thomas for the entire team thanks so much for being. a meal and i'm good welcome to the 2nd season of on the fence. the planet on the brink of disaster we did long in-depth interview experts about one question how to change that.


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