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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 29, 2020 7:00pm-7:16pm CEST

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druce mutual admiration of the rest of. the bullies troop and putin starts august 3rd on d. w. . o. . this is it every news live from berlin and leave us slashes troop numbers in germany president trump says why. they. think. nearly 12000 soldiers will either be posted elsewhere in europe or head back to the u.s. their leaders expressed their regret at the decision also coming up coronavirus
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restrictions return to europe as case loads in the continent start rising again governments step in just as tourist destinations began welcoming back visitors. conway the rockets a pleasure to be with you the united states will withdraw nearly 12000 troops from germany speaking at the white house president trump said germany hasn't been paying enough for its defense and the u.s. quote didn't want to be suckers any more defense secretary marc esper announced the move as part of a redeployment of forces in europe that he says will strengthen nato. the current eucom plan were a position approximately $11900.00 military personnel from germany. from roughly
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36000 down 224000 in a banner that will strengthen nato and hance the deterrence of russia and meet the other principles i set forth of the 11900 nearly 5600 service members we will be repositioned within nato countries and approximately $6400.00 will return to the united states though many of these or similar units will begin conducting rotational deployments back to europe and that's defense secretary marc esper speaking earlier all right let's get you a perspective from germany from tritton he is a member of the green party and sits on foreign affairs committee in the german going to stack a very good day sir how let me 1st get your reaction to this recent decision from a military point of view the u.s. . planning to shoot themselves in their neat scenario that's something we can see very clearly on the 2nd point i don't think it's not it's not on
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military defensive fields it's more a part of the economic warfare trump is fighting against the european union and especially against. but there is a real a consequence of course i mean it does seem that he's going to go through with a promise to withdraw troops from germany what would that mean for germany. firstly the states and communities are hit by the economic impacts but on the 2nd view you can see it's trump was fantasizing about contributions and debts of germany and then he relocate troops to italy and both him and the share of military expenditures of in both june and italy a much lower than in germany and the 2nd point is in mind if you would your
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reaction of germany must be very clear after this decision this should not be any buying of f. 18 aircrafts by germany that is something you german defense minister half a year ago announced but certainly it is that conducive to improving bilateral relations you know what you're suggesting right now is in retaliation of this move . well i think the trump administration is not on the way to improve the relations to germany they see partnership as a form of blackmail in. obedience on that in that moment and therefore i think there must be an answer i think this is the only language the us under trump our understanding for tat that's the game he understands all right but mr trump our 1st president trump from his perspective with tell you that germany has not stepped up
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to the plate it is not contributing nearly enough to defense it's a very rich country and its economy is the biggest economy in the e.u. why is it not raising the amount that it spends on defense to pay its fair share of this happen. dermot's have found down military expenditures to new record levels in the last few years and we have to ask yourself whether this is necessary on mar the european members of make to pay 3 times more only do you repeat the defense then russia if you want to be termed russia you can have to explain why we should expand these 3 time 3 faded numbers of expenditures to deter russia i think there is no real need for that and that the truth and that is the reason why germany with
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a record high the funds budget in those time has done enough for that and if it's part of it can only waltham between the us and europe we have to give a clear answer to donald trump and the only answer to understand he understood and is if he starts with pressure you have to give him back that the other simple logic of the donald trump ministration you're going to it's a member of the foreign affairs committee with his perspective on that decision that to redeploy troops from jeremy thank you sir thanks to. i want to tell you now about some of the other stories making headlines around the world. emergency crews are tackling a large fire in the u.s. state of arizona after a freight train derailed while crossing a bridge the bridge at tempe town lake partially collapsed one person has been reported suffering from smoke inhalation. u.s. secretary u.s.
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treasury secretary steve has confirmed that the chinese own video called tick tock is under review as a potential threat to u.s. national security the administration previously said it was considering banning the talk representative said they couldn't comment on the review process. senior german government ministers are being grilled behind closed doors over what they knew about allegations of fraud and wire card in june the high flying payment service provider crashed and burned after bosses admitted there was a 1900000000 euro hole in its balance sheet. for 2nd day german police are searching a community garden near the city of hanover as part of their investigation into the missing british toddler madeleine mccann the piece of land is thought to be connected to a suspect in the case mccann who was 3 when she vanished on holiday in portugal 13
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years ago. now swelling a numbers of current virus infections have for some european governments to really impose restrictions so that says a number of states were reopening their tourism destination still and you tourists are going ahead with their vacation plans. in a normal year the british city of bath welcomes around $6000000.00 visitors bringing in half a 1000000000 euros this year of course things are much quieter that means british tourists are the focus at this international destination you know on the ground and they're going with great line function up to the end of the flight. with everything fine you start to see the sanitization the hotels the social distance and so only know what i feel comfortable to to travel. so well domestic travelers can enjoy this year's tranquility authorities are putting the brakes on international holiday
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making britain rheem posed a forced quarantine on travelers from spain after reported cases there rose dramatically on monday at london's heathrow airport they were not happy about the news will call in or a double test once on arrival the 2nd 5 days. where people would think quarantine until they had. a test to show that they didn't have the disease and then they would be allowed out earlier than would otherwise be the carrots. to flatten the newly rising curve madrid has now made mass wearing mandatory and public residents seem happy to comply. with the yeah it's fine because in this way we're protected and we're more responsible that's how it should have been from the beginning because if you. belgium is also struggling with a new spike in cases the city of twerp reinstated a curfew no one is allowed outside between 11 30 pm and 6 am except for essential
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workers. germany is worried about imported infections so it's requiring travellers from high risk areas to take a covert 19 test upon arrival while many were probably hoping to forget all about the corona virus during their holidays the virus has certainly not forgotten about them. all right let's talk now about coronavirus super spreaders because that has public health officials very very worried professor alona simonson is professor of population health sciences at the danish roskilde at university a very good day to you you have made super spreaders the focal point of your research and likeness how do they work what have you learned. well as it turns out now i think all germans know about the are not that expresses how many people on the average didn't think too but what we're seeing here is really that is not that's important but what's also important is that it's not everybody who's the
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same some people actually it transmitting a lot more than others so that when actually you not so if they don't maybe 10 percent of people will rise to 80 percent i mean fix into the next generation so if you could stop those you could really do a lot so how would you go about stopping that because that seems the be to be the key for containing the spread word you have to introduce universal testing and localize who these super spreaders are what would you do well i would realize and the sad truth is there's no way to know who is this who was and apologies are we're having some technical problems there let's head now to saudi arabia because muslim pilgrims have begun the annual hard mecca and only huge numbers of people travel from all around the world to take part in his arms most
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important pilgrimage but this year it's taking place on a much more modest scale. like no other. these people are among the few saudi residents allowed to attend the 5 day pilgrimage this year strictly controlled because of the coronavirus usually over $2000000.00 people packed together to praise others for the structure known as the. pandemic has made safety central to the pilgrimage health workers have disinfected the holy site in mecca and there are strict rules for those attending. they had to be between the ages of 20 and 50 years old with no terminal illnesses and show no signs of coronavirus out the pilgrims have also had to undergo temperature checks and virus tests where responds
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that monitor their movements and corn before and after how much. inconveniences that permit this year's relatively small number of pilgrims to enjoy a possibly once in a lifetime experience. now relented as have been getting the chance to experience their city's new airport 11 years after it was originally supposed to open an army of fake flyers has been trying out the passenger experience ahead of its opening later this year. this is one of 28 test days involving thousands of volunteers designed to put this massive airport through its paces ahead of a grand opening in october. if you can flying 2 cars 9 at $115.00 and a half on one piece of luggage. it actually contains real clothes. she won't need because she's not flying anywhere today many of the testers were
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curious to see this trouble transport hub for themselves plagued with delays it's become both a national shame and a national joke and we have a story with the sales tax we fund have never done that before i think it's an interesting challenge for me today. with work here ongoing the only bargain on offer at duty free is some rubble and a hard hat the purpose of the test run is to iron out any problems like the lack of moving walkways along the long corridors. we learned that some things didn't work well with the bulky luggage where we have adopted the process we also learned how it works with large masses of people we call it queue management how can you move a larger group of people through a building operating normally you begin to the board of the for nothing could be. this project was flushed launched in 1991 know after a 30 year wait and 6000000000 euros the farce takeoff is inching closer.
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better late than never all right this is during his life for a role in monaco jones is up next with a covert 900 you can keep up to date with the latest news heading to our website. and you can follow us on twitter and instagram our handle is at d w news i will rock in berlin on behalf of the entire news team thank you for spending. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. information and. our corona. special next on d.w. . that is for me.


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