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tv   Focus on Europe - Spotlight on People  Deutsche Welle  July 30, 2020 1:30pm-2:00pm CEST

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we are the one who don't. love. and successful beyond belief. that another word for this is the way we do it. we would start august 7th on w. a low and a warm welcome to focus on europe i'm large below it's nice to be back it's the most corrupt country in the e.u. for years belgariad has been rated last by transparency international for
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corruption and press freedom in the european union and many blame one man in particular prime minister boyko borisov while gary and i have taken to the streets in their thousands to vent their anger they say borisov is corrupt and accuse him of misusing e.u. funds all the narrowly survived a no confidence vote and is refusing to step down well she has had enough of proletarian as lassen over has experienced cronyism and corruption 1st hand she wants to curb the influence of powerful oligarchs in the country that's why she's joined protesters in the capital zofia calling for more assaults to go. protesters have been taking to the streets of the capital sofia and most other major bulgarian cities for weeks now they number in the 10s of thousands they're calling for the government to step down accusing politicians of getting too cozy
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with the country's all of darks and that's led to massive corruption among officials and members of the government. and her husband mahmoud come out to join the protesters every day in all kinds of weather. in spite of the rain way back again today because we have to do this. from a family that suffered a great deal from everything that's happened in this country. but the corruption the less nuts. that i have a g.t.t. hand the decision of my child's function. call the teen his father owns a company that makes elevators and influential attorney decided he would take it
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over and says he was aided by the public prosecutor. tina's father refused to bow to the pressure and went public with the affair now he's fled the country since then his family claims they've been continuously harassed and then a special police unit broke into their house in a drawer they allegedly discovered gold coins that hadn't been there before she says a surveillance camera recorded the home intrusion. arrived later she shows us where the coins were allegedly found the 40 thermos thing i did was open the jewels bocage magennis and people i didn't think. that he this drawer contained only resume and a folder receipts. but they produced a little bag of corn in this. they didn't lay down told. and they said to me. we found the car.
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protein a stays in touch with her father who is in hiding somewhere in western europe she can still reach him by telephone she says but the police confiscated her laptop. it's grim extremely. you know how people look at me where i am not an issue sorry for me. once a crew in a virus crisis is over $3000000.00 bulgarians wishfully to western europe only ones left in the country will be the police public prosecutors and attorneys. there are protests flared up on july 9th on the black sea coast when demonstrators formed up in front of billionaire and ex politician ahmed. he said to have close ties to the government the police tried to stop the demonstration but the crowd managed to break through to the illegal private beach many bulgarians deeply resent these
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special privileges the all of by for themselves journalists seize a moment of decision coming for ball garion society to the to the new a fool well what this is about we're talking about widespread corruption here in bulgaria that has infiltrated everywhere and i was a stranglehold on our political system economy and society for younger generations always been rather passive when it comes to politics but now who has gone too far. and they're not going to take it anymore the brink of knotting that is a. member of parliament of the coalition party sees at least some of the demonstrators as enemies of the country and does not agree that the government should step down. unfortunately some people are joining the demonstrations or obviously not interested in the future democracy nor in justice or liberty or the slim democrats spite of a double standard i am the demonstrators for their part insist they won't back down
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till their demands are met all the all of that we shall call a national strike until these faces we see at their step down. we will we will do everything in our power to achieve a new beginning and we'll keep at it until we succeed. is also hoping the current government of prime minister boyko be resolved won't last much longer now and he says he won't step down because there's no alternative but i believe there is an alternative has been carrying members to worry about. she's afraid that until a new government is in power her father won't be able to return to bulgaria she has no idea when she'll be able to see him again. well corruption is also threatening to sink the historic city of venice quite literally
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a controversial project designed to save the city from flooding has some residents up in arms the so-called mozy down system is being built to safeguard venice from floodwaters like the devastating ones that happened last november but the project has been plagued by problems with arrests and allegations of bribery and many say the dam system won't even be able to hold back the tide once it's built just like moses parted the seas the dam is dividing opinions in the lagoon city. monica amber a senior doesn't have an easy job. she has to persuade the public to venice is on the brink so the asian. she's a spokesperson for the huge noisy flood protection project it's still not completed and every time there's a flood there's anger. it's another. faith after so many years they simply can't c.n.n. to italy last time there was a flood they thought that most rain would save the city and finally activate the
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floodgates. last november much of the city was flooded and damaged including the famous waterfront area or even delhi schiavone. next time around the hope is that the flood gates will be activated and will protect the city it could be working as soon as autumn. the system is currently being tested. me to close the lido for the venetian lookin connects with the adriatic sea our journey ended at the new key while. the security guard told us we were not allowed to come any closer for safety reasons it is still the test phase after all so we had to make do with observing this mammoth construction from a distance. his project who is a real engineering challenge to begin with 40000 asian pillars 60 meters long were
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lured into the water and connected by an underwater lock system then 78 movable chambers all chastened each weighing over $300.00 tons replaced the bathroom. proceeded on the scene that sees an enormous floating gatehouse had to be positioned right alongside each other but he didn't say it was a 5 millimeter margin. maybe it was an extremely precise remote controlled underwater operation that complex at the level he was in mccalla to. this area between the lagoon in the sea has been a construction site for 17 years there have been various interruptions and the seas of corruption scandals leading to arrest this is also why museum has a poor reputation among many venetians. sundry bernina is one of the most vocal critics of the project she says transparency that will go beyond that
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aside moved out of the last 6000000000 euros for a project that has been criticized by many international specialists who don't believe that it will protect the venice. the valley it's a huge waves. of public money like we've never seen before but i thought the t.v. so supposedly. he thinks that there are other ways of protecting the city. together with a fellow campaigner from his association he sure does the damage caused by the storms and floods last november. many walls were destroyed but if you take islands served as a bulwark and prevented similar damage in other parts of the city i'm not. going to be going on monday. i want to the how much of the most they funds could we have used for effective flood protection systems and the whole city but because of climate change there are going to be more and more storms and floods in the future and they will be more intense than we are the skeptics say that these mobile logs
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in the adriatic sea won't protect venice under either ina is among them he's also angry that the museum money wasn't used to maintain the city's historic buildings. if. you left floods are a problem. but the ships and the cruises are worse because they're causing the foundations of the city to erode and they're endangering the structures old opal looked over in the future duller from knowing it was well it would make sense to drain the canals on a regular basis and renovate the foundations but this maintenance work hasn't been done for decades. monaco ambra seanie is more optimistic about music she hopes that the tests will prove that the mobile look system can run smoothly and silence the critics. and
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block it out this it will be no really satisfying when the residents of venice stay nice and dry the next time there's a serious flood as they are not about that its owner. so far the system has only been tested in good weather perhaps it will prove itself when the next flood comes otherwise venetians will once again be at the mercy of the elements. now to a place where goth needs royalty the basilica of santa name is one of the most important and little known historical sites in france located just north of paris it's known as the birthplace of gothic architecture it's also where nearly all of the country's kings and queens are buried well it's a resident hands using a truly medieval method. for them. in the shadows of the basilica of santa in the participants of this awful. it can easily crumble if you
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frontrunners are the hardest part you have to make sure you don't break it delhi fans my console is passionate about his job. 'd he wants to teach people about masonry and encourage the younger ones perhaps to do an apprenticeship and become professionals people everyone who takes part in a workshop leaves with a smile on their face these are we show them the right way to hold the tools but above all we pass on a love for the material and that's a great feeling on the table in. the workshops of positive efforts to raise awareness about masonry because the basilica 2nd spy is finally being rebuilt. it was damaged by lightning in the mid 19th century and dismantled. one of the conclusion we want people to get involved in the reconstruction of this historical building will buy them as well and for that if you will need to be hands on so they
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can really get stuck in the middle of. the tools being used for the project are not very different from the it's used in the south century when the original abbey church was built but that practicing on clay. i'm going to help build the spire so i'm happy. this is a prestigious project the basilica of sundin is on to the not true dump and it's where most of france's monarchs were buried. including henry the 2nd and katherine to meet each other with the 16th and marian to annette. the reconstruction is due to last 11 years and set to cost around $28000000.00 euros. that's what you want out on. it's a sanctuary in poland that's at risk of becoming a disaster zone the centaurs foundation in the country's west is a safe haven for rescued animals over the years they say they have saved nearly
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$1200.00 horses from the slaughterhouse well the foundation is dependent on donations but due to the coronavirus the money has stopped coming and it's a heartbreaking reality for veronica neighbor rock who works at the foundation she hopes the horses can be saved from a cruel face. these animals have finally found a safe haven here at the largest horse sanctuary in europe. more than $500.00 horses belong to the centaurus foundation is just. in something called. the climate are disposed we have nearly $400.00 hectares of land available plus an area for the winter this allows the animals to live semi wild most of the time as place to nature is possible. these animals are lucky some were spears missiles
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perhaps others were given up by their owners many could only be rescued from danger with the help of donations. there's a big call huge radio has a tragic story she was traumatized when the horse dealer received her she was difficult to transport and someone had probably tried to calm her down by hitting her on the head with a bottle. sonny also has a traumatic past a lot of his skin was burned in a fire. and now he's being cared for here. at those things but service this is a special antibiotic cream. store your good you have to keep applying it it protects his sensitive skin. well that's right your. animal care and protection costs a lot of money which is raised through donations both large and small and through
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support from companies. there are other animals beside horses that have found refuge here including donkeys sheep cats. and even to llamas. the snow hangs in the balance because of the crooner virus. that was put on them when the pandemic broke out and all these companies were going bankrupt we started getting more and more e-mails and phone calls hundreds of companies were saying they could no longer support us that really had us hard there with our. volunteers from the surrounding area you know helping to advertise so the urgently needed money for once again the race for the centaurus foundation without donations the foundation could be forced to clues and many of the animals would be put down another way to help the animals by adoption. this can be done even with the
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smallest of donations about 200 healthy animals have been adopted some even by people in neighboring germany it options are closely monitored by the foundation whose contact with the sponsor how much you could remember them occurring about upset when we give a horse to a sponsor when handing every living animal into their care. these animals should never suffer troll moral bad experiences ever again. they should only ever experience fun and joy with humans surviving our trip to a vehicle. but this option has been made more difficult by the coronavirus pandemic many potential sponsors pulled out because of their current financial situation now the horse century lacks money. to give them a show you can't just say to the animals you know there's a coronavirus pandemic and that's why we can't give you any medicine today on
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a slow food either so we created a refuge here for animals who have had very sad lives or have been exploited by one of the guys must. be employees hope that will soon be able to get sufficient financial support again so the animals in europe's largest horse century can look forward to a sea and peaceful future. in our russia series we've been introducing you to people in some of the country's lesser known cities and villages well today we take you to care of to meet an outstanding all the gentleman with a flair for the dramatic 72 year old viktor cousin sieve for him the world is
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a stage and the streets of cuba are his runaway best friend his sewing machine our reporter visited his little house of wonder. writing about keep seething and young. victims has some sad news from experience. he's retired to living on the edge of an old russian city called kiva. he's been here for 72 years every morning he cycles to the center of town and back. living is happiness. 72 years i've lived so far have been wonderful. of course youth means boundless joy. now i'm old but my age doesn't get me down yet. status and then you.
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claim to see in among other things the claim stick to make safer and decorates with love and to keep the fashion. world. i've been dressing this way for at least 20 years and even before that because i used to work as artistic director at arts centers. that's my profession bluefish. victor describes himself as robust and contented both with himself the world and that is. what is it this is who. this is
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this is how i create my ensembles. i go to the 2nd hand shops pick out a shirt or a coat and think about how i could redesign them so they look like a nice ensemble together. way he used knew. more than we know but i would think this was a woman still moving they did but. then shared for example is also 2nd hand. and that these shorts. i sewed on the pink stripes myself. and this briefcase very stylish. in general i'd call myself an informal formalised if i did my. part of my to the sitting them somewhat resembles an informal theater dressing way i'm teaming with barry as treasures from behind gone
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tails you know and now the fashion show. where always prepare pink to sings a song he lends in german for us. to see. that could i. get the can you stated in. the us. i have 2 sons the elder one lives in on guard at the younger ones 40
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he's a priest the older one always writes me letters i don't ever hear from the younger one anymore. she was not going to go to russia and has eva. $46000000.00 retiring yes they were sleeping after each pension then $15000.00 roubles a month equal to about $119.00 laura use. the 1st pay for many especially in a city it's hard enough to get by should you. take tickets even less because in the us. we would be i only get $9000.00 roubles or $120.00 euros a month. i can forget about clothes shopping on that money except for the 2nd hand stores the prices are reasonable they're never going to. make sees no reason to
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complain when he lives in such a breathtaking. roger emotional way year how could anyone leave such beauty such breadth and depth my heart would never allow me to move anywhere else would get to me. and we have a standing invitation to drop by again some time to visit with the forever young. oh here's this is. a down year to year to victor well that was the last part of our russia series we hope you've enjoyed getting to know some spots off the beaten path and do let me know your thoughts about this week's show on twitter you can also watch our program online at d w dot com thanks so much for watching by for doubt.
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get. into the conflict zone in these extraordinary times we decided to take the opportunity to focus on the impact that the coronavirus pandemic is having on human rights around the world there are reports of invasive surveillance authoritarian power grabs my guest is the head of human rights watch a kind of problem of how many limitations are people willing to accept in order to fight a threat like coronavirus conflict. in 30 minutes on. hold .
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a new era has become. the fire going to deal with. the fame of. our mr. places as the face of. the flames that consume the forests and entire residential areas cut. rising temperatures food water shortages lands clearance there's an abundance of flammable material once again i did players to stop the fires playing some wounds going up and slain mobile concentration the world on fire starts aug 12th on w. w's crime fighters are back africa's most successful radio drama series continue. this season the stories focus on hate speech culture of
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prevention of sustainable charcoal production all of a sow's are available online and of course you can share and discuss songs africa's facebook page and other social media platforms. crime fighters tune in now. been told if it is for me it. is for. beethoven it is for him. or her. and beethoven it is for. beethoven is for every monoplane beethoven 2021 fiftieth anniversary here on d w. play . play
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play. this is the news live from berlin economic growth in europe's biggest economy plunges more than 10 percent germany seeing the worst economic contraction in the country's modern history wiping out 10 years' worth of growth. and washington slashes u.s. military presence in germany the decision to chop its troops in the country by a 3rd comes after president trump with peter he said well it was delinquent on its defense spending. related.


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