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tv   Business - Asia  Deutsche Welle  July 31, 2020 3:45pm-4:00pm CEST

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in poland that's at risk of becoming a disaster zone the centaurs foundation in the country's west is a safe haven for rescued animals over the years they say they have saved nearly 1200 horses from the slaughterhouse well the foundation is dependent on donations but due to the coronavirus the money has stopped coming and it's a heartbreaking reality for veronica neighbor rock who works at the foundation she hopes the horses can be saved from a cruel face. these animals have finally found a safe haven here at the largest horse century in europe. more than $500.00 horses belong to the centaurus foundation is just. and something. some of the disposed we have nearly $400.00 hectares of land available plus an area
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for the winter this allows the animals to live semi wild most of the time as place to nature is possible. these animals are lucky some were spared from this water helps others were given up by their owners many could only be rescued from danger with the help of donation. there's a book on it was a book called each radio has a tragic story she was traumatized when the horse dealer received her she was difficult to transport and someone had probably tried to calm her down by hitting her on the head with a bottle. sonny also has a traumatic past a lot of his skin was burned in a fire. and now he's being cared for here. the son has been serviced this is a special antibiotic cream. store your what you have to keep applying it it protects his sensitive skin. this well that's right here.
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animal care and protection costs a lot of money which is raised through donations both large and small and through support from companies. there are other animals beside horses that have found refuge here including donkeys sheet cats. and even to llamas. the snow hangs in the balance because of the crew and a virus. was put on them when the pandemic broke out and all these companies were going bankrupt we started getting more and more e-mails and phone calls hundreds of companies were saying they could no longer support us that really had us hard there with our. volunteers from the surrounding area you know helping to advertise so the urgently needed money from once again to be released for the centaurus foundation without donations the foundation could be forced to clues and many of the animals
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could be put down another way to help the animals by adoption. this can be done even with the smallest of donations about 200 healthy animals have been adopted some even by people in neighboring germany your doctrines are closely monitored by the foundation. contact with the sponsor so much you could remember them occurring about upset when we give a horse to a sponsor when hunting every other living animal into their care. of. these animals should never suffer colmar all bad experiences ever again. they should only ever experience fun and joy with humans should have on our trip to a vehicle. but this option has been made more difficult by the coronavirus pandemic many potential sponsors called out because of their current financial situation now the horse ranch relaxed money.
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to give them a show you can't just say to the animals you know there's a coronavirus pandemic and that's why we can't give you any medicine today and it's no food either so we created a refuge here for animals who have had very sad lives or have been exploited but one of the things was. the employees hope that we'll soon be able to get sufficient financial support again so the animals in europe's largest horse century can look forward to a sea and peaceful future. in our russia series we've been introducing you to people in some of the country's
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lesser known cities and villages well today we take you to kill off to meet an outstanding older gentleman with a flair for the dramatic 72 year old victory. for him the world is a stage and the streets of cuba are his runaway best friend his sewing machine our reporter visited his little house of wonder. writing a volley keep seething and young. victim of news from experience. he's retired to living on the edge of an old russian city called kiva. he's been here for 72 years every morning he cycles to the center of town and. show you proof living is happiness. the 72 years i've lived so far have been wonderful. of course youth means boundless joy.
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you know i'm old but my age doesn't get me down yet. status and then your youngest. it's plain to see in among other things the claim to speak to make safer and decorates with love for. the fashion. world. thank you i've been dressing this way for at least 20 years and even before that because i used to work as artistic director at arts centers. that's my profession bluefish. victor describes himself as robust and contented with himself the
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welt and that is the freedom we think. this is who. this is this is how i create my ensembles. i go to the 2nd hand shops pick out a shirt or a coat and think about how i could redesign them so they look like a nice ensemble together. used any. more than we got but i would think this was a woman still moving but it wouldn't. go that shirt for example is also 2nd hand. and these shorts. i sewed on the pink stripes myself. towards the end of this briefcase very stylish. in general i'd call myself an
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informal formalised if i did my. part of my legs for the sitting they were somewhat resembles an informal theater dressing way i'm teaming with barry as treasures from bygone tales you know and now the fashion show. where always prepare pick to sings a song he lends in german for us. to see. that could i. can you state in.
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the us. i have 2 sons the elder one lives in under the younger ones 40 he's a priest the older one always writes me letters i don't ever hear from the younger one anymore. she was not going to go good question has eva. 46000000 retiring. they receive an average pension then $15000.00 rubles a month equal to about $190.00 glorious. people many especially in the cities it's hard enough to get by showing you. take to get even less because in the us. we would be i only get $9000.00 roubles or $120.00 euros a month. and i can forget about clothes shopping on that money except for the
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secondhand stores the prices are reasonable there we were going to choose. to make sees no reason to complain when he lives in such a breathtaking. i don't remotely know where you how could anyone leave such beauty such breadth and depth my heart would never allow me to move anywhere else would get to me. and we have a standing invitation to drop by again some time to visit with the forever young. cousins. oh this is. a down year to year to victor well that was the last part of our russia series we hope you've enjoyed getting to know some spots off the beaten path and do let me know your thoughts about this week's show on twitter you can also watch our program
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online at d w dot com thanks so much for watching by for doubt. the be. the boss. the bigger.
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the big. smaller tax attorneys spying big changes the people making a bomb go africa fantastic right. join them as they set out to save the environment learn from one another and work together for a better future absolves you all for treating it come about for good. in 30 minutes on d. w. . is for me. is for.
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me to talk about this for. his her heart. and beethoven is for the body be told it is for embryonic the beethoven 2020. the 50th anniversary here on t.w. . world 6 to go beyond obvious. to the soul of the marine live. as we take on the world. we're all about the stories that matter to you and really what ever is. running out of touch explicit w. made for mines. a new era has become. the age of
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fire the feeling he placed in face. our planet his 1st. place is the 1st piece of. flames that consumed forests and entire residential areas. cut. rising temperatures water shortages lens clearance there's an abundance of flammable material 1600 players some stuff the fires mum heavy equipment the cult of celebrity someone world going up in smoke the full concentration of the world on fire starts august 12th on g.w. we have to and if i get back in. and dance with the baby.
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play. play. play. play play. this is the w. news live from berlin elections in hong kong postponed for a year chief executive kerry lamb says a surgeon coronavirus cases is the reason the decision deals another blow to the territories pro-democracy movement also coming up. the lens famous club scene has been silent for.


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