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tv   Eco Africa - The Environment Magazine  Deutsche Welle  July 31, 2020 9:30pm-10:00pm CEST

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great stooping down low. and successful beyond belief. that not only would this is the way we do it. we would start august 7th on d w. a little. on nature 2 things that go well together often that he's parisian for ont but also pieces in hans the bt i'm not sure sitting and both can play a part in supporting the environment and sustainability hello and welcome to these a special edition of africa i am sundra to be no deal here in kampala uganda and
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with me today as always is my colleague in nigeria hi new to a. year i really like this subject of nature on the arts the projects i will be looking at today will all started with for the fun demi well many of the ideas i especially powerful in this time i mean spirals to love and look up to our environment let's start with have grips with god what's coming up on the show today . i miss german i miss the bravo show hamas an architect of carling cup not true i mean with their surroundings then you resigned trend conquering euro natural materials are going to give successful new creations. and music is said to be the language of emotion and it's getting people in gone out to think and badlands all protection so hard. now in which we conquer are to be used to foster live a better understanding of environmental issues someone here stylianos rather clear on such
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a verse and i journal article i've been very strongly of have this silent uses creative skills through my humanity to care for the environment with music poetry photography and paintings he speaks to the younger generation him along with they can relate to and prove the art of park or mean you can bring the method mother needs to be looked up for let's go see this i swear. i didn't get any air for joy i was up all the trees trees trees trees. stanley i need to is an artist on a mission and paper and paint and not his only weapons in his fight to protect the environment. is also a singer you really need to listen to his songs focus on water and drought the
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felling of trees and pollution and the loss of africa's animal population. it's a cool for others to take responsibility but not everyone so fung. levi remains people who got politicians not so much interested in business because you actually preach that gets the practice sometimes telling them not to use force if you know that's going to make them want to from stanley a need to spending time in nature drawing is both relaxing and inspiring but these work so hard to say oh so the artist has come up with new techniques to make his chosen subject a success. the f. and animals sketch too with a reflective pen when it comes to environmental protection stanley sets an example of his way instead of brushes he uses different colored light bulbs light out
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and the magic begins. strands ition from green and healthy to the alarming state that it seemed today captured through the lens of a camera. usually a painting done with oil an acrylic on compass should take a couple of those too few days depended on the size and i'll be considerable waste this is done in just a few minutes and there is no waste we use things like or you can't just expose it to the door and walk in the environment so this has its mileage are pretty tools which are in action in our favor when they can see the best use of the appeal of your space to get from that this isn't how stanley ammeter used to work a graduate of fine and applied arts he painted like regular artists with oil on campus has made over 300 pieces using his new method announced sells multiple
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copies of each piece around the world the current virus pandemic has given the natural world some much needed rest pite stanley anita has watched the changes with the amazement the air quality improved. want amazingly wonderfully what's the. house improved tremendously so i think it favors the environment that we should get locked up for what. he calls his show that we actually know ourselves by ourselves but like stanley i need to once the rest of the worlds to pay more attention to the environment he believes in the power of art to bring about change right now i think if we have time we have the power to me to make a difference let's says let's make the changes so that our children who will be grateful to the brits for protecting this environment. stanley and he too will not
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stop painting and record in new songs audiences and love his music and it gets a lot of radio on t.v. airplay maybe one day people will just listen and take action to. art uncalled for i have always taken much of their inspiration from nature certainly paying to have chords and singers but there are even and far people groups whose culture and way of life highlights humankind's dependence on the environment so i'm gonna let is right n.t. and that is why we are now off to south africa where the indigenous sung people can point to campaign things of the new most of hunters dating back 26000 he is the son have a tremendous knowledge of nature and plant life and they're sharing it with the visitors to the finest func culture center in south africa africa took a 2 hour. deal and antelopes are shy creatures. but my
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tears see bondo knows how to get up close slowly and steadily and from down when. his people the sun hunts the animals but you name a ts is only checking up on the herd elance have special significance for the sun. if you look at the animal it's massive it can provide a lot of it can provide a lot of the same times a blanket the skin of a blanket and there is also a fair they use it for their use it for their use it for cleaning themselves. doctors they use it also for another purpose of. us works as a guide at the quad to sun culture in education center in as a fun time near cape town it's the 1st center dedicated to sun culture in south africa. the traditional hunters and
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gatherers are an indigenous people in southern africa their ancestors lived here when the dutch reached the shores over 300 years ago the rock art they left behind emphasizes the sons deep connection to nature the dominance of the european colonialists massive land loss and assimilation have marginalized the group today there are only about 150000 people in southern africa who identify as sun working at the center materials his colleague newkirk dymo has learned to appreciate the beliefs and traditions of her people. well it's. it is. it is the way of living the right the learn so that you can keep your culture so that you can live with so that you can tell i am from that community.
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not far from the museum materials continues its trek across the shrub land the south africans call fine by us it's out in nature that he can best illustrate the sun's immense knowledge of medicinal plants like congo bus or cancer bush and wild mint. he explains to the group how an infusion made from the leaves can be used as a remedy to treat a cold the flu and a host of other ailments. the guide and his colleagues have been working for years to renationalise the 900 hector site improving conditions for native medicinal plants like wild garlic and wild cannabis around quad to. today native animal species like zebras springboks and leopard tortoises graze on fields that in the 1990 s.
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were dominated by monocultures my teoh's and his colleagues have already achieved a lot his message about the environment is clear. sustainable keep it for the next generation this is what we want to learn. sustainability and environmental protection a message that has been passed down by the sun for generations. well another way artists can help protect the environment and send a message to others of the same time is by taking trash on to beautiful works of art that is what dies after growing angry about the extent of pollution in his homeland of kenya he decided to repurpose tons of waste metal he is this week's doing a bit. this lion sculpture is made from animal snakes once used by poachers in the national
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parks. these works were created by kenyan artist. he works with waste from factories. that years ago he started off as a welder. in his spare time he fashioned artistic objects. one day and broker bought them and displayed them in a nairobi gallery. about swimwear cheeky realized he could make a living with his own and his works now fetch up to $10000.00 apiece he also trains younger artists he says that over the years he's 10 thousands of tons of scrap metal into alt. and how about you if you're also doing your bit tell us about it visit our website or send us a tweet. hash tag doing your bit. we
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share your stories. very nice those lifelike sculptures will inspire people to protect the lions living in the wild in fact there could be an idea in there maybe if we bring more of the natural world into our homes one have more incentive to take care of it it turns out there are quite a few design as they're walking with that goal in mind they make every day job. won't in most homes using materials month by our very own mother nature let's have a look at what some of them have come up with. there's something of the sea in the air these lampshades are made of dried seaweed stretched over wire frames. and fish scales have been worked into the top of this small table. people think it might smell but it doesn't because
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once it's dry clothes it's on the smell and just look like scares munden based designer new material used sand for his desert storm lamp red cabbage for the intricate feigns of his veggie lights and seaweed for the marine light lamb shape. the native israeli has been experimenting with natural materials for years if i and some of his materials at the produce market i grew up close to the sea in israel and i love like i love going to the sea as i was a child and i was trying to experiment in different materials coming from the sea and seaweed was always something that i think can be interesting to work with. and i just started experimenting in towns up into doing denmark. and talking 10 near my he started his design studio in london strangely so how kariya. he sells his pieces and limited editions to private clients around the world. i think
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people are more willing to accept the fact that you can have like lamps other products made of this kind of material and we think what's happening in this world is making people understand that we need to start using this kind of material instead of artificial material or plastic but i hope that this kind of material. and become something very common as are going what you are not very much benefit to the environment. designers the world over experiment with natural materials it's really dutch designer eddy's navy panna cotta objects with soft deposits from the dance scene he dips to walls and other objects into the highly sealing content when it dries the furniture is encrusted with sparkling salt crystals.
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berlin designer. uses burj bark from billiard from her native siberia for her creations traditionally the bark outer layer is harvested once a year this way the trees don't have to be felt and the left arm. from ukraine draws upon the. land for her luxury furniture pieces she's been revitalizing and reinterpreting the traditional handicraft techniques her furniture line steal stuff is coated with claim. is a dervish material for your great craft and. for me as mature always a leader and i'm just going. to stabilize to clean furniture the metal frame is wrapped in organic cellulose and flax that makes the tables and chairs durable and suitable for daily use and recyclable is moving in harmony with
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nature and a respect for ecological cycles the sources of creative and sustainable design ideas are by no means exhausted. yes that is definitely true that is very much what we about here. all of you to live in ways that are more sustainable sometimes it can be. helpful to go to places that highlight what we stand to lose somewhere the showcases the environment and i know it's just the play sondra it's a museum in ethiopia its capital addis ababa there's a man museum is there green or serious in the middle of all that we city of concrete and glass visitors will discover traditional the theory of architecture and a rich over a of plant life all with the aim of learning from each of. the rainy season has started and the zouma garden is rejoicing this lush oasis is
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a recent addition to addis ababa cultural spaces and the creation of mesquite him and her friend ileus here architecture and nature are celebrated together these ecological huts turned into works of art were built using an ancient construction technique. process where you actually get the subsoil you have to dig about half a metre before you get the soil we only add is water and straw for about a month and it lasts for hundreds and hundreds of years and so. control so in so many ways it's one of the best i think sustainable houses surrounded by a labyrinth of plants most of which are endemic a dream come true for mesquite i am the diggers underneath but this is what it looks like tenet is often dipped into coffee. and this plant has strong medicinal virtues in a city where cement towers are growing like mushrooms the zone
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a museum is a space for humans to breathe and for nature to grow in cities going fast i think. not in the dry right direction many of the trees are. dying out. of the air is polluted or even completely poisoned we're all affected one way or another we're all connected through the environment reconnecting humans to the environment is precisely the aim of this all my school one of the. several times a week these kindergarten children come out in small groups and take care of the zouma garden and its farm the school is open to all but only the most privileged can afford the feel of this alternative teaching. the student when this age they have to learn about. it's organic they can they can see and can even pay so they know about it and it's getting to the.
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these facets of the zona museum had attracted hundreds of people a day since the grand opening in march 29th team until the coronavirus pandemic began but the idea of creating artistic green spaces in the city has gained ground prime minister ahmed asked the museum team to build a huge garden at his residency the prestigious project called unity park has also become a tourist attraction for ethiopians and foreigners alike. so listen up everyone announce my big moment rap music has traditionally been used to convey a message so how about rapping for their environment this is what it could sound like gary garbage everywhere why don't people seem to care that's what we have trash cans for so let's learn to love and vironment more ok you know i may not get
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a record contract but it's clear our music which is stable and a couple of musicians in god i've convinced are the best way to effect change is to change the way we both think so they wrote some rap lyrics i designed it just stick in people's minds. the same. thing. but i give. a how it seems. like this rubbish. this is not something i can imagine. that the commander. if will come a long time to his home village and his farm where he grows bananas maize and he's no longer producing music he sees the smokeless sound of all telling people here about the advantages of farming without pesticides than staying in the music business. just i have my own way back east you have
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a big take the subway but because of so i've been polluted. we have lost a lot of the me changing the whole family so listen folks listen i'm about to rap i can rap but i still have a subform yeah i don't try to change i'm a musician but i also have to do something i have to feed myself somebody something small small to feed my own server in my family but look at this now with this how can i grew up in my family i'm a feed my family get plastic the rubbish everywhere is polluting the land is destroying our right thailand has to do something about 3. safer seas it's important to reach out to everyone how can i get down on. your back that he's known for his very direct approach. open dumping like this has been a call to action for the tsunami according to recent studies ghana's capital accra
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generates more than $3000.00 metric tons of waste and estimated 60 percent is collected during the rainy season the rubbish gets carried out to sea in the gulf of guinea. beach is one of the most polluted beaches in accra when fisherman patrick loco throws out his fishing nets after a big down pole it's not fish he holds in but all kinds of plastic report and. sometimes the trash pushes the net into the rocks and past the end of the net you can't go out there to free it because to report so you need to find money to make a new one that it's really tough. they also known african gypsy has come to see patrick he was born into a mania and grew up in gonna assume musician and artist he addresses the problems gonna fesses with trucks like refuse. reuse recycle.
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refuse reuse recycle. try to hide your parasitical this is what our board is that we're not taking care of rescuing the life. and what has happened because there's no fish no frogs no i doubt creatures in that water the only thing tribe and what are now are mostly to be mostly for love. and sudan environment is becoming more dangerous for us to live in . and if we're coming i'm reaching out to the countries where the 2 musicians are
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attending a street academy event at a privately run school for kids living on the street they aim to influence the way students think i don't think i meant. those fish i messed that moment i think you got them all seekers to love this wall of plastic and he shows. us as hoover oh no robot was sure we needed to use our robot just something i was excited to make it's time so just to move our country so that's how i come to become the most beautiful one 0 well these to me have been one of if will comedians last performances but he and after nearly got their message across they're trying their best to fight gannon solution kill them if a comedian a son. with music. seems
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. to me. and the best of luck to them looks like they're doing a great job there so on balance musical note it is time for us to wrap up this special edition of in africa or nature and the art it is a goodbye for me sandra to nobody else here in kampala uganda and of course all be looking forward to having your company once again next week. a sagger i'm already looking forward so on next show i hope you all enjoyed our stories today if you want to know more about the environment and its issues go to our web site also show media pages i need that anything you want to share do drop us a line you can also use actual media platforms i melted me bye bye for now i'll see
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you next week.
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oh. sure. don't miss our highlights w. program online d.w. dot com highlights. a duel with words. where i come from we don't want a way from a call from taisha. when i was 5 years old my father took me to his friends and i
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some people don't care about me because they think i have nothing to give. but 2000000000 you can do. to them i am everything. their homes. their food. their livelihood. but day by day i disappear. and so does everything. 2000000000 people care about me. me me me. and now.
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the but. this is a w. news live from berlin democracy deferred elections in hong kong are to late for a year chief executive kerry lands as a surgeon coronavirus cases does the present germany weighs in by suspending its extradition treaty with the church. also coming up we joined a manager of a couple of hours task force in israel the city where he works as a hotspot for the city.


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