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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  August 1, 2020 5:15am-5:30am CEST

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maybe plotting a return to the spot next year. don't forget you can keep up with news on our website that steve w. dot com and you can follow us on twitter and instagram d w news up next business with kate ferguson after a short break stay with you go. up to date don't miss our highlights. program online w dot com highlights. we know this is a scary time for the coronavirus is changing the world changing. so take care of yourself a good distance wash your hands if you can date and how we deal with you are here for you we're working hard listening to keep you informed don't overplan what we're
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all in this together on together make it. stay safe everybody. stay safe stay safe increase stay safe. how low can you go after the united states post historic declines the news from the euro isn't any less bleak quarterly numbers from across the continent show the staggering impact the coronavirus has had on the economy. also coming up could an american takeover of take top quality u.s. concerns about chinese buying. say based on our friends here everyone wants a certain germany it's a wonderful place to work as u.s.
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troops prepare to withdraw from germany residents of the bavarian time where many of them are posted are fearing for their livelihoods. business i'm paid ferguson welcome to the show. this week several major economies reported record lows in the 2nd quarter today the eurozone economy countered its toll with a 12 percent drop in g.d.p. the figures show double digit declines across the board in spain an economy that relies heavily on tourism growth fell by a massive 18 on a hoss percent other major euro zone economies france italy germany old posted huge drops to our financial correspondent chelsea delaney in frankfurt assesses the damage and the potential for recovery. the world was braced for really stunning contractions and the european economy and the 2nd quarter but the scale of
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the numbers we've seen this week has just been absolutely stunning and not just here in europe but in the united states as well the question now really is how can the economy recover from a blow this big we have already started to see some tentative signs of recovery things like consumer confidence business confidence production exports have started to improve but the big overhanging fear is of course of a 2nd wave of infections we're already seeing this play out in spain where the rising number of cases has led many european countries to advice citizens against a troubling they're about will add more pressure on to the spanish economy which already contracted 18.5 percent and the 2nd quarter but even if we do you avoid a 2nd wave of infections it will likely take years for european economy to fully recover. u.s. tech giant microsoft is reportedly in talks to buy chinese own video optics talk meanwhile u.s.
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president donald trump has threatened to bomb the company over concerns it could allow beijing to spy in a moment we'll get the latest from our correspondent in new york but 1st here's a look at a company that has come to him balti the growing mistrust but. when u.s. and chinese tech giants. with its $800000000.00 users take top bows itself as a digital playground but now it's turning into a box all grown between the u.s. and china. with american suspicious of its owners the be backed up may have exploded in recent years but not everyone is a fun. would you recommend that people download that up on their phones tonight tomorrow any time currently if you want your private information in the hands of the chinese communist party the struggle over digital technology is intensifying on the u.s. side facebook twitter and on the chinese side to talk on the technology giant while
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we also the targets of a u.s. pressure campaign cartoons lampooning the u.s. have been spreading in chinese media this one depicting uncle sam suggesting the u.s. is threatened by competition but the official tone has been angry. q. dollar. ban is part of what he calls nations becoming clean countries which is in fact a synonym for double standards. that means. the bottle may be over to talk but the war is about vying for tech supremacy at stake not just profit but power. let's bring in our business correspondent and squat in new york now yen why are u.s. officials so concerned about tech talk. well i mean talk has been an incredible success story and that's
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a new very short time in april actually to talk a surplus $2000000000.00 a global event they have been some suspicion and some charges that talk actually might collect of privacy data from its users that there has been some an ease about that not just from the u.s. side but we also hear similar concerns from regulators for instance in the u.k. and also in germany and u.s. president donald trump threatened to ban the company when an american takeover be enough to make him change his might well i mean the talk might be of that in american company might actually acquire the u.s. operations and was that maybe u.s. president donald trump would allow to talk to still do business in the united states if you can somehow make sure that there won't be any data transfer to
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beijing well let's wait and see what is going to happen on this and for microsoft by the way that could be a pretty interesting. microsoft are clearly has the cash and the money to do so by the way 2 of the more popular musicians that microsoft did in the pos was skype and then about 3 years ago. linked in that was still today the biggest acquisition from microsoft back then in the amount of about 26000000000 dollars and quite a night to talk to you now some of the other business stories making news. in the united states the senate has adjourned for the weekend without passing an extension or replacement for a $600.00 a week on employment benefit for $30000000.00 americans labor experts expect congress to replace the 600 dollars with something but details remain unclear.
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nvidia is in talks to buy arms from soft bank for more than $32000000000.00 if the deal goes through it would be one of the largest ever in the computer chip business the british chip design or arm power of nearly every major mobile posts are from companies like apple samsung and huawei champagne sales have lost their faith is producers say the corona virus has cost them $2000000000.00 in sales this year restrictions across the world for the consolation of celebrations weddings and dining out all of bi-polar to sales of the luxury behind. the european commission has allowed france's alstom to buy the train making division of the canadian company bombard jape the 6000000000 euro acquisition will make alstom the world's 2nd largest train money fact sure but the approval came with conditions attached. to t.g.v.
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cemented france's police as a pioneer of high speed rail travel. but since g.e.c. also revealed the 1st t.g.v. it was 40 years ago other countries have aged ahead. trying to see or are seeing leaves the rings with a turnover of nearly $21000000000.00. the relative newcomer is active in more than $100.00 countries. competitors also siemens embody a our liking behind the merger could help all sterling canadian firm body hold on to the number 2 spot and improve their competitive edge but the deal will come with some restrictions it took revised plans and strict conditions for e.u. regulators to allow this deal to go ahead. will have to divest essentially by selling off some of its own and ball but his assets some of the production sites in germany and france will have to go as well as some of the technology and trade models. size alone can't solve the problems facing european train manufacturers
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they've long complained that the deck is stacked against them accusing c r r c of receiving illegal subsidies from the chinese government. and while the competition has access to the european market e.u. producers are not allowed access to real networks in china japan south korea or the usa. the u.s. decision to withdraw 12000 troops from germany sent shock waves across the country raising concerns about security and transatlantic tides but for the locals of the bavarian town of 5th sec where a 3rd of those troops are stationed it has also left some fearing for their livelihoods. what will become a fill say it's a very in town with just 6000 residents who've lived for years alongside the americans at the nearby rose barracks is that all over. this conflict the guns it's terrible the whole area the economy the shops the americans always use them just as we do that economists are not strong v.v.
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out. some of us play football with the americans it will be a pity to see them leave again the 2nd cavalry regiment of the us army is a key economic engine for the structurally weak region and until now it had provided full sec with a guaranteed. employer and supply of customers many locals work for the military in some capacity for example in vehicle maintenance the american presence is vitalized the goings on in the town and patronize the shops it's from 40 to 50 percent of our customers are american who they spend a lot here it'd be really really terrible for us. and over the years something else has been founded that will be irreplaceable friendships is a sea of t.v. there's a very deep connection the soldiers feel at home here we actually see the soldiers and their families as fellow citizens and that's how many americans feel too explains a retired soldier to us whose wife still works in the military. so i can say based
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on our friends here everyone says they're in germany it's a wonderful place to work many locals here are hoping for a donald trump defeat in the u.s. elections perhaps that could lead to a reversal of the decision to pull troops out of germany. and that's all we have time for for move more to check out our website dot com slash business we're on facebook and twitter to feel free to drop us a line there for me on the entire team let's go by and take a. listen
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to from my mom just. a little about the language of the. researchers i might say i want to get to the bottom of this big question. with.
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the let's. get. more it in. with the following try. am fascination. are they informative going to stop to call me taken my comedy. parts 20 to. 30 minutes on digital. are they friends so you want to be with you as you try to steer the door would you wish it was lovely and full of fun i'm not limitless in your new mission or are they and i mean he's going to finish the dishes you live sure wish you would go with business as usual or he's going to go give a shit i never worked for i just donald trump and flooding your pollutant were 2
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part documentary analyzes the difficult relationship between russia and the west and between the presidents how does their rivalry and their dangerous mutual admiration affect the rest of the world muslim bullies trump and putin starts august 3rd on d w. july 2022 teams of research as announced breakthroughs in the search for a vaccine against the novel coronavirus we look at the main vaccine strategies. plus the challenge facing penguins in antarctica. and bomb disposal. by laser at the. welcome to tomorrow today we all science show on.


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