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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 1, 2020 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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so you have a. serious stay safe for you to say. you're watching it did every news live from then could it be time opt for tic toc in the u.s. president trump says he plans to ban the app over concerns about chinese spying but while that may have been for the video platform and u.s. chinese relations also coming out of the world of cinema mourns the loss of british filmmaker alan tucker the director of midnight express mississippi burning and if
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nature dies at the age of 76. and the story of birds and the effect why drink is in a small town in germany and getting their feathers ruffled. i'm rebecca ritter's welcome to the program we begin in the u.s. where president donald trump says he plans to ban the chinese owned video. video app tick-tock u.s. officials are currently looking into the potential particular want to be used by the chinese government as a tool for gathering intelligence. to talk with its viral dance routines and political activism videos is a favorite among teenagers worldwide. with over $2000000000.00 downloads and $17000000000.00 in revenue last year the app is extremely successful in. when sure
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but its exploding popularity has also raised red flags in the u.s. officials are investigating whether tick-tock is a threat to national security there are concerns that the data collected by the app owned by the chinese firm by dance could be accessed by beijing the company denies any connection with the chinese government but donald trump is threatening to ban b.-f. in the u.s. . well look you know we may be betting we may be doing some other things. but a lot of things are happening so we'll see what happens but we are looking at a lot of alternatives with respect to. reports on friday indicated that one of the alternatives being considered is an order for byte dance to give up ownership of tick-tock potential buyers are reportedly already in talks to take over the apps u.s. operations including tech giant microsoft and national security review have to talk
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is expected to be presented to trump in the coming days its results may further sour already deteriorating ties between the u.s. and china with tensions already running high on trade and the coronavirus pandemic cyber security concerns are now further straining relations between the 2 powers. data and court has been following the story for us from new york. there have been charges siggins to talk for quite some time that the company actually collects a privacy data from their users and if you look at the use of a soft tick tock it's basically the younger corral out and that's why they have been some concerns not just in the united states but also in the u.k. or in germany for instance so let's wait and see if really any kind of deal is going to happen on one side for microsoft to talk would be clearly pretty tricked if was just recently more than $2000000000.00 loads off the tick top globally on
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the other side microsoft would be right in the middle between those struggling superpowers the united states and china and i'm quite certain that microsoft will think twice to have spent billions of dollars and then might be caught in the middle of china and the u.s. and staying in the u.s. 3 people have been charged in connection with the hacking of prominent twitter accounts 2 weeks ago prosecutors say a 17 year old from florida was the mastermind behind the hack that cheap paypal into making bitcoin donations and affected some of the platforms most high profile accounts including former u.s. president barack obama democratic presidential candidate joe biden and microsoft founder bill gates as well as some company accounts like apple and twitter has said the hack has targeted some of its employees who had access to its internal systems . now some of the other stories making news around the world hong kong's
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legislative elections scheduled for september have fane postponed for a year chief executive carrying them says the delay is necessary due to a surge in coronavirus cases but oppositional mike has accused the government of using the pandemic as a pretext to form a pro-democracy movement. people have gathered in portland oregon for a novena night of protests president donald trump tweeted that federal agents which was supposed to begin phasing out this week will remain in the city until local police had finished what he called a cleanup of quote an a coast and agitated. hurrican says churning through the caribbean bringing strong winds and flooding in puerto rico and some islands of the bahamas hurricane warning has been issued for parts of florida where the storm is expected to hit later on. let's take
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a look now at some of the latest developments in the corona virus pandemic the number of deaths in mexico has surged past 46000 it's now poised to overtake britain as the country with the 3rd highest death toll behind brazil and the u.s. british prime minister barak's johnson says he's putting on the brakes on easing lockdown measures and will instead be imposing new restrictions that's after a new spike in corona virus infections in the u.k. and germany has added 3 northern spanish regions to its list of high risk destinations anyone arriving from those areas will have to produce a negative virus test or go into quarantine for 2 weeks. muslims around the world are celebrating. one of the most important holidays in the islamic calendar this year the 4 day holiday is taking place under the shadow of the pandemic social distancing measures and making it difficult for families to celebrate together worshippers and i can do the best they can. we'll also 2. following them in
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a historic 1st for dublin's croke park stadium the home of irish sports and normally a symbol of catholic ireland hosted socially distance prayers for several 100 muslims celebrating eat a lot. for me. to see today. i was just hysterical it is operating theatre in the air with. muslims around the world are celebrating a scaled down version of the festival worshippers in war torn yemen perform a prayer in freedom square. the festival of sacrifice is marked by the ritual slaughter of animals which are then share it with those in need in a live and then go is distributing meat to syrian refugees.
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this project is important because there are many families who do not get meat except on and there are families that don't get me to tall not even on. there are more families in need then there is sacrificial meat god willing we will do our best to bring this meat to those who deserve it. and if the afghans crave as a 3 day cease fire between government forces and the taliban begins. then i hope this will bring an end to nearly 2 decades of conflict. strict health guidelines in indonesia allowed muslims in the capital of jakarta to attend prayers amid the pandemic. though a quieter affair than usual the spirit of each endures across the globe. he was considered one of the greats of british cinema the film micah alan parker
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has died he passed away at the age of 76 on to suffering a long illness he started is his career in advertising and later shot to fame is the director of films such as midnight express mississippi burning and vater arca was awarded and knighthood and the british academy's lifetime achievement award. and for more on parker's extraordinary life i'm joined by the w.c. film guru scott rocks for scott the academy called parker communion because of the sheer breath of film styles he used did he have a signature. i don't think so not least the classic sort of europe what the europeans called you a true or some one who tries to tell the same kind of story as distinct way of looking at or have what parker was he was more a craftsman i mean he made socially conscious thrillers like the mississippi burning or midnight express but he also made musicals paint for the madonna
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starring musical. literary adaptations of the comedies and basically he was he was a really a workaday filmmaker a crash and i think that comes from his background as you mentioned in the commercials directory started in the british t.v. commercials industry and i think that informed how you approach cinema he was looking to just sell one certain type of story or out one specific look. he was more interested in using the potential so much different types of stories and really did also technically push the boundaries of what cinema to do now i have to say i'm embarrassed to admit i've saying very few of his films many of which are absolute classics now for people like me scott where should we stop you know it's interesting because. you can dip in almost anywhere when it's so many different types of movies but i pick maybe starting at the very beginning this 1st movie bugsy malone which is not as easy to find these days it's not as the same as some of his bigger although with movies but it's a lovely movie it's
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a parody of american musicals and american gangster films but starring the entire cast of children it's really a delight to watch and then i have to take my absolute favorite film of his commitments an adaptation of that roddy doyle a book about irish soul singers and that's just out of 2 hours of pure joy there's no way you can go wrong with that and what a fantastic soundtrack that i do you know so what would you say is his pockets legacy and for the industry and filmmakers alike. well i think her greatest impact on the british film industry i mean he was the 1st of the generation she commercial directors i don't reckon that went on to make movies that the 2 most famous but also little traction director at lynn is another and they didn't pull that european art out of the instead look to make commercials movies but aesthetically to sort of break the ground i think it was the 1st of those directors and it really. set the path for many of the follow up the only other and the other impact we have wasn't
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although it was he was the 1st one to make a big socially conscious los angeles of the mississippi burning because that looks and that should have created a type of movie where people some of the writers the award style will be making a big commercial film that has a sort of social conscience i think parker was one of the 1st to do that in that style and that is implicit you still see. scott thanks very much for that scott rocks for from date of any culture. now to a story of birds and the being in the german state of area is well known for its love of b. and its immense production of the beverage but in one small town drink is echoing this state and all because of a pair if everything's. a bag paper cold that's locked in just to machine gun fire or perhaps a mysterious laugh these white storks have made their yearly marker tree journey from africa and stars in
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a place to nest in the small german town of move though didn't prevail. normally it's seen as a sign of good luck for stork chooses your roof to nesting or not for this. protected species in germany chose a rather inconvenient spot to nest to this year. we already had one last year in the roof of the brewery now the young storks when they come back they often come back to the same place so they look for a place to build their nest and they did it in the chimney of the brewery. be a production was forced to be suspended and christian needed a special craftsman to carefully move the nest so production could resume but then came the coronavirus lock down. we. had already planned that when the nest was built we would be able to raise it but when it was finished we were in full lockdown no craftsman were available.
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with no trades person available christian was forced to wait as this began to run lot. for baby stores have since hatched it with coded restrictions slightly lifting the nest could be moved next week. a craftsman is coming next week he's going to build the elevation we hope to be able to start brewing beer in the next week but we have to wait 5 or 6 weeks until the beer is ready so around mid september so there will be a short period of time which will have to find other solutions. while b.m.r. run dry at this brewery for a few weeks the stork seem unfazed by the trouble they've caused maybe plotting a return to this spot next year. you're watching data over the news or reminder of the top story we're following for you u.s.
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president donald trump says he'll ban the chinese on video at the tick talk in the u.s. so i think national security concerns media reports suggest trump is weighing the option of forcing the firm by dance to give up on a ship a tick tock. of the facts out with this morning's headlines in the meantime you can stay up to date on our web site date of the dot com and follow us on twitter and instagram as well at the deputy news i'm rebecca written investment thanks so much for watching. in the heart of climate change. africa. what's in store for. one hour for the future. for 2 major cities to go inside. the counter.


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