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wang the option of forcing the fem bike dance to give up on a ship to talk. about next out reports more news headlines in the meantime you can stay up to date on our web site j w dot com and follow us on twitter and instagram as well at the deputy news i'm rebecca written in bed and thanks so much. in the height of climate change. africa's mystery. what's in store for. one of the teams to come for the future. e.w. dot com african american cities to go to insight. into. how does a virus spread. why do we panic and when we'll all be. just through the topics covered and we couldn't read your blog is called spectrum if you
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would like any information on the coronavirus or any other science topic you should really check out our podcast you can get it wherever you get your podcast you can also find us at dot com slash science. point. here's where it all starts it goes in kitchen the room about a region in west germany. the. pitch is where those football story started.
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probably one of the last street footballers in germany if you start playing regularly as a 4 or 5 year old in a cage you learn how to stand your ground against older players. you also develop certain qualities such as creativity and finesse that was a big part of his evolution as a player. so i don't think. israel was born in germany but his roots are turkish his grandfather emigrated in the 1960 s. when turkish migrant workers held we built germany's economy as your family made germany their new home. music played for several local clubs but suny in prescott's from bundesliga side shaka. and in 2006 he even caught the eye of germany national team coach you are going to live in a youth. of sorts i think right now i want to play for germany turkey later
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in the war with turkey and germany were competing for it. it wasn't easy for him to give up his turkish and citizenship at the consulate they were not accepting his desire to become german. look if they had to show up twice to the gym and if i did their part of because he was one of the most talented players of youth age group in europe you don't know. which shock is youth team who's a well the german under 19 championship and he quickly made a name for himself among the pros through his performances he soon made his way into the 1st team that shocked. little by when music came from the youth squad one or you could already see what a great football of years even in training it was scoring goals for fun you could tell this kid is going places the incredible. and that's just what he did at 70.
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made his debut in the bundesliga for shell alongside manuel neuer and even rocketed but looking for more playing time he forced to move to better. way he won his 1st trophy the german cup. next stop madrid the most prestigious club in the world a dream come true just 21 years old and reached the top. i always believed in myself and gave it my all thanks to the support of my family and friends i've made it so far i want to become better that's why i'm here i think if you can get this feeling when you. came part of the madrid soap opera every move under surveillance discuss like a tele novellas 3 years on the coach josie marino a rough ride. according to his critics doesn't work hard enough he hides in big games
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a trait that has haunted him throughout his career the most interesting for me was . in the dressing room at real madrid i'm going to read this but i'm going to read it way nicer than i think it was or you giving up now your subject howard what do you want to creep under the beautiful warm shower shampoo your hair to be alone or do you want to prove to your fellow players the fans out there and me what you can do i think the best part of this is that he went after the hair. i'm. losing the right to it was a new start for him and also for the club finally arsenal spent big 50000000 euro a club transfer record at the time. were going to be everywhere you need a car drive but you. say ok let's have. you
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could be could she be teamed the tributes to be one of the leaders with team but despite winning trophies with arsenal he could rarely live up to expectations again he became the scapegoat for some fans the same supporters that previously celebrated his arrival. he was shocking the press of. germany around witchery we've never seen those and will be more. players like measured our modern gladiators when they're performing well thumbs go up when they're having a bad game go down on the and yet we always expect a lot from those players and when they're struggling they get criticised more harshly than players in what different positions. as a coach it's important to harness his strengths and. in. germany coach you are similar did exactly that he always believed and i made him
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a key player in the national team the 2010 world cup was there breakthrough tournament with brilliant performances in the knockout round against england in argentina. as it was the ideal play for germany coach or can live wanted to revolutionise german football if it was technically gifted and he had a great left foot live really trusted him and counted on him even in difficult times music they had a special relationship with the missing. gemini's game of all and so it is easy for creating counterattacks to more possession based games played an important part in germany 2014 world cup campaign and together with live he won it all on football's biggest stage. the only a select few can ever win the world cup we have made it it was an amazing experience in brazil now the world knows we play attractive football. donated. world cup bonus to children in brazil with the help of the big shoe
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charity project he paid for life changing surgeries even at the very top your didn't forget those in need. and i can change a lot through my career and the money i earn there are many children who don't have the luck we have in life my goal is to help them and make their future bright for their condition. became a popular figure he was on a 1st charity activities and as germany's number one football ambassador playing abroad in 2010 even won the award for integration as the face of a new multicultural germany. signed on for his new credible ability to balance his church's truths while wearing a germany jersey makes an example for us all. interact so integration creates something new a colorful germany thank you. he became mongol america's poster boy for integration
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. but everything changed in 28. mr advani doesn't respect the values that german football stands for and that's why you should not allow him to use you for electoral purposes let's listen if in a kind of put ball should have a photo op with any or 33 lasers it doesn't matter if it's vladimir putin as a lot of material stayed. out of one type or one it's not the 1st time as president added one his visit may 2018 triggered a media storm. only a few weeks ahead of the world cup in russia and the turkish presidential election . because i don't understand what his agents were doing or the agents of the d.f.t. for that matter were they on vacation alarm bell should have been ringing. it was
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during adolescence election campaign i mean are you kidding you could have easily had to subpoena to be. so in the business or to a course it matters who was in the photo where you were being manipulated for political money. but if turkey's president had been someone else from any other political party those all still would have posed in the photo it was a gesture of courtesy it would have been respect. i'm going to move because. while germany. was also present he explained his decision to join the photo on the other hand is quiet they were both booed and whistled by their own fans at the 2018 world cup they crashed out with germany in the group stages i i i think others would go home to. visit to israel became the scapegoat for many right wing politicians in germany attacked him for weeks some media outlets criticized him harshly even the german f.a.
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singled him out so. i think i can understand a bit how he felt mistreated but everyone had really turned him into one of the scapegoats. and the book about august. one week after the world cup. back with a statement on twitter. quit international football and that of a national team incited racism as the reason for this is very critical of the german media in particular he's also critical of the german football association and one person in particular of course that is the president of the german football association he released this today because of recent events. have the feeling of racism and disrespect i used to wear the chairmanship was such an excitement but now times because he said i'm german when we win but when we lose i'm not. version one cynical but there's some truth to it and many
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people feel the same way. then you. did give me the monies for the non-college him an f. i could have avoided the whole situation if i had of condemned the rices attacks against israel at the time. i thought i made it seem as if it was attacking the whole of german football from the bundesliga down to amateur level but that wasn't the case at all then played almost $100.00 times for the german national team so we can all assume he values his germany career but he also. but it seems because he'll has turned his back on germany. was even the best man at his wedding.
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meanwhile back in london he's trying to revitalize his career at arsenal and believe you always regret things in life but on the other hand you're proud you had these experiences and i think he tries to see the positives and move on and also gone from part one of the show and i think many people didn't know the value of the switch teams and. music. was an example to many footballers with roots from different countries as well he's had a great career and has won the world cup then he wanted to follow in his path as it was one of the treasures of german football but a lot of these mistakes escalated to a point that destroyed what we had the treasure that german football had and as a husband destroy it.
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green's. pottery on honeycomb form. that's qatar only a tiny bit bigger than the classic boardgames has taken the many worlds by storm and is now settling on the island of mine now only constance the fans are celebrating its 25th anniversary with an extra amount field. next to. the thing like a breath of sea air to calm the soul. goes on as an island as the purchase and as germany's longest beach some 1900 hours of sunshine a year. the charm of a bygone era on the magical baltic sea island of saddam. tricking you. in 60 minutes on d w. i'm not laughing at the germans because sometimes i am but they said nothing
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with the german people german thinks deep into german culture yet you don't seem to get his grandmother they all eat because it's all about who they know i'm rachel join me for me to get on to the. book. what's it job openings out there for chickens find out later in the show. and with that one welcome to another edition of your.


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