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tv   Check-in  Deutsche Welle  August 1, 2020 4:30pm-5:01pm CEST

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w. . every journey begins with the 1st step and every language with the 1st word published in the. rico is in germany to learn german why not go with them it's simple online on your mobile and free shops d w z e learning course nikos fake german made easy. welcome to a new special edition of check in there's time we'll take you to 3 places in the state of mecca and book for man in northeastern germany and everywhere will always be very close to the water 1st of all we're off to the baltic seaside resort of van amanda where presenter wants to find out how tourism is working out during the
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coronavirus pandemic. then it's off to the heart of the state of mecklenburg for palm out where you have visited the mill dates before the corona virus pandemic and finally check in presenting a new. show you what you can enjoy on the island of who's a dog in sama. served off to. fresh air a short trip somewhere like to the baltic coals to it something i've been missing these past months just like many of us the coronavirus been demick has disrupted travel worldwide my 1st trip after the easing of restrictions in germany took me to vitamin d. in the state of mecklenburg questor from radio. here from the lighthouse you can get a good view of the baltic resort. traveling
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in coronavirus times how does that look like with all the social distancing in hygiene rules it's summer in germany so it's high season and that means it can get really crowded on the beach in restaurants in hotels and i would like to know how those people in charge and the tourists are dealing with this situation here in volume and. holidaymakers are back here in volume and at the baltic coast and of course i'm curious to find out more about what's brought them here. where you're from cologne what brought you here and it was like baltic sea coast is the nicest coast we know we've been coming here for years. or do you still get that holiday feeling despite the coronavirus pandemic. salut legal restrictions like putting on a mask in stores aren't a big deal apart from that there aren't many restrictions we go biking swimming and
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jogging so for us it absolutely feels like a holiday just takes good to get out again after the long lockdown. as mom didn't notice a few restrictions. but by and large when you're at dulles you don't need to sit at all. next month and. comply with the social distancing and hygiene route to get over yeah yeah but not between the 2 of us. give me a kiss. i was raised to have a lovely holiday. time to pay a visit to the beach and i'll rent the beach chair. it will protect me from the wind and help with social distancing oh yeah i know i'd like to rent a beach share we're not alone welcome no problem but what do i need to do. nothing we send 2 people along who will make sure the beach. cherice disinfected all you
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need to do is sit down relax and have a nice time. or. is this your best beach chair not best i don't know about that i'd say it's a very good beach chair many are newer but this is the one that's free right now that's how it works awful sue it has to be disinfected 1st. yes we have to do it unless the chair only goes out once a day then it has 24 hours to air out. but if it goes out several times a day but this is what we do get with the someone so if it hasn't aired out mathias takes care of it that was much younger then dr mathias gets it nice and clean thank you fake i.d.'s. beach chairs like this has been a fixture by the baltic and the north sea since the 19th century there especially popular in germany. now all that's missing is
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a quick dip in the water. but. i didn't i didn't. i have to admit diving into this chilly water it is just 17 degrees celsius is a bit daunting at 1st but once you're in and swimming it's wonderful. it's clear that the tourists are back despite the coronavirus but how are the people who live here fairing. i'm off to meet a man with a woman who works here as a lifeguard. but what do you need
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to be a lifeguard. this is what you have to be athletic team player know how to swim and like the beach. and that's it. that's like i shall not have to spend what did the coronavirus mean for you as a lifeguard in that yeah at the start of the season we introduced various safety measures and restrictions. we have protective equipment for the lifeguards for the swimmers who need 1st date we have mass and so forth the body gets to be called and we hand over the bandits rather than sticking them on ourselves yes i think that overall we haven't had all that many covert cases in this part of germany which was no bikers and there aren't all that many restrictions. on it you can see that at the beach when they come to the difference in the thickness of the tunnel the muscles what about an emergency if you have to do mouth to mouth resuscitation that mr we're lucky because we have manual resuscitator we're trained to use these
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handheld masts with self inflating bags which require no direct physical contact. for titles so what do you like about the baltic as a minute and i'll see. the view the waves but it's always different in every kind of weather you never tire of it. the sun is really nice this year so don't forget your sunscreen i.q. below that there's also a big clear this year so the view is really nice and if i might head here because. all right thank your mom wouldn't. mind next stop is a tour of the harbor. on board the campaign bus the 1st pass along the i test this stretch of water that extends from the fishing port of fundamental to the postal card. vandeman the
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seaside resort isn't actually a district office city off while stuck. in a hostel carver we're greeted by the cruise ship terminal normally it's busy some $200.00 cruise ships docked here and every year. the last auction parents and their cruise ships are built are also unusually quiet and it's still not clear how and when things will start back up again. an hour later we're on our way back to fundamental. tourism has a long tradition here the 1st hotels for tourists opened in the early 19th century . as i stroll along the probably not on this nice summer day it looks like things are back to normal the way they were before the coronavirus trusts.
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you know as a tourism director you're probably happy to see how packed it is here absolutely a report on science from once on we're very happy to be dug out since the 25th of may we have been able to welcome visitors again from across germany got a month and there's nothing nicer not so especially compared to the weeks before that stuff was was very few but now we can go back to doing what we're best at providing hospitality one really gets to be the one to provide strength feeling if there are lots of tourists but the truce ships aren't here do you notice they are missing doesn't look at this is what the courts want here yes we're missing the cruise ships. normally we have close to $200.00 docking here which bring in international crowd to rostock involvement and also a mom would know when kids are into knots and this international element is missing or really there's a shot that's a shame because it adds to the flair. and the crew ship. they're important to our
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economy. and of us rich and what are your hopes for vandeman in the coming months. as a religion on 1st we hope that we'll get through the summer well with the preparations we've taken and that our vacationers enjoy themselves or guests would who doesn't and that the locals can see us practicing safe tourism so that we can come through the situation stronger than ever. and of course we hope that we won't have to shut down our hotels restaurants and businesses for 2 and a half months again. that would be a shame and a disaster you would hope so you were on holiday destination and we want to be able to provide that for i guess it's. done thank you and all the best and you know. everything's pretty relaxed here and bottom and to tourists are happy they can
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travel again and enjoy the baltic and so all the people who make their living from tourism. the 2nd stop on our check in special issue takes us to the mecklenburg lake district in the heart of the state of mexican book for me. this is my 1st trip to the land of the 1000 lakes otherwise known as the mecklenburg lake district which is in north eastern germany there's water as far as the eye can see it's still peaceful. this is like a postcard of the region the view of germany's largest lake the mule it's from this church taught in the wood and i'm going to explore mecklenburg slick this tricked with a houseboat and. i
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don't need a license to pilot the boat around the lakes but i do need some basic instructions . let's go aboard. but as it. was done below are your quarters on the portside as a 1st cabin. and over here as a toilet and the shower. is now will go up to the salon which is also the control room. with this is the echo sounder very important because it will help us avoid running a ground war. but the best view is from up on the day with somebody you know and a new impala stunned look at all the signs i have to learn. you have me here don't model it does it not on. one. but it's not to
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be blown in the harbor that it's bad nautical manners. right to use a left join in any star abort site. let's set sail bets and dream as my colleague he's coming along for the right finally we can begin our adventure. i'm doing pretty we'll make new it's very big and spacious and there's not much traffic so it's a great place for a beginner to practice his skippering skills. we're
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now involved in the biggest telling on make new lives and right in the middle of a popular holiday spot. but. it's also where you'll find them. sure discovery center there i can learn more about the nature here in the lake district and move it. will push there. in the garden i meet biologist. of course there's more to be found here then ducks and swans indoors there are all kinds of local fish so that sturgeon. and that one over there what's that. that's a green and behind it is a pike perch. tell us why visitors to the region should come here to the museum. they haven't seen it's all about the net there i can learn more about the
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nature here in the lake district and move. will push there. in the garden i meet biologists. of course there's more to be found here then ducks and swans indoors there are all kinds of local fish so that sturgeon. and that one over there what's that. that's in the green and behind it is a pike perch. almost inhuman tell us why visitors to the region should come here to the museum. the other team is all about the natural environment in the region especially the flora and fauna of the mecklenburg make district. are lots of fish of course. here you can learn about the ecology of the local lakes and rivers or. many other plants and animals and if you come here 1st then you'll know what you're looking at or what to look out for when you're out exploring. it's
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a different experience if you've been here 1st. personally i found a huge school of white fish pretty impressive. because it's my time to get into the water myself. so a little chilly at 20 degrees celsius look clean the water in the lake district gets top marks for water quality. because. this is the life.
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i'm up early and it's a lovely morning on the lake the wind is up and air is fresh. the water's pretty choppy you know. but not great. and as our cruise draws to a close i'm going to show off some of the skills i have learned here on lake me lupe's people on shore or on the other boats really enjoy watching amateur skippers
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struggle to maneuver their bullets into the birth. of. the last one but mission to try them over. for the last stop on check in special nicola foliage visits the island of accuser dom. sunny skies sandy beaches and ocean waves come on who's adopted the 2nd biggest german island in the baltic sea. it's a hugely popular holiday destination but why exactly. why because you fall in love with those are the good vibes good weather the sunshine was what more could you want. nice sandy beaches nice people with the sunny onan
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drive. it's true all the dumb as one of the funniest places in germany. but right now in midsummer too much sun can be dangerous so beach goers have found ingenious ways of keeping out of his that. there was also a colorful sea of bread less and test. the more traditional option as the wicker beach chair and. vented on the baltic sea coast and $882.00 it's now an essential beach item. getting in on the fun is super easy you get a key and a number at one of the many rental spots along the beach and 5 your chair then set it up. and relax. in the lake or we'd share is tightly interwoven with me each culture at the baltic and the north sea and a rarely found outside of germany. oh that is an island of superlatives it has
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germany's longest beach some 1900 hours of sunshine a year and it's super full especially the beaches are overrun by tourists what i'm wondering is are there any quiet sponsor left let's find out together on a tour around the. closer to home has an impressive 12 kilometer boardwalk that leads you past lots of greenery and beautiful buildings. prominent is the most direct connection between the popular resorts of these feelings to off and back and stretches out all the way to sri. and poland as part of german part polish the island is famous for its peers it's actually home to germany's oldest 6 it was built in $8082.00 and after about a quarter of the way you'll come upon a restaurant and when churned this is a great place to hide from the cold baltic winds but now in the summer it's
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a lot nicer outside. and. from here it's a pleasant walk to the end of the pier during hi susan excursion bones dock here's a several times a day. all the places i've seen so far have been full of tours now i want to have a look at. quieter spots that means today had to land here you'll find forests meadows and links the island is separated from the mainland by the octopus of a lagoon formed by the river of pina flowing into the baltic sea. i'm treating myself to a truly special experience i'll discover the area on horseback and those who know there are many riding stables chosen this one and. a group of locals have planned
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a tour and they've invited me to join. this is adriano my best buddy for today or at least i hope so before hitting the road we need to curry the horses. saddled them. and put their bit. on the tranny but safety 1st. oh it's been a long time what i do very like. made it let's do this. first we need to cross town i've been in a saddle a couple of times already so i was able to join the tour right away but if you've never sat on a horse you'll have to do a couple of practice rounds at the stables or let someone else take the reins.
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in any case this is a great way to discover nature. it really is true here in the back country there aren't nearly as many tourists and as there were at the beach and then the resorts nature and beautiful scenery as far as the eye can see. but before i get too romantic we decide to speed it up a little at. is that as far as i'll go that time around. enough to. leave the gallop to the pros but i do have to say this area is the perfect spot to go horseback riding we could even take a quick dip with the animals.
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from. my state here in who's a dom is almost over but there's still one thing on my to do list each fish up to the late 19th century fishing was the islanders livelihood and kozel where fish was made more enjoyable by coating it with salt to conservation kept the island's mostly more population from starving in winter today in the a storage salt huts are under a preservation order. and 991 the family restaurant called the was that soon to open its doors but here the fish is exhausted and smoked so that's typical for it was a dump and master smoker chef and i live just going to show me how it's done. and he will how do you prepare the fish for smoking does it have to be salted or
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otherwise is there 1st we cut it to. get to draw in the roots just like we have here in portland of how long to leave it hanging in the for at least 3 quarters of an hour just to dry when smoking fish less fortunate in being against smoking takes time. for them because. they which types of fish are particularly good when smoked . but will not be here we have some in here and below. i know that's how you get so here. once the fish is dry the oven is closed for about an hour. in case you were wondering why they call it the smoking.
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time to get it tastes i'm going to try them all eels salmon and talib and. i wonder if these are the ones i smell but at this point who cares the most important thing is they're all. bottling life at the beach and tranquility in the back country good food and plenty to do it on offer is all the ingredients you need for a perfect summer holiday i for one had a great time i hope you get to see you next time somewhere and germany.
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the country's advanced distances. the views from the windows into time. and want to passengers expect when they disembark the big. lighting the rails across mongolia an extraordinary experience. and 15 minutes on the job. a new era has become. a fire body building now become inflamed the bomb our blood to
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disoblige a sense to come a. point that consumes forests and entire residential areas from mum rising temperatures warm water shortages lens clearance there's an abundance of flammable material and once again i get. no stomach for some of the be somewhat. going up against. consideration the world on fire starts aug 12th on g.w. . i'm not laughing. because sometimes i. think the pins are jam a culture of looking at the stereotypes aquatics put in here think the future of the country that. need to change take
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a. day out to eat it's all about. bob. join me to meet the gentleman from the. post. office is for. beethoven it is for. beethoven is for current monoplane tovan $2200.00. 50000 or verse 3 here on. the. plane.
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this is to give you news to learn from berlin thousands protesting against going to virus restrictions in the german capital or told to put on go home the organizers of the. event earlier in distancing are not being in here to claim a demonstration went ahead despite warnings about a potential 2nd wave of doing so.


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