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tv   REV  Deutsche Welle  August 2, 2020 12:30pm-1:01pm CEST

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you live. in 60 minutes. passionate drama competition rivalry marketing numbers atmosphere fight that's how intuition love takes money. the fans crime stats fans and friends hold. on you to join us. to school to school to school to school to school to spoke to school to school to school. we are living during the most extraordinary time mr st. francis ford coppola for being a good. looking good man
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a bad. breath of the model and mobility show. this time within a venture packed episodes his quick is to buy shelley and her porsche takano or ronnie with his laid back yes old. lady almost to. the car lovers in a race from frankfurt to berlin to see a big cabbie smile and make a little goes leans out. the camera and automotive adventure in turns 50 as the range rover continues to get over every obstacle in its way that tells you i want to go off road. and you can't use it so buckle up for this mustard venturous edition of breath. hi i'm actually i'm an indian more disappointed journalist and i am running a german stunt and race card. well and ran by the mine in frankfurt and you can see
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the famous mine had to the skyline behind them and now it's to try and go from 0 to the brandenburg gate in bergen in 2 election cuts go go yeah we've got. a clue i know the fighting humane and we want to ruin you and it's good to run your own business and the club hot and i don't like that. so no how could you take that young school and it was the question i. was going to. get by. yeah so this was the most famous one of their entire life.
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this is apartheid and i swear to god it is about the way i tell it the lonnie if you said it was just so with me i mean the type. that would do anything. more than make me go i am on my way to of the bread located flesh alia's heading off as fast as she can and i try to make it as most efficient as possible. ronny how i you. know i am fine so i would like to know where you are i think i am somewhere in europe i said. oh i would so i have enough of this i promise i've been our boy scout. how many minutes ago. i had
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than 65 minutes so yes 5 minutes ahead of me. maybe i'm not going very fast. so we honest. i feel like a copy of the only depends in what last month then it said when i was dating and all along we had to lose that we had to follow up so i'd like of any obedience to them both what is in 4th best one and now what i when i was driving and it fast for most kids and for unfettered and if the coffee is untied on an adult state autobahn it doesn't make you feel any confidence so i didn't want to push and when you things to print. on the right side there's a fellow does just that you know. always that was the day i was so i guess. i can't believe how i. came to light it i am 11 minutes and 19 kilometers away from my touching 50.
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percent that should still be free because. maybe it might instead of the only 167 francesca 167 ok thank you. if you see that and you see that i meditate i think you can participate in a hobby activists overtaken me. but the truth is a the one of. many things to say i think that that i had a lot more experience in the i.d.f. and i had experience in this icon that i am on my limited and examining they found at me like an alan ball i don't think that would be i know this but now i'm one of so then i put it in can almost and then things got interesting.
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i didn't want to complicate things look if i wanted to win the challenge and i already thought i was on the back foot so i didn't want to add another element of uncertainty about overthinking it so i thought the process telling me that it needs to charging starts and this is what i'm going to do i was annoying that fresh ideas able to charge much quicker so if i would charge twice i would have to do that last anyway and in that way i try to make it with one charge stop you just try it
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and. if i can. how dogs with now ah well below i always log out of the i own it yeah i own it if you're going to see this please stop logging people out of. gangs who are bored and whirlpools. to leave school the school the school or to school he spoke these words things well in school too so if you're just trying to. dilute the idea of i will i don't mind i will but ideas god. can't work for you this is on you i didn't go with anyone who has no idea what to do i have absolutely no idea what you do. you know. here's why you. will if it's doing anything a little it will help you to believe. man is once maintained and got information
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that it already has one piece well what can we would all do we would all. go on he's winning when it's just right now saying this is the worst luck in the wood. is on you i didn't hear i had to tell just he's already gone somewhere hot away. i don't care that making any noise is just his communicating with me. but here on my phone it says that it's charging although it doesn't have any information about it and to use it. but it works it works to find the ones who can see that i'm a 55 percent match here right now and it's starting to turn. which means where. i don't need to do so and i would say more it can be the type to me and i can move to
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draw news in bed bamberg it you can say my mother i was reading and i thought everything is just leg and ronnie is going to be in the band good and i wouldn't follow me and i would be a medicine and you need to realize one thing i had the overview because this was the location sharing i was knowing that my shyly was already there and i and winning and winning and winning and i think i had a 42 to think i think only 60 can make the gap he was ahead of me by 60 kilometers after i stopped that calmed me down a lot i just tried to call my wife and she said she is not available because she needs a 5 minute silence and i'm wondering i hope i am able to get the feeling that. i'm just before my next charging poison so it's 7.9 to me says it's 7.8 to me this is way i have 51 q. to me doesn't left in the batteries so i'm quite close to it i hope. that i can
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make it and quickly charge by charlie as some old was said for charging 160 kilometers she trained me i think she gets some something doesn't take budge there was also a nice long construction area behind you so i believe she has 2 hours a day over the 1st play in my car. plenty of times. now i shall leave. pleasure alley. i low i know i have to go or charge no. i don't like the man for the 6 kilometers left a good am i no money. yeah good luck to you too and you can see that i don't even want to talk around this point because i know the sound of your voice ok i run and this point was. unknowingly so for show and you know those kids those kids in an exam go ask you. how many questions did you get dry do you think and you know that
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they only ask you because they already know what they've done better than you that's what he was being and i was so annoyed at this point. and 24 kilometers left when i will be there and it's maybe $42.00 so it will be 8 h. and go go go go go greed greed greed greed. and instead. of starting the charging and with how much i was wow i know. it's ready not $38.00 come on more march. 15th you. 6060 was. the 1st.
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$78.00 all sudden so it's a little early to come on love almost. ok so seems to me that's what it's applying at the moment though is that if you want. any go high or telegraph wow all of them saw it. as late. if i could look if.
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i. was on. the way you did the race for everything you know what i think now we could i think. 151 out of 48 this is. throughout the charging process i also realized oh much faster the charging process of partial loss oh ok so hang on. if you had fared that you would have to. stay at the charging point a lot longer or you would not have been if i think i would have been a little more you could stick. good to know the truth. and yet want to be to have you even though i love you so much. you would be.
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$83.00 she didn't have the range also 20 really tight. because we have a nice to say to get to meet us as you can see to 220 kilometers of safe range we have 183 q. meet us and we will reach the rental good in my target is of course to be. 'd good then why should. i want to be back in the game guys want to be back in there being. ok they signed back in the money is left around 10 minutes ahead of me and stand there to traffic late you know the. you know the. refueling station we have i have been around. and we see i've got it into it down to 127 kilometers and i have
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a distance all 184 to go i don't know if this is enough to get me to bed it's about all i know is on he's ahead of me we were together the fueling station and he's ahead of me now and i need to find a way to make that claim back. where they have seen a green. knight by with my later that night. but i'll give it me i would like to get so much more exhilaration impossible. what i meant was if i was a one on the 35. and. no 0. point. 50 i mean i know my mom. i'm. using a big happy smile on my face that's because we. think we death.
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or i've already almost beating. so but i've got to say the feeling of overthinking going i don't care that he's an absolute i don't care that he's looking and i didn't have this feeling awful behaving on the mixes and the next. thing i knew well at this point i knew i had a chance ok so because until this point my confidence was really destroyed i can still see by charlie see she has overtaken me and. after the op the whole 2nd shots and my 1st run and last lot. she has overtaken me right now and luckily we can both only drive one on 20 in the mall out. that way. i least can keep her in my eyesight distance. and hopefully at the end i
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can get it back some of. the 57 kilometers. 65. range left so if i know 100 usd soon then and will be really tight and i will maybe push the car into the glen will gate so it will be a tricky situation. ok guys i can see the victory column and i'm not saying this is some sudden. i mean the boiling big problem no i've figured out a problem 3035 feet of me just to my final destination 29 i have been the best so everything i'm doing right now is an irony that i park my car somewhere and i'm going to continue whatever it is i need to be i have to lose that she.
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arranged through on the other side of the chain calling this is brandenburg gate and that is my destination and here i would do you live huge movie if i can make it because on you does i have no idea when you all enjoy it and 7 minutes and 3 point one belonging to the we. go i'm driving from taking off from the thought so i had to reroute myself and what happened though in this situation is i have one thing she told me does 'd left in the back streets 25 to gold so in theory i have to recharge i tried to drive with me doesn't size i can't. believe google is google. here and just like i learned something.
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and i read it you can see the brandenburg gate behind me and i think. that is it that is it that is me there quite funny and from both. the rain and the over 55 to me doesn't that i could see. you could leave the range will. you know ya guys this is me with the cross have type on forests there we have brandenburg gate in the background and i am hero before on years which means i have won the talent unfortunately it also means that i need. the standard on the plane is waiting for the swap so everybody i just want to show you the latest updates one to the range of $3.00 to go. so here we go read the locators counting and 0 kill me and 900 metres to
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action then you did. and now that's the end of the treasure. that's how long. as it's up you feel it'll be in for. you the kids should put in the blanks i believe nobody had listened to them before i drove out the whole battery i mean i squeezed the citrus and i mean i'm and there was no drop. congress. right. now i didn't vote at all i did i was just on a budget. if you look. at
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you oh thank you i didn't feel like not not made it was a good. day it's like i have one of the launch of my life my biggest my biggest. how far i. can't get enough of our kind of lovers of things go to our you tube channel. pretty easy to please stay. on all things auto mobility related. also on you tube the man takes. pickier. check this out unsubscribe u t v w ramp and now over to our next adventure. what's up guys welcome to the rest check today septa so what's better old or new this
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one the old landrover range rover from 171st series 50 years old and this one is the brand new landrover defend so what does this one have to do with that one we're going to find out in the minute. first we take land rovers of regional flagship model for celebre choice. the range rover comes with a 3.5 liter lightweight aluminum engine with $132.00 horse power and weighs in at around $1.00 times yeah. i'll be honest with you guys driving a car like this it's not exactly fun it's loutish you can tell the shifting is clunky the power feels like it's not really exist but it has so much style people look at you if you pass by in a car like that because it's like what is that maybe an old time a very nice and what's even more important than this car came out of the seventy's
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it was one of the 1st issue nice features cloistering is going to. leave springs which are less comfortable and which is more important for these. protests abilities so the coast brings that were used for this car their way into new a generations of defender which also applies to the new worse the friend that which will be driving in a minute. the range rover was designed smart only to go off road but also to be a nice smile. one thing you can't complain about in this range rover is. to come for the seats are really cozy almost feels like. the old couch at your grandma's house i mean i can't imagine driving like hundreds of kilometers from this car but simply because it's too loud. and quite
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slow. the next stop is the latest generation the only new 2020 defender expanded with the latest gasoline and diesel engines as well as a mild hybrid or m y bridge and with outputs ranging from 202400 horsepower. the defender is a pretty old model back then it was not called the friend or it was just then fool you long to read next on. its roof. that nothing. gets in the way of alarm grover back in 1990 lentil by using the car to remain cool of the fender but only until 2016 and then they stopped building it and the fans were heartbroken and now in 2020 they bring it back the brand new then drove a defender and i think that drove all fans are going to like it. as
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usual defender models feature all wheel drive center differential and an optional beer at some differential ensure maximum traction on any terrain plus the defender can play all through water with depths of up to $97.00 beaters with no problem driving off road with this car is really of the last i mean you can tell this car is made to fall for road use things like these screws in the inside that you can see this is wrong look and it tells you i want to go off road use me and you can use it. if i had to choose between a new and old car i'd always choose the new one but it's maybe a question of age because people are a lot of they get they tend to like old timers reason being they can relate to these cars and they grew up with them i mean when the 1st then drove
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a range rover came out i wasn't even born so maybe that's the reason why i can't relate to all cars and this is why you will still feel me testing new cars. if you do choose a new defender it will set you back at least 49700 euro's. that's enough adventurous for this week see next time on read.
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the. greens. pottery. cluny come from the land that's qatar only on a tiny bit bigger the classic boardgame has taken the many worlds by storm and is now settling on the islands of mine now calmly constance the fans are celebrating its 25th anniversary with an extra dillema. 30
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minutes from. his life and the work has been romanticized and market internationally vincent van gough we take a look at the man behind the legend. who was here. how did he become in a worldwide phenomenon on the 130 of anniversary of his death vincent van gough superstar. in 75 minutes on d w. a male undead all complete the 2nd season on the french system but the environment is still about society and it's still about us but all the planets on the brink
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destroyed some of the leading experts in the fish. hook up just the only real chance to come up. a new era has become. the fire luck building mummified inflame up his mum always and some others the a slum slums that consumes forests and entire residential. rising temperatures water shortages clearance there's an abundance of flammable material once again i did. stop. going up and see. the world on fire starts august 12th.
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this is to give you news live from berlin a state of disaster declared in the australian state of victoria after 2nd lock downs fails to contain a spike in corona virus cases outdoor recreation will be curbed shopping to and from 8 at night until 5 in the morning nearly everyone in melbourne has to stay indoors we'll go live for the latest. u.s. president trump threatens to ban tick tock but the video apps u.s. team is defined.


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