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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  August 3, 2020 10:30am-10:46am CEST

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the stories behind the headlines. what is the heart of the story why does it matter who live in. times to focus if you want. to cut through the noise to get to the truth. and i want you to the. head spin for to talk fast and the world famous chinese our face is a bad in the united states the president says it's a security risk but microsoft could change everything by buying part of the service . chinese manufacturing sergers could the world's 2nd biggest economy help cushion the crash of the coronavirus long global economic health. and south korean ship builders see a surge in orders for l.n.g. tank is another side of economic optimism but the sector is notorious as a bust industry. and it was all
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a lets do business american great microsoft could save the day for tick-tock fads it's in talks with the chinese owners of the app to buy the service in the u.s. canada australia and new zealand the deal could stave off a presidential bad by ensuring user data stays in the u.s. office life today would be unthinkable without microsoft word and x.l. but so far the world's leading software producer hasn't ventured significantly into social media that however could be about to change. u.s. president donald trump wants to back chinese and platform ticktock in the u.s. he feels data from u.s. citizens could end up in the hands of beijing communist party this could be microsoft's. is an internationally successful video platform
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2 8 3 2 2 4 8 9 2 4 ringback. it allows users to upload short clips of themselves and watch clips of others available worldwide it's owned by chinese company bite stumps that's a problem for the u.s. government trump wants to curb their aging influence in the united states and along with other chinese companies by dumps is under pressure to talk in the current format because it risks. information on a 100000000 americans however if a u.s. company were to take over tick tocks business in the united states the app could continue to have a future there and microsoft could stand to benefit. by one of those doggy telephones but 1st let's go over to conrad and he's standing by for us in frankfurt things around the world have built their businesses on this platform what's going to happen. well if microsoft and buy downs agree on the deal
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some of the uses of take talk namely the us uses canadian uses trains and new zealanders would lose access to a large part of their audience namely the people here in europe who are using take talk and also of course talk users in africa and asia because the systems would be divided and it's inconceivable right now how you can maintain access to the global community of tick-tock uses if the service is managed separately in terms of the negotiations the companies microsoft and by towns have been given $45.00 days by the u.s. government to negotiate a deal all this under the scrutiny of syfy a switch is the committee on foreign investments in the united states it's in charge of making sure such deals do not threaten the national security of the u.s. really briefly conrad how much is this about the talk and how much is this about
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the u.s. and china well this is of course are all due to the efforts of the u.s. government to play tough with china and it's likely that talk is not going to remain the only company more companies are going to be targeted contribution in frankfurt. h.s.b.c. says pretax profits plummeted 65 percent in the 1st half year on year the head of europe's biggest bank blames both the coronavirus and spiraling tensions between china and the us a lot of bass land and does most of its business in asia with china and hong kong driving growth. chinese factory activity is up manufacturing in july how many along quite nicely at its fastest pace in nearly a decade a private business survey shows the growth came on the back of domestic demand and is the spike we get for 4 years and then plummet the stronger than expected numbers raise hopes that china's economy is bouncing back faster than expected from the
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covert 19 pandemic. and let's go over the 2 to one whom he's chief investment officer for europe at deutsche bank wealth management in china has been the main pillar holding up global growth for years now and it's great to see the domestic economy coming back to life but the rest of the world its customer has a stock in recession just what sort of a rebound are we seeing in china would you say yes what we have seen already was 2nd quarter being one of the stronger and we think this should continue into the 2nd half actually china is one of the very few countries we are expecting the g.d.p. number to rebound 229000 levels by end of this year and china should be one of the very few who should even be able to pause a slight increase in g.d.p. compared to many other countries. in this world so you reckon china can do
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a good job in helping cushion the pandemics blow to world growth. absolutely because what china has been doing over the past few years is of course it's less dependent on exports so far compared to let's say 10 or 15 years ago and also its strength and its service and. consumption sector to an extent now that both takes us on the responsible for more than 50 percent of total g.d.p. so the domestic consumption is much more important now than external exports but also the exports are also now going into the asian region which also help to cushion this global weakness what we are currently up serving now of course every dollar ever you want counts at this point in time but what does beijing's financial firepower do to international competition i think they still have one of the
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biggest pocket if you call like this if you look at if you look at their treasury reserve is still in the 1000000000 and trillions base so hence there is still a lot of reserve we could also see now china really being supportive of the economy and we expect this to continue if the economy would weaken but this is not our base in our area at this point in time but all that support are we going to see more resistance do you think through chinese corporate takeovers from europe i mean it's not only from europe is also from us i think you just mentioned about this so of course on this front we are definitely seeing a little bit more tension on the road turner thank you very much for your analysis . oh bulging order books for south korea's ship building say they give hope of a turnaround new reservations for tank is carrying liquefied natural gas the reason
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for the optimism as everyone knows this crisis isn't over yet. so 3 of ranks is one of the top shipbuilding countries in the world but it's a boom and bust industry it takes years for south korea's shipyard hub of to feel new order's benefits. from signing the contract to construction takes a year to year in the hands resulting in a lack of work in the federal government have to manage this problem together to maintain employment and the ongoing viability of the ship building industry here. and maintaining viability has become more difficult as of late south korea's traditional key industries textiles steel auto electronics and ship building largely depend on robust international trade what happens here effects the whole country but now because of the coronavirus those industries are particularly at
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risk with exports declining for 4 consecutive months. but a $19200000000.00 agreement for south korea's major shipbuilders for up to $100.00 l. and g. carriers for qatar brings high hopes to the country shipyards with 200000 south koreans generating 2 percent of g.d.p. building ships one massive contract can make a huge difference. there's an authority to i think been working at the shipyard for over 10 years and the industry has never been as bad as it is now and it's unlikely that the economy will recover for a long time unless these orders are finalized. given it's uncertain now how many ships will actually be built as the june 2nd qatar deal only reserves capacity at shipyards through 2027 still industry insiders are optimistic. pepsico till the shipyard slot contracts will be
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a great help to the korean ship building industry with a heavy and samsung are expected to benefit greatly from this l. and g. carrier order and workers likely won't have to worry about their jobs and tools will help qatar's also reserve the construction capacity with other top shipyards not just in south korea where all it ships will finally end up being built is unclear. zimbabwe's got a bad right now the economy is imploding inflation is exploding it's a 700 percent the 2nd highest in the world and lockdown has cost many people their jobs some resorting to unusual or illegal benches to make ends meet. she used to work at a bank now cynthia down does food and other everyday items out of her car in a suburb of the capital harare and she's not the only one. their knowledge of
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stands up at the moment was. that my daughter doesn't love the surviving. inform us sit down and listen to mine and sailing but because of people of the core number it wasn't the book the name to this extent is the new wave is in several companies are not doing well it's all. right giving you see that one kid in being here for hey kids one man is that you know. most of the goods they sell here have been smuggled over from neighboring south africa where the border has been closed for months zimbabwe's economy has been in shambles food is scarce prices are rising rapidly and there's a lack of utilities like electricity gas and water many companies have shut down their production and the coronavirus pandemic has made the situation even worse it's been really like it is it is out all. we see in the north of companies the
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police and we've seen more and more people taking out a living in the informal sector. the international monetary fund predicts that zimbabwe's economy will shrink by 10 percent this year. and health unease is looking to boost its business in cancer research the german medical tech fund wants to buy u.s. medical equipment make a barrier or of a $16000000000.00 they already want to get around things like therapy. subject to approval from barry and shareholders and regulate his could see a deal by next year. lasting business with you.
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forecasters from nigeria you know that's what nollywood stands. authentic. and successful beyond belief. would start aug 7th g.w. . in the. climate change. comes from a massive 6. 6
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. years today how for the future. of. the economists could cut or. claiming. last week punching until you're at home and can't take it. anymore but if we kick each other in the legs head to i. gotta let out that tension the tension of every day life better here than anywhere else half they call it seems fight a brutal duel a battle without rules always somewhere new mostly on the outskirts often years st
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petersburg in the north of russia. kills says fighting makes him peaceful but some people find others get blind drunk me i just come out fighting upon your. yes yes. everybody ready to fight. to get. his reputation is at stake their reputation as the toughest fastest best in the ring a reputation as a killer. at least that's what kills league game is for 3 fighting.


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