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tv   Corona Special  Deutsche Welle  August 6, 2020 4:45pm-5:01pm CEST

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the landlord didn't want to wait he wanted his money so he told us to move out we heard that a lot of people in our situation were building shacks here so we came here clear to see and are doing the same thing there were. these improvised railings are crowded and there are no toilets health authorities worry that the living conditions here could lead to a sharp rise in covert 19 infections threatening their livelihoods further and thus completing the vicious cycle of poverty and illness. welcome to the w.'s covert 1000 special i'm john album a lot on thanks for joining us who are in danger of getting sick and then becoming even poorer too many people are finding themselves in the situation during the pandemic but especially migrants are in a particular bind with the governments of their host countries often taking insufficient responsibility for that this next story takes us to the border between iraq and costa rica. a blue steel fences or separates costa rica
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from nicaragua you are here. elsewhere concrete posts mark the border. every morning nicaraguans cross the frontier to work on farms in costa rica they have brought by truck to work illegally on fruit rice and beans plantations. they earn less than half the official minimum wage they've been doing it for decades but now the border is closed because of the global health emergency gustava from nicaragua accounts himself is one of the lucky ones he's officially resident in costa rica his wife is not but officials tested them both for the coronavirus. 'd the situation is worrying i've been tested twice thank god both results were negative but 2 of my colleagues got infected so now we have to be tested again and
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. dozens of undocumented workers tested positive at this border pineapple farm only around a 5th are registered in the costa rican social security system. they earn less than $400.00 a month working 12 hours a day for many it's the only way they can feed their families back home in nicaragua where conditions can be much worse. the costa rican foundation areas for peace is critical of the poor treatment of the nicaraguan migrant workers it says exploitation is widespread but i did notice everybody knows about the smuggling networks everyone knows the woman who rents hose to the migrants so they can wash their feet hard but they all know how much it costs. that they all know about the taxi driver who will tell the migrants when the police have gone or when they're taking
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a lunch break the coronavirus has just uncovered that reality you know it's almost got that migrants paid trafficking networks as much as $200.00 to smuggle them across the border minister's admit there's little they can do about the illegal employment. the legal framework does not allow filings to be imposed on business owners who employ undocumented nicaraguan harvest workers those of the police we need to have digital decision on whether there is a legal infringement. with costa rica does not publish the nationalities of coronavirus patience but many blame the nicorette u.n. workers for the growing number of covert 900 cases as well as raising tensions the pandemic is highlighting the precarious conditions in jude by migrants forced to cross central america's borders to find work. professor hio of the likeness
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institute for presidential research an epidemiologist joins us now 1st as it seems you've written about how the risks and consequences of this pandemic are evenly distributed socio economically speaking we've seen in this report how especially vulnerable migrants are and yet so many countries depend on migrant labor from around the world what can be done to protect the soul 1st of all i think we have to basically respect their. tradition to all you know economy to society and so forth so that means. help them to be able to cope with their demick just as many countries try to do for the citizens living in the country anyway so that means inform them for support allow them help them to you know take those protective measures that are needed improve working conditions such that's distancing is possible and sure that their living conditions are ok mike and russ often live on their very precarious conditions it crowd it's accommodations and these other
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things that we can really do now onto a supports those communities that make sure that they can really also you know get the best out of the protective measures that are out there think on a virus exacerbates inequality is something that's becoming clear is there any way to address this issue at a time where we still don't have a vaccine i think it does relate to what i was change just before that we now have to make sure that the conditions are that these groups people with lower social economic resources and soulful that they are able to really cope with the situation as best as possible but we have seen for example in the in the u.s. that knowledge that the support that we could support was cut and immediately i mean do issues of unemployment come up and this is particularly precarious fall for groups with you know low income and or terrorist job status there is an income they may have and then they slip into really a major economic but also social problems and that also means health problems
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because they would be having you know a harder time to care if they needed they may have less access to that testing facilities and all this is really something that needs to be taken care of now and once a vaccine comes another big issue is to make sure that it reaches especially groups under you know major a higher risks than other groups that would also be a big challenge though as you say poverty leads to health problems leads to more poverty what does your sitting in a quality mean for the ability of the world's health systems to cope with this crisis i'm so fortunately off. most social economic groups with me not with but low resources they also suffer more from let's say chronic conditions and also chronic conditions i exactly know those that make survival or let's say been the cause of the code a disease more severe so we may have this situation that people with lower socioeconomic status actually were suffering off from copy it and they are also at
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risk in there were conditions so these are things that the health systems were definitely see and as as more cases occur and there will be more severe cases among people with low in opportunities to protect themselves and who may have already trick or treat existing conditions we'll see more really serious sick people getting into the hospital that need to be taken care of quickly to be taped healthy and not cause systems will be able to cope with its well this isn't the world's 1st pandemic some experts say it won't be the last so what lessons can we derive from today that would help seal those in situations most precarious from the worst effects of the pandemic we do see this so often and in you know diseases be a good chronicle infectious disease coming up that we have a social differences in disease risk and the disease cost so this is nothing new
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and we just need to be acting more swiftly and in the beginning already you know be aware and realize that this is what is going to come here that we will have groups that are particularly affected by such an demick and we need to start having structures that really allow swift action that really brings those those issues that out in the open and immediate the beginning of such an demick so that we can care talk to them much better that we have no ability the ability to you know and look at these working conditions change for example the. working and living conditions of migrants immediately and this shouldn't be executed ask for pandemics only but in general but it's hardest and to get the politicians doing this we have been trying here in germany it is a slow process but it needs to be done and he says we don't be folding next wave of this epidemic of your future plans time to act thank you very much professor
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higher t.v. of the life in its institute for prevention research in epidemiology thanks for your analysis thank you know now you got to ask the questions here's our science correspondent derrick williams. i've heard researches talk about trying to meet the immune response but also saying that a young stronger immune system is more successful in fighting off covered 19 is not a contradiction. to understand the apparent contradiction here you have to understand that there are are different stages of covert 19 that patients can go through the 1st is usually an initial infection in the upper respiratory tract and that's usually where it stays with most people that's where having a strong fast acting immune system is really great it's able to keep the disease in check and eventually wipe it out in some cases it keeps it so effectively in check
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that you might not even notice that you had it but in more severe forms of the disease if the virus eventually makes it to the loans or to other organs it can kick in a severe immune response and when that happens the immune system can start attacking not just disease tissue but but healthy tissue as well that's when doctors have to step in and try to use the immune response with drugs because if it spirals out of control it can kill you but striking a balance between letting the immune system do its job and reining it in if it spins out of control is pretty tricky. now there's nothing like a glass of lemonade on a hot day in london to enterprising 6 year olds are selling cups of the juice to help with the young men's humanitarian crisis in just 6 weeks the boys have raised
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more than $50000.00 yemen is reeling from the impact of a devastating war and the rapid spread of coronavirus it's all from their own recipe but the boys are keeping that a secret for now. that wraps up our show thank you so much. for watching. the fun.
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this woman is defying the regime. fatwah must move has been searching for her husband and son for years both might be victims of syria's secret service now know there's a ray of hope suspected henchmen of assad are on trial in germany. some good spun out of. the desert impacts on d w. william how to be done because saddam has won by a spy you know if i had known that the boat would be about small i never would have gone on a trip but i would not have put myself and my paris on the adventure of the bottoms of being with a beautifully avoided. mobile in front of the other one it wouldn't be the game i
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beethoven is for us. is for every law firm of beethoven 2020250th anniversary here on. we know that this is a scary time for us the coronavirus is changing the world changing our lives so please take care of yourself good systems wash your hands if you can stay at how we do w. are here for you we are working tirelessly to keep you informed on all of our platforms we're all in this together on together and we'll make it through still you see everybody stacey stacey newman stay safe the priests in the streets say.
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this is do we use life or berlin rallying cry the world reaches out to be whooped after the massive blast that killed nearly 150 people and injured thousands more french president and founder of mccall flies in bringing aid and pledging levanon you're not alone presidents continue to clear debris from the streets trying to salvage what's left as anger mouse over the government's corruption and negligence also coming up so fast and free travelers entering into germany must take a mandatory free coronavirus test if there are a bride.


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