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this is news coming to you live from berlin leadership faces growing anger over incompetence and corruption in the wake of the deadly blasts in the capital beirut security forces fire tear gas of protesters outside parliament international donors pledged aid for rebuilding but demand top level reforms from with it also coming up the u.s. ratchets up efforts to ditch. from china
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a new executive order targets not just social media to take talks but china's massive payment in messaging service we chat. and the number of credible iris cases in india tops $2000000.00 the experts fear the true figure could be much higher as infection spiral in the sub continent densely packed megacities plus officials in germany the alarm over a spike in buyers infections was a new survey shows most voters are not that worried. flow of terri martin thanks for joining us lebanon's leadership is facing growing anger in the wake of the deadly blasts that killed nearly $150.00 people and injured thousands more when you're blaming the government for a crisis with. it was unfolding weeks before this week's explosion shock is turning
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to fury and authorities responded with force when protesters gathered outside parliament the demonstrators accuse the government of corruption and competence and failing to avert an economic meltdown. french president emanuel might call on visited beirut promising aid from the international community but he also says they'll be no blank check and insists there must be internal reform from the top. as the people of beirut come together to clean up the debris from tuesday's catastrophic explosion world leaders are lining up to provide aid to. french president landed in beirut addressing the anger felt by the people towards the corruption regarded as making the last possible and that has plagued the country for decades he has also promised assistance. but what i
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can guarantee you is that this aid will be transparent it will go to the field and it will not go in the hands of the corrupt was. lebanon is a former french protectorate and the 2 countries still have close ties to day. surrounded by crowds across and listen to the outrage and pleas for help chants of revolution and the regime sounded all around. i have here today i am going to propose a new political pact this afternoon and i will come back by september 1st and if it has not been up taint i will take responsibility for it. across and later announce the launch of an international conference in the coming days with the aim of raising funds to support the people of beirut. which even come but we are no longer able to continue this way in the situation
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people do not have enough money to continue what they started their country cannot take it anymore. from since we have been fighting for 50 years in order to raise our family in these circumstances that we live in now are finished we have been working for our retirement but they finished us your good life and my. hopes rest on an international aid effort to pull together so the residents of beirut can rebuild their. their city and their community. well among those most severely affected by the situation to be rude our children. works with the charity save the children in the region joins us now spyro what are the biggest challenges the children in beirut are facing right now. good morning many challenges children in beirut all facing at the moment of course for us
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the biggest. physical well being many will have been separated from their families many will have been maimed displaced as a result and i mean the numbers speak about 300000 people who have been made homeless in beirut and that includes west in my hands there will be children that means that they are going to you know go out to pat somewhere they don't know all going to bed without a meal going to bed without to do that without their parents many have been separated and the. reification of children with their parents will be a big concern some are still waiting to know their whereabouts and their parents to the physical and mental mental health concerns also priority for us don't forget many of those children would have had to have seen. images that we see on t.v. i feel shocked by these these children have lived in that sense that it's that that
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would not have changed their lives for a long time so presumably many of them are traumatized and in need of food and shelter if nothing else what can the international community do at this point to help improve things for lebanon's children. i mean i speak for save the children and of course the humanitarian community at large should come. to support all the children are brought in at the moment our experience. here effigy crises in lebanon tells us that response needs to be forced that you have to act quickly. and that means that of course besides support that we are waiting for whole before the engine support that. we wait for of course we need to take out the immediate needs of children the international community has the implication. by the tone of
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a speech here but now. it will take many years to recover from. mr blair and thank you very much for talking with us that was with the charity save the children. now to some of the other stories making headlines around the world today thousands of opposition supporters have rallied in the bill russian capital minsk defying a government crackdown elections will be held this weekend president alexander lukashenko is seeking a 6th term in office but the main opposition candidates take on the sky is gathering popular support. for issues is facing an ecological disaster from an oil spill a grounded tanker began leaking fuel into the indian ocean the ball carrier was transporting nearly 4000 tons of fuel and 200 tons of diesel from china to brazil. a gunman in the french city. has surrendered to police after taking
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6 people hostage out of citibank police say the 34 year old suspect was known to them before the incident and had a history of mental health issues all of the hostages have been really just and the u.s. state of new york has filed a lawsuit seeking to dissolve the national rifle association's state attorney general to share james accused the gun lobby's top executives of corruption and financial mismanagement a separate lawsuit against the group has been piled in washington d.c. the n.r.a. has called the allegations baseless is a trade dispute snow moving into the digital world u.s. president all trump escalated tensions with china on thursday by issuing an executive order the forces americans to stop using chinese owned stick talk and we chat the move against to talk the world's fastest growing social media site was expected
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a ban of we chat was not. in just 6 weeks those uploading videos like this 2 mobile app tick-tock could find themselves on the wrong side of u.s. law the u.s. has around 100000000 users but not for much longer. on thursday washington issued an executive order banning u.s. transactions with tick tocks parent company the white house believes the app threatens national security saying it allows china's communist party to spy on u.s. citizens the controversy centers around this company by dance based in beijing it owns numerous apps including ticktock recently u.s. software company microsoft expressed interest in buying tick-tock from bike dance the white house says if a u.s. company bought the app the ban could be avoided the u.s.
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government's executive orders also include 10 cent holdings the chinese owner of we chat hugely popular in china the messaging and social media app could soon be banned in the united states. well my colleague stephen beardsley from d.d.p. of business has been following this story all along stephen we knew kind of that a tick talk was coming in the u.s. now it's formalized what's the reasoning behind this move right as we've been covering this story for a few weeks now the reason that's been given is the reasoning that's also in this executive order today and that is national security there's not a whole lot more that's really elaborated on beside that but what the top administration has been trying to lay out over several weeks is that there is a concern that the data collected by the chinese own social media app would be subject to to basically being sent to beijing upon that nation's request and analysts do can see that that is a possibility under chinese law that requests for information go beyond the narrow
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scope of say a criminal investigation as you would see in many countries but they can be sweeping also of course as we know there's a big political dimension to this obviously president trump wants to make china theme the tariff has been going on for years now and now what we're seeing is that maybe it's migrating into the digital world but of course meanwhile the 2 biggest economies in the world a rupture is incredibly difficult especially with well whether it's with trade or with online ok we've been talking the talk so for so far but it's not just tick talk that trump has banned here we chat has also been a target for trump tell us more about the we chat is a very popular messaging service and payment service it's mostly in china has more than 1100000000 users again primarily in china you can use it there to pay for anything from a taxi to your groceries to real estate actually in the u.s. it's probably primarily used by u.s. by rather by chinese students who are studying in the u.s.
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by foreigners or chinese who are living in the u.s. and want to communicate back home the company has tried to make inroads into the nation mostly it's been really set up for chinese tourists for example at caesar's palace you can use we chat to pay for the buffet for example because a lot of chinese tourists that's where they're coming to and businesses where make it friendlier for them otherwise you can't really link we chat to a bank account right now in the u.s. so it has a limited reach. and we chat is involved not just in payment services and doesn't just serve chinese clients owns 5 percent of shares in the electric vehicle maker as i understand so this is more than just about web apps isn't right in the clear for that be tense and holdings which owns we chat it has become a major investor over the years tencent was initially a video game developer by some well known video games that you might even know even if you don't play video games such as fortnights as a major investor in that world of warcraft another big part of that is ten's and holdings it's branched off into investments including in the things like tesla
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that's really shaken the markets a $700000000000.00 company by market capitalisation right now that's in a league with a microsoft facebook things like that so for it to be connected here in this executive order that's really troubling people right now they wonder how far that's going to go if you're interesting to see how china responds to this stephen frears live from v.w. business. here in germany health officials are also worried about a steady climb in corona virus infections the number of new daily cases has talked a 1000 for the 2nd consecutive day is the highest number of cases in germany for 3 months there are concerns about holiday makers bringing the virus back home and the reopening of schools but a new survey suggests most germans are not that alarmed. thousands of people protested in berlin last weekend against coronavirus measures but the latest deutschland trend suggests that the critics are still a minority. the poll found that 59 percent of people in germany think the
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government's measures to quote 28 percent said they don't go far enough. i think it's very difficult to make decisions but i think it's good that they're always checking that measures are acceptable the measure is a good. feel good for the snafu it's annoying when you're going for the person and you forget your mask and have to run home and get it and then you miss the bus but if it helps it's not so bad. but it's a bit tiresome especially right now and so much for me but i don't feel restricted . support for mandatory coronavirus tests for people returning from high risk areas was also high 93 percent of respondents said they support the measure which kicks in on saturday there was less agreement however on who should finance the tests with more than half the people asked saying they were against the government footing the bill. schools also began to go back across germany this week heidi
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measures are in place but concerns continue to 2nd wave could spread in classrooms . 58 percent of parents with school age children said they believe schools are appalling prepared for the new school year during the pandemic. 80 percent of respondents also said they supported compulsory masks at school but only 20 percent said they should be required jaring license. kate brady who filed that report joins us now we've got kids in many german states going back to school next week some of already started in one state and this is happening just as corona virus infection numbers are rising that must make many people especially parents nervous they are nervous and we saw that in the report that the majority of parents with school age children believe that schools are underprepared polling prepared for the return to school and there are several different factors to take into
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consideration on the one hand you have health and the concerns that all of the children going back to school could add fuel to the fire when it comes to the possibility of a 2nd wave here in germany but also concerns over how social distancing is going to be implemented and upheld in schools and also whether children should be wearing masks especially during classrooms but at the same time you also have concerns about the impact on education one of the measures in place in many schools is smaller groups of children being taught together and many parents and teachers actually are already questioning how effective this will be in the long teven whether children will have their full education especially after so many months of disruption already so numbers are up schools starting again and there's a lot of concern about travelers spreading the virus in the holiday season how was the country dealing with the. so as of tomorrow as of saturday all travelers returning from areas deemed as high risk by the german government will have to have
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a coronavirus test a test sorry when they arrive in germany now this is something that the german government is taking very seriously and anyone who refuses to take a task could indeed face a fine of up 225000 euros so that is one measure that's in place at the moment but of course it isn't just the people returning from holidays that that the government and scientific experts are concerned about right now many of the cases it seems as well are coming from inland with in germany many of them with small outbreaks we've seen at family gatherings for example as well so lots of different scenarios for for the government and society to be keeping an eye on so communities spread an issue here we do have good 19 cases rising above a 1000 now for the 2nd consecutive day in germany is the government's thinking about tightening restrictions ago well if we see any tightening of those
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restrictions it's going to be a very localized regionalized response and we heard that reiterated once again yesterday by the german health minister yen sean who said that he didn't think that a critical threshold had yet been crossed and that it would be a localized response which would be turn to you 1st but of course as the numbers may continue to increase that could result in a change in policy. thank you very much that was g.w. political correspondent kate brady. see the look now at some other developments in the corona virus pandemic health experts in the u.s. have projected that the number of coronavirus deaths in that country could reach 300005 december 1st africa's confirmed corona virus infections have exceeded a 1000000 but experts warn that the true number is likely much higher amid low rates of testing and officials in australia as hard hits
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a victorious state say the infection rate has been relatively flat in the past week after mandatory mass wearing rules came into effect and the u.k. has added more countries to its quarantine list travellers returning from belgium and dora and the bahamas now need to self isolate for 14 days the number of coronavirus cases in india has topped $2000000.00 the national caseload has doubled in less than a month hell 6 health experts fear the true figure could be even higher as a bunch of india's population is crammed into densely packed megacities with limited access to health care and you know restrictions are still being lifted. 2000000 cases off a deadly highly contagious why this. these are not the scenes you expect. yet india seems to have taken cool with 19 minutes trade. shopkeep within the tour is keeping busy no business has fostered or than what it once was he is just glad to be up and
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running once more secure life has to start again everyone knows that we need to take precautions people know that they have to maintain social distancing because things are going to stay this way. despite the high caseload people are still finding via short and simple the numbers out of every trick over 1000 patients in india have recovered the official mortality of each is low as well and delhi has set an example. in june that he has had their stocks open home ben by a dramatic rise in cases but that's the best thing i understand today that it's probably the it's time that 90 percent there could be more than meets the eye in the some piece of me the delhi government found that the fault of the people who tested had had the good will not buy this. this would mean 5000000 cases in delhi alone yet people seem confident. but doesn't the big one please
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you have to move on and see if the basic needs of it been handled maybe you have to take precautions and move. the hospitals are doing better people were getting pushed around while in line for treatment but now they're getting help there's no longer anything to be afraid of there's no problem we're doing ok. india does have the was fostered growing outbreak normalcy however seems to be steadily fighting its way back. in singapore the government has severely restricted travel abroad in substance or contract in $1000.00 while travelling outside the country have been told they'll have to cover the cost of testing and potential treatment themselves it's too big a risk for many singaporeans so they've chosen to holiday oh. the own family is supposed to be on the west coast of the united states right now like many singaporeans they like to travel a lot but the city state is currently making it difficult returning holidaymakers
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face 14 days of coroutine in a hotel and mandatory coronavirus tests all at their own expense and their social pressure to stay at home. i mean you can however like you know. the id advice you not to do so you'll still once you do it might not be you know good a good view for the boss. after a long period of lockdown the owns are happy to be spending some time on the small island resort of sinto such as off the coast the palm trees and sunshine help to overcome their wanderlust and there's another motivating factor not to travel anyone who ignores the travel warning and comes home with covered 19 has to pay for their own health care costs with a choice. and so if you do you say. you get the virus and i think. it's a choice you made is the consequence you have to give. the indoor waterfall in
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singapore's international airport is the world's largest but there aren't many foreign tourists around to admire it they're not allowed in right now more than $1000000.00 came last year. for the tourism sector the entry ban is a catastrophe singapore is trying to convince its own citizens to fill the economic gap. based on our research and spend over $34000000000.00 on the overseas travels last year so we hope that we can just a sliver of that mystically within singapore. the government is providing around $28000000.00 euros in investment that will allow hotels event locations and tour companies to offer discounts. on. simon one off a scooter tours through scenic locations such as the arab village or. the government is paying up to 75 percent of employees wages in the hope that
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businesses can stay afloat until the crisis is over. we realize that about 25 percent were actually local and 25 percent for us is profitable so if we can now work on that 25 percent to local visitors then we will still have a company that is doing ok the ons are still hoping that they will be able to go on a previously booked holiday to bangkok at the end of the year but for now 2 days of staycation will have to do they booked into a singapore hotel to get rid of their cabin fever. i don't really like speaking in the home country because we have home yeah but because we send country yes i like being staycation nice. choice that we can enjoy and a family. a foreign holiday may still be some way off. the singapore government's local tourism support scheme is settled to run for 9 months with an option to
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extend. october's london marathon will see only elite runners competing because of the pandemic they'll follow a small multi course inside a city center park thousands of amateur runners normally raise money for charity in the annual race which in previous years has crossed the british council september's berlin marathon has already been completely counsel. in football germany's leader couzin have beaten rangers to reach the europa league quarter finals played in the last 16 2nd leg amid speculation he's moving to chelsea because in 11 nil behind closed doors and went through 41 on aggregate after winning the 1st leg in march the competition was suspended for 4 months due to the crowd of buyers frankfurt are out though after losing to england's wolves defeated olympiacos be
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a b. and a single game in duisburg all fixtures from now on will be one off matches in a mini tournaments held in germany. and now on to italy where an emotional reunion for a 6 year old stowaway has taken place. little you know. safely in his mother's arms after travelling on accompanying him to italy in a fishing boat to reunite with his family originally from the ivory coast the boy had been staying with the family claims in sindh libya when his mother and siblings left for italy 5 months ago red cross as he was located on a ferry has been used to quarantine not right. amid images of death destruction and despair in beirut one video. has gone viral for capturing a few moments a beauty and peace despite all the pain. it's
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. an elderly lebanese woman was filmed playing the piano surrounded by shattered glass and debris in her damaged beirut apartment. may a buddhist medicaid's performance of the traditional scottish folk song a long sigh has been shared widely on social media as a symbol of loss but also of hope. you're watching t w t v thanks for being with us. the 1st.
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good morning to a strong opinion clear position on this in turn. perspectives. for the time being the coronaviruses it seems here just am with many countries including germany
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possibly facing us 2nd way we all support exactly how we can seem to find out join me in my guess song to the point choked me. to this point. the next call t w for. women from 3 countries with one. they're fighting for their rights and their children. in brazil against violence and amazon . in india for the right to play. in sudan with visible success women here are enjoying the freedoms. of. the sixty's. w.
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w's crime fighters are back africa's most successful radio drama series continues this season the stories focus on hate speech color of prevention and sustainable charcoal production. all of his those are available online and of course you can share and discuss on africa's facebook page and other social media platforms. crime fighters to news now. corona virus infection rate so all the wrong ways across the world in the global covered 19 death toll is now over 700000 in germany thousands including far right group ngs have protested against anti corona hygiene rules like masks and social distancing they believe that their freedom is under threat from government regulations meanwhile in germany and elsewhere fears.


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