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the state of your news live from berlin the number of corona virus cases in india tops 2000000 but experts fear the true number could be much higher as infections are a country's densely packed megacity list also coming up hundreds of school students in northern germany are sent home as health officials sound the alarm over a spike in infections there are also worries about returning travelers bringing the virus back with that. cost lebanon's leadership faces growing anger over incompetence and corruption following the deadly blasts in the capital beirut
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international donors pledge aid for rebuilding but demand high levels performed from within. i'm sumi so must conduct good to have you with us the number of coronavirus cases in india has topped 2000000 the national caseload has doubled in less than a month health experts fear the true number could be even higher as much of india's population is crammed into densely packed mega cities with limited access to health care and yet restrictions are still being left at. 2000000 cases of a deadly highly contagious virus these are not the scenes you expect yet india seems to have to conclude with 19 minutes trade. shopkeep with the leader a is keeping busy with. the business this fos lower than what it once was he is just glad to be on. and running once more simple life has to start again everyone
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knows that we need to take precautions people know that they have to maintain social distancing because things are going to stay this way life. despite the high case load people are still finding via shortens compile the numbers out of every cheek with 1000 patients in india have recovered the official mortality is low as well and delhi has set an example. in june that is pet care cost october home ben by a dramatic rise in cases bought with the best the best thing i understand today that is probably the it's time that 90 percent there could be more than meets the eye in the sample survey the delhi government found that a fault of the people tested had had the quota and i was. this would mean 5000000 pieces in delhi alone yet people seem confident. but doesn't the. one please you have to move on and see if these basic abuses within our hands will
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be have to take precautions and move on and look at the hospitals are doing better people were getting pushed around while in line for treatment but now they're getting help there's no longer anything to be afraid of there's no problem we're doing ok. india does have the was fostered growing our great normalcy however seems to be steadily fighting its way back. that report from day one and she joins us from delhi for more on the story. there are now more than 2000000 coronavirus cases in india and that number has jumped from 1000000 just 3 weeks ago how this happened. well that's only despite the fact that it's a match up at least i think in the indian government has committed to it spending what it's what it's unlocked fevers in all this unlocked chic dolls and it has actually got to gyms and fitness centers back to access the planet is lifted
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a night to do that was also meant to the movements over the last 2 months we have seen more and more pockets and shops will not offices open back up and knock more people out and about as though this could be part of your deal of the spread of the virus in addition india's population density is extremely high it's much trying not to give you an idea about just this which is also meant that he is movement after 3 months of the strictest not don't avoid the scene which existed in all if you and me has meant that by this is shouting cost. the government also that increasing numbers could be because of increased testing that's about one section numbers as we said michaud they are rising fast yet the fatality rate is at about 2 percent that is far lower compared to other hard hit countries like the us or brazil why is that. well there are several factors that experts are pointing out some need
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could be india's population on you while i'm for indians of the fight there's a huge and in addition to this there is a high it's also and there's a high threat and then off infections to see this specially when thinking to quantize to countries that if you should let the you keep on top of the 15 percent which are today but in addition there could be also dieter points look at the genealogy which are causing this lot if you do it why don't you just going to think that increased death in the proportion of deaths is becoming smaller and smaller and experts are also concerned that perhaps india's not recording all the deaths that have been caused by corona virus and. what if these instead however was also greeted this would only be a margin of things well the coronavirus restrictions have been a big blow to india's economy how do you think prime minister mal day is likely to respond now that the number of cases has passed 2000000 but only the prime minister as well as other senior government ministers have insisted and say it's the fight
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against the good i don't know what it is will be a long while he had come out again. these 2 months laptop and destructions and the cautions actually simply because these restrictions. however the indian government is also still standing on its dots that india and indians must learn to live the girl and i was that the economy cannot cannot stay shut and what and that india is instead going to focus on health infrastructure and also what was in solutions like driving vaccine trials and dollars as well so and the is another example of. committed to not imposing the strict knocked on the shalit which is looking increasingly unlikely as people put that into a lot of ice and. limit such as we're reporting in delhi thank you for that update . and you're watching did have you news still to come on our show in the wake of the deadly blasts in beirut to lebanon's leadership faces growing anger over
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incompetence and corruption international donors pledged aid for rebuilding but demanding top level of performance from within. that's a little bit 1st let's take a look at some more developments in the coronavirus pandemic health experts in the u.s. have projected that the number of coronavirus deaths there could reach 300005 december 1st africa confirmed coronavirus infections have exceeded 1000000 but experts warn that the true number is likely much higher because testing rates are low officials in australia as hard hit victoria state say the infection rate has been relatively flat in the past week after mandatory mask wearing rules came into effect and the u.k. has added more countries to its core and teen list travelers were returning from belgium andorra and the bahamas will now need to self isolate for 14 days. here in germany hundreds of students have been sent home from 2 schools in the northern
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state of mecklenburg west pomerania a teacher and a student have tested positive in the 1st week of the new school year health officials are now worried about a steady climb in infections meanwhile the number of new cases nationwide just topped a 1000 for the 2nd consecutive day. summertime and the living is easy. the threat of the coronavirus is waning for many in the country. i don't think about it at all not at all. one day country remember to wear your mask. but when you leave public areas it's easy to forget on your own discipline is falling to the wayside people are letting their guard down because the threat doesn't seem so serious anymore according to this psychologist. softest people are out of point where they think of testing the limits some say
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maybe i can take my mask off here when it's actually necessary you just met another person sees that and then there's this snowball effect of not wearing masks lists. the numbers are rising germany's public health institute has recorded more than a 1000 coronavirus cases twice this week the highest number of new infections in 3 months officials are growing concerned. and shot so how does a sweeping the virus in check is a marathon and a team effort we can only do it together you might see. an increasing number of clusters have emerged there's also the danger of people bringing back the virus from other countries frankfurt airport is offering free voluntary tests and starting this sunday people returning to germany from high risk areas will be required to take a test free of charge if taken within 3 days. i am
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very aware that this is an infringement on personal freedom but i think it's a reasonable one if those who don't get tested in time face a fine of up to 25000 euros so will there also be steep fines for those who don't wear masks or practice so she'll distancing this government official says yes. it's good because there are states in germany that already have penalties in place and i have the feeling that people are becoming more aware of the importance of wearing masks but if it's necessary then tough penalties should be implemented in utah. carefree summer while trying to contain the coronavirus balancing act for germany. well how worried are germans about the next stage of the pen demick a new door slammed tend to poll suggests not much if found that 59 percent think the government's current measures are adequate
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let's get some analysis now with our political correspondent kate brady who is standing by for us hi kate you know we saw 20000 people in berlin last week demonstrating against the government's coronavirus research restrictions about this poll shows a clear majority still support those measures is that surprising i think that's not surprising to me if you look at some of the people that were out on the streets last week yes there were 20000 of them yes they were allowed but they are still very much a minority here in germany in a very unlikely mix of people as well who united at the weekend people from the fall left from the far right conspiracy theorists and corona deny a so certainly not a representation of the majority of right now but interestingly there are they all growing calls for the measures to be more strictly implemented even a political level as well several politicians now calling for a crackdown on people who violate measures in place here in germany particularly
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when it comes to obligatory mask wearing so we could see more personnel for example on germany's rail networks making sure that people are indeed wearing those face masks while another restriction we've seen on thursday germany's health minister announced that travellers coming back from high risk regions will face mandatory testing let's take a look at what the survey tells us about reactions to that now of the testing applies to people returning from most countries outside of the european union and 93 percent of respondents say they support that measure which kicks in on saturday so kate how is this actually going to work in practice and how will it be enforced . well the main focus 1st and foremost is on airports as of tomorrow as you say as of sas as a anyone returning from an area the german government deems as a high risk area will have to be tested when they arrive in germany unless they have a negative test
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a typical that is no older than 48 hours and this is something that the government is not taking lightly anyone who refuses to take a test could face a fine of up to 25000 euro's and that is a debate though among the public as well right now about who should be footing the bill for these tests particularly for people who are returning from higher risk areas where they were taking part in a necessary travel many people saying that this shouldn't be funded by the state if people have made that decision to go to a high risk area in the 1st place and said that individual people should be footing the bill instead one of the big concern is schools they are starting to reopen now there are social distancing and hygiene measures in place a lot of families are still concerned let's look at some numbers on that now 58 percent of parents with school age children so they believe schools are poorly prepared to deal with the pandemic but at the same time get a lot of parents do want to see their children back in school of course so what can
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they expect moving forward. absolutely well there's a lot of factors to take into consideration both on the health side one of the big questions is whether the masks you should be obligatory at schools particularly during lessons in the classrooms and also on the other hand you have how well prepared schools are in terms of the education that children are going to get especially now that many of them will be in smaller groups to make sure that there will be social the children will be socially distanced from each of the but already we're seeing how these measures of playing out we heard earlier today. 2 schools in mecklenburg western pomerania up in northern germany have already closed after a teacher tested positive a high school and child tested positive at a primary school and it seems that in the coming weeks as more and more states go back to school headlines like those could become all too familiar in the german press our political correspondent kate brady good to talk to you.
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lebanon's leadership is facing growing anger over the deadly blasts that have killed more than 150 people and injured thousands more shock is turning into fury authorities responded with force when protesters gathered outside parliament opponents accuse the government of corruption incompetence and failing to avert an economic meltdown a french president a man on mccall flew into beirut promising aid from the international community but he also says there will be no blank checks and he insists there must be internal reform from the top. as the people of beirut come together to clean up the debris from tuesday's catastrophic explosion world leaders are lining up to provide 8. french president macron landed in beirut addressing the anger felt by the people towards the corruption regarded as making the glass possible and that has plagued the country for decades he has also promised
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assistance. ok what i can guarantee you is that this aid will be transparent it will go to the field and it will not go in the hands of the corrupt was. lebanon is a former french protectorate and the 2 countries still have close ties today. surrounded by crowds mccraw and listen to me outrage and pleas for help chance of revolution and the regime signed it all around. here i am here today i am going to propose a new political pact this afternoon and i will come back by september 1st and if it has not been up taint i will take responsibility for it. across and later announce the launch of an international conference in the coming days with the aim of raising funds to support the people of beirut. 6 which is the company we are no longer able to. this way in this situation people do
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not have enough money to continue what they started but just the country cannot take it anymore but she's come since we have been fighting for 50 years in order to raise our family in these circumstances that we live in now are finished we have been working for our retirement but they finished. my. hopes rest on an international aid effort to code together so the residents of beirut can rebuild their homes their city and their community. let's bring in our correspondent in the lebanese capital with us now if people have been protesting near the parliament in beirut what more can you tell us about that . people there was there were. clashes between the security forces and if that's true and anti government
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demonstration that took place yesterday near did it in his parliament. and the security forces they deployed to you guys on dozens of protesters who were gathered and around the parliament to ask the government to resign as they believe the government is responsible for the explosion that took place on tuesday and because the 2750 tons of sand when you're nitrate where you store it in a warehouse in the late sports with no proper security measures. it was and we saw those images of the french president walking through the streets of beirut he has promised international assistance to lebanon but he's also calling on the country's leaders to launch anti-corruption reforms how is that message received. yes this morning that is a very. they took into custody 16 individuals and
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as part of an investigation into a debate which puts the explosion and on the other hand the assigned and investigates of that committee and they gave the committee 40 days in order to a clean voice responsible for this explosion and they're the central bank and through. the accounts of heads of they've been nice customs and they would support officials. and on the other parents 44000 and it in use that you can signed and unsigned petition asking to nice to have an arm under the french mandate for the next 10 years since they completely lost in their own government and its ability to manage the country well it's important to mention that a lot of people are still missing i mean how is the rescue effort going. when their rescue efforts are used to progress and just this morning to that bodies were found
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under the rubble and officials they expect death toll to rise within the next few hours as since the rescue efforts are still in progress and the minister of has just announced this is the 'd position just an hour that's one particular he couldn't wait that's as to the explosions more than $5000.00 people were injured and that and on with 300000 last completely lost their. reporting from beirut thank you. amid images of death destruction and despair in beirut one video has gone viral for capturing a few moments of beauty and peace to spite all the pain. and the elderly lebanese woman was filmed playing the piano surrounded by shattered glass and debris and her damaged they were department a 78 year old's performance of the traditional scottish folk song auld lang syne
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has been shared while widely on social media as a symbol of loss but also of hope. let's check in now on some other stories making headlines around the world sri lanka's ruling party led by the powerful rajapakse are brothers has won a landslide victory and parliamentary elections with a 2 thirds majority the s.l.p. party can now amend the constitution to expand powers for a president with a biological and ensure that his older brother mahinda keeps his job as prime minister. thousands of young doctors in south korea have staged a one day strike in gathered in the capital seoul they're angry at government plans to expand admissions to medical schools as a way of resolving the shortage of doctors critics say that plan would nurture low quality medical schools and worsen the quality of health care. mauritians is facing an ecological disaster from an oil spill a grounded tanker began leaking fuel into the indian ocean the bulk carrier was
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transporting nearly 4000 tons of fuel and 200 tons of diesel from china to brazil. sports now in formula one the racing point team has been fined 400000 euros and docked 15 points in the constructors' championship after the sport's governing body upheld a complaint against them for a no i had protested at the last 3 races that racing points break ducts were a copy of those on last year's title winning mercedes car the f.i.a. is now agreed even though when the car was being designed brake ducts were not on the list of parts that cannot be copied by other teams the decision moves racing point below re no in the constructors' standings. october's london marathon will see only elite runners competing because of the pandemic the follow a small multilevel course inside a city center park thousands of amateur runners normally raise money for charity in
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the annual race that in previous years has crossed the british capital septembers berlin marathon has already been completely cancelled. in singapore the government has severely restricted to travel abroad and citizens who contract covered $1000.00 while travelling outside the country have been told they'll have to cover the cost of testing and potential treatment themselves it is too big a risk for many singaporeans so they've chosen to take their vacation at home. the own family is supposed to be on the west coast of the united states right now like many singaporeans they like to travel a lot but the city state is currently making it difficult returning holidaymakers face 14 days of coron in a hotel and mandatory coronavirus tests all at their own expense and their social pressure to stay at home. i mean you can however like you know. the id advice you not to do so you'll still want to do it might not be good
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a good view for the boss. after a long period of lockdown the owns are happy to be spending some time on the small island resort of sentosa just off the coast the palm trees and sunshine help to overcome their wanderlust and there's another motivating factor not to travel anyone who ignores the travel warning and comes home with covered 19 has to pay for their own health care costs with a choice. and so if you think you say. you get the virus i think. it's a choice you made is the consequence you have to give. the indoor waterfall in singapore's international airport is the world's largest but there aren't many foreign tourists around to admire it they're not allowed in right now more than $1000000.00 came last year. for the tourism sector the entry ban is a catastrophe singapore is trying to convince its own citizens to fill the economic
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gap. research singapore and spend over $34000000000.00 on the overseas travels last year so we hope that we can channel just a sliver of that mystically within singapore. the government is providing around $28000000.00 euros in investment that will allow hotels event locations and tour companies to offer discounts. on. simon one off a scooter tours through scenic locations such as the arab quarter. the government is paying up to 75 percent of employees wages in the hope that businesses can stay afloat until the crisis is over. we realize that about 25 percent were actually local and 25 percent for us is profitable so if we can now work on that 25 percent of local visitors then we will still have a company that is doing ok the ons are still hoping that they will be able to go on
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a previously booked holiday to bangkok at the end of the year but for now 2 days of staycation will have to do they have booked into a singapore hotel to get rid of their cabin fever. i don't really like speaking in the home country because we have a home yeah but because we sent country yes i like being staycation nice probably. choice that we can enjoy family. a foreign holiday may still be some way off. the singapore government's local tourism support scheme is shuttle to run for 9 months with an option to extend. you're watching news let's get a reminder of our top story the number of coronavirus cases in india has topped 2000000 but experts fear that the true number could be much higher as infection spiral and the country's densely packed megacities. coming up next
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interview business with stephen beardsley will be looking at u.s. president trump's executive order banning to talk and which at stations at that.
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point. clear position the international perspective such. for the time being the coronaviruses it seems chance has stayed with many countries including germany possibly facing a 2nd way we all sports exactly how we can seem to find out join me in my guess song to the point. to this point. in 60 minutes on d w. with him how to be the it goes up as well lions
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i know if i had known that the boat would be that small i never would have gone on a trip i would not have put myself and my parents on the danger to the bottom of the theme of the going to give a slave would. love one son to the other one it would be to give them i had serious problems on a personal level and i was unable to live their lives i'm going to. want to know their story in full migrants terrifying to entry level information for margaret's. like. oh. mongoloids is a bomb suit for the russians so. here comes to. so many different walks of life. some are pumpin and oddly tried but
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all of this comes straight from the heart to its former c.e.o. even when there's no money the illusion the mushroom in trucks to come up. from the 1st of the logs to their final resting place the russians are g.w. documentary. us ratchets up a digital dispute with china i knew it. order targets not just social media hit tick tock but china's massive payments and messaging service we chat. also on the show we'll look at the economic consequences of tuesday's explosion in beirut. hello and welcome to the show i'm stephen beardsley in berlin it's good to have you with us is a trade dispute now moving into the digital world u.s. president donald trump escalated tensions with china on thursday by issuing an.


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