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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 7, 2020 3:00pm-3:31pm CEST

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this is d w news live from berlin officials in germany sound the alarm over a spike in toronto virus infections there are concerns about returning travelers bringing the virus back with them and over the reopening of schools but a new survey shows most germans are not that worried. also coming up lebanon's food stocks threatened by this week's deadly chemical blasts in the capital beirut explosions up literally to be only a grain silo. plus the u.s. stepped up efforts to digitally decouple from china and do executive order targets
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social media sensation tick-tock and the china's payment messaging service we chat . i'm sorry so much kind of thank you for joining us here in germany hundreds of students have been sent home from 2 schools in the northern state of mecklenburg western pomerania a teacher and a student have tested positive for the corona virus in the 1st week of the new school year health officials are now worried about a steady climb and infections the number of new cases nationwide has topped 1000 for the 2nd consecutive day. so much on their livings easy. the threat of the coronavirus is waning for many in the country. i don't think about it at all not at all. one day how do you remember to wear your
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mask. but when you leave public areas it's easy to forget when your old. discipline is falling to the wayside people are letting their guard down because the threat doesn't seem so serious anymore according to the psychologists. the soft people are at a point where they think of testing the limits some see maybe i can take my mask off here when it's actually necessary then another person sees that and then there's a snowball effect of people not wearing masks list. the numbers are rising germany's public health institute has recorded more than a 1000 coronavirus cases twice this week the highest number of new infections in 3 months officials are growing concerned. in china
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so how does a sweeping the virus unchecked is a marathon and a team effort we can only do it together you might see. an increasing number of clusters have emerged there's also the danger of people bringing back the virus from other countries frankfurt airport is offering free voluntary tests and starting this saturday returning to germany from high risk areas will be required to take a test free of charge if it's taken within 3 days. of august i am very aware that this is an infringement on personal freedom but i think it's a reasonable one if. those who don't get tested in time face a fine of up to 25000 euros so will there be steep fines for those who don't wear masks or practice social distancing this government official says yes. there are states in germany that already have penalties in place and i have the feeling that
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people are becoming more aware of the importance of wearing masks but if it's necessary then tough penalties should be implemented. to care for the summer while trying to contain the virus a balancing act for germany well how worried are germans about the next stage of the pandemic a new door slam tend to poll suggests not much it found that 59 percent think the government's current measures are adequate. let's get some analysis now with our political correspondent kate brady who is standing by for us hi kate you know we saw 20000 people in berlin last week demonstrating against the government's coronavirus restrictions restrictions about this poll shows a clear majority still support those measures is that surprising. i think that's not surprising to me if you look at some of the people that were out on the streets last week yes there were 20000 of them yes they were loud but they are still very much a minority here in germany in a very unlikely mix of people as well who are united at the weekend people from the
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fall less from the far right conspiracy theorists and corona denial so certainly not a representation of the majority of germans right now but interestingly there are that all growing calls for the measures to be more strictly implemented even a political level as well several politicians now calling for a crackdown on people who violate measures in place here in germany particularly when it comes to obligatory mask wearing so we could see more personnel for example on the germany's rail networks making sure that people are indeed wearing those face masks well another restriction we've seen on thursday germany's health minister announced that travelers coming back from high risk regions will face mandatory testing let's take a look at what the survey tells us about reactions to that now of the testing applies to people returning from most countries outside of the european union and 93 percent of respondents say they support that measure which kicks in on saturday
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so kate how is this actually going to work in practice and how will it be enforced . well the main focus 1st and foremost is on as of tomorrow as he says of sas is a anyone returning from an area the german government deems as a high risk area will have to be tested when they arrive in germany unless they have a negative test a typical that is no older than 48 hours and this is something that the government is not taking lightly anyone who refuses to take a test could face a fine of up to 25000 yours and that is a debate though among the public as well right now about who should be footing the bill for these tests particularly for people who are returning from higher risk areas where they were taking part in unnecessary travel many people saying that this shouldn't be funded by the state if people have made that decision to go to a high risk area in the 1st place and said that individual people should be footing
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the bill instead when other big concern in schools they are starting to reopen now there are social distancing and hygiene measures in place a lot of families are still concerned let's look at some numbers on that now 58 percent of parents with school age children so they believe schools are poorly prepared to deal with the pandemic but at the same time get a lot of parents do want to see their children back in school of course so what can they expect moving forward. absolutely well there's a lot of factors to take into consideration by you on the health side one of the big questions is whether masks you should be obligatory at schools particularly during lessons in the classrooms and also on the other hand you have how well prepared schools are in terms of the education that children are going to get especially now that many of them will be in smaller groups to make sure that there will be social if the children will be socially distanced from each of the but already we're seeing how these measures of play now it's we heard earlier today. 2
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schools in mecklenburg western pomerania up in northern germany have already closed after a teacher tested positive a high school and child tested positive at a primary school and it seems that in the coming weeks as more and more states go back to school headlines like those could become all too familiar in the german press our political correspondent kate brady good to talk to you let's look now at some more developments in the coronavirus pandemic health experts in the u.s. have rejected that the number of coronavirus deaths in america could reach 300005 december 1st africa's confirmed corona virus infections have exceeded 1000000 but experts warn that the true number is likely much higher because testing rates are low officials in australia's hearted victoria state say the infection rate has been relatively flat in the past week after meant a tory mask wearing rules came into effect and the u.k. has added more countries to its quarantine list travelers returning from belgium
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and dora and the bahamas will now need to self isolate for 14 days. lebanon's leadership is facing growing anger over the deadly blasts that have killed more than $150.00 people and injured thousands more shock is turning to fury authorities responded with force when protesters gathered outside parliament opponents accuse the government of corruption incompetence and failing to avert an economic meltdown . french president in my call flew into beirut promising aid from the international community but he also says there will be no blank checks and insists there must be internal reform from the top. as the people of beirut come together to clean up the debris from tuesday's catastrophic explosion world leaders are lining up to provide aid. french president landed in beirut addressing the anger felt by the people towards the corruption regarded as making
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the glass possible and that has plagued the country for decades he has also promised assistance. what i can guarantee you is that this aid will be transparent it will go to the field and it will not go in the hands of the corrupt was. lebanon is a former french protectorate and the 2 countries still have close ties today. surrounded by crowds mccraw and listen to me outrage and pleas for help chance of revolution and the regime signed it all around. here i am here today i am going to propose a new political pact this afternoon and i will come back by september 1st and if it has not been up taint i will take responsibility for it. across and later in the launch of an international conference in the coming days with the aim of
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raising funds to support the people of beirut. 6 which is the company. we are no longer able to continue this way in this situation people do not have enough money to continue what they started just for the country cannot take it anymore but it might come since we have been fighting for 50 years in order to raise our family in these circumstances that we live in now are finished we have been working for our retirement but they finished. your goodnight from my. hopes rest on an international aid effort to code together so the residents of beirut can rebuild their homes their city and their community. let's bring in our correspondent in the lebanese capital amman is with us now hire us on it people have been protesting near the parliament in beirut what more can you tell us about that. indeed to people there was there
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were. clashes between the security forces and if that's true and anti government demonstration that took place yesterday near did it in his parliament. and the security forces they deployed to you guys on dozens of protesters who were gathered and around the parliament to ask the government to resign as they've been in the government is responsible for the explosion that took place on tuesday because the 2750 tons of sand when you're nitrate were stored in a warehouse in the let's call it with no proper security measure. it was and we saw those images of the french president walking through the streets of beirut he has promised international assistance to lebanon but he's also calling on the country's leaders to launch anti-corruption reforms how is that message received. yes this morning that it is
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a very. they took into custody 16 individuals and as part of an investigation into a debate which supports the explosion and on the other hand they assigned and investigates of that committee and they gave the committee 40 days an order to a clean boys responsibility for this explosion and they're the central bank through a. accounts of heads of they've been used customs and courts. and on the other hand 24000 and it binion's that you can signed and unsigned petition asking to police 7 and under the french and basically the next 10 years since they completely lost in their own government and its ability to manage the country well it's important to mention that a lot of people are still missing i mean how is the rescue effort going. their rescue
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efforts are progress and they just said this morning too that bodies were found under the rubble and officials they expect death toll to rise within the next few hours as since the rescue efforts are still in progress and dead the minister has just announced this is the position very just an hour that's one particular if you can wait that's as to the explosions more than 5000 people were injured and that and on with 300000 people in class completely lost their. reporting from beirut thank you. the blasts destroyed much of the capital's vital infrastructure authorities are worried about maintaining food stocks lebanon relies on imported wheat and its only grain silo was obliterated in the explosions . this is where nearly all of lebanon's green was stored thousands
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of tonnes was lost during the explosion there is now less than a month reserve left a chain supply problem is also looming the port was the main entry point for food imports now the grains must be rerouted to smaller storage sites the un's food agency is scaling up its operations in response before the tragedy there where 1000000 people living in dire conditions lost their job some people are suffering a lot to with this tragedy we are we think that the snow will increase and in particular in beirut itself so we stand ready to provide emergency food as she stands to separate out the leibniz government and to support social protection programs plans to build a 2nd silo out a smaller port were scrapped years ago due to a lack of funding and this isn't could now prove costly with ships carrying grain
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already on route to lebannon a plan of action is needed soon. amid images of death destruction and despair in beirut one video has gone viral for capturing a few moments of beauty and peace despite all the pain. an elderly lebanese woman was filmed playing the piano surrounded by shattered glass and debris in her damaged they were apartment the 70 year olds performance of the traditional scottish folk song all the inside has been shared widely on social media as a symbol of loss but also of hope. let's
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get a round up of some other stories now sri lanka is ruling party led by the powerful rajapaksa brothers has won a landslide victory in parliamentary elections with a 2 thirds majority the s.l.p. party can now amend the constitution to expand powers for a president both the via rajapaksa and ensure that his older brother my him that keeps his job as prime minister. thousands of young doctors in south korea have staged a one day strike and gathered in the capital seoul they're angry at government plans to expand admissions to medical schools as a way of resolving a shortage of doctors critics say the plan would nurture low quality medical schools and worsen the quality of health care. thousands of baby sea turtles have been released into the wild by conservationists on indonesia's island of bali the aim is to raise awareness of the need to protect the endangered species the population of sea turtles has declined significantly because of poaching pollution and habitat destruction. and the u.s. has added 1800000 jobs last month more than expected overall unemployment fell to
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just over 10 percent most new openings were in services but job creation has been slowing leading to worries about the economic fallout from the pandemic and racial unrest. is a trade dispute now moving into the digital world u.s. president on a. trump escalated tensions with china on thursday by issuing an executive order that forces americans to stop using chinese owned apps to talk and we chat the move against tech talk the world's fastest growing social media site was expected the ban on we chat was not. in just 6 weeks those uploading videos like this one to mobile app tick-tock could find themselves on the wrong side of u.s. law. the u.s. has around 100000000 take talk users but not for much longer. on thursday washington issued an executive order banning u.s.
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transactions to tick tocks parent company the white house believes the app threatens national security saying it allows china's communist party to spy on u.s. citizens china refutes that saying the u.s. is merely upping the ante in the ongoing trade conflict with the u.s. taking national security as an excuse frequently abuses national power and unreasonably suppresses companies of other countries this is an outright hegemonic act china is firmly opposed to it the controversy centers around this company by dance based in beijing it owns numerous apps including tech talk and residents in beijing were not happy about the american moves. because i don't agree with this move from the u.s. it restricts the free business growth of tech talk but it also affects those american youth who like tech talk so much. that it will be a while back i don't want to use american products anymore and i will support the chinese alternatives and economic self-reliance what have you that way that the.
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recently u.s. software company microsoft expressed interest in buying tick tock from byte dance the white house says if a u.s. company bought the app the ban could be avoided the u.s. government's executive order also focuses on 10 cent holdings the chinese owner. of we chat hugely popular in china the messaging and social media could soon be banned in the united states as well. let's get some insight into this story now we have with us from the university of nottingham school of computer science hi answer thanks for joining us what is your take on this how safe is it to use tech talk or we chat. thank you. to tarp or we. as far as our research is concerned basically the same kind of social media out you need to be aware that you are giving away quite
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a lot of data so it's not just the content that you are uploading mento data the time when you use and possibly who you're connecting with possibly your location data so all kinds of data is being given away when you're using these powers to talk is no different in that suspect but the concern here is that this information is being given to the chinese government so what do we know about that is china really spying on people and collecting their data using these apps. so the china. has a national security law which allows the chinese government to read to demand access to data from chinese government as the chinese companies the same hour is true for the us the us cloud act for instance allows the us government security agencies to require access to non us citizen data on their platform so for a european person we thus no difference and pretty much every country has this
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kind of relationship between national security bodies and the way in which they're working there is of course a question about how do we feel particularly about the chinese government as opposed to the u.s. government if we look at things like. human rights situations if you are in hong kong obviously there is a difference between the chinese security agencies having access to your data versus u.s. security agencies so. generally speaking of the all the laws. that the chinese government has versus access to their platforms are not significantly different to those that other countries have the question as we how do we feel about the way in which governments are acting aren't we start with the snowden revelations that there were huge concerns across the world about how the u.s. government was using u.s.
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platforms such as facebook to access data including the u.s. security agency is hacking into on the america's phone so the question is really one of geopolitics how do we see ourselves as efficient relative to the kinds of values and positions that these or the other governments are. and 2nd if and they not ingham university school of computer science thank you so much for joining us. bella bruce is getting set to hold its most hotly contested presidential election in years amid accusations that the government has been targeting journalists rights groups say multiple journalists have been arrested in the lead up to sunday's election including freelance journalist aleksandr of what are called reports for dr bennett he was arrested in his hometown of mobile yards on the country's east president alexander look i was facing a wave of dissent there was anger over his dismissal of the cup in 1000 pandemic
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and grievances over human rights. to football now and after the 1st leg of the champions league round of 16 took place way back in february real madrid finally visit manchester city to complete the match up the spaniards have an uphill task as they try to overturn a 21 deficit and they'll have to do so without one of their star players gareth bale has chosen to stay behind in spain has more. it's a rare sight these days gareth bale kicking a football in real madrid colors the lesser spotted welshman didn't train with his team mates in england ahead of their clash with manchester city though and according to his manager that is purely the players' decision. many things have been said. but there's a respectful relationship between the club and the players. i will say is that he prefers not to play. the rest is between us and him this.
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sources close to bale see he told her down that he didn't want to travel because a so often recently he knew he would be left out of the team whatever the real reason behind bill's absence a few clubs could do without a 100000000 euro signing and expect to win a game but reale one of those despite his side been to one up from the 1st leg city manager pep guardiola knows he is up against top quality players and the operator in sudan. think you've got one of his tactical plans covered you'll hit you with another or revert to the one that you thought he would start with so it's very very difficult. if the former barcelona player does win the tactical battle over rio he'll take his side into the quarterfinals and a step closer to the champions league glory that city's big spending owners crave. october's london marathon will see only elite runners competing because of the pandemic the follow a small course inside
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a city central park thousands of amateur runners who normally raise money for charity in the annual race around the british capital september's marathon has already been completely canceled. let's get a recap now of our top story here on d.w. health officials in germany have sounded the alarm over a steady climb in corona virus infection the number of new cases has topped out 1000 for the 2nd consecutive day it is the highest number for 3 months. coming up next on news 82000000 and counting india now has one of the largest coronavirus caseload sick in the world. and sri lanka is ruling party not just a landslide election victory look at how bad clinton could shake the country for years to come. from her she will have those stories and more coming
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right up on of your news asia you can get the latest headlines following us on twitter at t w news for all of us here in berlin thank you for watching. beethoven
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