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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 8, 2020 12:00pm-12:15pm CEST

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you. live from berlin this is the news mandatory coronavirus testing begins for travelers arriving in germany testing stations or i've been at arrivals terminals and border crossings says concerns grow that a 2nd wife of the pandemic may be hitting germany and the rules apply to anyone of driving from regions being to be high risk pools are coming up. in beirut a big cleanup effort that as the city tries to recover from the huge explosions that ripped apart u.n. is warning of an impending humanitarian catastrophe in the whole of living. and
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a passenger plane skidded off the runway in india and breaks into the air india express flight with almost 200 people on pull it slid off the runway while landing in the state of carry. a math and how it will travel is arriving in germany undergoing magistrate testing for corona virus after a surge in infections across the country the new rules apply to anyone arriving from regions danged to be high risk those who refuse the test could face fines of up to $25000.00 euros the new testing requirement comes as experts warn that germany could be seeing it sick in the wife of the pandemic new cases rising 2 of 1000 a day. let's speak now to our correspondent ed person who's at frankfurt. port
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conrad testing is on the way as per the new rules how are people coming off the flights reacting. the atmosphere here at the testing center in frankfurt is very i have to say i talk to people they are very corporative and understanding which has a lot to do with the fact there's a lot of personnel around you know people from the german red cross the german army the companies doing the testing they're all very supportive giving a lot of information sometimes when several planes arrive at the same time here. queuing gets a bit longer but i have seen nobody freaking out. can read what the exact steps travelers must take to get tested once they arrive in germany. or when you travel to germany from one of those countries deemed to be at high risk if you have to fill out a passenger locator card on your plane which is collected upon arrival this is the information database for the health of forty's to know who should go into
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quarantine and who should be tested after landing it's to the passengers to decide whether they will do the testing here at the airport or whether they go home for us and then see their general practitioner and do the testing there. the phrase countries deemed to be high risk is one that stands out travelers returning from where exactly will be subject to these new testing rules. the list is very very long. it's given out by the cock institute which is the you know health authority here in germany in charge of corona it's permanently updated it starts with countries like afghanistan and it ends with zambia and zimbabwe but on this list of course also the countries with the highest infections the u.s. russia brazil and some places in europe as well for example in belgium in the. and
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twirps there have been so many new infections that the german authorities think you should get tested here and also if you come from spain from oregon or from the barcelona region. controversy and frankfurt airport thank you very much. all right to lebanon now the united nations is warning of a humanitarian catastrophe after the massive explosions that ripped through the capital beirut on tuesday u.n. agencies say they are struggling as they try to support hundreds of thousands of people in need of help residents have started the big clean up themselves but they're concerned that most of the burden has landed on their shoulders. and they are deeply familiar sound echoing through beirut shattered glass being cleaned up by deeply frustrated civilians this was what i beirut's hospitals with much of the infrastructure destroyed doctors and nurses have no choice but to join
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the cleanup. i work in the operating theatre there's nothing left everything is destroyed everything. it's a similar site down the road at st george hospital here britain was on shift when the blast hit. the movies but we had 3 patients over here we even had to ventilate 2 patients on the floor my colleague and i did everything we could to save them luckily we succeeded. the world has been warmed by the sight of the people of beirut and joining together to clean up their city but the ones doing the sweeping are also angry. they say preexisting corruption and incompetence by the government has caused the relief effort to fall short. the last. government. there.
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well. as local and international rescue teams continue to search the rubble for the missing people look a root of time and their rage towards the government saying it's time to oust the political elite. the more we're joined by lisa has to change with the use humanitarian mission in the lebanese capital isa 5 days from the blast that shook the city how is law for people of diverse. so i would say from what i. will make a was a shock to everyone the structure spread. so poor area as it destroyed there is significant there is a residential buildings insanity of area. people are still. so pretty clearly from the way you describe it there is much that is needed but
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what is currently that is the most urgently needed. so i think that prayer tease out the moment are the ongoing search and rescue operation so that still teams on the ground search and rescue teams kind of process and teams their medical teams in the port area and the residential area right so that is the very 1st priority. but of course with the site is being destroyed in the 4th area. to get to here to the east of. the old program hill so you know raise the alert and then our. health care situation is another mangy major concern so the blog is over it has damage and structure including hospitals including health points so we know that there are 3 major hospitals in beirut that are been heavily damaged and that comes in
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a situation where the health care system was already on their heavy strain give you probably 1000 situation and the front line workers are exhausted. from they use for monetary admission in the lebanese capital thanks for talking. and time now to take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world. u.s. president donald trump has warned about foreign interference in november's presidential election he's top intelligence official says russia china and iran will all try to meddle using this information and other means to influence voters trump said he believed all 3 countries wanted him to lose. versions has declared a state of environmental emergency after a ship grounded off a choice began spilling oil the vessel was carrying 4000 tons of fuel when it ran aground 2 weeks ago the prime minister is appealing to france and the united nations for help with the clean up operations. well in india at least i think
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people were killed and more than 100 injured when i pass and your plane skidded off the runway in the southern city of code the indian express flight from dubai was carrying $190.00 passengers and crew heavy monsoon right appears to have played a part in the crash. at the bottom of this 10 made to drop a passenger plane turned graveyard these are the remains of the boeing 737800 that skidded off the runway nose dived and split into 2. the pilot tried hard to land safely in the rainy weather. during the 2nd landing attempt the wheels skidded there was a huge ditch on the left more than 10 meters deep there was a sudden impact everyone was wearing seat belts so we kept our hands on the seats in front of us and trying to save ourselves 'd.
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the air india express flight was repatriating 184 indian stranded in dubai due to the curve at 19 pandemic both pilots were among those who died in the crash and over a dozen people was severely injured. locals who were some of the 1st to help at the site have described the horrific scenes they encountered. in that order i found a child under a box on the plane as soon as i picked her up i could see she had serious head injuries a small child one and a half years old i took her in the car if she was in the ambulance maybe she could have been saved i took her to hospital but she died. investigators have recovered both the black box and cockpit voice recorder they will be looking at a number of factors that led to the crash including the weather and the runway. conditions the weather conditions were and favorable due to the monsoon this is a tabletop airport so it seems the pilot tried to land at the end of the runway but
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you to slippery conditions this accident took place. here regularly maybe we should . be preconditions here got a. table top runways are difficult to land on because of an optical illusion created by the raised platform and deep valleys money side although the cory called runway mates un requirements it is currently 150 meters short of its recommended length. to deliver isn't france and germany are calling on president alexander the government to ensure that sunday's elections a free and fair they've got the correspondent has more on the bellaver selection and the push there for change. tens of thousands of people have come to the capital means skin in recent days to cheer on svetlana. she's turning the incumbent president aleksander.
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and has become of the face of the opposition here. i don't want to be silent anymore i don't want to be afraid are you also tired of staying silent. but. doesn't want to be president in case she wins she has promised to release all political prisoners and then call new elections she's campaigning out of solidarity with her husband the popular blogger. who wanted to run for the presidency himself but was not authorized. he had traveled across the country revealing abuses of power corruption and poverty and was charged with inciting popular unrest. this is completely arbitrary in our country we just eliminate the competition. it's
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unfair it should be allowed he was jailed over nothing here now they're making him into an enemy of the people it's a dictatorship. isn't alone and challenging. 3 other candidates have stayed in the presidential race with . sergei sharing chain. counterparts got ya and underrate dimitri in as the old no they have a virtually no chance of winning but they aren't giving up. on them in a dictatorship victory doesn't mean being an election victory is mobilizing society did change things. our beliefs the people of bel-air roups are ready for a new chapter. p. . show you just do you know i can literally feel the unity of my compatriots their
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self-confidence and pride at finally being a people that is ready for change. i need a good. president lukashenko has ruled the country for 26 years and sense he's confident of victory. china has revealed himself to be a little girl who doesn't know much. and finally conservationists in france are celebrating a major success that being the hatching of every code number of pink flamingo chicks stuff at europe's 1st preserve dedicated to the birds name on petit have built out official islands to attract more breeding pays and worked they estimate that as many as 30000 pairs settle there this year and between them have produced 12000 chicks conservation aside the baby bird could be because they were fewer
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flights from being a boy nearby airport due to the coronavirus lockdown. in watching the news from girl in our next episode a shift all about living in the digital age stay tuned for that within good to have more news in 45 minutes time from now but i'm anthony howard of half a 1000000 over to you here in berlin thanks for company. in free to any solace that tries it. all out. i'm going to get the kids off to break with. him. count the fleet street.


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