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in the protests following the huge explosions in a room on tuesday. that's also now they'll be more news at the top of the hour with me till then keep it dot com for follow us on twitter and instagram. thanks very much for joining. the flames lead. the colby's in germany to learn german english from the cold why not learn with him d w z learning course nikos fake. sleep. listen carefully to. the simple truth is to be a good. place.
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to discover the world. the i. subscribe to the documentary i want to. play. this week on the old story. china cracking down on buddhism. nigeria bringing ballet to low income areas but we begin in bolivia where especially in the city love costs more and more people are falling victim to coronavirus and hospitals are dangerously close to being overloaded. in this car. 68 year old man has died as
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a result of cope at 19 he never made it to hospital just a few hours earlier a friend and family members had tried to get him help at 5 medical centers but they were denied. because all the hospitals are full we were sent to the hospitals in la porte tada and in quote to whom he stopped breathing when we were underway and that's why we're here the dead man's sister says her goodbyes while the police examined the corpse. and officer hands over the death certificate since the coroner hasn't turned up the officer says people aren't just dying in their cars they're also dying on the street and at home hospitals are at breaking point and it's becoming harder to access treatment threating even while searching for help people often go from one hospital to the other some of them die in their cars are department records deaths that occur in private vehicles and on public transportation out of the. blue he is currently in the community transmission
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phase santa cruz la paz and cochabamba are the worst affected regions the average age of death is about $75.00 with more men dying than women. rebecca's father died in his home because no hospital in alto would admit him. well we can do is bury him that's all we can do my father is no longer with me. these stories of being shuttled from hospital to hospital are repeated every day during the pandemic and there's no end in sight cemeteries are almost full and funeral parlors have run out of coffins. this man complains that he had to say goodbye to a family member in a particularly painful way they're not they simply put him in an improvised box you can't even barter with them about the price saying you're willing to pay for
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better but there is nothing else better than no i. family members aren't even allowed to enter cemeteries and they have to say their final goodbyes from a far touching flowers at the perception of cars bringing in the bodies for burial and every day police pick up an average of 70 bodies from the streets 85 percent of them infected with cold 19. in china the communist party is intensifying its crackdown on religious organizations and communities across the country. even famous buddhist statues are under threat. looming is a devout buddhist you is not his real name he's afraid of repercussions in news home on what is have come under pressure from the government since they started protesting against the destruction of the buddhist sites in the outskirts of the
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city a 3 phase statue of. the d.t. of mercy in chinese buddhism is bound for demolition. suddenly the government fenced the statue off they are doing works inside but they haven't informed society about the reasons for the destruction. this is left us buddhists and those who worship the goddess of guanine inside and outside china quite bewildered. the 3 faced one in and limit jason monastery were built in 2002 when a company donated the giant statue to the buddhist community made of white jade quickly gained fame. i am trying to take a look at the site the statue is located in a mountainous region about an hour's drive from the city center. we approached the statue where security guards up posted at their roadside stopping and taking
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pictures of the demolition is strictly prohibited the government does not want these images to spread on social media we can only feel them out of the car window . it is unclear how far the demolition has already gone activists have written to the government and campaigned on social media for the conservation of this that you would just as of the asians as far as malaysia have protested against its demolition to no avail. see on is an ancient capital of china tourists from all over the world come to see its historic sites including its buddhist heritage but in recent years the government has pushed for a revival of communist ideology even inside dot untempered the world famous buddhist heritage the sign reminds visitors to uphold socialist values the chinese government is exercising immense pressure on religion and compared to the latter 2
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buddhism is treated even more leniently. the government considers it to be more in line with their norms but i've witnessed that pressure on buddhist temples myself and their activity is increasing. and the pace is picking up as well temples have been forced to cancel religious events monasteries have had some of their buildings demolished experts estimate that the 3 face is just one of up to $800.00 statues that have been destroyed the city years. since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic working conditions in germany's meat processing industry have become public knowledge. the worst affected victims are often seasonal workers from eastern europe. sebastian is 9 months old 10 years ago his family moved from romania to be ensign and region of
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north west germany. sebastian's found them out he has saved up and bought a house he now works in a vehicle factory and doesn't like to think about the time he spent temping in a german slaughterhouse he needed the money but conditions were hot. you know i work for a reputable company that cares for its employees and doesn't take advantage of them in the slaughterhouse there were so many temporary work agencies that enticed people with the promise of easy money but the job was very hard and the workers were treated badly but. this is the sort of house malleus is talking about it's 2000 employees earn minimum wage and their food and overpriced accommodation is deducted from their pay it's often been described as slave labor.
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so what do you mean slaves no one is forced to work here everyone comes here of their own free will for goodness sake. there's a certain work flow that needs to get done that's. the business model relies on eastern european workers who tend to put up with the pool working conditions and bad pay a christian welfare association advises the workers if they have problems at the slaughterhouse there are numerous troubling reports about the conditions. i seen people being exploited treated badly and screamed out the coronavirus is forcing a change the german government wants to ban temporary workers in slaughterhouses many romanians now hope for permanent contracts and higher wages i think things will improve i heard from an acquaintance of mine who works for
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a german company that workers there get 1800 euros for working 180 hours a month. the slaughterhouse security eventually saw us and stopped any further interviews and abuses in the german meat industry have long been a dirty secret but the coronavirus crisis has brought to light the problems for temp workers in germany slaughterhouses. over half like europeans live in poverty. this fight for survival shapes every day life. educated ballet teacher helps young girls to escape this lifestyle for. 8 families live in this housing complex today starts early for a day without breakfast but with a new chores the 18 year old shares 10 square meters with her mother and her younger sister she's trying to help her family by putting her own needs on hold.
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life for a now is very difficult to marry because sometimes i need something because of you don't have enough money i just keep it safe enough to tell me more stuff that's assets. schools are closed due to the pandemic when i meet a small is an elementary teacher she has to stay at home without a salary and is struggling to provide for her 2 daughters. taking good care of that was 2 and this is the one for me i've given them with i don't want to look outside . gills outside means. one of the poorer neighborhoods of flake costs some girls slide into prostitution to make money and some boys become criminals media grew up here she's looking for a different path through. this is the same neighborhood but it feels like
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a different world i guess ready. a class of 12 students trains in this makeshift dance room twice a week one of them is all day. some are as young as 6 danielle a self-taught professional dancer is teaching them for free to keep them off the streets. allow me that was one of his 1st students in 2017 she says it's never too late to stop the ballet when it comes to downs i can forgive them but everything behind this does makes me feel happy and makes this express my feelings she eats how i feel i dance it's just forget i'm going to last now. there's stage improvised the streets of. the contrast couldn't be big for some it's
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a welcome distraction others are skeptical. because again we just be able to enjoy anything with us it is in dissent oily discussion good selig's off and no airwaves and where it's not like got plenty to stay it doesn't end here after ballet she learns to saw at this shop learning a trade that may finance her studies one day she keeps practicing ballet why is she so willing. i don't care what people reactions up because i'm doing my thing on me or namita may never dance on the big international stage is a dancing gives her strength something she needs to overcome the difficulties she faces.
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the 77 percent speech talk about the issue. come on the streets of nairobi. how has code in 1000 transformed the city's night. help those all those subjects men and women who read aloud on the activities of the banks to fend for them to use the book i want to find out. the 77 percent of. next on d w. mistreating murder displaced nearly a 1000000 raining down have fled their homes in the are not armed most are now trapped in neighboring bangladesh shut down the road. if this plan to mention a cleansing and if so who was responsible for. a documentary looking for answers. in 45 minutes long time w. w's crime fighters are back with the africa's most successful radio
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drama series continues in the only bizarre woods are available online of course you can share and discuss on w africa's facebook page and other social media platforms crime fighters tune in now. hello to you welcome to the 77 percent this out. explores how i have been dealing with the code up and demick so if you are already been fostering you'll see belts and let's drive through a host. so he has what's coming up on the program. and shows us his city. as a culture. we explore the death metal on the ground.


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