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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 10, 2020 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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the subconscious of a world without beethoven i can't begin to imagine. tender 68. this is g.w. news why. the power vacuum in the entire government. the lebanese prime minister announced the resignation of his government today almost one week after the last the blamed a culture of corruption for the explosion which left a quarter of a 1000000 people homeless. for the latest also coming up. after the
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government claims a landslide victory for president. but his challenger says the vote was rigged and the european union and the united states they have their day. off it's good to have you with us today and the entire government quit almost a week after the fatal blast in beirut lebanese prime minister has. announced the resignation of his government he said its departure would make possible the changes that lebanon needs but his announcement has so far done little to placate protesters even as was speaking demonstrators were back in the streets demanding an end to the corruption that set the stage for last week's tragedy. a
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country in pain. on the streets of beirut clashes gangs momentum protesters vented their anger authorities in palau leaders who value say are incompetent and corrupt. this scenario only reignited by last week's disaster. police tried to regain control turning teen gas at protesters telling a story ends. i. don't think. they want the government gone i made mounting pressure it's a demand that was granted on monday. now that today we are heeding the people and their demands to hold accountable those responsible for a disaster that has been concealed for 7 years. and their desire for real change. change from the corrupt destructive state from a state of theft to
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a state of law and justice and transparency to a country that respects its people. prime minister hasan deol handed in his government's resignation to the president who has asked him to stay on until a new cabinet is formed the decision has been welcomed although many feel it doesn't are far enough it's a good thing that the government has resigned because at the end of the day someone needs to take accountability and needs to take responsibility for a cop and yes it is definitely not enough but this. might be a 1st step back to the problem as not doing a charge for the past 18 months at those who wait and charge for the past 30 years the only it so usually it's for us to get should have them and as long as they are stated they could action would only be there would. have been no one is in the throes of the biggest financial crisis since the civil war making a recovery from last week. to zastava that much hotter. one thing's clearly the
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resignation has done little to cry over chaos on the streets of paris. that was the lebanese prime minister there let's go now to beirut far gore spondon bhosle a radius is standing by good evening to you basile certainly prime minister says the government has quit does that satisfy the lebanese people not at all even after the announcement of that is ignition of the government but if let's assume that they were just right to it and don't they called. the if the amounts they start they are not satisfied by the government that they should ask for more for your elections what you meant today i mean they are asking now for the nation of the president it seems that the what happened in the last days but
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you know that it's been it's hard to take everything upside down everything upside down in lebanon what was acceptable by the protest and it week i got 2 weeks ago now it's not accepted at all if. it's a sister weeks after the next financial and economy count politically correct seat that is nation of the government was one of the main demands because the explosion now exploded it is to see now new york is completely different and seen the protests of that world with the sick since 3 days ago it continues in the coming days and involves what we know now that there's going to be a caretaker government until there are new elections what does this caretaker government have to do immediately. but can do simply nothing according to the tiffany's cost situation it has very mind it also tickets to it was just. look i don't keep major issues doesn't need to look to have a cabinet meeting just every think it but it's it can't. be. taken off his
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ministry on fire by him start without cabinet meeting and on the on that i want to have in your government the formation of a new government this is not the process. according to the current circumstances it indicates that the coming days will but political turmoil among political parties themselves even those who have formed those who form the current government was supposed to be the. government the lights if there if and when we do see new elections in lebanon i mean who is going to emerge there as runners i mean are there people already in the wings waiting who would like to take power. not not quite no not what can't say that stated the political parties the security and parties in the front of the most organized that's what we want one comes to be
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tested and all these groups that are protesting since 70 s. off march they have sworn they tried to. have it on agenda on political political. like lebanon but they didn't succeed. unless we have a few individuals that they succeeded to go to gain the election. in 2 years ago he gives that goal but stint much mauled word beyond on the right to confront the got it political secretary and it's ok our correspondent with the latest tonight in beirut both of always thank you thank you we have some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world over 100 people have been arrested during a night of looting in clashes in the u.s. city of chicago the police department say that 13 officers were injured during the violence the unrest began after police shot a man during a pursuit in
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a black neighborhood a gas explosion in the u.s. city of baltimore has killed at least one person and injured several others 1st responders are searching for people still trapped in the rubble after the blast leveled several houses what caused the explosion is not yet known cuba has reimposed its coronavirus lockdown after the island nation registered a record number of new cases nearly 100 new infections were registered on monday with the capitol hill bana and a neighboring province of the worst hit public transport has now been suspended in people were ordered to wear masks. all right back to eastern europe now in bello roots police say one demonstrator has been killed in new anti-government protests in the capital following sunday's disputed presidential election the unrest began after the country's election commission claimed that president
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alexander lukashenko had won a landslide 80 percent of the vote lucas main challenger says the vote was rigged and has claimed victory for herself. the leaders of belarus see these demonstrations as a threat to their authority in minsk and other cities tens of thousands showed their support for the opposition on election night even though according to official figures their main candidate won only 9.9 percent of the vote. then the situation escalated security forces attempted to disperse the demonstrators using stun grenades water cannons and rubber bullets almost 100 people were injured in the clashes authorities say they made more than 3000 arrests that challenged at 1st things were peaceful people walked in the chamber there were a lot of them then police vans came and started to arrest them. there were a lot of people with weapons they started shooting at people's arms and legs
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despite reportedly winning less than 10 percent of the vote opposition candidates fenlon a teacher not sky it claimed victory and she called on president lukashenko to step down. we authorities should think about how they can peacefully hand over power to us. right. now so far they have only responded with violence against peaceful citizens. and she denounced the election as illegitimate. we have official reports from many polling stations that i received more votes than the other candidates. we have proof of photo fraud. we have people who are ready to come forward about fraud at polling stations. or evidence that is allegedly circulating on the internet this video purports to show a woman climbing out of a polling station with banks claimed to be filled with ballot papers. it was
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incumbent lucas shanker the official winner with nearly 80 percent of the vote said the protests are being organized from abroad. to work these sheep are being directed by people in the czech republic to the opposition understands nothing new and is urging people to take to the streets in order to i quote hold negotiations with the government so that it voluntarily hands over power lust but handing over power is something lucas shango has categorically ruled out you are joining me now is the journalist and analysts from. good to have you on the program the election commission says that. about 80 percent of the vote that was the big surprise to most of us but do you think that result is credible. it is not and i would say election saw stop to be elections 2 weeks ago when
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government didn't allow any observation at the stations and they did not invite her foreign observers and they arrest that almost all in the and the observers for the early vote in 5 days before that they of voting was extremely popular in terms of falsification they put 43 percent of voters participated in the early voting center and we can say that this this number the official results announced by the commission have anything in common with true numbers it's a definitely can get from 20 to 30 percent of support but not more and all the clashes of the process we are observing the right now they are sparked by by this result because people understand that they are chiefly. there we know that people are taking to the streets tonight a 2nd night to protest the election results what do you make of the heavy handed
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news that we're seeing by the police. extreme extreme violence absolutely this proportional violence used by only a soldier a lot of soldiers internal troops may be peopled wounded to day police use grenades stun grenades but also they used a rubber rubber bullet some journalists are wounded journalists with nash and you know for example now i was in the hospital sure her lack was wounded with with with a gun so we also know that some some people are in critical condition unfortunately we don't have connection with many cities and we don't know what's what's happening there in some state is that the question is are more violent like and manes particularly in some suggest the real police did not attack protesters and somehow so you dare i say that. within what this is all mean for the opposition is still
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the opposition have been the choice but to accept the election results as it's been in males by the government through a wants to whom alleviate opposition and to show that the opposition is nothing opposition doesn't have any influence and that woman the leader if you need 5 a position to come to expect any presidency soon this is why the question gave her a solo number in the official products and this is why the question and now is that he will never give her power or to come mosca that's a very important moment because if you can those who will support protests that are happening right now they will they can become much broader and much bigger but also they can become much more violent and so this is a very important moment what what will be hurtful solutions to go to streets or to continue protests and by legal means unfortunately i think all legal means r r r r over already you know it will be interesting to see what happens moving forward.
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viejo joining us tonight from that we appreciate your time and your insights thank you thank you you're watching news law from berlin up next is d.w. business with kate stick around she'll be right back. in the. climate change. comes soon. to people. today how far future.
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