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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  August 11, 2020 8:15am-8:30am CEST

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just go from the spot to defeat copenhagen. still in germany and turning now to the domestic league it looks like there will be no fans i'm going to stay to stadiums when the new season starts on september 18th comes after several politicians voiced their skepticism over proposal in the german football league to allow a limited number of spectators to watch the games in the upcoming campaign. thanks for watching. time and place captured in pictures. images of goes on. ready to studios archive documents lives in bygone eras. leads to those living today. they are guarding
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gaza's past in a box. legacy in black and white. collected memories starts of august 14th own d w. the united states warns germany russian gas comes at a high price washington says the north stream to pipeline endangers europe's energy security and threatens to hit a small german port town with pesky sanctions we'll bring you the latest also coming up finding a vaccine for over 1000 is an ambitious endeavor now a german biotech firm is hoping for plenty of investors cash to finance the search and we'll take you to the south of france where the lavender fields of blooming.
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but the tourists usually witnessing this back to go are missing this year. i'm chris colfer welcome to the program only 150 kilometers or less to built of the controversial mord stream 2 pipeline which is to deliver russian gas through the baltic sea to germany so the project has been a huge bone of contention between berlin and washington and it is likely to come up u.s. secretary of state mike pump a 4 day visit to europe which is kicking off today just last week u.s. senators threatened to slap sanctions on a german port where essential building material of the pipeline a store stored causing outrage at the city of sas that's which owns the port. this ferry from sweden could soon be stalled by u.s. sanctions the ship is destined from oakland port and therefore has business ties with the port authority portman khan on the isle of luke and is a pivotal importance in the construction of the north stream 2 pipeline 2 special
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russian ships are docked here once they have been technically equipped they're supposed to lay the final 160 kilometers of pipeline. but if the influential u.s. senators have their way the harbor management all business associates and even local authorities would be affected by the potential sanctions gas market expert heikal moment feels this signals that the americans are again taking drastic measures against the german russian project. you know and that's the inciting flaw in the all the new sanctions especially show that the american side is looking at this very closely and is willing to impose an obstacle that every move of the project enterprise or the russian side was. going thoughts that off i believe the sanctions have the potential to at least postpone the project for a very long time and this is obviously on its side so if its. neighboring poland also wants to hinder north stream to it runs its own l.n.g. terminal on its baltic coast and plans to receive liquefied natural gas from qatar
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or norway for instance. warsaw fears that russia will further expand its power with north stream to and ultimately use it as a political weapon and economic leverage against the e.u. . the u.s. and poland together are pressuring germany to halt the project. about this whole image in the baltic countries are fundamentally opposed to the north stream to project as it endangers energy security in central europe we hope that the u.s. sanctions will halt the project and that germany will return to european energy solidarity when the officer gets nordstrom to damages european energy solidarity with the knobs to involve notion that with. the new sanctions could have severe economic consequences from oakland port for example if international insurers refuse to insure incoming ships. for more of those those bring in the w.
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political correspondent model che's and on l. how have political leaders in germany been reacting to these threats. well 1st up we have the spokesperson of the government stephens i about who say death to germany was opposed to any extra territorial sanctions and yesterday the foreign minister expressed his dismay he said he talked to secretary of state my pump a about it and it clearly voices surprise and displeasure at the letter written by those 2 u.s. senators though so if you you a few days ago a defense minister and i. also say does that the sanction with which the u.s. are threatening germany was simply not compatible with international law and that fell in with this kind of a d.c. issue was it sirup in partners in brussels and for now the government of the german government also so in touch we see all the companies threatened by the sanctions all right one might understand the dismay but are the u.s. warnings of economic and political dependency on russia justified after all the
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problem allows moscow to cut off gas to places like ukraine and poland. well again defense minister i'm going to come say that germany could we assured us that germany wouldn't become a force to be dependent on russian gas and also say that the concerns that interest of ukraine and poland for example that those concerned that they would be damaged would have to be seen while establishing the contract so when it comes to ukraine balin say that the conflict between russia and ukraine which was one of the main reservations about building military into was a thing from the past because there was a 5 year contract for gas transit through ukraine that had been signed last year or so for at least 5 years so i placed a short term gas is ensured in ukraine the amount of german u.s. relations have been rocky in recent years there's been the debate about huawei the chinese tech giant they've been economic sanctions and the talk about it how do those disagreements impact the economic relations between those 2 very important
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world economies. well this will of the pan depend on how these these 2 does not turn into disparate will and but it will of course have a pivotal role not only in here to u.s. and gender relations but also between the u.s. and the e.u. because you've completed the pipeline with double russia is that right that split capacity to germany and that will be the 1st entry point to the e.u. but now because of the threat of the sanctions the e.u. is again looking into the project so this won't only affect us and germany is to be late and then those sanctions would he do you again companies that are now investing in the pipelines as well as those buying russian gas in the future we so already won a swiss company o.c.s. which stopped working on the pipeline in december due to fear of being hit by the sanctions and those sanctions would mainly hurt the e.u. companies investing in north korean 2 rather than russian companies. political correspondent. thank you. german biotech
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firm cure of ag is aiming to raise up to $245000000.00 in an initial public offering in the united states the company is planning to use the cash to finance the development of a covert 19 vaccine which it hopes to have market ready by the middle of next year as vaccine as one of $165.00 currently in development around the world cure vagas hoping to show it can produce one that works at lower doses than those of its competitors. let's get more from our financial correspondent on a device in frankfurt i meant to the whole world is baby waiting for a covert 19 vaccine there are several factors we have to take into account here success is not guaranteed by all means it is quite a risky business so will this be a successful i.p.o. them. while there were main city seeing whether it's going to be successful but the
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company seems to be quite successful it's one of $26.00 companies word wide who is testing their vaccines on humans already and we're expecting a 1st results by mid september so far we're hearing from the company's lead scientists that the results of the trial is going very well so it should be we are expecting at least some positive results from that. try using that cash as you were saying to invest in their ramping up their manufacturing capacities because the the area they are operating and it's an already a vaccine it's sort of the new level of facts and knowledge the world wide and they seem to be quite successful here and then into. the german company one must question why are they not going public in germany. because the mass
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that is to play is the place where you want to be as a biotech company there are already 40 european biotech companies listed on the mass that because traditionally that's where the money is u.s. investors traditionally more risk of. more risky and they like to invest in early tech companies small then european investors would do an advance but in frankfurt thank you. it is the fragrance of the french region of paul's is known for talk about lavender of course the colorful plans are usually a big tourist draw and they support a cottage industry but with many tours staying at home this year it's anything but the sweet smell of success. the fields here are fragrant with blooming lavender it's harvest time in the south of france. it's let me down mama she lifts the lavender slightly and cuts it then
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a small conveyor belt transports the pieces then breaks the stones. but there are only 2 guests here to learn about the harvest that's far too few to make up for the losses of recent months the. bone in terms of visitors we had a 100 percent loss in march a 100 percent loss in april and a 100 percent loss in may. in june and july we probably had 10 percent of what we usually have to she's hardly worth counting it's an economic drama so. this is you. know visitor tours means that here in the shop the essential oils soaps and honey are collecting dust on the shelves the farmer has little choice but to wait out the crisis. every now and then i open a barrel and i take a sniff to smell how the oil is coming along. we don't they don't and actually the . more tomorrow on the edge of the province region lives from lavender and the
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tourists attracted by it but right now businesses here are struggling to survive. the people who live here give us their support but the tourists are missing the. premises are being offered for sale state aid provides bridging funds but what if the bridge leads to nowhere. we have a whole series of businesses that have closed down or. sighted not to reopen and we have businesses that are facing bankruptcy with all the consequences that we know like unemployment. the lavender growers can adjust their harvest somewhat to changing seasonal and weather conditions but it's far more difficult to adapt to the effects of the coronavirus. and finally fast food giant mcdonald's is suing its former c.e.o. steve isa broke for allegedly hiding details about the kinds of relationships you had with employees just as the road left the company last year with severance pay
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and compensation thought to be worth tens of millions of dollars now mcdonalds want the money back hughes easterbrook of improving stock grants for $1.00 of 3 employees he had a sexual relationship with it's the move follows a fresh investigation conducted by an external office. and that's our program for now for more you can always visit our website at the w dot com slash business. thanks for watching and self it successful.
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absurd regulations never ending permit procedures to frequent lawsuits germany's moon power industry is facing staunch opposition. why is that a minister. who has a vested interest in seeing wind energy fail. shermans a struggling energy transition comes up. next on d. w. . what secrets lie behind those walls. discover
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new adventures in the 360 degree. and explore fascinating world heritage sites. w. world heritage 316 get me up now. the beginning of the end for a win for. wind power as an important tool for protecting our climate. but as of next year thousands of blades and.


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