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tv   Close up  Deutsche Welle  August 11, 2020 2:30pm-3:01pm CEST

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he's in world war 2 going up in smoke. concentration the world on fire starts august 12th d.w. half try to fight it back. and dance with the be. the beginning of the end for a win for. wind power is an important tool for protecting our climate. but as of next year thousands of blades in germany will land in the shredder. and from then on the country may be closing more wind farms and it opens every year. germany's political
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leaders have given into wind power opponents have put climate protection goals at risk. when power is one of the greenest types of energy there is so why has it run aground in germany. a turn higher when you're put stuff in northeastern germany where plans to build a wind farm along the motorway have been met with resistance from almost all the local villagers. except for. the plan for expanding wind power is to put up 7 yes 7 women turbines in fashion which belongs to that. today will be voting for the building contracts. cast in hope. has been the mayor a feeler was
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a for 17 years and has spent years campaigning for climate protection. they were just scheduled to vote on the 7 wind turbines this evening. however a flyer suddenly surfaces calling on residents to protest against the plan. not so fionnuala after all these years so many years of debate so many this happens today when we hear in she goes they have been through 7 committees anyone could have attended nobody did and now this flying so we're very curious about what will happen tonight. all 3 hours later the wind opponents take up their positions. because she looks at them for the you know. just outside the meeting hall we meet the leader of the fight claire blocked citizens and should have. been treated loot prefers a different source of energy all. right. i don't want
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to use that nasty word nuclear but there has been a lot of progress in that area doing not nuclear fission and fusion calls one that's good to know how would you feel about a nuclear fusion plant here. unfortunately we're not that far yet technically we have to see getting acceptance is always a problem of negotiation when no one wants to have that in their backyard whether it's wind power or nuclear who wants to have that. in the end we've all been programmed to want an easy to care for space that's just how it is. people where should electricity come from from coal that supposed to be eliminated by 2038 i doubt it. so we should keep the coal plants open longer i'd say so what about climate change. the c o 2 pollution the only thing ruining the climate i don't think so it would mean. a session. begins at 7 pm people have just been protesting outside. the tension in
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the room is palpable. after an hour long discussion they've all of everyone in favor please raise your hand. those against. now you know abstaining. 21 and 2 abstentions. but those against wind power won't be giving up a well organized minority can often determine the outcome even though surveys indicate as many as 80 percent of germans are in favor of more wind power. turbines already dot the landscape. martin of albany or suppose the head of a department at the ulysses research center near often. for several years he and a team of 20 scientists have been looking into how germany can achieve its. energy
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transition and reach its climate targets in 2050 as cost effectively as possible. even when power is the central backbone of the energy transition if it's to be implemented economically in addition to wind energy on land and it c wind is also the central element in relation to photovoltaics. the usual researchers use high performance computers to calculate how to bring about an affordable energy transition. about half of today's energy requirements could be saved by switching to electric cars and innovating heating systems and making cuts to industrial consumption. the rest of the energy demand has to be met mainly by c o 2 neutral electricity. this electricity is generated by offshore wind farms biomass generator plants solar cells and above all land based wind turbines. to
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achieve this as cost effectively as possible when turbines will have to supply more than half of green electricity in 2050 for which germany would need around twice as many wind farms. the scientists calculation show if less energy comes from wind farms the climate targets will not be met or germany's energy transition will become. significantly more expensive. the build rate of new wind turbines has been decreasing for years meaning their proportion in energy produced hasn't grown quickly enough to reach climate targets for gigawatts will have to be added each year. this year will hardly increase over last year's output. and more turbines may be taken off the grid than added in 2021 . 1 of the reasons for the collapse in wind power expansion can be seen in westphalia and northwestern germany.
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flocka are working on a project of great relevance to the energy transition. they want to have fewer turbines producing more wind power by repairing the turbines. this entails replacing 11 old ones with a new more powerful turbines. the should enable them to deliver 3 and a half times as much electricity as before. 3 years after applying they finally receive the permit in summer of $21000.00. there are hundreds of conditions in the permit. one of these says that we are only allowed to operate during complete darkness between the 1st of march and the 31st of october but. that's absurd that would mean losing 40 percent of our annual yield on down times like that don't only obstruct energy transition they could also make it extremely expensive.
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ever more conditions and listen approval procedures and the frequent legal disputes are making expansion difficult. the daytime shut down aims to protect local wildlife. the red kite is a common bird in the region and yet the bird population here on the part of bourne plateau has been. stable for years in spite of the wind turbines. 4 months later. when farm operator like is trying to solve a problem. he's hoping the dutch team and this special bird can extend the new wind farms operating time. here we have a female peregrine falcon ok a female is a bit bigger about 50 grams now we'll do a test to see if the wind turbine will start running when we get close with about.
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as i said even so the wind turbine should stop if you get close. to correct this we'd like to see. that's for sure. the robo bird is normally used to airports to scare away birds that could just sort of air traffic. counts. here it's being used to test whether cameras on the tower pick it up and slow down the turbine. most i don't know we'll see if it stops it's relatively close no not that i'm not. an accredited expert is also watching the experiment. it's turning slower right. yes definitely. that's what's important here is that birds can detect slow movement and avoid it. so we have to fall below
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a certain speed that birds can still recognize. through to 2 hikers west of us does this work currently evaluating the initial data so far it looks promising of course we still have to wait for the final analysis what you think of this it looks promising. following a safe landing the test is evaluated in your hundreds like months office i love it or any. other data from the camera system is also being analyzed for a year and a half the camera has scanned the sky for real birds of prey now it's time to find out where the wind turbine has switched off each time. you have on our aim is to ensure that we can operate the turbines in the wind farm with these strict conditions economically by running them continuously and only switching them off when they're actually birds close by. the new technology could
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help solve the conservation and window energy cannot dream. the danger the turbines posed to birds is one of the most common reasons why people are against. bird conservation versus wind power. how do experts like to see it. he's the chairman of one of the most important nature conservation associations in europe with the acronym b you in. his organization supported a project in the region where a dike was moved a few 100 meters away from the river this created new habitat also for endangered species. oh my god i think there's a sea eagle over there i basically land on a no. it's wingspan it's never to me up to 230 or to 40 i think it's enormous i don't know. and they breed on the other side of.
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31 the number of bird couples breeding here is almost tripled in addition it's become an important place for wild geese and cranes to roost. nearby b u n d has an important visitor and conference center in the castle benson. we want to find out would be un disposition on wind power is. the problem is there for the big problems for it's come from industrial agriculture on fields and meadows it's often struggled to find sufficient food because of it for example the red carpet which can no longer find my saw field. industrial farming is a much bigger problem than all the wind power plants. so when power of nature conservation go together by country can go together if you put the wind farms on
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suitable carefully selected sites and you ensure that the conflicts are minimized even further in future for example through shutdown warning systems a large noticed. so when power and wildlife preservation can co-exist. the number of red breeding pairs has increased in germany since 1904 and this is during a period when power was being massively expanded. nevertheless citizens initiatives often use the red as a reason to oppose wind turbines which they describe as bird shredders. for many the preservation of the landscape is actually what's at stake. here in the midst a lot region there are more than 300 active wind turbines. these were put up without link the approval or legal proceedings some of them are only
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a few 100 metres away from houses such as here in the village and when kitchen which is part of the stein 4th district. residents here can participate directly in so-called citizen wind farms. for mayor funds military it was important that locals were included in the planning process from the beginning. of this all of us through what's living with the wind turbine like really actually doing that for a while now it's marked as i actually like the view i like the spinning roaches now and then listen no is the paid. on how the wind is generally and i like living with them. here in this time for district there's an agreement that wind farms shouldn't be for financial investors but for the local people invest to anxieties on some of the i can participate in the financing. or if there are problems i know other people to whom i have to go and say that something isn't working. for us a. citizen financial participation contact people you can actually meet.
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additional business tax revenue for the district. do such measures increase the acceptance of wind farms we went to the weekly market noise and kitchen to ask. what do you think of the winter buying here it's not like them they don't bother me . what about subsonic noise like a frog you know in commercial and i don't hear them. because i think wind power is very good i live in st annoyed we look out on the whole spread yes of course you can hear them so when you can hear them does it bother you. there's a nuclear power station in england so i find the wind turbines better and they belong to the regions and. also in the minster line region the municipality of shipping and friday afternoon in the local supermarket car park we ask what people think of the many wind turbines in the region as well there are also some where we
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don't bother me on the contrary. i don't really mind them ok so not too i would not know then what's the atmosphere like in the village that doesn't bother the people who live close by not that i've heard of that they think of a nice week of. the result after 2 hours we spoke to $31.00 people and got $31.00 positive comments we were amazed by the unanimity. in the nearby shipping up. when far the closest turbine is only 600 metres from the edge of town. there's an extraordinary meeting of the wind farm shareholders managing director hina cornet explains the project ya know hot topic is the federal government's planned distance regulations in the future the federal states should be able to prescribe a minimum distance of 1000 meters from residential buildings. it's
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a 1000 metre radius you see here the site would be gone the site and location it would be got. sick. that will mean the end of shipping a bank's 30 year history with its use of wind energy. that shift is farming above all the acceptances there we have not had any problems with residents and now all of a sudden everything is being ruined. it's incredible. is that the politicians realise or even recognise what they're destroying. actually have a couple. the plan distance regulation is actually aimed at increasing the public's acceptance of wind turbines but even in the shine forth district which is fully behind wind power it will probably lead to a drop in wind power generation. the federal environment agency says it would also make expansion throughout germany more difficult.
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early in january 2020. germany's financial daily 100 splot holds an energy summit like many in his party the c.d.u. energy minister peter supports the controversial 1000 meter option but even though the deal seems bound to go through he says he can see the opposition's point even if you've got a filter where you can put a wind up you'll find it all very cosy because the lease brings in money and if you have a house that looks sounds over the field you usually feel it in fact if you're inclined to join citizens' initiatives it seems to be. small but well organized citizens initiatives can make a big impact. but with the broad public support for wind energy still plays a little role in this calculations zip's equal to 70 percent of our primary energy needs are important and anyone who says we should change this in the future has
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done so to say where the land is to come from and how the expansion should be carried out a lot of your about where we import oil and gas today coal and nuclear fuel rods and we will in automotive green hydrogen in the future but you can. import green hydrogen and. that's what the federal government's response to the sluggish expansion of wind power is. it means the bio gas solar and wind power plants that meet the majority of germany's energy requirements in the future will be located outside the country. they'll be located in countries that currently produce oil for example such as on the arabian peninsula. here solar and wind power plants are expected to provide a lot of green electricity which will then flow into so-called electrolysis plants that extract energy rich hydrogen gas from the water.
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this green hydrogen would then have to be transported to germany by ship in large quantities. what is the theme for the picture doesn't it make more sense to take the added value from the energy system transformation within this country to continue to import large quantities of energy and to employ. once again germany is a relatively small and densely populated country and therefore as in the past we will have to import large chunks of our energy requirements import bought and climate friendly to put it differently. that would spell the end of any low cost energy transition made in germany. we're back at the research center and unishe marching of albany as shows us and electrolysis plant for green hydrogen. this technology is crucial to the energy revolution because it means solar and wind power can be stored as an energy rich gas and transported to germany for acquired.
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however after converting the original green energy the energy conservation rate is only 10 percent up to 70 percent the politicians are touting. their style of it to be blunt we've calculated this ourselves in models and it's nonsense to say we have to import all the hydrogen wherever it's from in other words without wind energy as the backbone of the energy transformation the energy transformation will not work it makes no sense to say that we want to expand wind power and we'll import everything instead because it wouldn't be economical in the long term. using their computer models the units researchers have calculated the costs for the different forms of energy. the result. in the year 2050 wind power made in germany could already cost as little as $3.04 per kilowatt hour. and produce solar power from about $6.06.
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imported green hydrogen would cost $0.12 per kilowatt hour that's up to 4 times as much. when it arrives the green hydrogen will have to be transported from some german port. not like the solar wind power already on the german power grid. relying mainly on the import of her nubile energies will significantly increase costs for both consumers and industry in germany. the institute eavis simply must often is one of the world's most renowned research institutes for wind power technology. in this hall rotor blades more than 80 meters long or clamped onto a concrete block and then tested for durability. the head of the institute is professor under u.s. oil. that. we show him the pay to i my interview about importing green
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hydrogen. of my. own decided and therefore as in the past we will have to import a large parks and eugenie scott there is no green hydrogen market of this size anywhere in the world it will be decades before these capacities are built up at some point somewhere in north africa patagonia or elsewhere. for safety reasons no one is allowed to be in the hall during a road or playtest so professor avoid shows me the procedure on a video terminal. one ton of force is applied to the rotor blade making demands on the blade that are higher than an aircraft construction and more comparable to space flight in practice they will have to function for years without much maintenance. and while so how many research laboratories like this are there 3 in the world to the in the world. these and other technologies developed in germany mean that wind
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turbines made in germany are now fully competitive with conventional power plants. does it make sense to not use it in germany and sets out to see in the 1st of all we have to finance everything the finance the whole development if we pull the plug now we destroy the value of what we've created and they'll be picked up a broad by china but also brought in europe and we are left with the bill to him as it. were in the industrial area of play mahathir the slump in the wind power expansion has left its mark for companies used to manufacture wind power plants here of the 4500 employees all but 500 have been laid off in the last few years. in northern germany this was simply the industry of the future just as aviation is for southern germany. nationwide
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around 40000 jobs in the industry have been lost in recent years. but when power is booming worldwide and the fall hoover institute is in great demand internationally ironic. globally successful climate friendly cutting edge technology from germany has little future in its own country. in this field the researchers work always depends on political decisions. professor pointer has observed the entire political spectrum for many years. after the f.t. has clearly positioned itself against wind energy in order to catch votes in the end the f.d.a. is involved in energy policy because it's pushing the c.d.u. a head by creating a mood against a wind energy. is the a.f.d. already helping to determine energy policy in germany. we look at the issues that played a role in the recent election campaigns and brandenburg saxony in the religio among
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others. the expansion of wind power was often a topic of discussion both by the f.t. and the c.d.u. . wind energy means $3.00 to $4000.00 tons of reinforced concrete in the ground per turbine that means 0.2 to $1.00 head tear of cleared forest per hour wind turbine. i can't understand how they can destroy our beautiful to religion forest $150.00 truckloads of concrete into the ground so the wind turbines can be built that. what both politicians and many opponents of wind power fail to mention is that each wind turbine saves many times the amount of c o 2 that the clear trees could absorb. and the forest is usually planted somewhere else misinformation like this hurts the wind in the street. in theory the politicians want to expand renewables including wind power but in practice everything is being done to prevent it why. because they are afraid of the angry
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citizens and every vote counts so everyone has to be kept happy good. luck man and his team are still working on a camera recognition system that will identify birds and switch off the turbines but whether the authorities will ever license it is completely uncertain although the technology is recognised in france and has been in use for several years. in the district of shine forth in the midst of that region production for about half the plants will soon cease then they will have to be repaired i.e. replaced by new ones. whether this can be done while still complying with a 1000 meter distance rule is questionable. wind turbines may be changing our landscape. but our landscape will change a lot more if we don't protect the climate. the development of wind energy needs
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near bottom and of our whole society. but it's difficult to reach a consensus with people who fundamentally reject the. politicians are currently creating new obstacles to the expansion of wind power however importing large quantities of renewable energies will lead to higher energy prices and make reaching our climate cause a long shot. global
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ideas is on its way to bring you more conservation. how do we make cities greener how can we protect habitats we can make a difference the ideas the mental syriza can google through thousands on g.w. and online every journey begins with the 1st step and every language with the 1st. mortared published in the. rico is in germany to learn german and why not with him simple online on your mobile and free shop d w z e learning course nikos fake german made see.
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this is the news live from the let the opposition challenge and bella rose's presidential election flees the country. which in chile should be additionally and i made a very difficult decision for myself and i've made it absolutely independently it's me that said lama. how to choose the president look at sankoh rigging the results for the russos up to deny. claim to a landslide victory also coming up lebanon's prime minister announces his fellowmen spread reza.


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